Wednesday Y&R Update 9/27/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 9/27/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Jack confers with Ashley and Ravi in his office. He won’t accuse Phyllis of cyber theft, despite Ashley’s argument to the contrary. That’s because he knows the real culprit: Their brother.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is squeamish about Billy’s sneaking into Jabot’s network and asks him not to do it anymore. Phyllis overhears the last bit and asks what Billy is not to do.

Abby runs into Scott leaving a message in Victor’s office. Did Scott read Abby’s report? she asks, almost accusingly. He did. It was pretty good but too heavy on the adjectives. Boy, is she steamed. There’s no time to continue the argument, though, because Paul would like a word with Scott in private. Abby leaves the room but doesn’t stray far. Paul doesn’t have much to report, actually. Irv’s credit card charges were all legit. There’s nothing connecting him to the prostitution ring. In the reception area, Abby gets a call from Zack, checking in like a good boyfriend should. He’d like to take her to dinner if she’s not busy. It’s a date. He has another call and says he’ll see her later. Alice has good news. Natalia is really raking in the dough.

During a break in recording, Mariah comes close to telling Tessa how she feels but doesn’t quite get the message across. Tessa thinks Mariah is “special” too—like family. Mariah chickens out and says yes, just like family. She’s behind Tessa 100 percent. Devon sticks his head in the door. Ready to get back to work? Tessa leaves the room, but Devon sees something troubles Mariah. What is it? She’s buried at work and should get back to it. He wishes she could stay. She brings out the best in Tessa, musically, and that’s good for him. She catches a glimpse of Tessa through the window. How can she refuse?

In her suite, Dina is borderline hostile to Graham. Her relationship with Jack is on shaky ground, professionally speaking. Ravi is going over her computer with a fine-toothed comb as they speak, searching for evidence of a security breach. Graham offers to retrieve it for her, but that’s a terrible idea. Both Jack and Ashley loathe the sight of him.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy thinks fast and covers. Last time Billy took the kids for an outing, he overindulged them, and Victoria wants him to stop. Phyllis lets it go. So is he still up for trying the Italian restaurant tonight? Certainly. Phyllis makes what seems to be innocent chit chat with Victoria about Brash & Sassy’s unexpected but not unwelcome sales rebound. She’s sure it took some of the pressure off Victoria. Billy jumps in with his perspective. Fenmore’s customers prefer Brash & Sassy products, plain and simple.

In Jack’s office, Ravi agrees with Jack. Phyllis isn’t the leak. However, Phyllis’s laptop is routinely within Billy’s reach. Ashley is crushed at the thought of her little brother trying to destroy their father’s legacy, and using Dina’s password, no less. Oh yes, Billy’s a devious one. So is Victoria, and Jack has a plan for revenge: Give them free access to all the Jabot information they want. Say what? Ashley hates Jack’s idea, but he doesn’t seem to care. He swears Ravi to secrecy and promises him a bonus. It’s not Ravi’s place to disagree with the boss, but he thinks Jack’s plan is risky. Jack tries to bring Ashley around to his way of thinking, but she’s disgusted by both Jack and Billy.

Paul tells Scott to rest easy. Chris is on the case. He’ll be in touch. After Paul leaves Victor’s office, Abby returns and demands to know what business the chief of police has with a Newman employee.

With Crystal out of circulation, Natalia is Zack’s top producer. He asks to speak to her directly to tell her how pleased he is. Does this mean she gets the promotion? she asks. Yes, but she’ll have to share with the other girls. He warns her to stay in line and bear in mind what happened to Crystal. Alice returns to the line and gets her marching orders.

Victoria leaves the office under the guise of making a phone call. Billy and Phyllis dance around the issue on everyone’s mind. Phyllis assures Billy that Jack is no longer on his trail. He’s concentrating his efforts on the Parker Beauty line. Billy reminds Phyllis that Brash & Sassy has Fenmore’s sitting pretty, hinting that his company deserves preferential treatment. Not going to happen, Phyllis says. Victoria eavesdrops and watches Phyllis leave.

