Monday Y&R Update 9/25/17

The Y&R Update Monday 9/25/17


Written by Christine
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In Dina's suite, Graham acknowledged Dina's disapproval of Jack and Nikki's relationship, and he revealed that he'd taken steps to put a stop to it. He admitted to sending photos of Nikki and Jack at the cabin to Victor. Dina thought that was extreme. Graham reminded her that she told him do do something. Graham opined that the longer the relationship lasted, the worse things would be for Jack. Graham felt that it was better Victor find out now than learning the news on the Hilary Hour. He said that Dina would be saving Jack from himself. Dina countered that she'd be saving Jack from Nikki. She didn't understand why Jack couldn't see that he was being used.

Victor picked up the envelope Graham sent, but he was sidetracked by Abby's arrival. They discussed a business deal that wasn't going smoothly. Victor was confident that the matter would be resolved. Victor told Abby about the envelope, which due to the return label, he thought was from Dina. Abby told him to open it. Victor did, and the pictures of Nikki and Jack kissing rendered him speechless. Abby took a look and was shocked. She mentioned running into Victor and Nikki at the cabin. Victor was thrown to learn that Abby knew about this. Abby clarified that she thought she'd put a stop to what was going on between Nikki and Jack. She explained that she begged Nikki not to do anything to hurt Victor. Victor informed Abby that he wasn't hurt. Abby wondered why her grandmother would send the photos to Victor. Victor assumed Dina wanted to him know the truth. Victor was adamant that he didn't give a damn if Nikki and Jack were together, but Abby didn't think he was being honest. Abby described the benefit concert Victor arranged as a labor of love. Abby conceded that things got ugly afterward and that some might describe Nikki as less than grateful, but Abby never doubted that Nikki loved Victor. Abby thought Nikki and Victor would've reconciled if Jack hadn't injected himself.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki noted that her dish wasn't as good as the one Jack made her at the cabin. Jack stated that she inspired his inner chef. Nikki marveled that she could be herself at the cabin, which was a feeling she hadn't experienced in a long time. Jack asked if she'd told Victor. Nikki hadn't, and she didn't plan to, because she wanted this to be about her and Jack instead of about Victor. Jack asked if she was afraid for Victor to find out about them. Nikki said she wasn't. She admitted that the first time she went to the cabin, she relished the idea of making Victor angry by flaunting her overnight visit with Jack in his face. Now she realized that would be using Jack. “Use me. Flaunt me to your heart's content,” Jack encouraged. Nikki didn't think Jack meant that. She didn't want to think about the ugliness that would unleash. Jack assured her that it was her call and he'd respect her decision. Jack noted that Victor's bad behavior was the reason they'd had such a wonderful time together. He considered sending Victor a fruit basket. Nikki noted that Jack wasn't being serious, but she still told him that baiting Victor would diminish what she and Jack had together.

Phyllis and Lauren glanced at Nikki and Jack across the room. Phyllis didn't approve, because she was convinced that Nikki would leave Jack for Victor and break Jack's heart. Lauren didn't understand why this bothered Phyllis so much. She noted that Phyllis was happily involved with Billy and had gotten over Jack a long time ago. Lauren suspected that Phyllis was actually worried about something besides Jack and Nikki. She guessed that Phyllis's was still insecure about Billy. Phyllis watched as Nikki and Jack hugged goodbye. Phyllis insisted that she and Billy were fine. Phyllis wondered if Lauren had considered cutting ties with Brash and Sassy, given the sleazy way they'd manipulated their numbers. Lauren thought Phyllis was spouting wild conspiracy theories. Phyllis told Lauren to open her eyes – Victoria's sales had tanked, then she suddenly confronted Ashley about an internal marketing plan that only a handful of people knew about. “Dismal quarter, a perceived threat based by some kind of insider info, and then that's followed by an avalanche of increased sales for the same amount – hundred dollar purchases,” Phyllis pointed out.

