Tuesday Y&R Update 9/19/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 9/19/17


Written by Christine
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Jack and Nikki enjoyed a peaceful morning at the cabin. Jack mentioned that Nikki took the bed last night, per their agreement, and he playfully asked for a kiss as payment. She gave him one. As Nikki sipped tea, she referred to it as her tried and true. Jack noted that it sounded like a Victor reference. Nikki agreed that she'd tried Victor, but she didn't think he was true. She pointed out that this was why she was with Jack. Jack offered to take the day off so they could stay at the cabin, but Nikki had an appointment. Jack hoped she was meeting with a lawyer to arrange a legal separation from Victor. Nikki clarified that she was meeting a personal trainer at the gym. She noted that it was important for her to stay healthy. Jack was all for it because he didn't want her to have another relapse. Nikki gave Jack and the cabin credit for keeping her healthy. Jack brought up Abby's intrusion, and Nikki said that they didn't have to apologize to anyone. She was glad they were taking things slow. They kissed.

Ashley ran into Victor at the Athletic Club. They had a friendly chat about how happy Abby and Victor were about her move to the ranch. Ashley told Victor that although Graham said his parents were dead, his mother was actually alive. Victor suggested that they were estranged, but Ashley didn't think so, since Graham had placed his mother in a state of the art living facility in Florida. Ashley hoped the news would cause Dina to give Graham the boot.

Dina had a nightmare about the past. She remembered arguing with Brent over his desire to be a father to Ashley. Dina refused to allow it and she bolstered her position by threatening him with a gun. Dina woke up and yelled for Graham. When he arrived, the regretful Dina said she never should've told him that Brent was Ashley's biological father. Graham didn't think it was a big deal since Ashley knew the truth. Dina explained that it wasn't common knowledge and she still felt bad for what she'd done to Ashley and John. Graham assured Dina that she could trust him with her secrets. Dina threatened to cut ties with Graham if he told anyone what he now knew. “You will be dead to me,” she added. They sat down to breakfast and Dina apologized for being so harsh. Graham reiterated that he wouldn't betray her confidence. He was surprised that Dina was still so affected by something that happened so long ago. Dina admitted she was a terrible wife who had several affairs because she resented John's devotion to his company. Graham excused Dina's infidelity by saying she wanted someone to put her first. Dina felt bad that Ashley was paying the price for her mistakes. Graham suggested that Ashley was trying to settle the score with Dina. He was gearing up to urge Dina to leave town, but she cut him off and refused to move away. Graham maintained that there was no point in staying because Ashley would always blame her for ruining her relationship with John. Dina made it clear that she wasn't leaving and she added that she didn't need Graham to instruct her about her own daughter. Graham dropped the matter and offered Dina a ride to work. She informed him that she was too tired to go into the office.

Dina mentioned that Jack was off with Victor's wife. Graham noted that Nikki and Victor were separated, but Dina contended that an unhappy marriage was still a marriage. Dina was frustrated to see her children making the same mistakes she did. Ashley arrived, and Graham made a snide comment about her finding the right room this time. Dina asked why Ashley lied to Graham about her reason for being in his room. Ashley explained that she hadn't been sure what she was supposed to say to him. Dina hoped that Ashley was satisfied about Graham's honesty after searching his room. Ashley said she was, then she asked Graham to leave so she could talk to her mother. Graham looked to Dina, who nodded, then he left. Dina felt that Ashley should've been up front with Graham last night. Ashley revealed that she'd been trying to protect Dina so that Graham didn't get mad at her. Dina was annoyed that Ashley still didn't trust Graham.

Ashley asked if Dina had ever heard of the Boca Pointe living facility. Dina concluded that Ashley and Jack planned to ship her to the retirement home. Ashley announced that Graham's mother lived there, which was highly disturbing considering Graham claimed she was dead. Dina didn't believe it. Ashley told her about finding an $8,000 bill from the facility. Dina stammered that it was probably a distant aunt. Ashley revealed that she'd made a phone call and confirmed the woman's identity. Dina asked if the woman confirmed she was Graham's mother. Ashley admitted it didn't go exactly like that, and Dina accused her of jumping to conclusions. Ashley stated that Graham pretended his mother was dead and he arranged a “chance” meeting with Dina in Monte Carlo. She added that Graham had inserted himself into Dina's life to the point that she was leaving him the bulk of her estate. Dina thought Ashley had an agenda, and Ashley insisted that she was only trying to look out for Dina. Ashley maintained that Graham was trying to turn Dina against her own children. Dina spat that, due to Ashley's foolishness, that just might happen. Ashley left. Dina picked up her phone and stared at Graham's number. Her hand trembled as she debated whether or not to call him.

At Jabot, Ashley filled Jack in about Graham's mother and about her fight with Dina. Jack wondered why Graham wanted Dina to believe his parents were gone. Ashley didn't know. She said she'd almost booked a flight to Boca until she realized Graham's mother probably had no idea about his lies. Jack wondered if Dina and Graham's mother had a past. Ashley said that Dina didn't seem affected when she mentioned Boca. She added that Dina only wondered if Jack and Ashley planned to send her there. This gave Jack an idea. He called the Boca Pointe living center and claimed to be considering sending Dina there. During the conversation, Jack mentioned that the place was recommended by his friend, Myrna Bloodworth. The coordinator stated that Myrna had lived there since Boca Pointe opened in 2012. Jack said he'd fly in from Genoa City for a tour, and the coordinator noted that Myrna was from Genoa City too. After the call, Jack and Ashley processed the information – this meant Graham was from Genoa City as well and he'd failed to divulge that fact. Ashley considered the possibility that Graham had been obsessed with Dina long before 2012. She wondered what started it.

