Wednesday Y&R Update 9/20/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 9/20/17


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At the Underground, Nick and Noah talked about Victor fast tracking the liquor license for the new Underground in Ann Arbor. Noah knew that wasn't how Nick liked to operate. Nick was mostly at peace with it. He told Noah that they didn't owe anyone anything, including Victor. They discussed their road trip to Ann Arbor tomorrow; Nick said he'd be sure to have enough cash on hand to purchase any suitable property they saw on the trip. Noah thanked Nick for financing his dream. Nick clarified that it was their dream. Noah mentioned that Irv West, a major music promoter, was coming to Genoa City tonight to watch Tessa perform. Noah raved about Tessa's talent, and Nick noted that Noah was a fan of Tessa and not just of her music. Noah wanted to break his pattern of rescuing his girlfriends and to forge a deep and mutual connection with Tessa.

Noah confessed that he took it hard when he found out Tessa hadn't been up front with him about Crystal. Nick pointed out that it must be hard to talk about having a sister who was involved in prostitution. Noah said he and Tessa got past it. He talked about Tessa's drive, passion and sense of humor. Nick wished he'd been able to do more for Crystal when he found her in the alley. Noah noted that Nick had followed his instincts and helped Crystal.

At the ranch, Victor phoned Kevin, who was at Crimson Lights. Victor was at the ranch talking to Kevin by phone. Kevin had just dropped Bella off with Esther and was ready for his meeting with Victor. Victor instructed Kevin to come to the ranch, then he hung up without giving Kevin the chance to respond. Michael walked into Crimson Lights and was shocked to see his brother. Michael wanted to know why Kevin didn't inform anyone of his visit. Kevin stammered that it was a surprise. They hugged, then Kevin talked about how well he and Bella were doing in Portland. He was very happy with his decision to move there. Michael noted that Kevin's calls home had been light on details. Kevin explained that he wasn't intentionally trying to cut his family out of his life; he was just very busy. Michael understood. Michael angled for an invitation to Portland, and Kevin promised to have Michael come out as soon as he and Bella were settled. Michael wondered if Kevin planned to take Bella to the cemetery, and Kevin said no because he wanted to focus on the future. Kevin slipped up and referred to Chloe and Bella's relationship in the present tense, but he quickly corrected himself and Michael didn't seem to notice. Michael insisted that Kevin come by the house later, then he went back to work.

At the ranch, Victor thanked Kevin for coming from Portland so quickly. Kevin acknowledged that he owed Victor. Kevin felt that he had too much to lose if he didn't come when Victor called him. Victor asked about Chloe. According to Kevin, she was thriving in Portland. They shifted gears and began to talk about the reason Victor asked Kevin to come – Nick. Victor said that Nick had tried to sabotage Nikki's concert. Although Nick claimed he was trying to protect Nikki, Victor believed Nick was trying to punish him for Adam's death. Victor felt that Nick was being a hypocrite since he didn't like Adam while he was alive. Kevin stated that Nick hunted Chloe down like a dog. Victor blamed Nick for preventing him from reconciling with Nikki after the concert and for turning Faith against him. Victor thought Nick planned to destroy his relationship with Noah next, which Victor refused to let happen. Victor wanted to know who knew Kevin was in town. Kevin admitted that Michael saw him, but he assured Victor that he'd made up a cover story. Victor filled Kevin in on his mysterious plan. “So, Kevin with your help I will give my son Nicholas what he claims he wants most,” Victor said after confiding in Kevin off screen. Kevin noted that it sounded final, and Victor agreed.

Hilary ran into Cane at the Athletic Club gym. He thanked her for pushing him to be more persistent with Lily. Cane said that his efforts paid off and Lily agreed to see a marriage counselor. Hilary was pleased that her plan to help Cane and Lily reunite was working. Cane noted that Hilary's goal was to stop Lily from getting closer to Jordan. Cane didn't care what Hilary's motives were, he was just happy that Lily was trying to working things out.

Lily was at the coffeehouse, and Juliet happened to be there too. Both of them were clearly uncomfortable. Juliet mentioned that she was glad Lily got her job back. Lily realized Cane told her. Juliet stated that Cane was glad that Lily wasn't suffering because of him. Lily was pleased to hear about the baby's positive test results. Juliet confided that she'd never been more worried while waiting for the results. She finally understood the maternal bond, now that she had a child on the way. Juliet thought that Cane had been so supportive because Lily insisted that he be responsible. Lily didn't think it was her influence. She stated that Cane did what matters most to him.

