Wednesday Y&R Update 8/30/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 8/30/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Nick approaches Alice at the Underground. Imagine the coincidence! What’s she doing in Genoa City?

From Sharon’s place, Tessa texts Noah: Come right away. She has something to tell him.

Abby revels in Victor’s attention at the ranch, and Victor loves having her on the property. He suggests they make a habit of having dinner together once a week. Sounds good to Abby. Ordinarily, he wants it to be just the two of them, but tonight he’s taken the liberty of inviting Zack. This gets an unexpected reaction. He had no right to go behind her back like that!

Cane and Charlie return to the Chancellor mansion with their pizza. Before they can dig in, Charlie gets a disappointing text. He didn’t make the football team.

Lily and Jordan take a table at the Underground. It’s a refreshing change from the athletic club, in her opinion. Besides, there’s less chance of running into Hilary. Jordan hears that. Their breakup is news to Lily. She suppresses her glee and shows concern for her friend, but Jordan isn’t fooled. He knows how she feels about Hilary. They move on to discuss Charlie. At Lily’s insistence, he’s having dinner with his father tonight. Jordan admires her for taking the high road. The kids need their dad, she reasons. As for the state of her marriage, it’s up in the air. Lucky for her the only decisions she needs to make at present are what to eat and what to drink.

Hilary pays Chelsea a surprise visit at home. They have unfinished business.

At the Chancellor place: Cane consoles his son and apologizes. Recent events at home couldn’t have helped Charlie’s concentration. Charlie sloughs it off. Mom was hurt most. She’s taken comfort in her friendship with Jordan, though, which pleases Cane---or so he says. Charlie acknowledges that the family had dinner with Jordan the other night, and he’s a cool guy, but he’s not Dad. Cane is buoyed.

At the ranch: Abby jokes that since Zack is coming to dinner, there’s no need for a background check. Victor smiles. Already done. Well then why the invitation? Victor just wants to get better acquainted. Zack shows up on time and bearing a gift: Victor’s favorite tequila. So far, so good.

At the Underground: Alice seems nervous. She tells Nick she’s just passing through town and is surprised when Sharon approaches. Nick called her when he saw Alice across the room. He knew she’d want to say hi. Alice tries to squirm out of further conversation, but no luck.

At the ranch: Victor admires Zack’s ambition and predicts a bright future. He takes a call out of the room, leaving Zack and Abby to catch their breath. She apologizes for the third degree, but it’s not necessary. Zack is flattered by the invitation and a little bit starstruck by the Great Victor Newman. They sneak a kiss, or so they think. Victor stands in the doorway and clears his throat.

At Sharon’s: Tessa tells Noah to brace himself.

At the Underground: Sharon and Nick and Alice talk about the past (Cassie) and the present (Sharon’s coffeehouse and Nick’s bar). Alice conspicuously steers the conversation away from herself. Nick has to see to a customer and leaves the women to talk some more.

At the penthouse: Hilary didn’t get back to Chelsea about her proposal until now because she was preoccupied with personal matters. She wants to proceed if Chelsea is still interested in designing Hilary’s on-air wardrobe in exchange for publicity. Chelsea is all in and offers a sneak peek of what she has in mind. As Hilary pages through designs, she fishes for information about Jordan. She knows Chelsea and Jordan go way back. Chelsea has her number, though, and won’t dish.

At Sharon’s: Noah isn’t the least bit upset about Tessa’s keeping her sister a secret. However, he’s worried that Tessa might have put herself in danger by trying to solve Crystal’s problem on her own. Oh, she wasn’t on her own. Sharon is on the case, and so is Paul because Mariah urged Tessa to go to the police. Noah is hurt that he was the last to know.

At the ranch: Zack explains that he left Chicago because it just wasn’t happening for him there, but then he came to Genoa City and met Abby. Abby talks up his project, Design Date. Victor wonders why he hasn’t seen much publicity about it. Perhaps she should enlist Scott’s help. He could publish and article in his magazine. Oh, no. That’s not necessary. They’re keeping the app on the q.t. for now. Why is Zack shying away from the spotlight? Victor asks.

At the Underground: Alice appears to be doing well, very well, as a matter of fact. Sharon recognizes the expensive Fenmore’s dress she’s wearing. Where does Alice work? A small company . . . in sales. Alice excuses herself to make a call.

