Monday Y&R Update 9/18/17

The Y&R Update Monday 9/18/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Ashley has a lot of explaining to do when Graham catches her in his hotel suite. She has ten seconds to start talking or he’ll call the police.

At Jabot, Dina corners Billy and Phyllis and wonders why he wastes his time with a woman sure to betray him, just as she did Jack. Talk about betrayal! Phyllis exclaims. Dina practically wrote the book. Billy intervenes and Dina leaves. He’s ready to escort Phyllis to that romantic dinner he promised, but she’s no longer interested. Instead she’d like to know why Billy took Dina’s side.

At the Underground, Nick tells Chelsea that Faith knows Victor kicked Nick off the Newman property . . . and more. Chelsea braces herself and asks what Victor did for an encore. Nick is vague about the details of his skirmish with Victor but says Faith is taking it as well as can be expected. In fact, she stood up to Victor. For the record, Nick has never forbidden Faith having a relationship with Victor and doesn’t now. He just wants her to have the facts.

Abby arrives at the ranch for her scheduled dinner with Dad but finds him sitting alone in the dark. He’d like to postpone dinner. Of course, she says, but naturally she’s alarmed. She attempts to discover the reason for his depression. He says only that Nick went too far this time. She’s frustrated by all the secrecy and sincerely wants to help. She can’t, Victor says.

Nikki walks into the Abbott cabin and it’s as though a fog has cleared. She loves it here. And Jack isn’t to lift a finger tonight. She’s cooking dinner this time. They joke about that, but she assures him she knows her way around the kitchen. Before she became Mrs. Victor Newman, lady of the manor, she had to fend for herself. She looks around the room and says this refuge gave her the strength to leave Victor. Jack senses there’s more to the story. Is she wavering in that decision now? Is that why she wanted to return?

At the ranch: Abby can’t believe Faith no longer trusts her beloved grandfather. Victor explains how he helped Noah secure a liquor license for his new club. Nick saw it as overstepping and retaliated by telling Faith that Victor booted Nick out of the tack house. Abby hesitates before acknowledging that it’s partly true. She begs her dad to talk things out with Nick before they worsen. He gives her a pat and thanks her for listening.

In Graham’s suite, he can’t believe Dina handed over his room key to Ashley so that she could ransack the place. Ashley did no such thing. She says Dina asked her to come by and pick up a document (a lie). How was Paris? she says, changing the subject. How dare she be civil now! Ashley decides her work there is done and hightails it back to the office. Graham wastes no time dialing Dina and demanding a meeting—now.

At Jabot: Billy dismisses Dina’s rantings but Phyllis can’t. She again tells him to cancel their dinner reservation. Done. He has a better idea anyway.

Still at Jabot, behind closed doors, Ravi is floored that Dina has been paying for Graham’s club suite and that Ashley was given permission to search it. Dina’s expectation was that Ashley would see for herself Graham isn’t hiding anything, but it backfired. Ashley found a receipt for a pricey senior living facility in Florida. He’s been using Dina’s money to pay someone’s expenses.

Back in the suite, Dina blows Ashley’s cover. She didn’t send her for a document; she sent her to search Graham’s room. His defensive reaction causes Dina to wonder whether Ashley might have found something incriminating. Graham lifts his chin and declares he has no secrets.

The table is set at the cabin. Now Jack is to stay out of the kitchen while Nikki works her magic. He moves toward the door to get wood for the fire and runs into Abby, who came up to clear her head. She assumes this was also Jack’s intent—until she sees Nikki. What are they trying to do, she whines, start the final Abbott-Newman conflict?

Chelsea looks around the empty bar and says Nick’s more immediate problem is lagging business. Actually, Nick created this atmosphere to sweep her off her feet. They have the place to themselves and a chef is ready to prepare her favorite appetizers. Who knows what might follow. . . . She’s laughs at the idea but gets into it by hopping behind the bar to whip up a couple of cocktails. Before they can get the party started, however, Victor appears. He’d like a word with Nick.

At Jabot: So much for Graham having no living relatives. Ravi suggests Ashley do a bit more research before jumping to conclusions. She tries to think of a way to contact the retirement home without rousing suspicion. Recalling Graham’s last name, she dials the number and in her best Southern drawl asks for the Bloodworth residence. Bingo.

At the cabin, Nikki tells Abby what she’s been telling everyone else: She and Victor are separated. Abby isn’t satisfied. There’s been tension in the family since Nikki’s concert, but no one will enlighten her. All she knows is that her dad is distraught over Faith. Would Nikki please not hurt him further? Otherwise, he may lash out and there will be hell to pay. With that, she leaves. Clearly, Nikki is shaken, so Jack offers to accompany her back to town.

At the Underground: Chelsea intends to stand by Nick, the man with whom she is raising her son. Victor is stunned. Chelsea has turned on him too? No, she won’t withhold Connor from his grandfather, but Victor is not to use him against her. She leaves willingly. Victor accuses Nick of poisoning everyone against him. Nick denies it. That’s all Victor’s doing.

At the club gym, Phyllis works out like a maniac. This is just what she needed. She challenges Billy to a fitness competition, including crunches, bench presses, and the hitting the bag.

The woman who answers to Mrs. Bloodworth is clueless about her long-distance phone service and how much she pays for it but refers Ashley to her son. He takes care of everything. Ashley hangs up, turns to Ravi, and calls Graham a liar.

At the Underground: Nick scolds Victor for putting Faith in an untenable position by going to her camp and telling her about the move from the ranch to Chelsea’s apartment. Victor accuses Nick of badgering her to reveal it. Nope, Nick says. Mom told him. Victor is stunned.

At the GCAC: The final event is a race to the sauna and total disrobing. Phyllis declares herself the winner until Billy gets her to recognize it was a tie.

At the Underground: Nick has had plenty of reasons over the years to keep Faith from Victor, but he hasn’t and he won’t. He also won’t continue to protect Victor; therefore, no more shielding Faith from the truth. Victor is livid and promises to play by Nick’s rules. He stalks out.

At the cabin: Nikki picks at her food. Jack tells her to forget what Abby and Dina said about their being together. She can’t ignore it, though, and adds Victor to her list of detractors. He’s sure to act out too. Jack isn’t afraid.

At the club: Dina apologizes to Graham, but he’s still upset. Why does Dina continue to kowtow to Ashley, who treats Dina terribly? Dina breaks down. Because she feels she owes Ashley. Ashley’s trust issues stem from damage Dina inflicted long ago. What did she do? She withheld the truth—that John Abbott was not her biological father.

Back at the ranch, Victor prepares for battle. He calls Nikki’s phone and leaves a message saying the damage she caused to his relationship with Faith will cost her dearly. Next he calls an associate to claim a favor.

At the cabin, Nikki and Jack savor the night air and make out on the balcony. Someone snaps clandestine photos.

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