Phyllis asked how a woman like that got her hands on Jabot's insider information. Lauren asked what about Billy, Victoria's right hand man. Phyllis said she trusted Billy implicitly. Phyllis admitted she told Jack that she thought Victoria was the one who planted the mole at Jabot. Phyllis wondered if it was someone at Fenmore's. Lauren dismissed that theory because she and Phyllis were the only ones who knew. Phyllis was upset that Lauren didn't go along with Jack's marketing plan to give Brash and Sassy's shelf space to Parker Beauty. Lauren firmly stated that Lauren ran the store and it was her decision. Lauren noted that while Brash and Sassy had a bad last quarter, they'd rebounded. Lauren added that if Jabot had a leak that wasn't her problem. Phyllis argued that the situation was underhanded and was affecting Jabot, their primary business partner. Lauren disagreed. She pointed out that Parker, Jabot's new line, hadn't even launched yet. Lauren wondered what Jack said to get Phyllis on his side? Did he promise that Billy would be a stay at home boyfriend if Victoria's company folded? Lauren warned Phyllis that Jack didn't have her best interests at heart, and she urged Phyllis to protect herself and her relationship.

Nikki was shocked when Victor texted her a copy of one of the pictures in the envelope. She showed up at the ranch just as Abby left. Victor asked what the hell she was doing there. He said he thought she might like the photo as a reminder of her exhibitionist tendencies. Nikki stated that she'd danced by choice and gone to the cabin with Jack by choice. She ordered Victor to stay out of her life, and she blasted him for hiring someone to follow her and invade her privacy. Victor snapped that he had no idea who took the picture and he didn't give a damn who did. He ordered her not to ever walk into his home again. Nikki saw the envelope, and she thought Dina sent the photos.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy told Victoria that he was able to download a few files off Jabot's server. He noted that it would level the playing field The elated Victoria remarked that she could kiss Billy. Victoria hoped this wouldn't cause tension between him and Phyllis. Billy was confident that Phyllis didn't know he used her computer. Billy was eager to pay Jack back for trying to take Brash and Sassy off Fenmore's shelves. Billy could live with Jack's hatred for him, but he wouldn't stand for Jack going after Victoria. While Victoria was grateful, she warned Billy that what he was doing was a federal crime – corporate espionage. She didn't want Billy to take the risk of snooping through Jabot's files again. Billy thought they should see what they had before making that decision. After viewing the files, Billy noted that Ashley had been busy; Jabot had a lot of things coming up in the pipeline. He didn't think any of their projects would be able to challenge Brash and Sassy's mask. Victoria wanted to get that on the market ASAP. Billy assured her that the expedited launch was right on track.

Billy and Victoria learned that Jabot was resurrecting Jabot Junior, a line for teens. Victoria recalled that she worked on that project with Ryan and Neil back when they were all starting Brash and Sassy. Victoria panicked because she'd been planning on going after the younger market too. Dare had done very well with that demographic. Billy noted that Jabot's budget was ten times bigger than theirs. Billy didn't think Phyllis knew about Jabot's upcoming youth line. Victoria noted that Phyllis wouldn't tell him if she did. Billy explained that he knew Phyllis well enough to sense these things. Victoria thought Phyllis knew Billy on that level too, and it made Victoria worry because she didn't want Phyllis to figure out Billy had broken into her computer. Billy said they had bigger problems. Victor arrived and lingered in the doorway, listening to them brainstorm ways to capture the youth market. “Using the information that you stole off their server, we know that it's the one product that Jabot isn't working on yet,” Victor overheard Victoria say to Billy about their mask. Billy was startled when he saw Victor. Victor offered to help, but Billy said they didn't need his help. Victor mused that Victoria would think otherwise once Billy was in prison. Billy asked if Victor was going to turn him in. Victoria thought that Victor was just offering to help. Victor said he wouldn't allow Jack to go after Victoria. “You give me the word, we'll stop him. He'll never do it again,” Victor stated.

