Wednesday Y&R Update 9/13/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 9/13/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Billy held a focus group for their new face mask. Sassy Mask got rave reviews, but one of the women admitted that when she came to this building, she assumed she'd be testing a product for Jabot. After the focus group ended, Billy noted that this focus group loved the product, just as all the other focus groups in the other cities did. Victoria was happy to have a good product. She knew it was a risk to fast track the mask, but she felt that it would be worth it as long as they could get their sales up. Billy thought they could use the positive press from this roll out to bury the negative press. Victoria was still embarrassed about all the negative press, but Billy told her to focus on the present. Victoria decided to launch right now to catch Jabot off guard. Billy noted that it wasn't the only thing that would catch Jabot off guard. Victoria wanted details on Billy's behind the scenes deal, but he told her that it was better if she didn't know. Victoria thanked Billy for stepping up. She just wished that they didn't have to use Phyllis's computer to access Jabot's server. Billy said it was okay, but Victoria knew Phyllis wouldn't agree. Billy assured her that Phyllis would never find out.

At the Cottage, Tessa was on edge. Alice's car had gone to the airport, and Tessa worried that Alice took Crystal to parts unknown. Mariah thought it was a stretch to assume that Alice had flown off in the middle of the night with Crystal. Noting that Alice supposedly had a sales job, Mariah thought it was more likely that Alice had gone somewhere on a business trip. Tessa wondered where her sister was, and Mariah gently rubbed her back. Devon called from the Athletic Club. He wanted to meet with Mariah to talk about their fight. Mariah said it wasn't a good time. Tessa encouraged Mariah to go, since Noah was on his way. Noah arrived, and Mariah rushed out after she saw Noah and Tessa locked in a deep kiss. Back inside, Noah asked why Mariah was in such a hurry. Tessa stated explained that Mariah was going to see Devon because they had things to work out. Noah was curious about what happened. Tessa reminded Noah how he got upset that she confided in Mariah about her sister before coming to him. Noah admitted he felt excluded, and he asked if that was what Mariah was going through. Tessa explained that her point was that she and Noah figured it out. Tessa thought that when people cared, it made them be honest about their feelings.

Tessa was about to tell Noah what happened last night, but he interrupted to tell her that things were really coming together with the purchase of the spot for the first of the new Undergrounds. Noah and Nick were very busy preparing for the roll out. Noah said he'd heard from Irv West, a major music promoter that Noah and Devon met in San Francisco. Irv was going to help Noah get up and coming acts for the Undergrounds. Noah revealed that Irv would be in town soon to meet with Tessa. Irv wanted to work with Hamilton-Winters to get Tessa on his touring roster. Tessa was stunned. Noah said he hadn't told her the best part – he wanted her to be the opening act at the Underground in Ann Arbor, and maybe all the others if she wasn't too busy. Tessa was touched that Noah was doing all this for her. They kissed. Noah asked what Tessa wanted to say before, and she said nothing.

Mariah arrived at the Club. Devon asked if it was too late to ask for a do over. Mariah said she'd never go through that again – getting blown off in favor of Hilary. Devon apologized, and he promised that it would never happen again. Mariah revealed that she'd been humiliated when Hilary gave her two cents on the fight. Hilary thought Devon and Mariah fought because their relationship wasn't meant to be. Devon contended that Hilary was full of it, but Mariah thought Hilary might have a point. She noted that Devon couldn't say he loved her. Devon advised Mariah not to let Hilary unnerve her, but Mariah told him to focus on the message instead of the messenger. She wondered if there was someone else out there who was perfect for Devon and someone else who was perfect for her. Devon insisted he wanted to be with Mariah. He explained that because he'd been married and divorced, those three words carried a lot of weight for him and they were harder to say. The words weren't impossible to say, but he needed time. Mariah wondered if she'd put too much pressure on the relationship by saying the words first. Devon was adamant that there was no one else for him, and he wondered if Mariah felt the same way. Mariah said there was no one else for her either. They kissed and hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Zack checked in with Alice by phone – had her man put Crystal on a plane as Zack had instructed? Alice assured him that Crystal was gone. Zack revealed that DesignDate was kicking into high gear, so Alice should expect an uptick in business for the girls. Zack explained that the trick was to attract the customers they wanted while discouraging the ones who didn't know what they were about. At that moment, Abby arrived. She took issue with the idea of discouraging potential customers. Zack wen on a spiel about the importance of attracting the best and the brightest to their app. Abby felt that it was important to bring in as many subscribers as possible. Zack understood that this was the way to impress Victor. Abby didn't see anything wrong with making DesignDate a billion dollar enterprise. Zack agreed to try to garner as many customers as possible. Next, Abby wanted to step up their advertising game, because she thought the companies Zack was currently advertising with were pretty seedy. Zack protested that the ads were making money, and Abby reminded him that he'd said he wanted to draw in high class people. She'd already taken the initiative and set up a meeting with Jabot.

