Monday Y&R Update 8/28/17

The Y&R Update Monday 8/28/17


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At the main house, Sharon let Victor know she saw Faith. Victor stated that he missed her. Sharon assured him that he'd see Faith, but she noted that the reunion would've happened sooner if he hadn't kicked Nick off the ranch. Victor was not interested in being lectured on how to deal with his family. Sharon reminded Victor that it was her family too, and thanks to him, she no longer had access to Faith on nights when Faith was with Nick. Victor told her to send a text next time she wanted to voice her displeasure with him. Sharon noted that while Victor claimed to put family first, his actions didn't match his words. She felt that he was blocking Faith off from having 24 hour access to the ranch. Victor contended that Faith should spend more time on the ranch. He suggested that Sharon revisit her custody agreement, but Sharon refused to let Victor tell her how to deal with Nick. Victor noted that Sharon had come to tell him how to deal with Nick. Sharon didn't think Victor realized what he stood to lose, such as access to Christian. Victor was adamant that no one would keep him from his grandson.

At the penthouse, Nick made Faith apologize to Chelsea. She said she was sorry, but Nick wasn't happy with the quality of her apology. While Nick sympathized with Faith, he'd hoped she was mature enough to realize that he didn't set out to ruin her life. Nick encouraged Faith to tell him what was bothering her. Faith felt like she was being put on the spot. Chelsea explained that they just wanted to understand what was bothering her. Faith said she wanted to go back to the ranch, where her mom, her grandpa and her pony were. The only thing at the penthouse was a room that wasn't hers. Nick insisted that she could go to the ranch whenever she wanted, but Faith countered that she couldn't go when Nick was too busy to drive her there. Chelsea told Faith not to forget that Chelsea would be around. “I didn't,” Faith coolly replied. Nick promised that he and Chelsea would do whatever they could to give Faith what she wanted. Faith asked to go to the ranch to see Victor. Nick said no; they were in the middle of an important discussion and Faith didn't get to abandon it. Faith plead her case – she was upset and Victor would make her feel better. Chelsea advocated for Nick to let Faith go, and he relented. Faith went upstairs to get a present she made for Victor at camp. Chelsea apologized for overstepping, but she noted that Nick couldn't avoid the ranch forever.

After Faith and Nick left, Jordan came over. Chelsea confided that Faith used to want her to date Nick until Sharon became single again. Chelsea felt that Faith saw her as the bad guy. Jordan thought Nick should tell Faith the real reason he left the ranch, but Chelsea supported Nick's decision to keep Faith out of the feud with Victor. Chelsea didn't regret letting Nick move in, and she was optimistic that Faith would adjust and they'd start to feel like a family. Chelsea was looking forward to it because she never thought she'd feel like part of a family again after Adam died. Jordan said that he never used to think he and Chelsea would be family material. He revealed that he had dinner with Lily and the kids last night.

Jordan feared that Lily would think less of him if she knew about his past. He wondered if Chelsea had the same concerns about Nick, but she admitted everyone in town already knew about her past. Chelsea noted that everyone made mistakes and it was what you did in the present that mattered. Chelsea loved Nick and she thought Faith was a good kid. Jordan said that no matter how much he loved someone, he'd have to give serious thought to taking in an angry kid.

At the main house, Faith was delighted to see Sharon and Victor. Faith gave Victor some pottery she'd made, which he loved. They discussed chess, and Victor promised to give her more lessons if it was okay with her parents. Nick agreed that they'd work something out. Victor took Faith out to the stables to visit the horses. Sharon stopped Nick from following them. Nick didn't want Faith to be alone with Victor. Sharon warned Nick that he risked alienating Faith. Sharon was sure he didn't want Faith to have to choose between him and her grandfather. Nick admitted he didn't expect things to be this difficult with Faith. Sharon urged him to look at it from Faith's perspective. Nick knew he was taking Faith from the only home she'd ever known. Sharon didn't want to overwhelm Faith, so she decided not to tell her about Scott.

