Thursday Y&R Update 9/14/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 9/14/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

The Underground is closed for business, except for a father-daughter chess match. Nikki looks on as Faith beats Nick, fair and square. Faith knows it’s true too. Grandpa’s the only one who can challenge her now. After she leaves the room, Nick openly disapproves of Victor’s influence on his daughter. Would Nikki do him a favor? Take Faith to her riding lesson at the ranch so that Nick doesn’t risk running into Victor.

At the ranch, Victor entertains Noah—or rather makes him an irresistible offer. He knows all about the trouble Noah is having securing a liquor license for his new bar in Ann Arbor and that a lot of money is at stake. He wants to help. Noah hesitates. Would Noah have to keep Victor’s involvement a secret from Nick? That would be up to Noah.

Mattie catches up with Reed on the Crimson Lights patio, thinking she pulled one over on her parents. Sadly, Reed knows the truth and tells her she’s busted---by her dad.

Cane makes a beeline to the house to tell Lily their daughter is being corrupted by Reed Hellstrom.

Michael makes a house call at Victoria’s. It must be important. And how, she says. Cane continues to give her grief, this time by verbally abusing her son. Ah, hormones, Michael says, after hearing the full story. Victoria doesn’t have legal grounds for going after Cane this time. She won’t take no for an answer and lists Cane’s prior sins against her and her company, thinking the cumulative effect might make a difference. It doesn’t. Michael offers personal advice: Let it go. Escalating her feud with Cane is bad for the kids.

At the Ashbys’: Lily can’t believe Mattie would neglect her studies for anything. She takes extra classes; she doesn’t cut them. Well, believe it, Cane says. And she lied about it. To make matters worse, Cane went to Victoria’s house to investigate. Mattie wasn’t there, but he found evidence that she had been: her headband. Lily groans at his poor judgment. Victoria is still Lily’s boss. Cane doesn’t care.

At Crimson Lights: Reed tells Mattie about the confrontation with Cane. If Cane disliked Reed before, he really hates him now. Mattie declares herself her own person and says given her dad’s recent indiscretions, he has no right to criticize. There’s more: Reed’s mom came home and found Cane there, yelling at Reed. Oh, boy . . . Mattie supposes they’ll be grounded for life and never see each other again. They embrace.

At the Underground: Nick says he’s making progress with Faith at home, but she’s not the happy-go-lucky kid she was before moving to the penthouse. Nikki admires Nick’s parenting skills and knows he’ll work things out. He thanks her and agrees. His problems at home are nothing compared with those at work.

At the Ashbys’: Lily is more angry with Cane than with Mattie. Why didn’t he call immediately after he discovered Mattie’s truancy? Because Lily was in the middle of a photo shoot. They argue. Lily suggests that other events might have triggered Mattie’s acting out. Cane is sharp enough to realize she refers to his recent activities and takes offense. In any case, Lily says, his attacking Reed in his home might only push Mattie into Reed’s arms.

On the coffeehouse patio: Reed assures Mattie they’ll figure out something. For now, she has to go home to do damage control. Reed will do likewise. They kiss goodbye.

At home, Victoria continues to exaggerate the implications of Cane’s behavior. He could be violent. Michael scoffs and reminds her of her own struggles for independence from her father.

Again at the Underground: Nick doesn’t want to disappoint Noah, so he’ll move heaven and earth to get that license for their bar. He intends to call on some contacts. Nikki has confidence in him. That makes one parent, Nick says ruefully. Nikki is sure Victor cares, in his own way. Regardless, Nick intends to have a different sort of relationship with his son.

At the ranch: Nick is Noah’s business partner, so he’ll have to be told. Knowing his grandfather as he does, Noah asks what methods Victor might employ. Victor chuckles.

At Victoria’s house: By all accounts, Mattie is a nice girl. Reed could do worse, Michael ventures. Yes, but there are lots of nice girls for Reed to choose from. Michael uses Victoria's own logic against her: As there are plenty of fish in the sea, and teen romances being what they are, Reed and Mattie’s relationship could die a natural death. Michael knows whereof he speaks. Fenmore gave him and Lauren his share of trouble, but they all survived it. Victoria isn’t swayed.