At Jabot, Phyllis went to Jack about the anomaly she'd noticed in Fenmore's sales of Brash and Sassy products. Every location had had an increase of purchases of Brash and Sassy products, all made during the same time frame for approximately the same amount of money. Jack thought Billy or Victoria were manipulating the sales figures at Jabot's expense. He theorized that they did it because of their suspicion that Jack was trying to force their products off Fenmore's shelves. Phyllis noted that Jack did try to do that, and he reminded her that she'd been involved too. Jack wondered how Billy and Victoria knew what was going on, and he concluded that they had a mole at Jabot. Jack wanted Phyllis to exploit her connection with Billy to get inside information on Brash and Sassy. She refused, and he reminded her that this was a way to detach Billy from Victoria. Abby and Zack arrived, and Jack asked Phyllis if they were clear on what needed to be done. “Crystal,” Phyllis said as she left.

Abby pitched the idea of advertising Jabot on DesignDate's app as a way to reach Millenials. She added that it would be a good match, because people would be interested in buying Jabot cosmetics so they could look their best while searching for love. Jack called it an excellent pitch, then he asked for a private moment with his niece. Zack left. An annoyed Jack reminded Abby that he'd been her partner, and he'd supported her startup when no one else would, then he graciously dissolved their partnership at her insistence. He couldn't believe that once again, she was asking him for money. Abby countered that she wasn't asking for a handout; this was a business opportunity that would benefit... “Victor. That's who it benefits,” Jack interjected. He couldn't believe she honestly thought he'd have no qualms writing a large check out to Newman Enterprises. Jack refused to invest in her app. Abby explained that she came to him first because she felt bad about how things worked out between them. She tried to convince Jack to get on board, but he wasn't swayed.

Victoria returned to the conference room to find Billy meeting with Abby and Zack about DesignDate. Billy was impressed with the numbers. Victoria asked how effective online ads were. Zack and Abby assured her that they were very effective. Abby added that she was glad Victor saw the potential in her app when others did not. “Touche,” Victoria said, and Abby said she didn't hold hard feelings against Victoria. Zack stated that the app would give Brash and Sassy access to the consumers that Jabot didn't think it was important to reach. Victoria asked if they'd come to her because Jack turned them down. Abby said she owed Jack the first meeting, but she felt that DesignDate was a much better fit at Brash and Sassy. Abby said it was Victoria's chance to outsell everyone upstairs at Jabot. Victoria was convinced, and she told Abby to draw up the paperwork.

Abby and Zack went back to Crimson Lights after their successful meeting with Victoria. Zack complimented Abby for knowing the right buttons to push with her sister. Abby said she wouldn't have had to do that if Zack didn't almost blow the deal. Zack admitted he shouldn't have mentioned Jack. Abby grumbled that she had to scramble to come up with an explanation for why she went to Jack first that wasn't insulting to Victoria. Zack apologized and said he wasn't thinking. Abby didn't understand why he'd bring Jack up. She knew he was far too smart to slip up like that. “If you didn't want Brash and Sassy advertising on the app, that was the way to accomplish it,” she said. Zack assured Abby that he was her loyal and devoted partner in more ways than one. Abby was glad he opened up to her yesterday, but... Zack apologized again for messing up with Brash and Sassy, but he swore it wasn't intentional. Abby said she wasn't mad at him, she was just upset she had to work so hard to make a deal with her own relatives. She noted that they had a deal now though, and she predicted that things would only get better for their app. “And for us,” Zack added. They kissed.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria was having second thoughts about her decision. Something about Zack seemed a little slick to her. Billy told her tech guys were arrogant. Phyllis walked in. Victoria was already on her way out, so she left. Phyllis suggested a romantic lunch, but Billy was too busy to leave. With a kiss, he said that the harder he worked now, the more time he'd get to spend with Phyllis later. Phyllis admitted she might be even busier than him soon. She mentioned that Jack was constantly ranting about Brash and Sassy, and she hinted that Jack was about to escalate things. She asked where Billy and Victoria got the idea that Jabot was trying to push Brash and Sassy out of Fenmore. Billy said it was a reasonable assumption given their numbers. Phyllis told him that Jack suspected they had a spy upstairs. Billy laughed, but the look on his face told Phyllis that Jack might be on to something. She told Billy as much, and he asked whose side she was on. Billy thought it was best to drop the conversation. Phyllis said she wasn't trying to pry, because she knew he and Victoria had business that had to stay private. “Well, if you don't want to pry, you shouldn't have accused Victoria,” Billy snapped. Phyllis noted that Victoria was very competitive, and she didn't think Victoria was above getting her hands dirty. Billy told Phyllis to be careful, because everything she was saying about Victoria, she was also saying about him. He strode out.