Again at the ranch: Zack wants to make sure every last detail is in place before full-on promotion. He excuses himself to take a text. Alice will be home a little late. Zack returns to the living room, explains it was from his tech guy, and continues to impress.

At the Chancellor mansion: The pizza is gone and Charlie is ready to leave. Cane is pleased with their progress and says goodnight.

Over beers and burgers at the Underground, Jordan shares stories about his childhood. Lily is surprised he was a geeky introvert. You learn something new every day . . .

At Chelsea’s: Hilary insists she’s not out to make Jordan miserable, but he’s taken an interest in Lily, who is still married. Jordan is heading for a fall, and she would think a friend like Chelsea would want to help prevent it. Chelsea wonders how pure her motives are. Everyone knows how much Hilary despises Lily. Hilary admits it, but she really does care for Jordan and can’t move on. Chelsea warns that whatever scheme she’s cooked up is sure to backfire.

At Sharon’s: Tessa was afraid of putting Crystal in further danger by discussing her, but Mariah picked up on it and forced her to tell all. Mariah is her best friend---her only friend. Noah disagrees. Tessa gets the drift, but he’s more than a friend. Besides, she and Mariah share similar hardscrabble backgrounds. Noah grew up Newman and she feared his disapproval. On top of that, she was aware that other women in his life kept secrets from him, and here she was doing it again.

Hilary heads to the Chancellor estate in response to Cane’s ambiguous text message. Progress with whom? Lily, she hopes. Nope. Charlie.

At home, Lily thanks Jordan for another lovely evening. She values his friendship now more than ever. Charlie returns and says hi to Jordan, who is on his way out. Charlie says his evening with his dad was OK. OK, good or OK, bad? Lily asks.

At the ranch: Zack and Victor are now chatting about boxing, although before Victor can fetch a couple of pairs of gloves, Zack says he’s a spectator only. Abby says she can tolerate the sports talk over awkward silence any day, and they all have a laugh. Zack shakes Victor’s hand and shows himself out, at Victor’s insistence. Victor would like a word with his daughter. Abby braces for the worst, but surprisingly, Victor has no harsh words for Zack. That doesn’t mean he’s ready to give his stamp of approval, mind you.

At the Underground: Alice ends her talk with Sharon and heads for the door. Nick returns to Sharon and says Alice left her credit card. Sharon volunteers to run after her. She misses Alice by a few seconds but manages to get a good look at her vehicle. Sharon whips out her smartphone and compares the car with the photo of the one driving away from the police station last night. She returns to the bar in a daze and tells Nick she thinks Alice is part of the sex ring.

At the Chancellor place: Hilary helps herself to a glass of wine and strategizes. If Lily is encouraging Cane’s involvement with the kids, then winning their forgiveness is the way to Lily’s heart.

At the Ashbys’: Lily shows sympathy for Charlie and supposes Dad was able to offer a few words of comfort too. Charlie tells her not to read too much into it. The evening wasn’t any great breakthrough. Charlie can’t forget Cane’s sins.

As usual, Noah is completely understanding and supportive. He and Tessa will get through the crisis together. She again assures him of her safety. The men involved have only her cell number and she’s living behind the security gates of the Newman ranch.

BONUS! Update Written by Christine

Nick was pleasantly surprised to run into Alice, Cassie's adoptive mother, at the Underground. Nick asked if she was in town for awhile. Alice was just passing through. Sharon arrived; Nick had called her about Alice, and Sharon had rushed over because they hadn't seen each other in years. Alice said she had to get going, but Sharon convinced her to stay and chat. Alice noted that there was a lot of water under the bridge. She'd raised Cassie for the first five years of her life. Alice admitted that her mother actually did the majority of the child rearing. Nick didn't think they had to rehash the past, but Alice continued. She noted that she'd sued them to get Cassie back, but they convinced her to give up her parental rights and undo the adoption. Alice didn't regret giving Cassie back to Sharon, but she regretted being an absentee mother during the five years that she had Cassie. Sharon opined that Alice wasn't ready for motherhood. Sharon empathized; she'd put Cassie up for adoption because she was a teenager who wasn't ready for motherhood either. Alice thought about Cassie often and wondered what sort of woman she would've grown up to be. Alice was impressed that Nick and Sharon were still together after everything. Nick and Sharon admitted they split years ago, but they were still friends. Alice noted that a lot of people couldn't remain friends with their exes. Alice asked about Crimson Lights and The Underground. Sharon was eager to hear about Alice's life. Sharon asked what Alice had been up to – was she dating? Alice was single and not looking. She felt that she'd wasted too much time chasing men who didn't care about her. Sharon observed that Alice was doing well financially, since she was wearing an expensive piece from Fenmore's. Sharon asked where she worked. Alice was vague and said she worked in sales at a small company. Alice excused herself to send a text.

