Thursday Y&R Update 8/31/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 8/31/17


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At their home, Billy used Phyllis' computer to connect to Jabot's server. Phyllis came downstairs and caught him. He gave her a cover story about checking to see if their internet was working, and she bought it. Phyllis was ready for dinner, but Billy said he had to get back to work and talk to Victoria. Phyllis was annoyed. She felt that the crisis was over, now that the company had the loan, but Billy was adamant that it was important. Phyllis accused him of making everything that involved Victoria into a national crisis. Billy kissed Phyllis goodbye and promised to be back as soon as he could.

At the Underground Sharon shared her suspicions about Alice with Nick. She'd seen Alice drive off in a car just like the one that picked up the prostitutes from the police station. A car that had also been driven by a blonde woman. Nick argued that this didn't mean Alice was part of the sex ring. He noted that Alice was Cassie's adoptive mother. He pointed out that Alice's car was a common model and that there were lots of blonde women in the world. None of that meant Alice was part of the sex ring. Sharon's instincts told her something was up.

Michael and Lauren enjoyed some alone time at home. They danced in a room filled with candles and soft music. Scott popped in to visit, and he tried to leave after realizing he was interrupting. To Michael's chagrin, Lauren insisted that Scott stay, as she hadn't seen him since he moved out. Lauren asked about him and Sharon. Scott suspected she didn't really want to know. Lauren argued that she'd invited them to dinner, and Scott countered that she still hadn't gotten back to him with a date. Scott got a text from Sharon, so he left. Lauren realized she had no choice but to follow through on her dinner invitation. Michael suggested that she ignore the parts of Scott's life that she didn't like, just like Michael and Gloria did. Just as they resumed their romantic plans, Phyllis showed up, ranting about her own romantic evening gone awry. According to Phyllis, Billy seemed off tonight, and she believed it had something to do with Victoria. Lauren noted that Billy chose Phyllis, which meant Victoria was no longer a threat. Michael agreed. Phyllis didn't think Billy was cheating on her, but she believed that Victoria was working to get him back. Phyllis thought that Billy sometimes felt guilty about being with her instead of Victoria. Lauren brought up Phyllis and Jack's scheme to push Brash and Sassy out of Fenmore. Michael realized that Phyllis wasn't as secure about Billy as she claimed to be. Phyllis admitted she was tired of pretending. She confessed that she didn't give a damn about Brash and Sassy and that she'd celebrate its demise. Phyllis announced that she'd been understanding for long enough and something had to change.

At the cottage, Sharon flashed back to a tense conversation with Alice about Cassie. At the time, Sharon explained her reasons for giving Cassie up for adoption. Sharon felt that it would be best for Cassie if Alice reversed the adoption and gave Cassie back to Sharon. Scott arrived. Sharon admitted that she was going to say something that sounded strange, but she asked him not to call her crazy. He assured that he never would. Sharon disclosed her theory. Scott was curious about Alice. According to Sharon, years ago, Alice was always broke, and she neglected Cassie in favor of hanging out in bars all day. Sharon grew up poor, but she and her mother had worked hard to make a better life. Alice was the opposite. Sharon noted that today, Alice had shown up in expensive clothes and driving a new car. Sharon conceded that Alice could've turned her life around in the intervening years, but Scott didn't discount Sharon's original theory. Sharon told him that Nick was dismissive, and Scott said that unlike Nick, he trusted Sharon's instincts.

In Jack's office, Ashley smiled at a picture of her dad. Ravi came in to check on her after her intense conversation with Dina. Ashley planned to throw herself into work to clear her head. Ravi urged her to stroke his cheek, and she eventually did. Ashley recognized his scent as the moisturizer from the Parker line. His use of the product gave her the idea to market part of the line as unisex. Ashley predicted that Ravi was going to turn out to be the real genius at Jabot.

Victoria and Neil shared sushi at Brash and Sassy. Victoria had put together a packet of business plans for Devon and Neil so that they'd know how their money was being spent. Neil assured Victoria that it wasn't necessary, because they trusted her. Victoria felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, thanks to Neil. She mentioned her trips to the doctor, and Neil implored her to call if she ever needed him. Billy arrived and thanked Neil for the loan. Neil left. Billy revealed that he'd successfully accessed Jabot's private files. He'd learned that they were buying Parker Beauty and pulling Brash and Sassy off of Fenmore's shelves. Victoria was alarmed. She was also surprised Billy went through with using Dina's password on Phyllis's computer. She thanked him for putting his relationship on the line for the company. Billy admitted he didn't feel good about it at first, but now he had no guilt. Victoria asked if he thought Phyllis knew about the plan to put them out of business. Billy didn't think Phyllis was involved. He was sure that she'd warn him if she knew what Jack was up to. Victoria kept raising the possibility that Phyllis was in on the scheme, but Billy was convinced that it was all Jack. Victoria was nervous, but Billy said that Jack wouldn't be able to blindside them now. Billy had an idea, and they left.