At the Ashbys’: Cane and Lily recall Neil’s efforts to keep them apart, but Lily had a mind of her own. They smile at the memory, or at least Cane does, but the levity is short-lived. Mattie comes home, immediately confesses, and apologizes. When she realizes it’s done little good, she becomes defensive and then lashes out. Their rules are unfair and she objects to her punishment: Two weeks’ grounding and no phone, but worst of all, she’s forbidden to see Reed.

At the ranch: Victor reminds Noah that the Newman name can open doors. That’s all he’s proposing, nothing shady. Noah’s father never wanted to play that way, but this is Noah’s call. Noah caves and then returns to the Underground to deliver the “good” news.

At the Ashbys’: Mattie begs her dad to give Reed a chance. He’s not a bad guy. But Cane sinks to further depths by calling him spoiled, just like his mom. Mattie reminds Cane that he’s not perfect either and rattles off a short list of his offenses, including impregnating a co-worker and getting himself fired. So, by extension, this whole situation is his fault. She bolts to her room. Lily orders Cane to leave and let her handle their daughter. Lily calls Mattie out for a chat and tells her she must respect her dad. He’s just worried about her, as is Lily. Mattie swears she won’t step out of line again, but Lily knows how that goes. One poor decision can easily lead to another.

Nikki takes it on the chin for Nick. She encounters Victor at the ranch. He’s delighted that Faith is on the property and intends to see her. Nikki reminds him that he’s not to do so on Nick’s time. The hell with that, Victor says. He’ll do as he likes. He takes a business call, after which he’ll mosey out to the stable to see his granddaughter. Nikki can show herself out.

Noah walks into the Underground and listens to Nick’s end of a phone conversation. It ends badly. Still no license. Noah has a solution: Grandpa. Nick’s jaw drops.

At home, Victoria lays into Reed and grounds him for a week. He’s stunned. Last time he screwed up the punishment was far more severe. Victoria advises him to just say thank you. She can’t come down too hard because Cane is partially responsible for this catastrophe. Reed pushes his luck and takes up for Mattie. Victoria understands and frankly pities that poor girl, having Cane for a father. Reed should accept that Cane will never allow him and Mattie to see each other.

Michael finds Cane stewing in the athletic club dining room and tries to appeal to his sense of reason. He gets nowhere. As a last resort, he urges Cane to consider the consequences of taking on the Newmans. Still no luck.

In the stable, Faith is polite but reticent. Nikki draws her out about life at the penthouse. It’s OK, but it’s not home. Nikki reassures her and says it will take time to adjust. In the course of conversation, Faith reveals that she found out about her move while she was at camp. Nikki gets a bad feeling. After she sends Faith to get an apple for her horse, Nikki whips out her phone and calls her contact at the camp. She subtly asks whether Faith had any visitors in her final weeks there. She should have known . . . Victor.

At the Underground: Nick isn’t happy with Noah’s unilateral decision. There will be hell to pay for accepting Victor’s help. Noah tells him to relax. Victor is on standby. In the meantime, they can continue to pursue their own avenues. But Victor is an impatient man and appears in the bar; in fact, he walks right in as if he owns the place. Nick steels himself, but Victor says he’s there see his grandson---not his ungrateful son. Victor presents a copy of the liquor license to Noah. He can expect the real deal in a few days. Wow. That was fast, Noah marvels. Nick says a simple thank you to Victor, who of course can’t resist the opportunity to gloat.

At the Ashbys’: Mattie wonders what Lily might have done that was so naughty. Lily is vague at first but then admits to premarital sex and running away to Los Angeles with a boy. Mattie is impressed. Lily makes it clear she has regrets and doesn’t want to see Mattie make the same kinds of mistakes. Mattie is too astute to fall for that one, though, and asks why she must suffer because of her mother’s bad decisions.

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