Thursday Y&R Update 9/21/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 9/21/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Cane rattles around the Chancellor mansion all alone and pours himself a stiff drink. He gets an unexpected visitor: Juliette. She brings sustenance in the form of Chinese takeout.

Mariah and Tessa are all dolled up. This is a big night for both of them. It’s Mariah’s first date with Devon since their falling out, and Tessa is set to impress a big-time music promoter.

Scott and Sharon commiserate about their dead-end. It’s as if Alice’s car vanished into thin air. Sharon reconsiders. Maybe Alice really is a traveling salesperson and not a sex peddler. In any case, she’s stumped about how to proceed, but Scott isn’t.

At the penthouse, Nick and Chelsea prep for their family dinner. Nick rambles about his skills in the kitchen (he’s attempted to cook), but Chelsea is distracted. She’s worried about what Victor might pull while Nick is on his business trip.

Kevin is back in town and summoned by Victor to the ranch. Victor is bitter about the money Nick won in a lawsuit against Victor years ago, and especially now that Nick has crossed him. He wants to reclaim those funds and transfer them into his own account without Nick’s knowing. Kevin is stunned. Is that legal? Victor says it’s Kevin’s job to find a way around that little detail.

Lily is glad Mattie is home. She’s booked a table at the club for them tonight so they can have a girls’ night out. Mattie’s not in the mood and implies she’ll remain so as long as she’s kept from seeing Reed. Lily begs her to be mature and try to work through her issues. Mattie turns the tables. As Lily is doing with Cane? Mattie hasn’t seen any evidence of it. For Mattie’s information, Lily and Cane attended their first marriage counseling session today. Mattie perks up. This means there’s a chance.

At the Chancellor place: Juliette sees that Cane doesn’t want to break bread with her, so she’ll leave the food and go. Cane isn't that much of a clod. He invites her in, and is she relieved. She and the baby are starving! She digs in while he nurses his drink and wallows in self-pity. He has low expectations of the marriage counseling.

At Sharon’s: Tessa feels guilty for all her good fortune while her sister is out there enduring God knows what. Mariah tells her not to dwell on it. They’ll rescue Crystal eventually. In the meantime, Tessa should keep working toward her goals and enjoy her success. Tessa thanks her for always being in her corner. As Mariah keeps saying, she’s Tessa’s biggest fan—next to Noah, of course. Devon and Noah arrive to escort the ladies to the club. Change in plans: Noah has a family dinner to attend first. Tessa is prepared to tag along with Mariah and Devon, but Noah says she’s to come with him. She’s reluctant but says OK. Finally alone, Devon plants a big kiss on Mariah. He couldn’t wait to do that.

At the penthouse: Nick tells Chelsea to forget about Victor. He has. He’s focused on his project with Noah. Funny how different his relationship with is son is compared with Nick and Victor’s. . . .

At the ranch: By “access” Nick’s account, Victor means hack into it—that’s Kevin’s forte—and transfer $500 million into Victor’s account. Liquidating the investments could be tricky, but Kevin can figure out something. Kevin flinches at the thought of prison and Victor wonders why. Kevin has broken the law before. When he says he “can’t,” does that mean he won’t?

At the Ashbys’: Lily and Cane’s marriage remains in limbo, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Charlie and Mattie as much as ever. Mattie rolls her eyes. She’s heard it all before. She thinks if Lily permits him to move home, it might help things along. He might again be “fun Dad,” not the tyrant he’s become. Lily says allowing Cane back into the family home won’t guarantee a reprieve for Mattie and Reed, and she wonders whether Mattie can honestly forgive her father all he’s done. She says maybe, but Lily has doubts.

At the Chancellor home: Juliette is stuffed! She moves to help clean up, but Cane insists it’s the least he can do after she “cooked.” He segues into a discussion about family responsibility and how his kids are making it hard for him to live up to his. Juliette is optimistic things will work out. Cane cracks a smile and she calls that progress. It’s good to see since they’ll be raising their own child together. He stares blankly. That’s what he wants, right?

At Crimson Lights: Scott has been busy researching sex-trafficking organizations. It’s worse than one can imagine, including drug addiction and indentured servitude. His aim is to infiltrate the ring again and question some girls about Crystal. Sharon is grateful for his effort but concerned about his safety. He’s determined to finish his article on the subject, but he’ll do whatever she wishes.

Noah and Tessa arrive at the penthouse. Noah hears that his dad is cooking and there’s lots of good-natured teasing. Tessa meets Faith for the first time and is charmed, but Noah notices Faith isn’t herself, particularly when he asks about summer camp.

