Monday Y&R Update 9/11/17

The Y&R Update Monday 9/11/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Sharon stands behind the counter at Crimson Lights, but Scott can tell her mind is elsewhere. He agrees with Nick. She shouldn’t go to Alice’s. She’s a mom and shouldn’t risk her safety. Sharon complies but remains fixated on the GPS app showing the location of Alice’s car.

In a car in front of Alice’s house, Tessa promises Mariah she’ll be careful. She takes her guitar from the trunk and strides to the door. Inside, Alice fusses over Crystal, her favorite girl, and assures her she’s not being sent away as punishment. It’s a compliment. The boss thinks she’s special. They’re interrupted by the doorbell. Alice sends Crystal to another room and answers the door.

In his office, Jack peruses Dina’s report on Parker Beauty and likes what he sees. Ashley bursts his bubble when she reveals who helped Dina with her homework: Graham. He has access to all Jabot data and the computer network because Dina gave him her password. Now Jack is outraged too.

Lauren and Phyllis have a working dinner at the GCAC. Lauren looks forward to the battle between Jabot/Parker Beauty and Brash & Sassy, but regardless of the outcome, Brash & Sassy will remain on her shelves. Phyllis scans the latest Brash & Sassy sales figures and can’t believe her eyes.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria has a similar reaction, but she’s over the moon about the numbers. Billy told her they’d rebound. She thanks him again for risking his relationship with Phyllis to gain inside information from the Jabot network. Billy sloughs it off. All’s fair . . .

Ravi delivers Dina’s updated computer to her in her hotel suite. She gushes over his kindness. He’s so unlike her daughter in that respect. She asks for his take on Ashley’s state of mind and her feelings toward Dina.

Abby marches into Crimson Lights, delighted it’s still open. Not really, Scott says, meeting her at the door. He was just about to change the sign to CLOSED, and the coffee machine has been turned off. She’s undeterred. She doesn’t want coffee anyway; she wants cookies. She’s so steamed about being stood up that she unloads on Scott. She tells him to go ahead and gloat. He was right about the pitfalls of dating a co-worker. On the contrary, Scott thinks she should give Zack another chance. It’s a mad world, and Zack could have a perfectly legitimate reason for not showing. She’s so eager to save face that she takes his advice. Sharon hands over the cookies but says the cash register is closed. Abby, not wanting to invite bad karma, tosses her money in the tip jar, thanks Scott, and leaves.

Tessa pretends to be a music teacher and can’t believe what an airhead she is. This is the wrong address. She really, really needs this job and asks to use Alice’s phone, or at least her charger. Alice apologizes for not being able to help and gives Tessa the bum’s rush. From behind a closed door, Crystal recognizes her sister’s voice. Then she hears Alice wish Tessa luck and slam the door.

At the club: Lauren see through Phyllis’s attempt to oust Brash & Sassy from Fenmore’s stores and makes her position clear. Lauren will not be party to Phyllis and Jack’s vendetta against Brash & Sassy. Phyllis tries to convince her that Victoria isn’t fighting fairly but to no avail. In frustration, she bolts.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria stares at her laptop screen. Why do sales remain flat at stores other than Fenmore’s? They need to goose up their campaign. Billy suggests promoting the men’s body spray more aggressively. It’s a proven winner. Victoria is unsubtle: It depends on who’s wearing it.

In Dina’s suite: Ravi tells Dina that her children distrust Graham. Dina insists there’s no reason to. She trusts him completely and she’s no pushover. In the course of conversation, she reveals that Graham made an unscheduled trip to Paris to take care of an issue with his apartment. Ravi asks if she’ll be OK by herself until his return, and she teases him about siding with Jack and Ashley. She’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself. They laugh and say goodnight, but after she closes the door she appears to have doubts.

