Tuesday Y&R Update 9/5/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 9/5/17


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At the Athletic Club gym, Victor observed that Nick had matured enough to pay his own gym dues. Nick revealed that he was on the Club's rules committee, and he advised Victor to wipe down the equipment when he was finished with it. Nick mentioned that Victor did the right thing when he sent over Faith's bedroom set. Victor made it clear that he did that for Faith, not Nick. Victor chided Nick for failing to inform Faith in advance that he was moving into Chelsea's house. “What kind of a father does that?,” Victor asked. Nick thought Victor was being hypocritical. Victor went on to scold Nick for moving his accounts away from the family financial adviser. Nick thought Victor was upset that Dean couldn't spy on Nick anymore. Victor argued that Dean had made a lot of money for the family over the years. Victor didn't care if Nick's choice hurt him, but he was concerned about Faith, Christian and Noah. Nick noted that he'd ran successful companies over the years. Victor told Nick not to come running to Victor when he went broke. Nick was sure he'd be just fine.

Nikki popped into Brash and Sassy to check on Victoria after their talk. Victoria revealed that she was fantastic because she'd set Phyllis straight. Nikki admitted she had a talk with Jack about the way he'd been treating Victoria and her company. Victoria said she had a turning point with Billy, and she felt very good about their future. Nikki and Victoria decided to go out to dinner, and they went to the Club, where they ran into Nick and invited them to join him. Nick wasn't in the mood,+ because of his run in with Victor. Nikki asked if Victor sent the bedroom set to Chelsea's. Nick said yes, and Nikki explained that she'd tried to talk Victor into sending it. Victoria asked if Nick thanked Victor. Nick asked if she was the manners police, and she explained that she was hoping that Victor's gesture would eventually lead to a truce. Nick told them a bit about his conversation with Victor. Nick thought Victor wanted him to fail so Victor could prove he was right about everything. “I am right about everything, except you refuse to listen,” Victor said as he walked up. Victoria suggested that the four of them get dinner. Nick and Nikki weren't interested, so they left.

Victor stated that it wasn't lost on him that Victoria was willing to share a table with him, unlike Nikki and Nick. Victoria admitted she overreacted when Victor offered her a loan, but she thought he was wrong to throw Nick off the ranch. Victor insisted that it was necessary. Victoria decided to let it go, since Nick was fine with it. Victor was glad that Victoria got the loan she needed. Victoria thanked him, then she asked him for advice on getting Brash and Sassy over its slump. Victor told her to change the way the buyers and general public perceived her message. He told her to forget the negative press and become proactive. Victor suggested that he and Victoria could put the tension behind them.

At Crimson Lights, Nick expressed surprise that Nikki didn't stay with Victor and Victoria. While Nikki was willing to be civil with Victor, she said that didn't mean she had to socialize with him. She also noted that Victor had a dinner companion, but Nick didn't. Nick hated that Nikki had to choose. Nikki thought it was best to keep her interactions with Victor to a minimum right now. Nikki told Nick that if he continued to react to Victor, that meant he was still being controlled by Victor. She urged Nick to be proactive and live his life.

When Billy got home, Phyllis blurted out that she'd set Benjamin up with Victoria. Phyllis assumed that when Victoria told Billy about it, she'd put a negative spin on what Phyllis did. Billy revealed that Victoria didn't tell him about it. Billy wasn't sure that Phyllis's actions were as innocent as she claimed they were. He thought that she had to know it was a bad idea to connect Victoria with a user like Benjamin. Billy disclosed that Victoria thought Phyllis was trying to hurt Brash and Sassy. Billy asked if Victoria was right. Phyllis admitted she screwed up. She explained that she played match-maker because she was trying to ease Billy's guilt. She thought he felt bad for hurting Victoria and that he'd overcompensated by going above and beyond at work. Phyllis had hoped things would change if Victoria gained a social life. Phyllis pointed out that Billy never told her that Victoria needed money. Which meant Phyllis had no way of knowing Victoria would ask Benjamin for a loan or end up on television. Phyllis said all she knew was that she was losing Billy to a needy boss, and Phyllis wanted him back. Phyllis thought that Victoria should take some responsibility for what happened with Benjamin. Billy reminded Phyllis that Victoria was the mother of his children. Phyllis noted that Billy was in love with and living with Phyllis. Phyllis thought he should hold his ex-wife accountable for her own actions. Billy acknowledged that Phyllis didn't mean to mess up, and he conceded that this wasn't entirely her fault. He admitted that the war with Jack was eating him up. Billy and Phyllis apologized to each other, and Billy confessed that he said things that he shouldn't have.

Billy wished he could promise that he'd spend less time at work, but he said he and Victoria couldn't slow down, due to what Jack had planned. Phyllis suggested that Billy was over-complicating things – maybe Jack was just being competitive. Billy was adamant that Jack wanted to destroy the company. Phyllis asked if this was about Fenmore's. Billy asked what she knew about that. Phyllis said she'd heard rumblings that Victoria and Billy had thrown around accusations about pulling their product off Fenmore's shelves. She asked where Billy got that idea. He lied and said that Victoria noticed that their reorders were down and smelled a rat. Phyllis assured Billy that Lauren wanted to keep selling Brash and Sassy. Billy hugged Phyllis. The pair still felt bad about what happened between them. Billy asked how they could fix it. Phyllis wasn't sure. She wished she could spend as much time with him as Victoria did. Phyllis thought the important thing was that Billy wasn't attracted to Victoria and their relationship was over. Billy stated that he loved Phyllis and only Phyllis, however, he flashed back to kissing Victoria. In the present, Billy kissed Phyllis passionately.