At the ranch: Kevin knows Victor and Nick have a rocky relationship, and an act like this could end it for good. He urges Victor to reconsider. Victor questions Kevin’s skills. Have they diminished? No way! Victor assures him that this transaction will remain their little secret—no authorities will know and no time will be served. Kevin considers for a moment and then accepts the job.

Sharon and Scott prepare to leave the coffeehouse for the Underground, to show support for Tessa. She and Noah are doing well and Sharon has come to accept her as part of his life. However, she’s happy to report that Noah is taking it slowly. And speaking of her children, Sharon is ready to tell Faith about her involvement with Scott.

At the penthouse: Nick’s dinner is a complete failure. Pizzas are ordered and drinks are poured. Tessa learns about the Newman family tree and it’s complicated: Connor and Christian are cousins even though they’re living like brothers. Faith asks Tessa about her family and is especially curious about her sister. Chelsea distracts Faith by asking for help with dessert in kitchen. Noah and Nick apologize for that awkward moment, but Tessa takes it in stride.

At the Ashbys’: Lily can’t get past the child that’s on the way. Mattie blows it off. All Dad has to do is write a check and move on. Perhaps, but has it ever occurred to Mattie that Lily might not want to reconcile? Mattie thinks she knows the reason for her mom’s hesitation, and he knocks at the door now. Jordan apologizes for his poor timing, but Mattie says his timing is perfect. He and Lily can make use of that club reservation. She leaves the room. Lily calls and cancels the reservation and unloads on Jordan. Repairing her marriage has been hampered by her continual run-ins with Juliette and pregnant belly. At those times, Lily maintains her composure, but she rages on the inside. Juliette gets to carry Cane’s child—something Lily never did and never will do. Come again? Jordan didn’t know about the twins’ birth via surrogate because of Lily’s ovarian cancer. He tries to boost her spirits. He’s sure Cane loves her regardless. Yes, but it grates on Lily. Jordan reminds her that none of this mess is her fault. She nods. Cane lied, but she’s still conflicted.

At the Chancellor estate: Cane seemed as concerned about the baby’s health as Juliette was. Did she misread him? Cane emphasizes that Lily, Charlie, and Mattie are his priority. Juliette’s face falls. She understands. Her baby will never be equal to Cane’s other children. Juliette, on the other hand, gushes about her boy and intends to give him the world. As for names, she’s considering Algernon or Wilbur. Cane grimaces and makes an unkind remark. She’ll have him know those are two family names. While he stands mouth agape, she smiles and says “gotcha!” The truth is Cane needs to commit one way or the other.

At the Underground, Mariah and Devon kill time before the show starts. They’re excited to have the promoter in attendance. This could be huge for Tessa, and for Devon. Sharon and Scott arrive and interrupt them mid-kiss. Sharon takes Mariah aside and gets the skinny. So far, so good with Devon.

On the penthouse stairway, Faith confides to Noah that Grandpa was mean to her dad and then lied about it. Noah tries to burnish Victor’s image, or at least make him look like less of a jerk. Grown-ups aren’t perfect, he says. Yeah, well, Faith thought Grandpa was. . . . Back in the living room, Chelsea calls for a toast to Noah and Nick’s success.

Tessa and Noah arrive at the Underground. They greet their friends before Tessa slips backstage to prepare. Irv, the promoter, strolls into the club with a young woman on his arm. He makes small talk with Devon and Noah and company before being escorted to his table. Mariah comments privately to Devon about Natalia, the girlfriend.

Faith and Nick have a moment alone at the penthouse after the party. She’s excited to spend time at the ranch with Mom while Nick is out of town, but she’s not ready to see Grandpa. Whatever she feels comfortable with. It’s her call. She thanks her dad and gives him a big hug.

Over after-dinner drinks at the ranch, Kevin and Victor talk strategy. Kevin will come up with something. He gives Victor one more chance to back out, but Victor is determined. Nick turned the grandkids against Victor, and that’s unforgiveable. Nick might regret pushing Victor to his limits, but Victor couldn’t care less. He intends to give Nick exactly what he wants: total independence.

At the Ashbys’: Jordan urges Lily to make the decision that’s best for her, not the one she thinks is best for her kids. She can’t make that distinction. Kids mean a lot, which is why she’s so concerned about the pull Juliette’s baby will have on Cane.

Cane and Juliette talk more names and almost seem to enjoy themselves. At one point, Juliette is so moved by his sensitivity that she leans in to kiss his cheek, and then his lips.

At the Underground: Irv gazes at Natalia and says she’s even prettier than her picture on the app. Across the crowded bar, Sharon points out the music promoter to Scott. He recognizes Natalia but can’t recall from where—or at least that’s what he tells Sharon.

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