In Ravi’s cubbyhole, Ashley rants as he works at his stand-up desk. He has something to cheer her up: Graham’s mother’s birth certificate. She was born right here in Genoa City. Bloodworth is her maiden name, and Graham must have adopted it as his own surname. The plot thickens. . . .

Graham assures Dina he’ll make a quick strike at Jabot—get her laptop and leave. He understands Jack’s animosity, but he’s disappointed in Ashley. He thought she was starting to warm up to him. He mentions the secret that Dina revealed about Ashley’s biological father and she nearly explodes. He’s not to speak of it. Oh, how she wishes she never told him. John Abbott is her father, end of story. She’ll see Graham when he returns. She storms out of the suite.

Jack meets Phyllis in the Jabot lobby. He tries to convince her that the security alert was a false alarm, but Phyllis doesn’t buy it.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria scolds Billy for trusting Phyllis. Clearly she’s working with Jack, which means she’s against Victoria and Billy.

In Victor’s office: Abby continues to pressure Scott until he comes up with an excuse. Scott ran into a snag with his story on sex trafficking and Paul was unable to help. Abby pays Scott a rare compliment—with his investigative skills, he’s sure to come up with a solution—but says he shouldn’t let it go to his head. Zack appears in the doorway. What a surprise.

At Alice’s house, she reminds Natalia how good she has it. Alice sincerely wants to make a home for Natalia and the other girls. Natalia agrees she’s lucky, but she misses Crystal. Alice assures her Crystal is in good hands. A timer goes off in the next room and Alice rushes off. Natalia spots Alice’s phone and helps herself.

At the recording studio: Devon is pleased with Tessa’s last cut and Mariah heaps on the praise as well. Things should move along smartly now, especially thanks to Irv. Tessa agrees he was more helpful than expected. Tessa’s phone signals an incoming text, which she takes privately.

From Dina’s suite, Graham calls his mother and tells her what Dina divulged about Ashley. John Abbott isn’t her natural father. Mrs. Bloodworth didn’t know that, but she’s not surprised. Dina was a real tramp and a homewrecker. She demands revenge and Graham promises to deliver.

In Ravi’s office: Although Ashley is thrilled with the breakthrough, she needs more evidence to present to Dina. Ravi will keep digging and get back to her. Ashley runs into Graham moments later in the Jabot lobby. He requests Dina’s computer and an apology for falsely accusing him. Of course she’s unwilling to comply and invites Graham to see himself out.

In Jack’s office: Jack and Phyllis compare notes. It turns out Ravi is good but not perfect. His firewall misidentified an attack on the system. Phyllis persists but he tells her to forget about. He has. It becomes clear that the co-conspirators no longer trust each other.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria tries to get Billy to take off his blinders. Phyllis would love to see their company go down in flames, thus freeing up all of his time for her. She ticks off the evidence: Phyllis pointed Ben Hochman in Victoria’s direction, indirectly accused Billy of spying, and then went on a fishing expedition about Brash & Sassy’s sales spike. Billy can’t fathom that his lover would turn on him, and he resents Victoria’s blatant attack on her. Victoria begs him to be objective.

Scott leaves Abby and Zack in Victor’s office. She fumes about his condescension and lack of respect for her work. Zack innocently asks what Scott is working on and doesn’t flinch when she says a piece on sex trafficking.

Again at the recording studio: Tessa turns down Devon’s offer of a celebratory drink. She’d like some girl time with Mariah if he wouldn’t mind. Not at all. Tessa pulls Mariah aside and shows her the cryptic text, presumably from Natalia: Crystal is safe.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy appreciates Victoria’s perspective but urges her, in the interest of preserving their working relationship, to lay off Phyllis and focus on the real enemy: Jack. That said, he won’t stop snooping on Jabot via Phyllis’s computer. He must to keep the upper hand.

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