Friday Y&R Update 9/15/17

The Y&R Update Friday 9/15/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Sharon is surprised to find Nikki on her doorstep. Would Sharon mind picking up Faith from her riding lesson? Something came up and Nikki can’t. Sure. Seeing how frazzled Nikki is, Sharon asks if there’s a problem. Yes, courtesy of Victor—again.

At the Underground, Victor and Nick remain civil, but just barely. Victor crows about scoring the liquor license for Noah and Nick’s bar in Michigan. Clearly Nick still has a lot to learn about business. Noah prevents an explosion by thanking his grandfather for the leg up and nudging him toward the door.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy and Victoria move on from discussing her problems with Cane to discussing his with Phyllis. She suspects a spy at Jabot. Victoria is alarmed. Does she suspect Billy?

Phyllis paces Ravi’s tiny office and speculates. Brash & Sassy’s sales spike at Fenmore’s can’t be by chance. She needs Ravi’s help to get answers.

In Jack’s office, he and Ashley consider Graham and his mysterious past. He tried repeatedly to get hired at Mergeron and succeeded only after meeting Dina at a social event. They agree to keep digging. Jack offers what he learned from Dina: that Graham had a tough childhood and both of his parents died long before he met Dina. Their conversation is cut short when Dina marches in, still smarting from Jack and Ashley’s reprimand. Jack says it’s just good business to keep Jabot records confidential. She’s not to share any more information with Graham. Can she live by that rule?

At Brash & Sassy: Phyllis doesn’t have a clue, Billy says, and he’s willing to log into her account again. Victoria is queasy. She doesn’t want him to suffer the consequences of being caught.

In Ravi’s office: Although Phyllis would love nothing more than to separate Victoria and Billy by whatever means, she want to find the information leak so that Jabot doesn’t suffer. Ravi is at a loss. What does she propose he do? She suggests it could be electronic espionage. This is something he knows a thing or two about, and he gets on it right away.

At the Underground: Noah appreciates his dad’s position and is sorry he has to suffer such indignities. Nick smiles and says it’s no sweat. He’s eager to move full steam ahead on their project. Nikki arrives and catches them celebrating. Noah pops along to take care of some business in back while Nikki and Nick catch up. He tells her how Victor rode in on his white horse and saved the day again—darn him. Nick puts up with such antics for Noah’s sake—and Faith’s—but it’s not easy. Nikki has news that might change his approach. Victor isn’t playing fair. She found out he paid Faith a secret visit at camp shortly before she came home.

Sharon meets Faith at the stable and says they get to spend a little girl time together before Faith has to go home. Faith grimaces—to Chelsea’s place. Try as she might, Faith can’t think of it as home. She misses the ranch and being able to see her mom and the horses and especially Grandpa whenever she wants.

At Jabot: Dina promises that Graham won’t lay eyes on any more Jabot documents. While Jack attends a meeting, Ashley and Dina keep talking. Why do Jack and Ashley continue to judge Graham so harshly? Partly because they know so little about him. Ashley plays dumb. How did they meet? Dina verifies Jack’s story. They met on a yacht in Monte Carlo. Ashley still harbors doubts and isn’t subtle about it, but Dina is determined to prove her wrong. She tosses Graham’s hotel room key on the desk and says have at it. But after Ashley’s search turns up nothing incriminating, Dina expects an apology.

At the Underground: Nick is steamed. He didn’t tell Faith the real reason they moved from the ranch into Chelsea’s penthouse (Victor kicked Nick off the property) because he didn’t want to damage her relationship with her grandfather. It’s true that no good deed goes unpunished. Now he’ll have to tell her. Nikki reluctantly agrees. Poor Faith. She adores Victor.

Victor barges into Victoria’s office, where she and Billy are huddled. Billy makes a quick exit and Victor takes a seat.

Ravi taps away on his computer, under Phyllis’s watchful eye. Billy surprises them. He’d like to speak to Phyllis alone. No problem. Ravi prefers to work from home anyway.

Jack finds Dina in the Jabot lobby. He’d like to discuss a new assignment for her. He sees Nikki approaching . . . but later. Dina doesn’t bother concealing her disdain for Nikki. Jack leads Nikki into his office and they commiserate. Nikki hopes his stress has nothing to do with his competition with Brash & Sassy. Heavens, no. He values his relationship with Nikki far too much to risk losing her over a business matter.

In Ravi’s office: Billy apologizes for overreacting to Phyllis’s accusations of spying on Jabot. He’d like to make it up to her with a romantic dinner, with candles—the works. Perfect! she says.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria reports that Victor’s advice to be proactive seems to be paying off. He’s pleased. She needs no further advice at the moment, so is there another reason Victor dropped by? A favor. Victor would like to see more of Johnny and Katie. Can Victoria make that happen? Certainly, she’ll bring them to the ranch.

Nick arrives at Sharon’s just as she finishes Faith’s French braid. Faith is excited about her new do and about the possibility of competing in riding events. Her trainer says she’s ready. Can she? Can she, please? Nick and Sharon will have to discuss it, but for now he’d like to talk about Grandpa. Faith is sheepish when he tells her he knows about Victor’s camp visit. She hopes Nick isn’t mad at her for not telling, or at Grandpa. Nick takes a deep breath and tells her the real reason they moved to Chelsea’s apartment—Nick had no choice. That doesn’t change the way he feels about Chelsea, of course, but he thinks Faith deserves to know the truth. Faith is a sensitive kid and understands. She thanks him and hugs him before returning to the stable to fetch her things.

Dina ambushes Nikki when she emerges from Jack’s office. Shame on her for using Jack as a port while she’s still married to Victor. Not that Nikki owes Dina an explanation, but she and Jack are consenting adults and what they do is none of Dina’s business or Victor’s. Jack appears at Nikki’s side, ready to escort her to the Abbott cabin for a much-needed getaway. He’ll see his mother tomorrow—or maybe not. Bye-bye!

Ashley searches Graham’s room from top to bottom and eventually finds a suspicious document in his desk drawer. She jots a few notes and makes for the door. Graham meets her there, causing her to gasp.

At Sharon’s: She’s blown away by the turn of events. She had no idea. So what’s Nick’s new visitation policy? No changes. They’ll just have to keep a closer eye on Victor.

Victor finds Faith at the stable, but she’s not her usual bubbly self. When he asks why, she tears up and calls him out for lying and being cruel to her daddy. She no longer trusts Grandpa and runs to Nick when he calls to her.

Victoria and Jack and Nikki have an awkward meeting on the Jabot elevator, but everyone is on his or her best behavior. Hearing that Jack and Nikki are bound for the cabin, Victoria forces a smile, wishes them a good time, and gets off at her floor.

At Jabot: Dina isn’t finished for the day. Now she takes on Billy, or more specifically Phyllis. Why do Billy and his brother choose such bad women? She urges Billy to get out of his relationship while he can. Phyllis is aghast.

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