Ashley burst into Ravi's office and told him that Graham's mother used to live in Genoa City. Ashley assumed Graham spent time in the city too, and she asked Ravi to do another search and try to find out information on Graham's childhood. Ravi received an alarming phone call. He told Ashley that an unauthorized person got into the server and downloaded files on research and development – material that only Jack and Ashley were allowed to download. Ravi discovered that the person who did it used a legitimate password. Ashley thought she knew who did it. Ravi cautioned her not to jump to conclusions. He said he needed to check the ip addresses of all the company computers. Later, Ravi ran into Dina and he borrowed her computer to check its security settings. Dina thanked Ravi for helping with her computer and praised his dedication.

In Jack's office, Jack told Lauren that he wanted Parker Beauty to be the first things her customers saw when they entered her stores. Lauren refused to have her manager rearrange the departments for Jack, no matter what he thought Brash and Sassy was doing. Jack realized Phyllis told Lauren about the sales anomaly. Lauren reminded Jack that Phyllis worked for her, not him. Jack said that as Fenmore's biggest stake holder, who'd kept Lauren's company afloat, he expected her help in making his products a success. Lauren reminded Jack that she was the biggest stake holder, not him. She said she planned to make the most profitable decisions, which meant she would be carrying both lines and placement would be based on her many years experience running the chain. Lauren contended that there was no proof that Brash and Sassy manipulated sales, and she told Jack to stop wasting her most valuable employee's time. Lauren stormed into the hallway, where she ran into Ravi, who took her into his office.

Back inside, Phyllis asked if Jack had found the mole. He said no. Phyllis hoped he didn't talk in his sleep while he was with Nikki. Jack stated that sales were the last thing on his mind when he was with Nikki. Phyllis asked if he and Nikki were serious or if he was just trying to piss off Victor. Just then, Nikki arrived, so Phyllis left. Nikki was about to fill Jack in when he got an email from Victor, and he opened it before Nikki had a chance to stop him. Jack railed about Victor until Nikki told him someone else did it. Later, after Nikki left, a furious Jack called Dina into his office and confronted her about the photos.

Phyllis stopped at Ravi's office when she overheard Lauren and Ravi talking about the data breach. Lauren asked Ravi to check on Fenmore's security too. Ravi explained that he needed to check every employee's computer, and he decided to start with Phyllis's since she was there. Phyllis hoped he didn't suspect her. Ravi reiterated that he was inspecting every computer. Lauren mentioned that she had one too, and she pulled out her laptop. As Phyllis gave Ravi her own laptop, she remarked that the culprit should be fired.

Ashley found Graham in his suite and announced that she knew what he did. Graham offered her a drink, and he added that one would expect her manners to be better, given her upbringing as an Abbott. Ashley replied that the Abbotts looked out for each other. Graham noted that Ashley had a unique view of her family. He said he only knew what Dina told him. Ashley accused Graham of accessing the R&D files. Graham plead innocence. Ashley said she wouldn't press charges if he gave the files back now. Graham insisted that he had no interest in the inner-workings of Jabot. Ashley suggested he wanted to sell them, but he said he didn't need the money. Ashley pointed out that Dina might have a long life, which meant Graham would have to wait awhile to cash in. Graham said that if he were the opportunist Ashley thought he was, he wouldn't steal Jabot's files, because Dina would disinherit him if he hurt her children. Ashley didn't believe him. She reached for his computer and asked if he minded. He told her to go ahead. Ashley didn't bother to check it. She concluded that he used Dina's computer. Graham asked what John would say about this. Ashley demanded to know why he was bringing up her dad. Graham noted that Dina seemed to think he was one of the most ethical businessmen in the world. Ashley said that he was. She added that someone like Graham wasn't capable of understanding what John was like. Graham countered that Ashley had no idea what he was capable of. Graham welcomed the truth coming out. Ashley left.

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