Tuesday Y&R Update 9/26/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 9/26/17


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Phyllis waited in Ravi's office while he tried to identify the corporate spy. She mentioned that she used to be good at code, but she couldn't help him because her skills were rusty. Ravi noted that she'd moved on to creating apps. It rattled Ravi to think that a trusted coworker was stealing private files. Ashley arrived and was dismissive of Phyllis. Ashley didn't think the situation concerned Phyllis, a Fenmore employee. Phyllis clarified that she had a Jabot issued laptop and Fenmore's files were on Jabot's server. Phyllis wondered what it would take for Ashley to believe she and Phyllis were on the same side. Ashley wasn't swayed by Phyllis's point, and she asked her to leave. After Phyllis left, Ravi revealed that Dina's password had been used in the breach.

In Jack's office, Jack blasted Dina for hiring someone to follow him and Nikki and sending the pictures to Victor. Dina told him not to blame her. Jack asked if she didn't hire someone to take the pictures, then send them to Victor. Dina took full responsibility, but she contended that Jack was to blame. Dina thought that Victor had a right to know. Jack disagreed, given what Victor had put Nikki through. Jack felt that Dina should respect his right to privacy and his right to be happy. Dina disagreed, in this case, because she thought Jack was being careless and stupid. Jack sarcastically suggested that he should've checked the family property for cameras. Dina insisted that she was trying to protect him, and she urged him to break it off with the ex-stripper. Jack hissed that Dina was in no position to judge Nikki. Jack said he was finished watching Victor control people. Dina was afraid of what Victor would do. Jack said he learned to take care of himself at an early age, then he threw Dina out. Dina exited the office in tears.

Later, Ashley visited Jack's office and he brought her up to speed. Ashley thought that Dina must have sent the pictures to protect Jack and give Victor a chance to salvage his marriage and Jack a chance to live. Jack argued that the marriage was over. Ashley felt that Dina was wrong to meddle, but she also thought that Jack should end the affair. Jack testily announced that there was no affair; he hadn't slept with Nikki. He said they were two adults who'd been put through the ringer, but who still wanted to believe there was a chance for happiness. Jack refused to let Ashley or anyone else take that away from him. Ashley told Jack about the unauthorized download using Dina's password and someone else's laptop. Jack was incensed – this was a felony. He called Ravi in. Ravi had checked out twenty-six computers. All were clear, including Dina and Lauren's. He wanted to check Jack's too, just to make sure it hadn't been compromised. Jack took his rage out on Ravi. Ashley apologized for her brother and acknowledged that Ravi was the one person working to track down the leak. Jack apologized too, and Ravi went back to his assignment.

Phyllis assumed Ravi was finished checking her computer, so she stopped by his office to pick it up. She asked if he was satisfied that she was innocent. An uncomfortable Ravi dodged the question. Phyllis noticed that Ravi looked tired, and she offered to take him out to lunch for a break. Ravi passed because he had to speak with Jack. Phyllis left. Ravi went to Jack's office and revealed that Phyllis's computer accessed the files. Outraged, Ashley demanded that Phyllis be fired immediately.

“You want me to join you in a crusade to take down my brother?” an incredulous Billy asked. Victoria didn't think that was what Victor meant. Victor explained that he was offering to help Victoria. He told Billy not to pretend that he had a good relationship with Jack. Billy flatly refused to join Victor's vendetta against Jack. “Brash and Sassy's not making a deal with the Devil,” Billy added. Victor turned to leave, but Victoria stopped him. She outlined the issue – she didn't think her new product would be able to compete with Jabot's reboot of Jabot Junior. Both companies were going after the youth market, and Jabot had a much bigger budget. Billy and Victor sniped at each other about their crimes until Victoria played referee. Victor reminded Victoria that when she still worked at Newman, she'd been about to develop a line of anti-aging skincare. Victor had continued the development, but he hadn't put it out on the market. He offered to give to Victoria. Billy didn't think they'd have enough time to develop a major ad campaign and get the product on the market before the holidays. Victor urged them to use the new line to crush Jack. Victoria assumed this had something to do with Nikki and Jack. She told Victor she was sorry things had gotten so bad between him and Nikki. Victor stated that Nikki's fascination with Jack had nothing to do with this. Victoria made it clear that if she took his gift, the product would be 100% hers, no strings. Victor only wanted her company to continue to be successful. Victor and Victoria hugged, and he assured her that they would defeat Jack.