Noah was at work when he got an urgent text from Tessa asking him to come to the cottage. When he arrived, Tessa admitted she was afraid that he'd think differently about her when he heard what she was about to say. Tessa divulged that Crystal was her sister. She told Noah about being lured to the hotel by a man who let her video chat with Crystal and who tried to frighten her into ending the search for Crystal. Noah wanted to go the cops. Tessa explained that she took Mariah's advice and told Paul and Sharon. Noah was hurt that she went to Mariah instead of him. Tessa said she didn't want to tell anyone, but Mariah sensed something was off and got the truth out of her. Tessa explained that Mariah was her best friend, the only real friend she ever had. Noah protested, but Tessa assured him that he was more than a friend. She admitted she was more afraid to confide in him than she was in Mariah. Tessa noted that she and Mariah both had hard childhoods, while Noah was a Newman. Tessa was scared that Noah would leave her if he knew how screwed up her family was. Tessa knew that Noah valued honesty. She asked if he could forgive her. Noah didn't hold it against Tessa. He assured her that he'd never judge her for how she was raised. He was concerned that Tessa was a target now. Tessa felt safe. The people running the ring didn't know where she lived, and the ranch was crawling with security. They kissed and cuddled as Noah promised that they would find Crystal.

At the main house, Abby eagerly agreed when Victor suggested that they have weekly dinners, just the two of them. Abby was furious when Victor revealed that he'd invited Zack to join them tonight. Victor didn't understand why she was so upset. Abby stated that she and Zack were in a new relationship, and Victor would probably be running background checks on him next. Victor admitted that he already did, and Zack checked out. Abby didn't want Victor to put Zack under a microscope. Victor wanted to get to know Zack because he was important to Abby, personally and professionally. Zack arrived, and Abby blocked his attempt to kiss her. Zack gave Victor a bottle of tequila – Victor's favorite brand. Victor asked Zack about business. Zack was happy to be part of Newman's incubator project. He respected and admired Victor for being a self-made man and wanted to emulate him. Victor offered encouragement. Victor stepped out to take a call. Zack could tell that Abby wasn't excited about this evening. Abby explained that it was out of the blue, but she was glad to see Zack. Abby told Zack that he'd scored major points with Victor, but she advised him to tone it down so he didn't seem like a brown noser. Zack said he was being honest. Abby was tense about Zack being given the third degree, but he said he could handle it. He thought the invitation was a good sign. They sneaked in a kiss, and Victor returned and cleared his throat when he caught them.

Victor asked Zack about his past. Zack grew up in Chicago, but there were no sparks for him there, so he moved to Genoa City and met Abby. Abby changed the subject and told Victor about all the new subscribers to DesignDate. Victor suggested that Abby have Scott write an article on the app. Abby said they didn't need Scott; in fact, Zack had just turned down an interview with a popular blogger. Victor asked why Zack was avoiding publicity. Zack explained that bloggers liked to build companies up, then tear them down, so he thought it was important to stay under the radar until they were more established. Zack got a text from Alice, who informed him that she'd be late returning to the house. He said okay. Zack lied and told Abby and Victor that he'd been texting a software guy. Later, Zack and Victor bonded over a discussion on boxing. Zack apologized for leaving Abby out of the conversation, but she was glad they were having a lively talk instead of awkward silence. After Zack left, Abby braced herself for Victor to criticize him. She was shocked when Victor said he liked Zack. Victor hoped Zack didn't disappoint them.

Back at the Underground, Alice said goodbye to Sharon and hurried off. Nick returned. He still had Alice's credit card. Sharon went outside to catch Alice, but the car was already driving away. Sharon looked startled by what she saw. She pulled up a photo of the car that the prostitutes got into at the police station. Sharon went back inside and told Nick that she thought Alice was connected to the prostitution ring.

