Thursday Y&R Update 9/7/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 9/7/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

In the athletic club gym, Mariah swoons at the sight of Tessa in her workout gear and compliments her form. Tessa gives Mariah the once-over and says she looks hot.

Sharon did a little work on Alice’s car to detain her at the Underground. With an icepick? Is she crazy? Nick thinks Sharon is jumping to conclusions about Alice and Crystal and the prostitution ring.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily presents herself in a very sexy black culotte kind of thing. Is Jordan ready? You bet.

Hilary finds Cane languishing at a table in the club dining room. She asks about the baby’s test. Negative for cystic fibrosis, Cane says with relief but no real joy. Hilary is pleased, but Cane knows why. Cane’s caring attitude and support of Juliette won’t be lost on Lily. He’s not the lying cheater she booted out of the house a few weeks ago.

Lily recalls the good old days, working side by side with her hubby at Brash & Sassy. Jordan is careful not to badmouth Cane but offers oodles of support to Lily along with a few tissues to dab her tears. Would she like to reschedule the shoot? Absolutely not. Billy and Victoria are counting on her and Jordan is sure to bring out the best in her.

Again at the club: Hilary reminds Cane that although their motives are different, they share a goal: Cane gets Lily and Hilary gets Jordan. Cane will win back his family, make no mistake, but he’ll do it his own way---slow and steady. Back-to-school waffles with the family was a good start, but the kids are still keeping their distance, especially Mattie. Cane caught her making out with Reed Hellstrom, of all boys, and he put his foot down. She’s been forbidden to see him by both Cane and Lily, but guess who gets most of the blame?

At the Underground: Nick knows Sharon’s intentions are good, but she needs to take a step back. Sharon says Scott, ace investigative reporter, is behind her 100 percent. This doesn’t impress Nick of course, and he warns her of the risks of getting involved. Sharon scoffs and compares it to his pursuit of Chloe. By the way, does Nick still have the tracker he used on Chloe’s car? Before he can reply, Alice returns to the bar. Of all the luck! She has a flat tire. The auto club is on the way.

Mattie and Reed have a secret rendezvous---well, as secret as two teens can have on the Crimson Lights patio. She came up with a brilliant cover story: She’s acting as dramaturge for the drama club. It’s a pointy-headed, behind-the-scenes job wherein she helps the actors understand their material and tends to other tedious details of a production. Mattie and Reed missed each other and hold hands under the table.

In the gym, Mariah returns to her old self. Yep, she’s hot, all right. And sweaty and nauseated from the spin instructor’s choice of music. While Tessa hoists herself into the Downward Dog, Mariah takes a peek at some lyrics Tessa has been working on about her sister. Mariah is blown away, and Tessa admits she’s proud of them. A recent talk with Noah brought her feelings to the surface. He’s the only one to have asked about Crystal as a person, not as a victim. Mariah’s face falls.

At the Underground: Nick offers to change Alice’s flat while she waits in the empty club with Sharon. Cup of coffee? Sharon asks. Alice is tense and more in the mood for a vodka on the rocks. Coming right up. While Alice calls the auto club to cancel the service call, Sharon secretly photographs her. Sharon serves the drink and asks about the medical supply sales business. Genoa City would seem out of Madison’s territory. The company is always looking to expand, Alice says cheerfully. Does she . . . like her job? Yes, it’s very satisfying to help people with their needs. Sharon appears revolted. Nick, having fixed the tire and installed the device on Alice’s car, returns. Alice thanks Nick and Sharon and gets choked up about Cassie. That little girl inspired Alice to straighten out her life. Well, best be going. They say goodbye.

At Crimson Lights: Reed fears he’s pushed Mattie beyond her comfort zone, lying to her parents, but she’s fine with it. Her mom is something of a hypocrite, telling Mattie she can’t see Reed but spending lots of time with Jordan herself. Reed is impressed with her wild side. They take a few minutes to catch up. Reed has been working on his music in preparation for another night at the Underground. Can she come? Unlikely. Maybe he’ll consider a private performance. Sure! They kiss goodbye on the patio, thinking no one sees, but Hilary does.

In the gym: Mariah could kick herself for being so insensitive. She didn’t ask about Crystal because she didn’t want to pry. Tessa is taken aback. She never meant to imply that Mariah wasn’t a good friend. She’s been the best. It was Mariah who persuaded Tessa to open up. It was just another one of her gifts . . . the other being Noah. Rather, Mariah’s encouraging Tessa to trust Noah. Thanks to Mariah, they’ve never been closer. Great . . . Mariah says and decides to hit the shower. Tessa gets a call from Sharon: Meet at Crimson Lights for an update. Moments later, Tessa, Mariah, Sharon, and Nick are seated at a table. It’s all speculation at this point, but there’s a chance Nick and Sharon’s former acquaintance is working with Crystal. Just then, the tracker beeps. Nick notes that Alice’s vehicle stopped in an upscale neighborhood. He’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she’s making a sales call at a doctor’s house. Or maybe not, Tessa says.

At home, Charlie tells his mom about his first day at school. It’s tough not being on the football team, but he’s considering other sports such as cross country or possibly crew. Dad should be able to advise. Lily is glad he’s willing to reach out to his dad and encourages him. And Lily’s day? She had a successful photo shoot with Jordan.

Cane is rude to Jordan at the gym. He tells Jordan to back off and stop taking advantage of Lily. Jordan is doing no such thing. He’s being a good friend and co-worker. And he’s honoring Lily’s wishes. If she asks him to back off, he will.

At “the house,” Alice has an emotional reunion with Crystal. Crystal is beyond grateful to be back in the fold.

Charlie and Lily continue their conversation in the kitchen. Charlie needs to pick Jordan’s brain about photography, for his class. Where’s Mattie? Lily asks. One of her nerdy club meetings. Lily is surprised it’s drama club but buys the explanation Charlie gives, even though he has to consult the crib notes written on the palm of his hand and mispronounces “dramaturge.”

After one last kiss, Mattie returns to the Crimson Lights patio, where she’s ambushed by Hilary. Parent troubles with your boyfriend? Mattie is reluctant to trust Hilary, and rightfully so, but Hilary is a master manipulator and not above working her magic on children. Mattie needn’t worry. Her secret is safe with Hilary.

Back at the Ashbys’: Charlie is glad his mom has a job she loves. If Dad finds a rewarding one, maybe they’ll all get back on track. Lily tells Charlie not to worry about it and to take each day as it comes, although she warns him that no matter Cane’s employment status, she may never be ready to reconcile. When her back is turned, Charlies sneaks a look at her phone and sees she’s been texting Jordan.

In the gym: Cane doesn’t have an immediate response to Jordan’s common sense, but ultimately he demands Jordan stop sniffing around Cane’s family. Cane and Lily are still married, and he’s a fierce protector. He repeats this for emphasis, but Jordan seems unimpressed.

At “the house”: Crystal apologizes to Alice and calls her the nicest person she ever met. Alice seems sincere when she says Crystal and the other girls are like family. More good news: The boss saw Crystal’s photo and can’t wait to meet her. Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Nick tells the girls to play it cool, but Sharon shows no sign of doing so.

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