Nick grumbled about Faith visiting the man who kicked him out. Sharon pointed out that Nick deserved some of the blame. She suggested that he let Faith stay with her for the first few days. Nick said he couldn't do that because he didn't want to reward Faith's bad behavior. Sharon thought Nick should tell Faith that he'd be willing to change the schedule if she was mature. Nick promised to think about it. Sharon urged Nick to summon his inner Gandhi and try.

In the stables, Faith thanked Victor for coming to camp to tell her things had changed. Victor asked how she felt about things. Faith stated that Chelsea tried too hard, which seemed fake, but Chelsea had sided with Faith about visiting the ranch. Victor assured Faith that Chelsea was a good person. Faith admitted she might have been too mean to Nick. Victor advised her to apologize. Faith confessed that she wasn't sorry. She wanted to be on the ranch with Victor. Victor understood that, but he told her she had to respect her father.

Victor and Faith returned to the house, Nick told Faith that while her attitude at Chelsea's was unacceptable, it was also wrong to expect her to make all these changes at once. He suggested that she stay at Sharon's for a few days. Faith glanced at Victor, who offered silent encouragement. Faith admitted she'd been a brat earlier, and she apologized. She was willing to go back to the penthouse, and she stated that she needed to go apologize to Chelsea. Nick asked if she figured this out on her own, and he looked at Victor. Victor said he didn't tell Faith what to say, but he was proud of her for being so mature. Faith and Victor hugged.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy unsuccessfully tried to use Dina's stolen credentials to log into Jabot's server. Phyllis called, from Jabot, to ask if he wanted to duck out of work early with her. Billy regretfully turned her down, explaining that he was working on something time-sensitive. Victoria arrived, and Phyllis frowned when she heard her voice. Billy ended the call. Victoria was tense because Brash and Sassy had a big hole to dig out of. She told Billy she'd need his craziest ideas. Billy was sure he could help. Victoria had heard from the distributors that reorders were down at all the major chains, including Fenmore's. Billy noted that none of the competitors were doing well, including Jabot. Victoria stated that Jabot was doing well online, thanks to JabotGo. Billy was sure they'd be fine, thanks to Neil's loan. Victoria said that Neil suggested that they try to find synergy with some of the Mergeron companies that were owned by Hamilton-Winters. That would help long term, but they needed a short term solution.

Victoria noticed that Billy was working on something. He was reluctant to say much, because what he was doing wasn't kosher. Victoria didn't care if Billy's plan was shady. She wanted to go on the offense and deliver a knock out blow to Jack. Billy mentioned that he'd gone by Jabot to tell Jack that they paid the rent. Billy admitted that he'd obtained Dina's Jabot login, but he wasn't able to get them to work. Victoria explained that he couldn't log into Jabot's system without a Jabot computer. Billy asked if they should steal one. Victoria reminded him that he had access to a Jabot computer already. Billy realized she meant Phyllis' work laptop. Victoria said it was Billy's choice, but it was for the company's survival. Billy decided to do it. He said it wasn't personal. Victoria thanked him for going the extra mile for her.

Dina went into Jack's office and told him she'd gathered the sales figures he asked for. She was upbeat and happy to be contributing. Jack stated that, family or not, he wouldn't have hired her if he didn't value her expertise. Dina wanted to know why he her had drop everything to compare the Brash and Sassy's sales to sales made by Jabot and only at Fenmore's. Jack replied that he wanted to keep up with the competition. Dina asked if he meant Brash and Sassy or his brother, Billy. Jack insisted that it was just business. Dina argued that Phyllis was just to blame for the affair, but she worked at Jabot, while Jack had banished Billy. Dina liked Billy and thought it was admirable that he'd turned out as well as he did, given who his mother was. Jack maintained that Billy was an entitled man-child. Dina recalled that Jack used to be the same way. She noted that both Jack and Billy valued family.

