Tuesday Y&R Update 9/12/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 9/12/17


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At the Athletic Club, Hilary approached Phyllis, who was picking at her breakfast. Phyllis admitted she didn't have an appetite, and she invited Hilary to join her for a drink. Phyllis ordered two screwdrivers, then she began to vent. Phyllis thought that Johnny deserved to have both of his parents take him to school, but she felt that Victoria was taking advantage of the situation. She stated that Victoria had roped Billy into going school shopping. “Did she think that crayons and glue sticks were an aphrodisiac?” Hilary wondered, with a chuckle. Phyllis explained that Victoria had invited her to join them after they went shopping, then she'd reminisced about Johnny with Billy. Phyllis thought Victoria was trying to send the message that Phyllis would never have what Victoria and Billy had. Phyllis vowed to fix it. Hilary asked if Phyllis intended to get pregnant. Phyllis said no, because she wasn't that woman anymore. Hilary warned Phyllis that exes reunited because of the children all the time. Phyllis didn't think Billy's love for his children shouldn't be used as a weapon against her. Phyllis liked the kids, and she wanted to get to know them better. She said she hadn't had the chance yet because Victoria wouldn't let them come to the apartment and she wasn't welcome at Victoria's. Phyllis wanted to prove she was committed to making a family with the children. Hilary thought it was a good idea.

Lauren arrived at the Club for a business meeting, but she was hesitant to start because she didn't want to hear Phyllis complaining about Victoria. Phyllis promised to be professional. Lauren showed Phyllis some sales figures. Brash and Sassy's sales were exceeding expectations. Phyllis noticed that something was off – all the transactions were for approximately $100 and were made during the same window of time. Lauren knew Phyllis thought Victoria had manipulated the sales. Lauren focused on the profits – there was traffic to the stores and clicks on the website. Lauren thought the similar sales could be a coincidence. Phyllis said it was either the biggest coincidence in the history of retail, or someone was so desperate to win that they were breaking the rules.

Billy arrived at Victoria's place because it was Johnny's first day of kindergarten. They marveled at how quickly time had flown by and agreed that they were glad that they were both taking him to school together. Victoria mentioned that she'd recently flipped through Johnny's baby book, which got her thinking about the past. Billy figured she was talking about the day Chelsea gave up her parental rights so Victoria could adopt Johnny. Back then, Billy never imagined that he and Victoria would be apart. He said he'd wanted to give Johnny a picture perfect life. Victoria stated that although they weren't together, Johnny was loved, and they were still a family. Johnny came downstairs and admitted he didn't want to go to school. He was nervous. Billy, Victoria, and later Reed gave him a pep talk, to no avail. Billy began to list off all the cool things that Walnut Grove had to offer, and Johnny decided he wanted to go. Billy asked Reed to take a family photo of them before they left.

Mattie was at Crimson Lights. She smiled as she scrolled through her phone and looked at pictures of herself with Reed. Cane arrived and joined her. Mattie mentioned that she was doing homework. Cane noted that she must have had a big assignment if she didn't finish it the night before. Cane asked if Erin was taking her to school. Mattie said yes. Cane liked Erin because she was so focused on school work and responsible. He encouraged Mattie to make more friends like that. Mattie assured Cane that she knew how important this school year was for college and that she wouldn't mess it up. Cane advised Mattie to stay focused on her goals. Mattie admitted it wasn't always easy. Cane knew it would take awhile before things got back to normal at home, but he assured her that he was her biggest fan.

Reed texted Mattie. She lied and told Cane that it was Erin. Cane reminded Mattie that he wanted to have dinner with her, then he left. Reed was skipping class. He had the house to himself, and he wanted Mattie to skip too and come over. Mattie was hesitant, but she ultimately joined Reed at his house. Mattie warned Reed that Hilary saw them kissing and she knew they weren't supposed to be dating. Reed thought Hilary had it out for his family, so he was scared that she would put them on her show. Mattie thought their secret was safe, since Hilary seemed to be on their side. Mattie asked Reed to play something for her, but he had a different idea since they had the place to themselves. They kissed.

Victoria and Billy went to work after dropping Johnny off. They gushed over the pictures they took of him at the classroom. Victoria was nervous about Johnny's first day, and Billy reassured her. Victoria was glad Billy was there to help. He said they made a good team. Victoria looked at the sales numbers. She told Billy that it felt good to be excited about work. She promised that she'd never let plummeting sales figures affect her again. “We're unbeatable, Vick. Our latest sales figures tell the world that Jabot has nothing on us,” Billy said. Victoria felt that they made a very strong statement, and she vowed to do whatever it took to keep them on top.

