Wednesday Y&R Update 9/6/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 9/6/17


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Billy and Phyllis sat down to breakfast, and they were both in a good mood after last night. Phyllis wondered why her computer was asking her to sign back into Jabot's server. She told Billy that it was weird, since she never signed out. Billy covered by suggesting it was a security check. Phyllis bought it. They appreciated how lucky they were to have each other, and they kissed.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary noticed that Juliet looked worn down. Juliet explained that she'd been worrying about whether the baby had Cystic Fibrosis. According to Juliet, she and Cane were getting the test results today. Hilary stated that Cane was worried about the baby, but he didn't care about Juliet. Juliet blasted Hilary for trying to get a dig in while Juliet was worried about her baby. Hilary insisted that she just wanted Juliet to protect her heart because Cane was still in love with Lily. Hilary opined that it would be best if Cane and Lily reconciled. Juliet argued that Hilary didn't give a damn about the Ashbys and was only worried that Lily would end up with Jordan. Juliet walked away.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria told Reed that she was glad he moved in with her. Reed stated that he was doing so well in school partially because of Mattie, who Victoria wouldn't allow him to see. Victoria said it wasn't about Mattie. She just didn't want Reed to be caught up in an uncomfortable situation. Reed thought Victoria was being a hypocrite. He pointed out that she worked with her ex, and Billy's girlfriend was upstairs. Victoria flashed back to kissing Billy. Reed accused Victoria of disapproving of Mattie because of who her father was. Victoria joked that Reed could channel his angst into his music, but he didn't find her comment funny. Billy arrived and hugged Reed hello. Victoria gave Reed her keys and hugged him goodbye.

After Reed left, Billy told Victoria that they needed to talk. Victoria knew what he wanted to say. She assured him that she understood that he was with Phyllis and that the kiss would never happen again. Once that was out of the way, Billy mentioned that Phyllis told him about Victoria confronting her over Benjamin. Victoria said she wasn't proud of going off on Phyllis. Victoria took responsibility for the way she'd dealt with Benjamin, but Billy insisted that none of it was her fault. Victoria shifted gears and told Billy about her dinner with Victor. Victoria relayed Victor's advice about changing Brash and Sassy's narrative. She wanted people to view her company as resilient instead of embattled. She thought they should do that with a new, groundbreaking product that would outperform Ashley's new product. Victoria wanted to go to Fenmore's and check on Brash and Sassy's shelf space. Billy announced that Lauren and Phyllis were going to do right by them. Victoria wanted to confirm that by checking out the stores. Billy was confident that their numbers were going to rise, but Victoria also wanted Jabot's numbers to fall. Billy and Victoria wanted to know how Jabot's new line was doing, so Billy decided to use Phyllis's computer again to steal the sales figures. Victoria asked Billy if he was sure about this. Billy said he wouldn't make a habit of it, but it was for a good cause.

Hilary went to Jabot to talk with Jack about promoting Parker Beauty on her show. Phyllis stated that Jack wasn't there, but Hilary was welcome to wait. Phyllis joked that it was about time Hilary helped Jabot after all the press she gave to Dare. This sparked a conversation about Victoria. Phyllis loved the Hilary Hour segment with Victoria and Benjamin. Hilary noted that she only filmed the fight and Victoria did the rest, but Victoria hated her anyway. Phyllis could relate, and she said Hilary should be glad she wasn't first on Victoria's hit list. Hilary grinned and said that was what you got when you stole someone's man. Phyllis clarified that she didn't steal Billy; he'd decided to be with a woman who appreciated him. Phyllis said she accepted Billy for who he currently was instead of waiting for him to turn into someone else.

Hilary noted that Newmans couldn't accept defeat. She asked Phyllis if she was winning the fight for Billy. Phyllis admitted it was complicated. She said she and Billy were fine, but she also thought that Billy and Victoria still had chemistry, like every pair of exes who'd once been in love. Phyllis didn't think Billy realized that Victoria was manipulating him. Phyllis apologized for venting, but Hilary said she loved talking to a woman who tells it like it is. Phyllis clarified that the conversation was off the record. Hilary told Phyllis not to give Victoria an inch. Phyllis said she didn't plan to.

Billy and Victoria went to the Athletic Club to celebrate after their trip to Fenmore's. Brash and Sassy's products were front and center on the shelves. They'd also bought a bunch of school supplies for Johnny's first day of kindergarten. They talked a bit about Johnny growing up, until Phyllis happened to arrive. Victoria apologized for what happened on the elevator and said she'd like to move forward. Phyllis accepted her apology and said that she felt the same way. Victoria invited Phyllis to join them, and she did. Victoria and Billy resumed their talk about Johnny and laughed about something he said the other day. “I guess you had to be there,” Victoria said to Phyllis.

Alice went to The Underground to retrieve the credit card she left there. Nick called Sharon and asked her to bring the card over. Sharon told Nick not to let Alice leave. Nick made small talk with Alice and asked what sort of sales she was in. She said medical supplies. Sharon arrived, and stalled Alice by pretending to search through a huge tote for the credit card. While Sharon sifted through her purse, she asked Alice questions about her job. Alice was vague, and eventually, she announced that she'd just cancel the card. Sharon acted like she just happened to find the card at that moment. Alice headed out. Sharon began to chat with Nick, and she loudly asked him about Crystal, the barista. Alice froze in her tracks. She turned around and said she forgot to mention how nice it was to see them again. Sharon urged Alice to stay awhile, but Alice said she had a long drive ahead. Sharon asked if Alice still lived in Madison, and Alice lied and said she did. Alice left.