Dina didn't think Jack was the type to hold a grudge against anyone besides Victor. She felt that Jack should welcome Billy back into the family. Jack argued that Dina, of all people, shouldn't be judging him. Dina noted that Jack was not trying to emulate the father he idolized. She reminded Jack that John didn't seek revenge after she betrayed him. Jack conceded that John was a better man than Jack was. Jack stated that he'd focused his energy on building the company John started, and if that meant obliterating the competition, including Billy, so be it. Phyllis came in. Dina took a parting shot at Phyllis as Dina left.

Phyllis asked if Jack regretted bringing Dina aboard yet. Jack told Phyllis not to let Dina get to her. Jack explained that he'd had Dina look at Brash and Sassy's market share at Fenmore's. He planned to reduce that number down to zero, and he wanted Phyllis's support when he talked to Lauren. Phyllis was hesitant after her plan to bring Victoria and Benjamin together became a debacle. Jack didn't think Phyllis should be so cautious. Phyllis didn't want to do anything to jeopardize Billy's job. Jack argued that Billy could get another job. He contended that Victoria was pulling out all the stops to win Billy back, and he thought that Phyllis should be willing to go after everything Victoria had. Lauren arrived, and Jack explained that they were in the process of integrating Parker skincare into their own line of products. He wanted to give Parker prime retail space at Fenmore's and their other stores. Lauren thought it was an excellent plan, but she knew they'd have to remove another product from their shelves to make it work. Jack told her that Brash and Sassy should go. Lauren scoffed; it was one of their best sellers. Phyllis cosigned Jack's idea. Lauren thought Jack was doing this to get back at Billy. Jack argued that he wouldn't target Billy with Billy's girlfriend in the room. Lauren asked Phyllis to give her a minute with Jack. After Phyllis left, Lauren agreed to give Parker prime shelf space, but she refused to stop selling Brash and Sassy. Jack argued that she was making a mistake. Lauren insisted that she was doing Jack a favor – if Parker outsold Brash and Sassy, he'd know he had a hit.

Phyllis was pleasantly surprised when Billy came home early. He smothered her with kisses, then he picked her up and went upstairs. Later, Billy slipped downstairs in a towel and yelled up for Phyllis to save him some hot water. While Phyllis was showering, Billy used her computer and logged into Jabot's system.

Ravi seemed deep in thought. Ashley stopped by his office with some paperwork. He asked if she was okay, and she mentioned that she just had a conversation with her mother. Ravi admitted he knew. Ashley asked if he overheard, and Ravi said he saw them talking. He offered to help, but Ashley said this had to stay between her and Dina. Ashley was irritated with Dina, but she was sure it would pass. Dina arrived, and Ashley left. Dina was there for tech support, but she made it clear that she knew Ravi and Ashley were discussing her. Dina hoped that she and Ravi could remain professional no matter what Ashley said about her. Ravi agreed. He hoped Dina and Ashley could work things out. Dina noted that they'd need a time machine.

Ravi ran into Ashley on her way out. She mentioned needing to go clear her head, and he asked if she wanted company. She snapped that she didn't and apologized for sounding brusque. She explained that he was her first choice as a confidante, but she had to work through this on her own.

Victoria dropped by Jabot after Lauren left. Victoria announced that she paid the rent. Jack said Billy already told him, and Victoria pretended she had no idea. She asked if he thought they were healthy competitors. Jack thought they were unhealthy. Victoria asked if he thought it was possible for them to compete without being at each others throats. She sweetly stated that if he was going to keep seeing her mother, she thought that would be best if they toned down the nastiness. He asked where she was going with this, and at that point, Dina walked in. Jack scowled as Dina complimented Brash and Sassy and Billy. Victoria told Dina about asking Jack if they could be more civil. Dina thought that was an excellent idea. Victoria extended her hand, and Jack grudgingly shook it.

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