At The Hilary Hour, Hilary and Mariah traded barbs. Hilary assumed that Tessa was comforting Mariah because Mariah's relationship with Devon wasn't going well. Mariah snapped that Hilary didn't know what she was talking about. Hilary gleefully revealed that she and Jordan broke up, which made Hilary a free agent. Mariah didn't care, and she reminded Hilary that Devon divorced her. Hilary maintained that what Mariah and Devon had was no comparison to Hilary's history with Devon. Mariah whipped out a bunch of romantic photos she and Devon took in California, but Hilary wasn't swayed. Hilary contended that she and Devon had an electric connection. Mariah disagreed, and she was sure Devon did too. Hilary needled Mariah until Mariah got fed up and refused to listen to any more of Hilary's thoughts on Mariah's relationship. Hilary noted that Mariah seemed closer to Tessa than she did to Devon. Mariah announced that she was going home. Hilary blocked her path and laughed about Mariah living with her mom instead of with her supposedly serious boyfriend. Hilary suggested that Devon and Mariah had peaked.

During dinner at the Athletic Club, Lily told Devon that Jordan broke up with Hilary a few days ago. Devon was surprised that Hilary didn't mention that when they had drinks. Lily assumed that Hilary had made sure to run into Devon the other day because she was working on trying to get him back. Devon thought the meeting could've happened by chance. Lily urged Devon to remember that he broke up with Hilary over her lies and manipulations. Lily correctly guessed that Hilary had convinced Devon to stay longer than he'd originally planned. Devon mentioned that he failed to meet Mariah because he lost track of time while he was with Hilary. Devon told Lily about his fight with Mariah and how upset she was because he hadn't said I love you to her. Devon wondered if there was a reason that he didn't feel that way about Mariah yet. Lily told Devon not to worry about not being able to say the L word yet. She was sure that time would come. Devon was worried that Mariah would get tired of waiting. Lily hoped Mariah would be smart enough to be happy she had someone who respected her enough to be honest with her. Lily said she used to think she had that with Cane. Devon admitted that he didn't have that with Hilary.

Dina walked into Jack's office and found Ashley reading Dina's market analysis on Parker Beauty. While Ashley was pleased with Dina's research, she was upset that Dina had allowed Graham to read the report. Dina stated that Graham was a trusted confidante. Ashley argued that you didn't share sensitive business documents with people outside of the company. Dina contended that Ashley should thank her for reaping the benefit of Graham's talents for free. Ashley noted that Graham could sell this information to the highest bidder and do irreparable damage to Jabot, all thanks to Dina. Dina was adamant that Graham would never hurt the company, because that would mean hurting her, and she resented Ashley's implications about her judgment. Ashley snapped that Dina hadn't shown any judgment. Ashley asked how much of the report Dina let Graham review. Dina couldn't believe Ashley would think that Graham would try to take over the company. Dina felt that if Graham were really that untrustworthy, he'd try to kill Dina in order to get her inheritance faster. “You know, maybe we weren't close when you were growing up, but you have my blood. I would've thought you were smarter than that,” Dina spat. Ashley noted that this wasn't about them or their past; it was about Jabot.

Ashley admitted she still didn't understand Dina and Graham's relationship. Dina said that Graham's input made her even more valuable to Jabot. Ashley thought Graham was possessive, but Dina was adamant that he cared about her. Dina felt sorry that Ashley didn't have someone in her life who cared about her like that. Ravi arrived just as Dina was leaving. Ashley vented to Ravi about Dina. She told him that Dina didn't see anything wrong with sharing company secrets with Graham because she trusted him. Ashley could relate to that, because she trusted Ravi. However, Ashley said that Ravi had earned her trust, unlike Graham. Ashley thought about the sarcastic comment Dina made earlier about Graham wanting Dina to die early so he could cash in on her inheritance. Ashley wondered if Graham really did want Dina to die so that he could collect her money as soon as possible. Ashley vowed to uncover all the missing details of Graham's past.

In Dina's suite, Graham admitted that he shouldn't have sent the email referencing the report. He felt that he should've been more discreet. Dina assured him that it was fine. She stated that all Jack and Ashley knew was that Graham had given Dina his thoughts on her work. Graham thought Dina's children were burdening her with work, and he encouraged her to quit her job and return to Paris with him. Dina refused. She thought the job was good for her, and she insisted that it wasn't a burden. Graham revealed that he had to go to Paris and deal with an issue with his apartment. Dina asked if it could wait, but Graham said he had to start packing. He promised to return as soon as he could. Graham left. Dina was composed while Graham was there, but once he left, she flew into a panic and shakily poured herself a stiff drink while wondering what she was going to do.

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