Monday Y&R Update 9/4/17

The Y&R Update Monday 9/4/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

In the elevator, Victoria calls out Phyllis for scheming against Brash & Sassy. Absurd, Phyllis says, and what nerve! She rubs it in by making unsubtle remarks about her sex life with Billy, specifically one encounter that took place in that very elevator. Victoria is unfazed. Is Phyllis targeting Victoria, personally; Victoria’s company; or both?

At Crimson Lights, Sharon is sure Alice is hiding something. She doesn’t have a niece. In fact, she has no living family beyond her mother. Sharon’s first instinct was right. Not so fast, Scott says.

Ashley and Ravi talk in the Jabot lobby. She’s sure Jack is up to no good. He neither confirmed nor denied plotting against Brash & Sassy, but Ashley knows how he operates. If he follows through, the backlash could be devastating.

Jack and Hilary catch up in the athletic club dining room. Hilary is flying high after shooting her commercial. Jack admires her for going after what she wants---except when it hurts people he cares about.

At Crimson Lights: Scott reminds Sharon that their theory is unsubstantiated, although it has potential. Come again? Sharon can’t believe he’s the same guy who encouraged her to follow through on her hunch. Scott suggests a couple of possibilities: Alice might have a niece she never mentioned to Sharon or she might have an honorary niece---a daughter of a friend, say. Sharon resents his second-guessing.

At “the house,” Alice shows one of the prostitutes to her workspace and then fields a call from her boss. Zack scolds her for being late to work, but she thinks all will be forgiven when he sees the girls she has tagged for the premium service tier. She sends him photos via text. He scans them and takes an instant liking to Rainbow Girl. She’s very popular with the customers, Alice says, but she can be a troublemaker. For the time being, Alice has her under control.

Simultaneously, on the coffeehouse patio, Tessa gazes at a photo of her little sis, Crystal (aka Rainbow Girl). Sharon looks over her shoulder and admires it. She assures Tessa that she and the police are doing all they can to rescue Crystal. In the meantime, would Tessa send that photo to Sharon? It will keep her motivated. Sharon returns to work. Abby approaches Tessa, compliments her recording, and asks what it’s like being a star. Tessa laughs. Abby plans to be front and center for Tessa’s next performance, with Zack, her new beau. Tessa asks how things are going in that department. Great, Abby says. Daddy gives him the thumbs-up, if you can believe it.

Graham finds Dina toiling over a report in her suite. She seems overwhelmed, so Graham says leave it to him. She takes him up on his offer, and before she leaves, he promises to e-mail it as soon as he’s finished.

At the club: Hilary defends herself for airing the Newmans’ dirty laundry. It’s all public knowledge, so she has nothing to be ashamed of. She wonders whether Jack’s interest in Nikki has anything to do with taking revenge on Victor. It wouldn’t be the first time. She’s not judging, just making an observation, and she warns Jack to be careful. Jack takes no offense and notes that they’re two peas in a pod, both risk-takers, which is why Jack wants her help.

In the elevator: Victoria knows Phyllis sent Ben Hochman on an errand. Phyllis denies it and trash-talks some more. Victoria fires back. She knows Phyllis objects to all the time Billy’s been spending at work and why. Phyllis scoffs, calls Victoria paranoid, and launches into a rant, but Victoria has another spell and so doesn’t hear a word of it. Meanwhile, Billy’s attempts to call the elevator fail repeatedly, so he returns to the office. Moments later, Victoria enters and the mystery is solved. Victoria stopped the elevator in order to have a private conversation with Phyllis. Billy cringes. It’s OK, Victoria says. Phyllis got the worst of it.

Dina greets Ravi and Ashley at work. Ashley calls her mother into the private office to discuss appropriate topics of conversation with Abby. Brent Davis isn’t one of them. Why would Dina bring him up just as the family was beginning to heal? Dina apologizes. Ashley shakes it off and asks for the Parker Beauty marketing analysis. Coming right up, Dina says.