Graham went down to the gym hoping to use the punching bag, but Victor had beat him to it. Victor recognized Graham and they struck up a conversation. Victor let Graham work out and gave him a few pointers on using the bag. Victor noticed Nikki and walked over to her. Victor asked if Nikki was home last night – he'd called and she didn't answer. Nikki said her phone was turned off. Victor asked if it was still turned off this morning. Nikki asked why this was any of his business. He stated that he expected her to answer his calls. Graham eavesdropped on them. Victor asked if she was with Jack. Nikki said it was none of Victor's concern. “You are still my wife,” Victor bellowed. Nikki told him that if he wanted it to stay that way, he should speak to her with respect. Nikki did feel that they needed to discuss the subject of Victor's phone call – Nick and Faith, but she refused to discuss Jack with him. Victor thought that Nikki had overstepped by telling Nick that he visited Faith at camp. Nikki testily reminded Victor that it was her family too. Victor felt that Nikki should've come to him. Nikki contended that Nick deserved to know the truth. Victor yelled that it had ruined his relationship with Faith – the only relationship Faith could count on. Nikki argued that Victor only had himself to blame, and she noted that Faith could count on her. Victor wondered if this meant she was on Nick's side. Nikki asked why there had to be sides. Victor told Nikki that she'd made a mistake.

Graham found an envelope that someone had slipped under the door of his suite. He opened it up and found a note inside that said “Per your request.” The envelope was full of pictures of Nikki and Jack kissing at the cabin. Graham prepared to mail the pictures to Victor. He put one of Dina's return address labels on the envelope so it looked like she was the sender.

At the Ashby house, Lily overruled Charlie's plans to eat a protein bar on the go and insisted that they have a family breakfast. Charlie sat down and irritated Mattie by snapping his fingers to get her attention. Mattie mentioned she was grounded, which shocked Charlie. Lily and Mattie explained that she cut class to spend time with Reed. Charlie didn't buy it, and he kept going on and on about how Mattie wasn't the type to skip school. He thought Mattie and Lily were playing a trick on him. Mattie grumbled that Cane was a master detective, then she abruptly left the table. Charlie asked what Cane did now. Lily changed the subject and asked how Charlie liked cross country. He enjoyed it, but he missed football. Things weren't the same between him and his friends because they made the team and he didn't. Charlie told Lily not to be too hard on Mattie because she was doing well enough to miss a few classes. Lily asked for his opinion on Reed. Charlie thought Mattie was smart, pretty, witty and too good for the “wannabe rock star.” However, Charlie conceded that Mattie had good instincts, so he assumed there must be something to Reed. Mattie returned, and Lily asked Charlie to drive Mattie to school. Mattie assumed Lily wanted to make sure she arrived. Cane dropped by, after the twins left, because he wanted to talk about the marriage. Lily didn't want to. She stated that they'd done plenty of that before she asked him to move out and it got them nowhere.

Cane noted that the turmoil was affecting the kids. He admitted that he was to blame, but he thought they needed to address it now. Lily realized Cane was going to ask to move back in, and she said she couldn't live with him even if that was better for him and the kids. She said she needed time away from him to process this. Cane understood that, but he said this wasn't just about him; it was about the kids. He started reminding Lily of various family moments they'd shared in the house. He said he wanted to be with her, the woman he chose, for the rest of his life. Cane said they couldn't fix their marriage if he wasn't there. Lily wanted Cane to respect her need for this home to be a safe space for herself. Cane said that what they had was too precious not to fight for it. Cane suggested a marriage counselor. Lily couldn't believe he was saying that because he didn't want to go after her affair. She wondered if they could've avoided their current problems by going to counseling back then. Cane thought they could go now, but Lily didn't see a way to bounce back from him having a child with another woman. Cane made a convincing case for seeking counseling and Lily agreed to try it.

Outside Walnut Grove, Mattie told Charlie to unlock the car door. He asked if she was mad at him about this morning. He admitted that he never thought she'd cut class. Mattie felt that Lily and Cane were being unfair and it was the only way she could see Reed. Charlie wished Mattie would've come to him first. Mattie assumed that Charlie would've just told her to dump Reed like he always did. Charlie clarified that he would've helped Mattie avoid getting caught. Charlie explained that he was an expert at this, and he could've warned her that the school always called if you were absent. Charlie asked what happened with Cane, and Mattie said he made things a million times worse – Victoria arrived to find Cane confronting Reed. Charlie wondered what Reed and Mattie had been up to. Mattie admitted they'd been kissing, but she swore nothing else happened. Charlie said it better not have, because she was only 16. Mattie noted that Charlie was 16 too. Charlie argued that he was more worldly. Charlie didn't think Reed was worth the trouble. Mattie didn't think anyone would care that she liked Reed if it weren't for Cane messing up at Brash and Sassy.

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