Friday Y&R Update 9/1/17

The Y&R Update Friday 9/1/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Nikki and Victoria catch up at Brash & Sassy. Victoria has been reeling since Hilary aired that damning piece about how Ben Hochman nearly got his hooks into Brash & Sassy. She doesn’t blame Hilary, whose job is to dig up dirt. Victor’s “protecting” has done far more damage to Victoria. Now she refers to her relationship with Billy.

It’s chilly at Phyllis and Billy’s apartment. He tries to make amends for ruining their romantic evening last night, but she’s not easily won over.

In Jack’s office, Ashley presses him for details about his intentions toward Brash & Sassy. Did he really try to commandeer its Fenmore’s shelf space? Victoria and Billy came to Ashley last night with a pretty compelling argument to that effect. Moi? Jack says.

Hilary approaches Mariah at the GC Buzz studio and apologizes for keeping Devon from his date. Mariah is in no mood for games. And Hilary did this how?

Devon surprises Tessa at Sharon’s place. He’s gotten lots of positive feedback on her first cut and is eager to get her back into the studio. She’s stunned. After her shaky performance, Tessa thought her career ended before it began. No way. Devon knows talent when he sees it. She thanks him profusely. So is she ready to get back in the saddle? Absolutely. She had some personal issues, but they won’t be an issue. Fantastic. Devon will be in touch.

At Crimson Lights, Scott has information for Sharon. Like a good investigative reporter, he used Alice’s credit card to discover her home address. Is that legal? Sharon asks. Never mind. . . . She’s actually reconsidered her theory that Alice is mixed up in the sex trafficking ring. It’s pretty outrageous. Scott disagrees and trusts her first instinct.

At Jabot: Jack refuses to take the blame for Brash & Sassy’s sales dive. Not good enough for Ashley. How did Billy and Victoria know about Jabot’s intent to acquire a beauty company? Don’t tell her that Victoria is just paranoid. So far Jack hasn’t denied the allegations involving Fenmore’s, so Ashley assumes where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Jack says simply that what Lauren does with her shelf space is her decision. To be clear, Ashley has every confidence in her new product line and doesn’t need Jack’s backhanded support. After she leaves, Jack gets on the horn and summons Phyllis. Now.

At Brash & Sassy: Nikki had hopes for Victoria’s relationship with Ben. It’s a good thing it ended before any lasting damage was done. Perhaps, but Victoria has further problems. She suspects an accomplice who is still gunning for her.

At home, Billy tells Phyllis he’s keeping her out of the loop for her own good. He doesn’t want her in the middle of a Jabot—Brash & Sassy shootout. He’s sure she’s kept a few business-related tidbits from him too. She says nothing.

At Crimson Lights: Judging from Alice’s GC address, Scott deduces that she lied to Sharon about just passing through town. Point taken. Sharon is ready to head to Alice’s to get answers, but before they reach the door, Tessa shows up in a panic. She got a call that turned out to be a telemarketer, but it shook her up. Privately, Tessa asks Sharon for news about Crystal. Sharon hesitates. Nothing yet. Sharon returns to Scott and they take off.

At GC Buzz: Hilary describes her talk with Devon. One thing led to another, and before they realized it, time had passed. Mariah lets her insecurity show and asks for more information. Hilary taunts her. She thought Mariah and Devon were rock solid. Mariah blows it off. She was otherwise occupied with Noah and Tessa that night anyway. Hilary smells fear.

Again at Brash & Sassy: Victoria suspects Phyllis gave Ben a nudge. Nikki can’t believe that Phyllis would deliberately hurt Billy’s employer. Although she has no proof, Victoria thinks that’s exactly what Phyllis wants to do. Brash & Sassy’s failure would free up Billy.

In Jack’s office: Jack wants to know what Phyllis might have disclosed to Billy about Jabot’s plans. Phyllis swears she didn’t breathe a word. Doing so would prevent her from reaching her goal: to separate Billy and Victoria.

