Friday Y&R Update 9/22/17

The Y&R Update Friday 9/22/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

After their workout, Billy and Phyllis head for the athletic club dining room. They lose their appetites when they see Jack at a table with Hilary. Jack talks up Parker Beauty to Hilary, assuming she’ll promote the heck out of it on her show. Hilary needs a little more incentive, in the form of a scoop. How far is Jack willing to go to beat Brash & Sassy? No limits? Billy watches from afar and assumes the worst. He moves to confront Jack, but Phyllis restrains him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Juliette apologizes for kissing Cane. She got carried away in the moment—he seemed so down. He confirms he was.

At the Underground, Noah takes the stage and introduces Tessa as the next big thing. She thanks the crowd and launches into a song about love and loss. Scott gets a closer look at Irv’s date and is convinced she’s the prostitute he met with.

Juliette gets ready to leave the Chancellor home. Kevin bounds into the living room and stops short. What’s Cane doing here? He lives here? Oh . . . and this woman is . . . ? Juliette. It’s an awkward moment, but everyone is cordial. After Juliette leaves, Kevin asks about Cane’s wife. Before he gets much of an answer, Esther breezes in and leaves no doubt about her feelings toward Cane. She scolds him for making a mess and for smelling up the house with Chinese food. Then she leaves to get Bella.

In the club foyer: Phyllis suggests she and Billy eat elsewhere, have a little wine, and spend the rest of the night on other activities. He gets the drift and likes her idea. At the table, Jack and Hilary reach and impasse and call it a night. Victoria walks by and warns Jack about “that one.” Trust her, she knows from experience. Jack invites Victoria to sit and chat for a spell.

At the Underground: While Tessa sings her heart out, Irv catches Devon’s eye and gives the thumbs-up. Over the crowd’s applause, Scott tells Sharon what he knows about Irv’s date. She’s a prostitute, all right. And she knows Crystal.

Irv approaches Tessa and her supporters. She exceeded all expectations, and that rarely happens. He wants to sign her to a tour of the Midwest as an opening act for other bands. Devon approves and Tessa is thrilled. She gives Irv a bear hug. Careful! Natalia might get jealous. In her heavy East European accent Natalia praises Tessa’s performance and excuses herself. Scott and Sharon seize their opportunity.

At the Chancellor manse: Kevin is shocked. Poor Lily. Cane is despondent. Counseling doesn’t show much promise. Kevin points out that Cane has screwed up before and Lily forgave him. Cane agrees, but it might not happen again.

Hilary runs into Juliette in the club foyer. Why the big smile? Juliette had dinner with Cane and made more progress. Hilary doesn’t give her a chance, but Juliette insists. Cane had an unproductive counseling session with Lily and needed a shoulder to lean on. Hmmm, Juliette wonders who Lily turned to for comfort. . . . The conversation takes an abrupt turn when Juliette doubles over in pain. Hilary isn’t the least bit compassionate and suggests she look into that problem. Juliette begs her to take her to the hospital. Hilary sighs and says OK.

The fridge is empty, Billy complains. Phyllis taps away on her computer and suggests he peruse his collection of takeout menus. Billy suggests they return to the club for a bite. Now he has her attention. So he can keep an eye on Jack? No way.

At the club: Jack comments on Brash & Sassy’s sales spike at Fenmore’s and implies Victoria might have used unconventional tactics. Nope. Fair and square. Jack is cagey about his counterstrategy, but just wait till Parker Beauty products hit the shelves. He leaves her hanging.

At the Underground: Irv regales the table with stories and Scott horns in on the celebration. He offers high praise to Tessa, who is moved to give him hug. He pulls her close and tells her that Natalia is a co-worker of Crystal’s and she’s in the ladies’ room. Tessa immediately excuses herself, over Noah’s protests. Irv is a busy man. Don’t keep him waiting. Scott lucks out. Not only is Irv a music promoter; he’s a self-promoter and eager to talk to a top-notch reporter like Scott. They head to the bar for a refill.

Sharon and Tessa corner Natalia in the restroom and whisk her into the private office. At first, she’s too terrified to speak, but she eventually admits knowing Crystal and liking her. Tessa begs for information about her sister. In desperation, Tessa gives Natalia her number and urges her to call if she learns anything about Crystal. After Natalia leaves, Tessa dissolves. Sharon comforts her.

Again at the Chancellor place: Kevin evades Cane’s questions about his move to Oregon, and Esther helps by harping on Cane about his mess. After she leaves the room, Kevin observes that Cane seems close to Juliette. Don’t read too much into that. She’s expecting his child, and he won’t abandon his child.

Juliette is scared and asks Hilary to summon Cane. She needs him. Eventually the crisis passes, but the outlook is grim. There’s a problem with Juliette’s placenta, and it will only worsen as her pregnancy progresses. It bears close observation because it could be life threatening for both mother and baby.

At the Underground: Irv can’t stick around, much to Noah and Devon’s dismay. They were hoping Tessa could spend a little more time with him. Irv is eager to retrieve his “girlfriend” and make tracks, but he wants to finish that interview with Scott. He’ll be in touch! Mariah and Devon take off shortly thereafter. When Tessa returns to Noah, she says the evening turned out even better than she’d expected.

At home, Phyllis and Billy scrounge up something to eat. They finish. Now what? Oh, yeah . . . they start kissing but then Billy’s phone rings. Guess who? He should take that. Phyllis will be upstairs taking a bubble bath. Victoria tells Billy that Jack is up to no good. They need more information. Billy sits in front of Phyllis’s laptop and doesn’t hesitate.

In the club foyer, after Devon takes care of a few business details, he turns his full attention to Mariah. He noticed how into Tessa’s performance she was. She’s a good friend. He would suggest a nightcap, but it’s a little late. They haven’t spent the night together in a while . . . If that’s an invitation, she accepts.

In the Underground office, Noah gets the full story and decides to weasel out of his business trip to Michigan. Tessa insists he go. He fears she’ll get herself into trouble trying to locate Crystal and extracts her promise to be careful.

Earlier at the hospital, Juliette fantasized about Cane’s rushing to her bedside and showering her with concern and affection. She and their little boy may be the only family he has from now on . . . Now she hears Cane’s voice in the hallway and asks the doctor if she may have visitors. Yes, of course—Hilary and the baby’s father. The doctor will return to explain all to him. Juliette works up a few tears before Cane’s entry and then puts on an Oscar-worthy performance.

At the Underground: Sharon is resigned to hope for Natalia’s call, but Scott has other ideas. They can harvest Irv’s information from his credit card and pass it on to Paul. It’s a longshot but worth a try. Sharon is thrilled. She feels she owes Crystal and has every confidence in Scott.

The doctor repeats Juliette’s prognosis in front of Cane and Hilary. He’ll make sure she complies with doctor’s orders. He thanks Hilary for calling him and says he’ll take it from here. Juliette protests mildly but he insists on staying. Hilary smirks, looks at Juliette, and says (sarcastically), “That turned out well.” After she leaves, Cane reassures Juliette and places a protective hand on her swollen belly. She puts her hand on his.

At home, Billy skims through information and downloads what he can to a flash-drive. Simultaneously, from his office, Jack gives R&D the go-ahead. Lights on the server blink furiously.

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