At Jabot, Ashley told Jack that Graham had temporarily left town and gone to Paris. Jack and Ashley were glad that Graham was away from Dina, but they thought it was odd that he left, since he'd been so reluctant to leave Dina's side. Ashley wasn't sure what to think, but she noted that Graham left just after they found out he'd had access to Dina's marketing analysis. Jack warned Ashley that Dina would get upset if they went after Graham. Ashley didn't care. She felt that Dina set this in motion when she gave Graham access to Jabot's private information. Ashley reminded Jack that she told him not to hire Dina. Ashley thought that Dina had no respect for John's legacy. Jack admitted he expected more from Dina. Jack wondered if Graham hoped Jack and Ashley would find out about this and get angry with Dina, driving a wedge between them. He thought they should talk to Dina. Ashley thought it would be better if Jack went alone, while she tried a different approach.

Jack arrived at Dina's suite. She was exhausted, because she didn't sleep well last night. Jack offered to get her tea, but she ordered him to stop. Dina knew he was there because of her argument with Ashley over Graham. Dina snapped that she wasn't ready for round two, and she told Jack to leave. Jack assured Dina that he wasn't there to fight. Dina said she didn't appreciate her children insulting her judgment. She was unapologetic about letting Graham give his input. Jack didn't think she'd need help working on a marketing report after running an international conglomerate.

Jack laid down the law – if Dina wanted to work at Jabot, she couldn't involve Graham in her work. Dina spat that Graham was in Paris, far away from everything Jabot. Jack asked pointed questions about Graham's trip, which rankled Dina. She didn't see why Jack couldn't accept that Graham was her friend. Jack conceded that Graham was there for her when her family was not. Jack asked Dina what Graham had done to deserve her loyalty. Dina revealed that she'd nearly lost Mergeron a little while ago. Graham discovered that a senior executive sold the company's secrets, and Graham warned Dina. Jack said that Graham did what any loyal employee would do, and that didn't mean she had to make Graham her most trusted confidante. Dina said she owed Graham for that and for what he's done for her since. She explained that Graham had a rough life – his father left the family when Graham was young, and Graham his mother had been homeless. Graham's parents were dead, and Dina was the only family he had left. Dina thought that Jack and Ashley should treat Graham with compassion and respect.

Ashley summoned Neil to Jabot. He brought Graham's human resource file from Mergeron, as Ashley asked. Neil was curious why she wanted it. Ashley told him everything. Neil noted that there were perils of working with relatives. Ashley thought Neil and Devon had mastered it. Neil admitted he and Devon had disagreements, but Neil still felt that this was one of the best decisions he'd ever made. Ashley noted that Hamilton-Winters had become a real power player, and they'd given Brash and Sassy a loan. Neil knew Jack didn't appreciate that. They talked about Victoria and Jack's determination to destroy each other. Neil and Ashley didn't think Victoria and Jack realized that friendly competition could be beneficial.

Cane ran into Neil at the Chancellor Park Cafe. Cane let Neil know about all of his efforts to make things up to Lily, Charlie and Mattie. Neil was glad to hear it, but he noted that Juliet's baby was a constant reminder that Cane cheated on all of them. Neil wasn't sure how Lily and the kids could get past that. Cane reminded Neil of the twisted things Neil had done to his family without being disowned. Neil countered that his family had come close to disowning him. Neil said that his mistake didn't have a permanent impact. He admitted he didn't know what he would've done if Hilary had died. Neil warned Cane that the baby was going to change things. “Just 'cause I'm having a baby with Juliet, that doesn't mean I have to give up my family with Lily,” Cane argued. Neil left. Hilary walked out of the Club and into cafe. She gave Cane a hand for standing up to Neil. Hilary wanted a progress report on Cane. She urged him to find a job before Lily got sick of him being unemployed. Cane was working with a headhunter, and he was optimistic. Hilary asked if Mattie was still mad at him. Hilary was surprised when Cane said he'd made progress. Cane got a call from Walnut Grove asking why Mattie wasn't in class. He asked about the girl who was supposed to be giving Mattie a ride and was informed that she'd made it to school.

Back at Jabot, Ravi arrived and found Ashley reading Graham's personnel file. She invited him to join her. Graham had applied for a job at Mergeron multiple times over a four year period. He was finally hired in a low level position, but he was quickly promoted to Dina's right hand man. Ashley pointed out that Graham had gone from actor, to executive to heir. Ashley wondered what changed – if Graham wasn't qualified in 2012, why was he good enough to be hired and rapidly ascend through Mergeron's ranks in 2016? Ravi suggested that she ask Dina, but Ashley didn't think Dina would provide answers. Ashley called the head of Mergeron's HR department in France. She learned that Dina met Graham in a social setting and he told her that he was between jobs. Dina went to HR and insisted that they hire him. At the time, Dina was unaware that Graham had unsuccessfully applied for a job at Mergeron several times. According to Ashley, by the time Dina found out, she didn't care because she was so impressed with him. Ashley and Ravi both found it unsettling. Ashley thought it sounded like Graham had been stalking her mother. She wondered why Graham was so desperate to work for Mergeron.

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