At the club: Jack knows Hilary’s power to sell product, which is why he wants her to promote Parker Beauty, Jabot’s latest acquisition, on her show. Hilary is familiar with its wares and could do so credibly, but she’ll need samples. . . . Done. Tempting, but she fears Victoria’s reaction. Jack appeals to her baser instincts: *Your* show, *your* decision. He’ll even sweeten the pot with the promise of a future favor, and she knows he’s good for it. Hilary can’t resist and they shake on it.

Moments later, Hilary finds Tessa lurking around the GC Buzz studio and gives her grief. Tessa returns it and takes up for Mariah, whom she claims has Devon in her hip pocket. Hilary isn’t so sure about that, and by the way, who appointed Tessa as Mariah’s protector? Mariah overhears.

At the coffeehouse: Scott did a bit more research and it turns out Sharon is right. Alice has no blood relatives, but that doesn’t rule out the honorary niece theory. So is he out of the doghouse? Yes, and Sharon intends to reward him later. Scott apologizes for being so methodical. It’s the way of a journalist. Sharon understands, but she also knows Alice is capable of mistreating a child. She failed miserably as a mom to Cassie. Scott cautions Sharon against letting her emotions get the better of her. Don’t hang Alice just because of a past wrong.

At the office: Billy assures Victoria he’s devoted to saving Brash & Sassy, and Phyllis knows that. Victoria gazes at him. He’s really changed; he’s grown up. Billy laughs. Don’t let that get out. He has a reputation to uphold. She admits she liked his wild side too, and she’s sorry things didn’t work out between them. Specifically, she regrets giving up on him. She really lays it on thick and then plants a big kiss on him. He doesn’t object, but she suddenly pulls away, bolts from the office, and then apologizes.

At Jabot: Dina promises the report by the end of the day, but that’s not soon enough for Ashley. Dina guarantees satisfaction and has every confidence in Jabot’s success, not because of its products but because of her children. Ashley is speechless. Ravi approaches and offers to install software on Dina’s computer, which she accepts. Ashley hopes it won’t delay the report. Oh, it won’t.

At GC Buzz: Mariah emerges and stands, chin up, next to Tessa. She’s ready to get to work. Tessa keeps the pressure on Hilary: Good, the show could use a little integrity. Hilary again marvels at Tessa’s ferocious defense of Mariah and leaves them to talk---but be quick about it. Mariah thanks Tessa for having her back regarding Devon, but there’s truth to Hilary’s allegations.

Phyllis barges into Jack’s office and reads him the riot act. Why did he tip his hand to Victoria?! She knew about Ben Hochman. Jack is puzzled. The information didn’t come from him. Phyllis accuses Jack of not wanting it enough. Au contraire. Jack plans to use Parker Beauty to do in Brash & Sassy. Not satisfied, she thinks he’s softening because of his feelings for Nikki and finds it disgusting. Jack smirks. What does he have up his sleeve?

In the Jabot lobby, Ashley looks over Ravi’s shoulder as he works on Dina’s computer. He finds a suspicious e-mail but refuses to look at it. It’s private. Not according to Ashley. That’s a company machine, so anything on it is company property. Graham is checking Dina’s work, which means he’s privy to sensitive information, and that bothers Ashley a lot.

At GC Buzz: Mariah details her argument with Devon, his comment about getting his friendship with Hilary back on track, and his offer of a pity “I love you.” Fortunately, Mariah prevented him from saying the words. Tessa gives her a comforting hug. From a distance, Hilary takes it all in.

Scott continues to tap away on his computer at Crimson Lights. Abby finds him there and accuses him of slacking off and hanging out with his girlfriend. At least he’s not “working” with one of his employees, he shoots back. Things escalate until Sharon and Zack approach. Problem? Not at all. Abby and Zack retreat to the patio. Sharon flashes Alice’s credit card at Scott. It could be the key to drawing out Alice. On the patio, Zack dwells on the term Abby used to refer to him. Business partner? She’s quick to defend herself. It was a knee-jerk reaction. Of course he’s much more to her than that. In fact, she’s not seeing anyone else and neither is he, so that makes them exclusive. On top of that, they’re living proof that Design Date works.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy and Victoria agree to forget the whole incident. She returns to her office and cracks a smile. Clearly, it was part of her grander plan.

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