Thursday Y&R Update 9/28/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 9/28/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Cane is encouraged by Lily’s call to come to the house, but it’s not what he expects. She doesn’t want to continue with counseling. They can work things out themselves—tonight.

Tessa drives through the darkness. She’s determined to get Crystal one way or another. Very well, Mariah says, but how? Tessa is going to demand that Alice hand over Crystal. Mariah thinks the plan needs work, but she has no ideas of her own.

Scott and Sharon dine at the athletic club and talk about the sex trafficking operation. From the doorway, Abby sees Scott and refuses to go farther. She gets more than enough of Scott at the office. Zack comes up with a wacky idea: Why don’t they join Scott and Sharon? It’s a great opportunity to get honest feedback on Design Date. Sharon was skeptical when she first heard about it. Abby groans again. No work tonight. Zack apologizes for his one-track mind, but he’s eager to impress her. Back at the table, Sharon is creeped out that men like Irv feel the need to buy companionship. Scott can’t dwell on it. He’s busy thinking about a new angle to work to complete his story. As for Sharon, she just wants to rescue Crystal. Abby and Zack approach with their odd request.

Tessa and Mariah sit in the car outside Alice’s house, still arguing about how to proceed. Mariah just wants Tessa to be cautious. Whatever they do could have repercussions for Crystal or Tessa or both. Tessa is touched by her concern. Yeah, well, Mariah lost her sister, and she won’t allow Tessa to lose hers.

At the Ashbys’: Cane and Lily joke about Mattie’s reasons for wanting her dad home. Of course she’d love for him to accept Reed, but she also misses family life. She’s not the only one, but Lily wants to do whatever is best for the kids. If Cane were to land a job and move home, they could give it a try. Cane notices that Lily speaks only of the kids’ needs, not her own. She tears up. Although he hurt her deeply, she still loves him. He is visibly moved.

In the house, Alice preps her two best girls, Natalia and Anna. A limo roars up to take them on their “dates.” Tessa is horrified to think her kid sister is caught up in such business. When they were young, Tessa didn’t have a friend to lean on, but now she does in Mariah, and she doesn’t want to lose her. Why would she? Well, because Tessa has a plan, but Mariah won’t like it.

At the club, Hilary sips a martini and “enjoys her own company.” Devon understands she’s adrift after losing Jordan. Hilary doesn’t give him the satisfaction. For his information, she has a full life. She has her dessert commercial, she has something in the works with Jabot, and she and Chelsea are going to enter into a deal wherein Hilary will get a designer wardrobe to wear on air. But she can’t fool him. Nothing is ever enough for her.

At the Ashbys’: Lily and Cane seem to be on the road to reconciliation until she stops to consider his life from here on. He’ll have another son who deserves his attention. Cane calls that a nonissue. Juliette knows where his priorities lie. Lily tells him to be realistic. She is, and she won’t be able to accept the situation. She rises from the sofa and opens the front door for Cane. He refuses to accept her decision but honors her immediate wish. Before he walks out, he strokes her cheek. She recoils. After she closes the door, she cries.

In her suite, Juliette admires her profile in the mirror and recalls Cane’s vow of support at the hospital.

In the club dining room: Devon accuses Hilary of manipulating him. She wanted him to confront Jordan about his designs on Lily. Hilary sees no harm. She and Devon had different motives but the same goal. Devon asks why Hilary can’t let go of a man who clearly has no interest in her. Hilary wonders why he cares. She’s self-assured; Devon seems to be the one with the problem. Devon smiles knowingly. He sees her vulnerability. She huffs.

Across the room, dinner conversation flows easily until Zack asks about Scott’s sex trafficking article. He’s not prepared to discuss it, but rest assured it will be mind-blowing.

Alice gives the girls a few last-minute pointers and then nudges them out the door. Moments later, the doorbell rings. Thinking it’s one of the girls who forgot something, she flings open the door. Tessa throws a blanket over Alice’s head and tackles her.

Cane nurses a drink at the athletic club bar and isn’t in the mood for Juliette’s small talk or words of encouragement. He’s sure Lily’s mind is made up, and it’s because of the baby. Juliette feels terrible . . . all because of one night in Tokyo. She leaves him in his misery.

Devon pays Lily a visit and gets the news. Lily’s original intention was to work things out with Cane, but in the moment, she realized she will never accept his child with Juliette. That and his many lies drove her over the edge. For what it’s worth, Devon thinks she made the right decision. But did she? What will it do to the kids? Devon thinks they and Lily deserve better. It’s funny, Lily thought she’d feel at peace, but she doesn’t. Love doesn’t just disappear, Devon says, and he gives her a comforting hug. Lily is grateful for Devon’s support, and she’s glad the twins have each other. Devon praises Lily’s strength and asks what now. The next step will be harder than the first, she says.

Sharon and Scott are ready to head home. Abby picks up the check, and Zack thanks them for their perspective on Design Date. Zack and Abby pat themselves on the back, and to Abby’s chagrin, Zack gushes about Scott and his very interesting article idea.

Tessa drives while Mariah wails about the crime they’ve just committed. Still, she won’t bail on Tessa. Alice cries out from the backseat. When they arrive at the ranch, they hustle Alice, with a bag over her head, into the stable and tie her to a chair (how cliché). When Tessa removes the head covering, Alice recognizes her. Tessa introduces herself as Crystal’s sister. That’s right, Crystal has someone who gives a damn about her, unlike Alice’s other victims. She interrogates Alice and threatens to call the police.

In the club foyer, Zack tries to charm Abby into taking a room for the night. She’s coy but refuses.

At home, Sharon evaluates the evening. Doubling wasn’t so bad. Zack seems like a decent guy. Mariah descends the stairs, her arms filled with bottles of water. Naturally Sharon asks. Mariah and Tessa are working on a project. She leaves without further explanation.

Cane approaches Hilary’s table at the club and tells her his marriage is history. She urges him to keep trying. Lily loves him. He shakes his head. Obviously Hilary still has hopes regarding Jordan. For once he acknowledges that they’re a couple of losers. Hilary persists and appeals to his sense of family. Oh, make no mistake, Cane hasn’t given up on his family.

Sharon talks to Faith on the phone and says goodnight. Scott thinks it’s a bit odd Faith wanted to spend her first night with Sharon on a sleepover at a friend’s. Sharon isn’t bothered. In fact, she’s glad Faith is adjusting so well. Mariah is another story. Did she seem nervous to Scott? Scott barely noticed. He was too busy putting two and two together. He and Sharon have a bottle of wine and a night of privacy.

Mariah returns to the stable and shoves a bottle of water at Alice. Alice sees Cassie’s twin and faints.

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