Friday Y&R Update 9/8/17

The Y&R Update Friday 9/8/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

The mere sight of Scott in the athletic club gym throws Abby into a tizzy. She came here to get away from the office and, by extension, him. Across the room, Hilary watches Devon attack the free weights. Obviously there’s something on his mind. Care to share?

Cane pays Lily a surprise visit at home, and he rings the bell rather than walk in. Lily assumes he wants to discuss the twins’ first day of school. Yes, but there’s more.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Tessa and Mariah talk about Alice and her alleged connection to the sex ring. Mariah thinks Sharon is right to hold off confronting Alice.

At “the house,” Zack is eager to meet Crystal. Alice is quick to reiterate that Crystal has fallen into line, but Zack wants to make his own assessment. He greets Crystal and says a lot of people have been concerned about her.

Sharon and Nick remain at the Underground. She thanks him for planting the tracking device on Alice’s car. She hasn’t moved since she parked in that swanky neighborhood. Sharon aims to investigate but Nick won’t allow her. He still thinks it’s possible Alice is on the up-and-up, but even if she’s not, it could be dangerous for Sharon to approach her. Perhaps Scott would approve such reckless behavior, but Nick doesn’t.

In the gym: Abby and Scott do their usual dance, taunting and insulting each other about their work projects and their significant others. When it comes to light that Abby has been stood up by Zack, Scott can’t resist twisting the knife. Abby talks up Zack but Scott only half listens. He gets in one more dig before he heads for the locker room.

At “the house”: Zack asks a moment alone with Crystal. He asks why she ran away. Is that any way to show gratitude? Crystal is apologetic. She had to see someone. He correctly guesses that it was her sister Tessa and says he wants to help Crystal.

Again at Crimson Lights: Mariah is filled with regrets about her past and marvels that she and Cassie, her twin, both had difficult childhoods but ended up with their mother---just not simultaneously. Tessa sympathizes.

At the gym: Devon isn’t interested in engaging with Hilary. He had a tough day at work is all and needs to blow off some steam. Taking over Mergeron has been a challenge, although he thoroughly enjoys the music aspect of it. Hilary thought as much and couldn’t be happier for him. Is Mattie still interning? Hilary asks (with a point, of course). No, she’s back in school. Poor kid is really going through it at home. Good thing Hilary and Devon didn’t have any children at the time of their split. Devon broaches the subject of her most recent broken romance, with Jordan. Oh, it’s no sweat to Hilary, but Lily is another story.

At the Ashbys’: With a forced smile, Cane asks how the photo shoot went. How did he know about it? Jordan mentioned it at the gym. It was fine, but Lily missed Cane’s presence. Clearly she still has feelings for him. She hates the sin, not the sinner. Cane is encouraged and says he’ll make things right. In the interest of full disclosure, Cane reveals that Juliette’s baby tested negative for cystic fibrosis, so he’s in the clear. Yes, Lily heard correctly. Cane and Juliette are expecting a son. Congratulations. . . .

Again at the Underground: Nick is concerned about Sharon. Gosh, look at the two of them. They’ve come a long way since Cassie died and they divorced. Sharon minimizes her progress, but Nick thinks taking classes, running the coffeehouse, and setting a good example for her children is a big deal. They reflect on their chance encounter with Alice and all the memories it’s dredged up, and they agree they’re on the right track with their investigation. Chelsea catches them mid-hug. Sharon slips out, and Nick explains what preceded the scene Chelsea walked in on.

On the coffeehouse patio: Mariah apologizes for getting emotional. She has a lot to be thankful for and should focus on that. Still, it would have been nice to know her sister. She asks about Tessa’s relationship with hers. Tessa’s childhood was anything but ideal, full of addicted, neglectful parents and strange men coming and going and leering at Tessa. When Tessa had her fill, she took off, promising to rescue Crystal at some point in the future. She tears up at the thought of it, and Mariah assures her they’ll do it together.

At “the house”: Zack explains that he was acquainted with Tessa back in Chicago. She’s about to make it big now. Does Crystal want to ruin things for her sister? He thought not; therefore, Crystal is to have no further contact with her, or anyone else for that matter. He dismisses her. He recalls Alice and gives her explicit instructions: Get rid of that kid---tonight.

At the athletic club: Now Devon is intrigued. Why should he be worried about Lily? According to Hilary, Jordan is an opportunist, ready to assume Cane’s position as head of the family. Hilary is no fan of Lily, but she cares about the kids. Devon thanks her for the heads-up and confronts Jordan right there in the gym.

At the Ashbys’: Cane and Lily discuss their kids, especially Mattie. She has a full slate of AP classes and extracurriculars, including drama club. Cane is pleased. It’s best she stay busy to distract her from Reed. Mattie comes home in the middle of the conversation and gives her dad a chilly reception. He proposes a father-daughter dinner tonight. Precocious child that she is, she says she can’t pretend to be happy about her social restrictions, but OK. She retreats to her room and Cane celebrates his small victory.

Zack finds Abby burning hard coal at the club bar. She takes a gander at his hands. No broken thumbs. Any reason he couldn’t have texted his reason for canceling their date?

At Crimson Lights, Sharon explains to Tessa and Mariah that they’re in a holding pattern. The tracking device app is loaded on Sharon’s phone, so she’ll know if Alice makes a move. While Tessa questions Sharon about Alice’s personality, Mariah checks out the tracking app. She then requests a photo of Alice. Sharon just happens to have one that she took clandestinely earlier that afternoon. Scott enters and Sharon rushes to him. Meanwhile, Mariah hatches a plan. She and Tessa have an address and a photograph. Why not forge ahead?

At the gym: Jordan lays it out for Devon just as he did for Cane: He respects Lily’s wishes, regardless. If she decides to be with Cane, so be it. He supports her. That’s what friends do. But if she should decide she wants more than friendship from Jordan, that’s not Cane’s or Devon’s concern.

At the Underground: Nick tells Chelsea about Alice’s checkered past and how she got Cassie. It ended badly, and Cassie landed at the Newmans’. He’s overwhelmed with memories of Cassie’s death and prediction of another daughter for Nick and Sharon. Of course that came to pass, but after Sharon and Nick divorced. He has a bad feeling about this go-around with Alice.

At Crimson Lights, Scott lauds Sharon’s progress and even finds a few kind words for Nick. He disagrees with Nick’s advice to hold back, though.

At the club, Abby demands respect and makes a dramatic exit. “Don’t walk away!” Zack says, but it comes out sounding more like a command than a request. Abby turns and glares. He softens his tone and says he cares about her, but she’s not ready to listen and walks out the door. Across the dining room, Devon takes a seat at Hilary’s table. She’s right about Jordan. Hilary hopes someone can convince Lily.

In the Ashbys’ kitchen, Cane and Lily continue their discussion about Mattie. He openly disapproves of her seeing Reed. Mattie overhears.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon explains Nick’s position, which is reasonable. Sharon has her children to consider and so can’t afford to take risks with her safety, no matter the cause. Scott contemplates that and agrees. Sharon again expresses confidence in their slow, methodical approach, but just outside of town, Mariah and Tessa have other ideas. They sit in a car in front “the house,” considering their next move. Tessa needs to get the lay of the land by going to the door, and she has to do it alone. Mariah is Cassie’s twin, which would surely rouse suspicion. Tessa doesn’t wait for a response and exits the car.

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