Devon approaches Mariah at the TV studio and gives her a peck. Clearly she’s still upset. He apologizes for failing to show up at the Underground. Hilary stands by and takes it all in, and Mariah snipes at her. Devon asks for a moment alone with Mariah. By all means, Hilary says. Mariah asks Devon what was so engaging about his conversation with his ex.

Abby and Ashley catch up over coffee at Crimson Lights. They chat easily about Abby’s life at the ranch and about Dina. Then Abby utters the name of Ashley’s biological father.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria is confident in her lasting bond with Billy, through their children, and he’s really stepped up at work too. He even took a personal risk to help her save the company. What’s the plan? Nikki asks. Victoria talks some more about who was really pulling Ben’s strings and unmistakably implies it was Jack. Nikki is aghast. It’s only a theory at this point. In the meantime, though, Victoria aims to teach Phyllis a lesson.

In Jack’s office: Phyllis says no shoptalk at home, presumably under Victoria’s orders. Well, well, no wonder Phyllis is so prickly, Jack says, stoking her fire. Unfortunately, his attempt to get Lauren to oust Brash & Sassy from her store went nowhere. But make no mistake, Jack is out to win.

At GC Buzz: Devon talked to Hilary about her commercial and about getting their friendship back on track. This doesn’t make Mariah feel any better. He insists she has nothing to fear. She knows how he feels about her. No, she doesn’t, because she told him she loved him and he never said it back. He repeats: She caught him off guard, and he doesn’t use those words lightly. He’s committed to Mariah.

Zack finds Tessa on the coffeehouse patio. He’s sorry to hear that no progress has been made finding Crystal. For the time being, Tessa is focused on launching her music career so that she’ll be in a better position to help her sister when she is found. Zack remarks that he always thought she had talent. Really? Tessa says bitterly. She thought his interests lay elsewhere.

Scott and Sharon wait in his car outside Alice’s house and are startled by a neighbor who peeks in the window and offers help. She says Alice is a pretty private person and hasn’t lived there long, but she had a niece visiting her a while back. They thank her for the information. Shortly afterward, they decide the trip wasn’t a total loss and call it day.

Billy returns to Brash & Sassy. He and Victoria discusses their dire situation. She appreciates what he did, breaking into Jabot’s computer system, but she doesn’t want him further risking his relationship with Phyllis.

Phyllis has no kind words for Nikki as she exits Jack’s office. Nikki enters and nuzzles Jack before getting into a discussion about Victoria. Jack has brought Nikki great peace recently, but she knows he has a dark side and is extremely competitive in business. The truth: Is he out to destroy her daughter’s company?

At Crimson Lights: Zack tells Tessa about his evening at the Newman ranch at Victor’s invitation. In the midst of the conversation, he gets a text. Alice is on her way home. In haste, he says goodbye to Tessa and takes off. Inside the coffeehouse, Ashley tells Abby that her biological father scarred everyone---especially John Abbott, the man she considers her dad---and she’s not eager to discuss him.

At GC Buzz: Mariah would like to believe Devon, but she doesn’t think he’s over Hilary. He insists he is, and to prove it, he’ll say the words she wants to hear. She says don’t bother and storms off. Hilary watches.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria’s plan is to outsell Jabot, but how? Is there a flaw in Jabot’s new product? Billy shakes his head. Ashley is a perfectionist. Well then, Victoria suggests they invent a flaw to exploit. Billy is surprised. It’s not like her to fight dirty. Whatever it takes to beat Jack, she says.

In his office, Jack dances around Nikki’s question. She reminds him of the chaos that ensued when Jabot and Newman duked it out a few years ago. She can assure him of one thing: If there’s any substance to her suspicions, their friendship is over.

Before Victoria leaves the office for a meeting about the company’s bridge loan, she apologizes for snapping at Billy. It’s all good, he says. After she leaves, he makes a call to hire a fleet of temps, nationwide. They’re to receive gift cards exclusively for Brash & Sassy products and he is to be billed personally. Meanwhile, Victoria encounters Phyllis on the elevator and prepares to give that bitch a piece of her mind.

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