Lily was glad she and Jordan were at The Underground instead of the Athletic Club. She didn't want to run into Juliet or Hilary. Jordan revealed that he and Hilary broke up. Lily was sympathetic to Jordan, but he knew she was glad the relationship was over. The subject changed. Lily informed Jordan that she'd pushed Charlie to spend the evening with Cane. She was optimistic that their relationship would soon be on the mend. However, Lily wasn't sure her relationship with Cane could be repaired. Jordan had faith that she'd figure out what was best for her and her family. Later, Jordan entertained Lily with an embarrassing story from his teen years. He admitted he'd been a geeky, unpopular kid who gained confidence after high school. Lily was shocked because Jordan was nothing like that now. She was glad she'd learned something new about him.

Cane brought Charlie to the Chancellor mansion for pizza. Charlie was was distant, but civil. Charlie got bad news by text – he didn't make the football team. Cane offered his sympathies. Charlie was sure Lily would be happy, because she didn't want him playing football. He assumed Cane was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to brag about having a son on the team. Cane explained that he only wanted Charlie to be on the team because it was what Charlie wanted. Charlie was in shock because he'd never failed to make the cut before. Cane assured Charlie that it was okay to blame Cane. Cane figured that Charlie had struggled during tryouts because he was distracted by the problems at home. Charlie clarified that he'd been focused, but he wasn't good enough. Cane noted that there was always next year, and Charlie theorized that things might be different then. Cane expressed regret for hurting everyone. Charlie stated that Lily had been hurt the most. Cane was glad that she had family and friends to lean on, like Jordan. According to Cane, Lily told him that Charlie invited Jordan to dinner. Cane made it clear that what Charlie did was okay. Charlie thought Jordan was cool, but he assured Cane that the dinner wasn't anything like the family dinners with Cane. Later, Charlie decided to go home. Cane said Charlie was welcome anytime. Cane talked about his commitment to his family again, then Charlie left. Cane grinned, pleased by how well things had gone.

Hilary barged into Chelsea's penthouse, dismissing Chelsea's protests about being busy, and announced that they had unfinished business. Hilary praised the proposal Chelsea made days ago – Chelsea would design Hilary's wardrobe for the Hilary Hour, and Hilary would mention Chelsea's business to her audience. Hilary thought the idea was brilliant. Chelsea asked why it took her so long to respond if she liked it so much. Hilary said she'd been busy. Chelsea and Hilary agreed to make the idea a reality. Chelsea showed Hilary some pieces, and Hilary realized Jordan photographed them. Hilary mentioned that Jordan and Chelsea were old friends. Chelsea gave Hilary the cover story about meeting Jordan just a few years ago, but Hilary said Jordan told her about his shady past with Chelsea. Chelsea suspected Hilary was there to fish for ammunition against Jordan. Hilary swore she didn't want to hurt Jordan. Chelsea theorized that Hilary was hoping to get dirt on Jordan that she could use to drive Lily away. Hilary thought that Lily was using Jordan, and she thought Chelsea should want to protect him. Chelsea didn't agree that the thing between Lily and Jordan was a disaster in the making. Hilary said she didn't want to lose Jordan. Chelsea asked if Hilary was upset about losing him, losing him to Lily, or if she didn't want to lose face. Hilary admitted it was all of the above. Chelsea gave Hilary a pep talk; she was gorgeous and could find someone. Hilary's voice cracked as she insisted that she wanted Jordan. Chelsea warned Hilary that schemes backfire.

Cane asked why Hilary had shown up at the Chancellor house. She wanted to know what he'd meant by the text he sent her: “progress made.” Cane said he shared a pizza. Hilary was delighted until she realized that Cane didn't share it with Lily. She suggested that he offer to help Jordan move into the Ashby house. Cane explained that he connected with Charlie. He knew it would take time, but he thought that with Lily's help, he could reconcile with the kids. Hilary came up with a new idea – Cane should work to win over the kids. She predicted that Lily would come around if Cane was able to get the twins on his side.

Jordan took Lily home, and she told him how much she valued their friendship. Charlie arrived just as Jordan left. Charlie learned that Lily and Jordan went to The Underground. They continued to talk. Lily was sorry Charlie didn't make the team, but she was sure Cane gave him some great advice. Charlie asked Lily to stop acting like they made a huge breakthrough. Lily noted that it was a start. Cane countered that one pizza wasn't going to make him forget what Cane did.

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