Victor and Dina shared an elevator, and she asked what he thought of the photos. Victor said he appreciated the information. Dina said she wanted Jack to back off before there were real problems. Victor assured her that he didn't intend to personally go after Jack. Dina said she was sorry about his separation, but Victor said he enjoyed his newfound freedom.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Billy tried to talk Victoria out of accepting Victor's offer. Victoria stood firm. She felt like her company was in the race again and it felt good. Billy, however, felt sick to his stomach. He asked what changed since Victoria refused to work with Victor a couple of weeks ago. Victoria felt that they were desperate, but Billy didn't think they were that desperate. Billy didn't want to feel that Brash and Sassy only existed because Victor helped. The thought made him feel ill. Victoria said she'd feel that way if this were the old Victor. She didn't think this gift was about control. She thought Victor was reaching out for comfort and support because he was hurting over Nikki and Jack. Victoria was still concerned about Jabot Junior. Billy thought that they should stop the line from being revived, but he wasn't sure how to do that yet. He decided to keep monitoring Phyllis' computer.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah found Tessa buzzing her lips. Tessa explained that it was a vocal warm up. Devon appeared with tea for Tessa to drink before they went to the studio. Mariah wished them well and asked them to let her know how it went. Tessa was surprised Mariah wasn't coming with them. Mariah explained that she didn't want to be a distraction. Tessa and Devon tried to change Mariah's mind, but she said she had a lot of work to do for The Hilary Hour. Kevin appeared as Devon and Tessa left. He teased Mariah about finding new best friends. Mariah was thrilled to see Kevin. They went to the Chancellor mansion, where Mariah peeked in on Bella and Kevin talked about how much he loved fatherhood. Kevin asked how things were with her and Devon. Mariah explained that it was complicated because she was attracted to someone else. Kevin asked who this guy was? Was it Jordan? Mariah said no, but she was hesitant to say more. Kevin reminded Mariah that he wouldn't judge. Mariah knew, which was why she was only telling him. Mariah revealed that it was a woman. Kevin admitted he didn't expect that, and Mariah stated that she didn't either. She said she'd never felt this deeply about anyone before. She felt warm and tingly and nervous and glowy when she was around Tessa. Mariah didn't know how to label it. Kevin asked why she needed to.

Mariah told Kevin about the kiss. She didn't think the woman disliked it. Kevin asked why Mariah hadn't confessed her feelings. Mariah said she cared about Devon – this was the best relationship she'd ever had. Mariah slipped and mentioned that the woman was Tessa. Kevin remembered that Tessa was with Noah. Mariah said Noah was crazy about Tessa. Mariah wasn't sure what to do. Kevin said that sometimes falling in love defied logic. He talked about falling for Chloe, even though his life would've been easier if he didn't. Kevin told Mariah that the best things were the ones that were hard to get. Mariah tearfully listened as Kevin encouraged her to tell Tessa how she felt.

Tessa did a great job in the studio. Devon loved her song's message about Girl Power and relying on your friends during tough times. He could tell the lyrics were personal. Mariah arrived, and Tessa mentioned that she recorded two songs. Sounding pleased, Devon noted that the first takes were good enough to release as-is. Devon had to go, and he asked if he'd see Mariah later. She said she was staying at the studio. Devon left. Tessa noticed how serious Mariah looked, and she asked if this was about Crystal. Mariah said that it wasn't. Mariah imagined that this must be torture for Tessa. Mariah said she and Sharon felt the same way. Tessa noted that it was a lot easier, thanks to the support from Sharon, Scott and Noah. She explained that she'd channeled her anxiety into the performance and it took her to a new level. Tessa revealed that one of the songs was about Crystal and Mariah. Tessa felt indebted to Mariah for her support. Mariah said she owed Tessa the truth about how she felt.

Kevin arrived at the ranch. He told Victor that he hadn't made progress yet – stealing that much money took time. Victor announced that he had another confidential project for Kevin. Kevin asked if this one was illegal too. Victor asked Kevin to get him access to Nikki's cell phone and emails. Kevin asked why, but Victor refused to say and he suggested that Kevin focus on his life with Chloe. Kevin warned Victor that he might find out things he'd rather not know. Victor was prepared for that.

In Graham's suite, Dina expressed relief that the picture didn't cause Victor to go after Jack. Graham opined that Victor was far too powerful to be bothered with petty payback. Graham noted that Victor owed Dina now. Dina divulged that Jack was furious with her, but Graham assured her that Jack would get over it. Graham revealed that Ashley had accused him of stealing secrets. He thought that Dina's children were looking for reasons to hate her. Graham felt that Ashley should accept the fact that John wasn't her father and move on. Dina wished Ashley could. Graham suggested that Ashley had a vindictive streak inherited from her father. He asked who her biological father was. Dina declined to say. She added that with all the affairs she had, no one would solve that mystery. Graham was intrigued and asked if the man was still alive. Dina told Graham the discussion was over. She left. Graham opened his wallet and pulled out an old picture of a young boy standing next to a sign for Genoa City.

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