Back at Jabot, Ravi smiled as he watched Ashley brainstorm about the new product line. He said it was fun to watch her in her element. Ashley told Ravi that it was nice to have someone to lean on. He assured her that he was all hers. Billy and Victoria arrived. Victoria told Ashley about asking Jack to keep their competition civil. Victoria said that she'd like to think that Jabot wouldn't force her products off of Fenmore's shelves to make room for their new skincare line. Ashley didn't know what they were talking about, and she asked how they knew about the new line. Victoria conceded that her company had some challenges that contributed to a slump in sales. Due to their own interactions with Benjamin, Ashley and Ravi were both sympathetic to Victoria's situation. Ashley was adamant that she and Ravi had no knowledge of Jack doing anything underhanded. Billy asked to talk to his sister alone, so Ravi and Victoria left. Billy asked Ashley if she'd tell him if Jack was up to something. Ashley swore she didn't know anything about Jack trying to force them out of Fenmore's. Billy trusted Ashley, but not Jack. He wondered when Jack would bury the hatchet, and he noted that even Dina wanted peace. Ashley asked how close Billy and Dina were getting. Billy said he barely knew her, but he knew she wanted the rift to heal. Ashley wasn't optimistic that it would happen.

In the lobby, Ravi expressed shock that Benjamin would show up at Jabot after his disastrous dinner with Ashley. Victoria questioned Ravi, who revealed that Benjamin met with Jack and later with Phyllis. Victoria asked what Phyllis and Benjamin talked about. She had an episode of ringing in the ears as Ravi said he overheard them make plans to meet at Dive Bar. Ravi was concerned and offered Victoria water. The episode passed, and Victoria said she was fine, and now she had a new target to focus her energy on.

At the penthouse, Chelsea painted Faith's nails. They connected over ice cream; Chelsea told Faith about her secret stash that was just for the girls. Faith looked a little down, and Chelsea assured her that she'd eventually feel at home there. Faith asked why Nick moved to the penthouse instead of Chelsea moving to the tack house. Chelsea claimed she and Nick thought it was best to live in town. She listed off the advantages of living in town, but Faith wasn't swayed, because she wanted to be on the ranch with her family. Chelsea hoped that Faith would eventually come to think of them as family. Faith said no, and she protested that her family was on the ranch. Nick came in and overheard Faith complaining about the new arrangement. Faith insisted that the penthouse would never feel like home to her. Nick told Faith that she needed to accept that he made the best decision for their family. He made it clear that she was to respect Chelsea and not try to hurt her feelings. Faith insisted that she didn't, and Chelsea agreed that Faith didn't mean any harm. Nick urged Faith to be mature, then he sent her upstairs. Chelsea blamed herself for bringing up the word “home” with Faith. Nick didn't think it was Chelsea's fault. In hindsight, Nick thought it was a mistake to let Faith choose to move in with Nikki and Victor. He believed that it had given Faith the impression that she called the shots. Nick didn't like it, but he felt like he had to be strict with Faith until this blew over.

Al, a ranch employee dropped by. He announced that Victor asked him to deliver Faith's bedroom set. Later, Nick asked Chelsea why she accepted the delivery from Victor. Chelsea noted that the furniture had been purchased by her and Nick. She didn't think they should worry about the reason Victor changed his mind. Chelsea asked if she could call Faith down. Nick said yes, and Chelsea did. Nick and Chelsea told Faith about the surprise, and they told her that Victor had been storing it at the ranch. At that moment, the movers brought the furniture inside. Faith loved it, and she hugged Chelsea for designing it. Faith apologized about earlier and said that the place felt more like home now that she had a bedroom that was all hers. Faith marveled that Victor really knew how to make things right for her, then she ran back upstairs. Nick seethed because Victor had managed to hijack some of the credit for the bedroom set. Chelsea was proud of Nick for not throwing Victor under the bus. She noted that he was doing what was best for his child. Nick found it disturbing that Victor felt like he was doing the same thing.  

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