Lily and Cane arrived at the therapist's office separately. The therapist read the message Cane left her – that he and Lily were both committed to preserving their family and, if possible, their marriage. The therapist asked Lily to tell her, in her own words, why she came today. Lily said the last thing she wanted was for her family to split up. The therapist encouraged her to say what she did want. Lily wanted to be able to trust Cane again. Cane wanted that too, because Lily and the kids were his world. Cane recounted the events of the drunken night he spent with Juliet. He swore that he never had a conscious sexual thought about Juliet or a romantic feeling. Cane said he loved Lily, but he made a terrible mistake that he'd regret for the rest of his life. Lily clarified that it wasn't just one mistake. She explained that Cane lied and allowed her to defend him to everyone. She'd been humiliated and the kids' lives were undone. She thought it was inadequate and insensitive for Cane to describe what happened as a mistake. Cane admitted he should've come clean from the start. He said he didn't remember cheating, but he regretted letting his family down. Cane didn't understand why Lily couldn't get past his affair, the way he'd gotten past hers. Lily argued that the situations were different – she could run into the pregnant Juliet any time, and Cane had lied and tried to destroy Billy out of spite and hurt multiple people. Now, Juliet was carrying Cane's child, which was something Lily wasn't able to do because of her cancer. Cane didn't think Lily was being fair. He felt that she was lumping in his mistakes with things outside of his control. He said that he was taking care of the baby because she told him to. He asked if she'd changed her mind, and she said no.

Cane accused Lily of shutting him out while inviting Jordan into their home to sit in Cane's chair and have dinner with their children. Cane revealed that he saw the dinner. Lily told him that Jordan was just a friend. Cane wished Lily would tell him what she wanted. He said he'd admitted he was wrong and he'd been a punching bag for everyone in the family. The therapist asked if Lily wanted the marriage to survive, and Lily didn't say anything. Cane took that as a no and asked why she came. The therapist explained that it was important that Lily not feel rushed. Lily explained that she came for the kids. Cane was hurt that she came for the twins and not for their marriage. Lily decided that she couldn't do this anymore, and she rushed out.

Cane ran into Juliet at the Underground and told her that he and Lily went to counseling, but he didn't think she wanted to save the marriage.

At the Ashby house, Lily thanked Michael for coming. Michael told her how he'd deescalated things between Victoria and Cane after Cane's run in with Reed. Lily was grateful. Lily asked about Cane's legal responsibility to Juliet's baby. Michael explained that Can would have to provide child support, and Juliet could ask him to help shoulder the educational costs, starting with preschool. Lily noted that the baby would be in their lives whether they liked it or not. Michael assured her that other couples were able to navigate this issue. Lily announced that they had their first and possibly last marriage counseling session. She said that before today, she couldn't fathom thinking about a divorce, but now she wasn't sure if she and Cane could get through this.

At the penthouse, Jordan groused about Devon accusing him of using Hilary then tossing her aside to move on to Lily. Chelsea understood Devon's position because Jordan had dinner with Lily and her kids shortly after breaking it off with Hilary. Jordan swore he wasn't hanging out with Hilary while he waited for Lily to leave Cane. Jordan admitted he kissed Lily, and he described it as just a simple kiss. Chelsea didn't see it that way. She noted that Lily was going through the ringer, then she was kissed by a guy that she trusted. Chelsea said that even if Jordan didn't have any intentions, which Chelsea didn't believe, the kiss was bound to stir things up for Lily. Jordan revealed that Lily had started pulling away. He said he never wanted to pressure her. Chelsea assumed that Lily was focused on her children and her family's future. Chelsea also noted that Lily and Cane shared a life together and the sort of love that didn't just go away because of a betrayal or a separation. “Or if your husband's life gets cut short,” Jordan added. Chelsea looked like she was on the verge of bursting into tears. Jordan apologized, but Chelsea said it was okay because she also saw the similarities between her situation and Lily's. She noted that Lily was also going through a loss.

Chelsea advised Jordan to give Lily space to work through her issues. She also urged him to take care of himself. She noted that they grew up in a business where it was necessary to lock out your emotions, because you couldn't scam someone you cared for, but she stated that it wasn't healthy. Jordan appreciated the advice. Nick arrived just as Jordan headed out. Nick and Chelsea chatted about Connor and Christian, and Nick said he was glad that the cousins got to grow up like brothers. He hugged Chelsea and her smile faded. Nick thanked Chelsea for watching Christian during Nick's upcoming trip. He noted that Faith would be with Sharon. Nick didn't think Faith want to visit Victor while she was at the ranch. Nick took no pleasure in that, but he thought Victor only had himself to blame. Chelsea noted that Victor wouldn't see it that way. Nick assumed that Victor was plotting revenge, so Nick had taken steps to protect himself. Nick changed the subject and suggested a family dinner, with the Christian, Connor, Noah and Faith. He promised to cook. Chelsea agreed. They kissed and began to undress. Nick assured Chelsea that he wouldn't be gone long and that he was doing this for them and their future.

Back at the gym, Jordan noticed Hilary struggling to take weights off a barbell, and he gave her a hand despite her declining his offer to help. Jordan mentioned that he was working at Brash and Sassy again, and Hilary said Cane already told her. Jordan asked how she'd been, and she said outstanding. Jordan started his work out, and Hilary locked eyes on him, then she began her workout and struggled with lifting the barbell. Jordan came over and helped her correct her form. Hilary started chatting, and she mentioned that Cane and Lily were at marriage counseling. Hilary wondered if she and Devon could've saved their marriage with therapy. She noted that they didn't have kids, and she figured that Cane and Lily must be thinking about what it meant to break up their family. Jordan thought Cane and Lily were right to try and save their marriage, because that was best for the twins. Later, Jordan stood behind Hilary, with his hands on her hips as he guided her through a workout. Hilary looked up at him and they stared into each others eyes.

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