Nick didn't think Alice was involved in a sex ring, and he thought Sharon was seeing what she wanted to see. Sharon admitted Scott said the same thing, but she told Nick that Scott was helping her investigate. Sharon talked about Crystal's plight and revealed that she was Tessa's sister. Sharon noted that Crystal had been safe in the bar for a short time. Sharon refused to fail Crystal again. Sharon revealed that Alice lied about living in Madison, when she actually lived just outside Genoa City. Sharon told Nick that Alice's neighbor mentioned a niece. Sharon noted that during the custody battle, they learned that Alice didn't have any family. She also felt that the house was much too nice for someone in medical sales. Sharon noted that Alice avoided all discussion about her current life. Nick had noticed it too. Nick said he needed more proof before he could buy Sharon's theory, but he admitted it was worth checking into. Sharon was glad he felt that way, since Alice would be back soon. Nick asked how she knew that. “Her car won't make it far,” Sharon said, as she showed him a screwdriver.

As Cane and Lily unpacked groceries, he thanked her for inviting him over. Lily noted that they always made waffles on the kids' first day of school. As they cooked, they reminisced about the twins' first day of kindergarten. Mattie and Charlie were taken aback when they walked in, but they sat down to breakfast. The calm was shattered after Cane mentioned that the twins would be in college soon, and Mattie wondered if they'd even be able to afford college. Charlie got annoyed with Mattie for saying that. She apologized and noted that they should probably go. Charlie went to find his charger, and Lily went to help him. Cane acknowledged that Mattie was upset with him because he didn't approve of Reed. Mattie added that nothing had changed – Cane still cheated, and Juliet was still pregnant. Cane began to explain that he was concerned that Reed would derail Mattie's plans, but Mattie didn't want to hear it. Charlie returned, and he and Mattie hugged Lily goodbye.

Lily assured Cane that Charlie and Mattie knew he loved them and that they were hard on him because they knew he wouldn't walk away. Cane appreciated her support. Lily advised him to let the kids come back to him on their own. Lily asked about his job search. He hadn't had any luck yet. She mentioned that she had a photo shoot today, and he asked if it was with Jordan. Lily said yes. Cane announced that he had to go get the baby's test results. Lily wished him luck and told him to let her know the outcome. He left.

Cane and Juliet met at the doctor's office. Juliet was on edge, and she asked if he'd thought about the worst case scenario. Cane told her that worrying about something you couldn't control didn't help. Juliet realized this was what it meant to be a parent. She said she wanted everything to be okay, and he agreed. Cane assured Juliet that whatever happened, they were going to go through it together. He took her hand. The doctor arrived and announced that the test came back negative. Cane didn't have the cystic fibrosis gene, so the child would carry the gene, but he or she wouldn't have the disease.

The doctor asked if they'd like to know the sex. Juliet wanted to be surprised, but Cane wanted to know now, so Juliet agreed to find out. It was a boy. Cane digested the news while Juliet grinned about having a son. In the hallway, Juliet nervously admitted she didn't know how to raise a little boy. Cane told her she'd get the hang of it. He told her to focus on the fact that her baby was healthy. Juliet began to weep about how much she loved the baby, and Cane hugged her.

Lily and Hilary bumped into each other on the Jabot elevator. Lily needled Hilary about getting dumped by Jordan. Hilary suggested that Lily spend less time gloating and more time thinking about what she was doing to her husband and children. Lily accused Hilary of being angry about Jordan and Lily's friendship. Hilary said she spoke with Cane, and he'd do anything to make things up to Lily, but she was running around like she had a new boyfriend and inviting him to dinner with Cane's kids. Lily said Cane would never say that, especially to Hilary. Hilary noted that it was amazing what people would confide when they were lonely and neglected. Lily said that Jordan was a friend. Hilary accused Lily of keeping Cane on a string while she leaned on Jordan. Hilary warned Lily that the string would eventually snap, and Juliet would be more than happy to take Cane.

At the Athletic Club gym, Noah noticed that Tessa was distracted. He assumed she was thinking about Crystal, and he asked her to tell him about her sister. Zack walked in, and his eyes met Tessa's. Zack worked out nearby and overheard Tessa talking about Crystal. According to Tessa, Crystal liked to draw, and she was gifted at math and science. Noah recognized Zack and struck up a conversation. Tessa and Zack didn't let on that they shared a past. Zack went back to his workout. Tessa had hoped that Crystal could go to college, but she wasn't sure she'd be able to after all that she'd been through. Noah assured her that Crystal would heal and get the life she wanted. Tessa wasn't as optimistic as Noah. He urged her to have hope. Tessa showed Noah a picture of Crystal. Noah said he couldn't wait to meet her. Meanwhile, Zack got a text from Alice. It had a picture of Crystal and said “Good news. Rainbow girl is back and ready to work.”

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