In Jack’s office: Graham can’t collect until Mother dies, Jack reasons. Maybe he’s looking to make some quick cash. Jack and Ashley’s plan to separate Graham and Dina has been a failure so far, and that’s not Ashley’s only problem. During a breakfast with Abby, Dina confessed her affair with Brent Davis. She didn’t mention that Brent is Ashley’s biological father, thank goodness, but why would she do such a thing? Perhaps to enlighten Abby, Jack says, so that she might better understand Ashley’s animosity toward her mother. Ashley is overwhelmed with long-buried feelings about “that man” who robbed her of the man she called her father, John Abbott. Jack assures her blood makes no difference to him. But it does to her. She’s having an identity crisis, can you believe it? At her age! She wants no regrets or residual resentment where her mother is concerned, but Dina isn’t making it easy. Jack highlights the progress she’s made thus far, and she credits Ravi for grounding her. Jack probes about the status of that relationship, but Ashley’s not talking.

Tessa returns to the car. She struck out, but she did get a good look at Alice and verifies Sharon’s suspicion. Mariah is relieved, in any case, but Tessa isn’t ready to give up. Inside the house, Crystal is summoned and sent with Leon, who won’t stand for any guff. Before they go, Alice again reassures Crystal.

Zack was relieved to get Abby’s text inviting him to meet at the GCAC. He takes a seat at the table and prepares for a grilling. What was more important than their date? Where was he?

Ravi runs into Ashley in the Jabot lobby and tells her about his talk with Dina. Ashley is alarmed to hear about Graham’s sudden trip to Paris. Ravi says Dina is far more worried about Ashley’s inability to forgive Dina’s past mistakes.

Jack and Lauren talk business in his office, specifically about Brash & Sassy’s sales spike. He tries to appeal to Lauren’s sense of loyalty to Jabot, as did Phyllis, but Lauren takes the same stance. Brash & Sassy stays put. It’s a solid company and her customers like its products. Furthermore, Phyllis is her friend, and Lauren doesn’t like seeing her sucked into his vengeful scheme. With that, she takes her leave.

Billy and Victoria brainstorm and come up with another good idea: have Lily promote the facial mask. They all but high-five and Phyllis walks in on the celebration. She apologizes for interrupting and doesn’t want to disturb the momentum, so she’ll be going. She’ll see Billy at home.

At the club: Zack is vague about his prior engagement and assures Abby he meant no disrespect. He admits it was no way to treat a lady. Abby is so hungry for acceptance that it takes just a few words of flattery to get back in her good graces.

As Tessa drives, she berates herself for not doing enough. Mariah reminds her of the progress they’ve made, counsels patience, and encourages her to let to police do their jobs. Something troubling suddenly occurs to Tessa: Now Alice knows Tessa by sight.

At the house, Alice preps one of her working girls, another of her favorites. They’re both sad about Crystal’s departure, and Alice reveals that she once had a little girl and lost her.

At home, Sharon reflects: Alice believes she’s helping the girls in her charge rather than exploiting them. How twisted is that? Scott says little, acting as her sounding board, until the app on Sharon’s phone shows Alice’s car in motion. Sharon wants to investigate and Scott is right behind her.

It was a close call at Brash & Sassy. They’re in enemy territory, so Billy proposes they keep the office door closed from now on. Victoria agrees and encourages Billy to go home. It’s been a full day and they have another one tomorrow, including Johnny’s first day of kindergarten.

Phyllis goes straight to Jack’s office to tell him what she knows. Billy and Victoria are planning something big, but she doesn’t know what exactly. Jack asks her to employ her unique skill set and she says she’s already on it.

Dina tosses in her sleep, remembering Ashley’s reaction to the news of Dina’s affair and Ashley’s parentage. She wakes with a start and impulsively picks up the phone to ask for Graham’s room. Never mind . . .

Abby respects Zack too, so he doesn’t need to prove himself to her. She had misgivings about dating a co-worker and thought about ending it, but to ignore their connection would be a bigger mistake. Zack is encouraged and asks her opinion about public displays of affection. She’s in favor, and they kiss in the middle of the club dining room.

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