Tuesday Y&R Update 8/29/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 8/29/17


Written by Ellen
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At Chelsea’s penthouse, Nikki tells Nick that Faith enjoyed her visit with her grandfather. Nick doesn’t trust Victor. Nikki is angry. Does Nick mean to keep them apart?

Abby pops in on Victor at the main house. She loves her new digs, and the best part is she can see Daddy whenever she likes. She’s eager to discuss her project, Design Date, but he has other things on his mind.

Mariah finds Tessa alone in the stable, collecting her thoughts. Mariah knows she’s preoccupied with Crystal’s situation and questions her. Tessa reluctantly admits she may have put her sister in even greater danger.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Sharon pressures Paul to step up his investigation. Scott put himself at risk posing as a john. He did what?!

Noah shows a new Underground patron to the golden booth and fetches a menu for her.

Hilary accepts Cane’s invitation to the Chancellor mansion, where he’s been residing since Lily kicked him out. Cane agrees; Jordan is moving in on Lily and the family. He suspects Hilary orchestrated it and so is surprised by her sympathy.

Lily receives Jordan at home and thanks him for the flowers---and for cooking dinner and for providing her and the twins a welcome distraction. No sweat. They’re great kids, and he knows whereof he speaks. He’s worked with some first-class brats. Lily gives Cane partial credit. He’s been a good dad. Mattie returns in the midst of their conversation and seems displeased.

Again in the stable: Even though the guy holding Crystal captive assured Tessa she was OK, Tessa was in no shape to perform at the Underground, so she canceled her set. Mariah urges her to go to the police, but Tessa fears the man will make good on his threat to hurt Crystal if Tessa breathes a word. Mariah sees no other option than to tell the authorities and hope for the best.

At the police station: Sharon explains that a prostitute provided Scott a tip about Crystal and several other girls. Paul is outraged and orders Sharon to butt out, for her own safety. Sharon refuses. She’ll save this girl, with or without Paul’s help.

At Chelsea’s: Nick pointedly refers to his dad as “Victor.” Although Nikki is certain Victor’s love for Faith is sincere, Nick knows Victor will use her to get under his skin. Nikki is exasperated. She accuses Nick of behaving just like Victor and begs him to consider the effect of his misdirected anger. Victor will surely strike back, and the fallout will be dire for everyone involved. One of those potential victims, Chelsea, walks in.

At the ranch: So Zack helped Abby move in? It sounds serious. Abby insists they’re just friends and wonders whether she can look forward to more scrutiny from her dad now that she lives a stone’s throw away. You bet, Victor says. She’s touched by his concern, but there’s no need to worry. She’s not ready for a serious relationship so soon after her divorce, although she’s open to possibilities with Zack.

At the Chancellor place: Hilary did not plan Jordan and Lily’s interlude, but she suspected it. Cane still doesn’t trust her and refuses to help break up the budding romance. She doesn’t give up easily.

At the Ashbys’: Mattie takes the flowers and goes in search of a vase, as requested by her mom. She overhears Lily say goodbye to Jordan at the door and can’t believe she’s invited him to dinner again at some future date. Lily picks up on Mattie’s sour mood, questions her about it, and gets some of her own advice. Lily told Mattie to put the brakes on with Reed, who is helping her though a tough time. Cane hasn’t been gone long and Lily is already talking about a second family dinner with Jordan. Mattie storms out.

Mariah and Tessa run into Sharon at the police station and deliver the news to her and Paul at the same time. Tessa is Crystal’s sister and she has information. A bearded dude, the same one Sharon encountered, is holding Crystal. Tessa is unable to provide details about Crystal’s possible location because she saw little more than her face during their video chat. Paul thanks her for coming forward anyway and leaves to update his investigative team.

At the penthouse: Chelsea knocked herself out buying supplies for Faith. Nikki asks for a moment alone with Chelsea, and Nick makes himself scarce. Nikki is glad Chelsea wants to make Faith feel at home, but she’s worried about the toll it will take. Blended families can be challenging. Chelsea isn’t worried. She loves Nick and is determined to make things work.

Charlie comes home from football tryouts and hits the shower before dinner. Cane shows up unexpectedly to see the kids. Lily didn’t get his text? He senses her distress and asks what’s wrong.

At the GCPD: Sharon isn’t upset with Tessa for not mentioning her relationships to Crystal, but she’s glad she did eventually. Tessa is astounded that someone like Sharon would give a damn. Sharon might live the life of a Newman now, but it wasn’t always so. She had it rough early on, including an unplanned pregnancy---which she never regretted---and she made several bad choices. Tessa is unaccustomed to such support from others, but she’s got it in spades from Sharon and Mariah. They’ll be her family from now on.

Nick sits with Chelsea on the sofa and confesses his insecurities about Faith. Chelsea soothes his fears and when Noah calls from the Underground for backup, she encourages him to go. She and Faith will take advantage of the bonding time.

Nikki walks into the ranch living room. Victor barely looks up from his business file. He thought she’d moved out. . . . She declares the family in a state of disaster, thanks to Victor’s pettiness. He’s put Faith in the middle of a tug-of-war that could end up hurting more innocents, such as Chelsea. When she looks at Victor, she sees the scared orphan that he used to be. One would think he’d know better by now not to take out his anger on his own son.

At the Ashbys’: Lily puts off Cane’s questions about the flowers and other things pertaining to Jordan. She assures him that although Charlie is impressed with Jordan’s knowledge of football and his hobnobbing with celebrities, Cane is still Charlie’s father. Charlie enters the room and doesn’t do much to reinforce that thought. He’s standoffish and uninterested in having dinner with his dad, despite Lily’s urging. Ultimately, though, Cane lures him out for pizza.

Hilary and Jordan have an awkward meeting on the Crimson Lights patio. She tries to remain upbeat and suggests they can at least share a cup of joe. They sit. She tells him he broke her heart, but she knows it’s her own fault. Her bad behavior drove him away. He admires her honesty. She’s glad to hear it and has more for him. She’d like to be friends.

In Paul’s office, Tessa opens up to Mariah some more. She’s still scared. Mariah tells her she did the right thing telling the police about Crystal, and Mariah is proud of her. Tessa sighs. One more person needs to be told: Noah.

At the Underground, Noah clears the table. The blond stranger gives her compliments to the chef. Noah runs into Nick at the bar and fills him in. Business has been good. Lots of regulars. Also, they should promote their hamburgers more. They just got another rave review. He gestures toward the satisfied customer. Nick looks and is stunned. He recalls his last conversation with Alice Johnson about Cassie and dials Sharon. She’ll never guess who just appeared in his bar.

On the coffeehouse patio: Jordan can do friends. Great. How about dinner tonight? Hilary asks. Hold that thought: Jordan takes a call. Lily is at loose ends tonight. Is he free for dinner? Say, at the Underground? Sure. He returns to the table and asks Hilary for a rain check. She agrees but is clearly disappointed.

And finally, at the ranch: Victor refuses to feel guilty (surprise, surprise). Nikki persuaded the rest of the family to shun him and now they’re reaping what they’ve sown.

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