Friday Y&R Update 9/29/17

The Y&R Update Friday 9/29/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Alice, held captive in the Newman stable, faints at the sight of Mariah, who she thinks is Cassie. Tessa and Mariah are unable to revive her and panic. Mariah leaves Tessa in charge and goes for help.

At Sharon’s, she and Scott get busy on the sofa until Mariah bursts in. It’s urgent. Scott picks up his jacket and says he’ll see Sharon tomorrow. Mariah gives the basics, and Sharon is dumbstruck.

Hilary knows she’s the last person Lily wants to see, but she had to come to the house. She just saw Cane and the poor guy is in agony. Lily doesn’t owe Hilary an explanation, but she gives one anyway. Marriage counseling is pointless since Lily will never be able to accept Cane’s child with Juliette. No big deal, Hilary says. Cane can write Juliette a check once a month. He may feel responsibility to Juliette and the baby, but he loves Lily. Please reconsider.

Jordan happens upon Cane, whaling away on the bag at the gym. His advice to wear gloves to avoid injury isn’t welcome. Cane sneers and supposes Jordan is counting the days until he can move in on Lily. Jordan says it one more time: He respects Lily’s delicate state and wouldn’t dream of forcing himself on her. Oh, yeah, Cane says, well then how come Jordan was so quick to drop Hilary when he thought Lily might be available? News flash: Lily isn’t available. Their marriage is far from over, so Jordan should back off.

Scott finds Abby toiling away in Victor’s office. Although Abby is dateless herself, she taunts Scott about Sharon’s putting him off.

At Sharon’s: Mariah would like to reprise her role as Cassie’s ghost, with Sharon’s blessing. Sharon wrings her hands. It’s a bad idea. Meanwhile, in the barn, Alice dreams about what a miserable excuse for a mother she was and mumbles Cassie’s name.

Devon is pleasantly surprised to run into Kevin on the Crimson Lights patio. Kevin is back in town temporarily to give Bella time with her grandma and to do a little computer consulting. Devon asks about life in Portland. It’s great: Bella likes school and has friends, there are beaches and lots of outdoor activities . . . Not seeing anyone though? Devon asks. It’s probably too soon after losing Chloe. Kevin agrees, but one never knows when life will throw a curve. Devon can vouch for that. Take him and Mariah, for instance. As Devon talks about happy the two of them are, Kevin seems uneasy. Why is that?

In the stable: Alice wakes and asks Tessa for confirmation that Cassie was a figment of her imagination. Tessa ignores the question and demands information about Crystal. So help her, she’ll call the cops if Alice doesn’t cooperate. Alice insists she has the wrong gal. Tessa leaves Alice but warns her not to scream. No one will hear her anyway. When Tessa arrives at Sharon’s, Mariah again turns to Sharon. Is it a go?

Lily maneuvers Hilary toward the door just as Michael arrives. After Hilary is gone, he comments on Lily’s frazzled state. Is it due to something other than Hilary’s visit? Yes, Lily would like to file for divorce. She offers him drink while they discuss it. Only if she’s having one. She is: a tall glass of water to chase the aspirin for her headache. At the kitchen table, Michael offers advice not as an attorney but as a friend. Give Cane a chance to redeem himself. Lily sees no point. She’s given this plenty of thought. She does seem calm and rational, Michael notes. Lily can’t see past Cane’s infidelity and the living, breathing evidence of it.

At the athletic club, Hilary ambushes Cane at the door and coerces him to have one drink with her. Her efforts fail with him too. There’s no hope for his marriage. He’s committed too many sins, and the baby will be a constant reminder. Only if the baby and his mother remain in town, Hilary says.

On the coffeehouse patio, Kevin tries to extract himself from an awkward situation, but Devon persists. He goes overboard reciting the many reasons he and Mariah work so well together. She’s honest and loyal, etcetera and so on. No argument, Kevin says, but it had to be quite a shift after being married to a fireball like Hilary. Exasperated, Devon asks if Kevin wants to rekindle his romance with Mariah. Kevin laughs. A romance it was not, and no, he and Mariah are content to be friends.

“Cassie,” decked out in a pink hoodie and tennis shoes and clutching her Cindy doll, makes her grand entrance. Alice can’t believe her eyes. Cassie died in a car accident years ago. Cassie assures her she's here to help. She’s been watching Alice, as has Millie, Alice’s mom, and they’re disappointed. Alice has been exploiting innocent girls. Alice denies it. She’s taking care of the girls in her charge, like a good mother would. Cassie confronts her with this fact: Had she lived, she’d be the same age as those girls. Is that the life Alice would want for her?

Abby runs into Scott at the office again and apologizes for her smart remarks. It’s no skin off Scott’s nose. Sharon and Mariah needed privacy and he gave it to them. Abby understands. She had a stepson, and as everyone knows, her marriage ended in divorce. Scott listens but doesn’t see how it applies to him. He has no problems with Sharon’s children. Abby can’t seem to let him be happy, though, and points out that he and Sharon have different priorities. She’s all about her kids and he’s out to save the world. Scott shrugs and says opposites attract.

At the Ashbys’: Michael understands Lily’s wanting to eliminate the ugliness for the kids’ sake. Does Cane have a job? He’ll be expected to support his minor children. Does he have an attorney? No answer from Lily. Does he even know about her decision? Not exactly. Michael offers to do the dirty work and she accepts.

At the club: According to Hilary, Juliette has no reason to stay in Genoa City. She has no job and no friends. Her life is in Tokyo. In fact, before she learned about her pregnancy, she was all set to move back. Cane should encourage her to revisit that idea. Out of sight, out of mind . . . Juliette approaches, belly first, and asks, “May we join you?” Hilary pitches the idea of moving back to Japan, but Juliette says her life is here now. Michael arrives and asks for a moment with Cane. Hilary turns to Juliette and gives it to her straight: If Juliette stays, Cane will come to resent her for destroying his marriage.

At the Ashbys’: Jordan is back after working a side gig out of town and Lily is glad to see him. She made a big decision in his absence and wants reassurance that it was the right one.

Mariah wants Alice to disclose Crystal’s location. Everyone will be so proud of her if she does. Alice still thinks she’s dreaming and is relieved when Sharon, still in her cocktail dress and heels, strolls into the barn. Does Sharon see what Alice sees? Sharon sees that Cassie is back, and she must have a good reason. Furthermore, as her two moms, they can’t ignore what she says.

At Newman: Abby knows from her research on the dating app that couples must have similar interests, and as Scott and Sharon do not, they’re doomed to fail. She flounces off before he can reply.

In the stable: Cassie implores Alice to reverse course. Treat the girls in her care better than she treated Cassie. Alice tears up and says OK. The first step is to rescue Crystal, who is New York City with a man named Leon. Sharon unbinds Alice so she can get to work. Tessa listens from behind a wall.

At the Ashbys’: Jordan would like to help Lily, but he can’t. This decision is hers alone. She knows it’s true but is still conflicted. She curses her circumstances, and Jordan puts his arm around her.

At the club: Hilary continues to badger Juliette, to no avail. Cane cares, Juliette says. Hilary will see. Across the room, Cane is crushed by Michael’s news.

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