At the Park Cafe, Cane called Mattie and got voice mail. Meanwhile, Mattie was in the middle of an intense make out session with Reed on Victoria's couch. Reed paused to confirm that Mattie was okay with this. She responded by kissing him again. A short time later though, he began to remove her skirt, and she pulled back. Reed apologized and they agreed to take it slow. They paused to complain about their parents keeping them apart. Reed didn't think Cane would ever like him, but Mattie didn't think it was personal. She thought that Cane was old fashioned and would feel the same way about any guy she liked. They went back to kissing. Back at the cafe, Hilary asked Cane if he thought Mattie was okay. Since Erin, the girl who was supposed to be giving Mattie a ride to school, had arrived safely, Cane assumed that Mattie had cut class. Hilary shrugged it off because all kids cut class, but Cane told her that Mattie didn't. Hilary told him that even the most focused person got distracted sometimes. Cane knew she meant by boys. He wondered if Mattie was acting out because he wouldn't let her see Reed. Cane stepped away to call Walnut Grove again, and while he was gone, Hilary sent Mattie a text warning her that Cane knew she wasn't at school.

Mattie and Reed discussed the text. Mattie said it proved Hilary was on their side. Mattie had heard Cane's voicemail, and she prepared to come up with a lie to placate him. Reed told her to keep it simple. Mattie was uncomfortable because she'd never lied to Cane about something so big before. Back at the cafe, Cane was going to call Lily, but Hilary told him not to overreact before he got the whole story. Mattie called and spun a tale about Erin getting a flat tire. Cane didn't mention that he knew Erin was already at school. Mattie told Cane that she had to hang up because the tow truck was there. Cane told Hilary that Mattie flat out lied to him. He stormed off.

Reed told Mattie that lying wasn't so hard, but she countered that it was awful. Later, after Mattie left, Reed grabbed his backpack and opened the door. Cane burst inside demanding to know where his daughter was. Reed pretended to have no idea. Cane scanned the room and found Mattie's headband. Cane angrily asked how Reed got Mattie to start making bad choices. Reed seemed scared and couldn't string a sentence together. “She was a good girl, but she's not anymore, thanks to you,” Cane spat. Victoria arrived and demanded to know what Cane was doing in her house. Cane brought her up to speed. Reed was going to say something, but Victoria told him to go to school. After he left, Victoria told Cane that he had no right to come to her house and speak to her son that way. Cane accused Reed of luring Mattie to the house, and he stressed that Mattie was a minor. Victoria's ears started ringing again, and she grabbed Cane's arm and ordered him to leave. Once Cane was gone, Victoria clutched her head.

Hilary went to Jabot to visit Jack, since they'd missed each other yesterday. Hilary was eager to promote Jabot's new products on her show. Jack was glad she agreed to help. Hilary stated that she loved working with Jack. Jack opened a bottle of wine for a toast and told her that this would be good for both of them. Hilary asked him to hire her to do commercials for her products. Jack noted that she was already on television. He wondered if she was trying to outdo her ex sister in law or if it was just business. Hilary turned the tables and asked if Jack was trying to crush the company where his brother worked for business or personal reasons. “This is so much fun isn't it,?” Hilary asked as she sipped champagne.

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