Friday Y&R Update 8/25/17

The Y&R Update Friday 8/25/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

Nick took Faith to Crimson Lights after she got home from camp. He chattered to her, but she was engrossed in her phone. When Sharon appeared, Faith flew into her arms. Nick noted that Faith seemed to be saving all her hugs for her mom. Faith seemed a bit glum, and when Sharon asked about it, Faith said she missed her friends. They sat down, and Nick told Faith about moving in with Chelsea. Nick and Sharon put a positive spin on it, but Faith was bothered that Nick decided to move without telling her. Nick explained that he didn't want to tell her over the phone. Faith asked what about Sharon. Sharon said that Faith would still come to over to the cottage. Faith asked if she could visit Victor. Sharon didn't see why not, and Nick hesitantly agreed. Faith noted that Victor would need company because Nikki moved out. Nick asked how Faith knew about that. Faith was evasive. Sharon assumed Nikki called Faith, and Faith let her parents believe that. Faith said she loved living on the ranch, but she guessed it could be nice to live at Chelsea's too. Faith went to get a brownie. Nick thanked Sharon for helping him out and asked her not to let Faith spend a lot of time with Victor. At that point, Faith returned. Nick left the table, and Scott came up to the patio doors while Sharon was hugging Faith goodbye. Sharon signaled Scott to stay back. Faith and Nick left. Scott joined Sharon and asked if she didn't want Faith to know about them. Sharon assured Scott that she wanted Faith to meet him, but it wasn't a good time, due to all the upheaval in Faith's life. Sharon said that Faith had seen too much for a child her age. Scott asked how Faith was handling things. Sharon said Faith was fine, but subdued, and Sharon could tell Faith wasn't telling them everything. Sharon thought she should've followed her instincts and taken Faith home with her first. She said she didn't because it was so important to Nick to take Faith to her new home. Scott didn't think Sharon should defer to Nick's wishes. Sharon said it wasn't like that; she and Nick both wanted what was best for Faith. Scott still thought Sharon should follow her instincts.

Chelsea confronted Victor at the ranch. She and Nick had sent movers to the main house to pick up Faith's bedroom set, but Victor turned them away. Chelsea explained that she designed that set as a gift. Victor suspected that Chelsea was trying to use the set to bribe Faith into accepting Chelsea's relationship with Nick. He asked if she thought the bedroom set would make Faith forget that Nick and Chelsea upended Faith's life while she was at camp. Chelsea reminded Victor that Nick moved in with her because Victor kicked him out. Victor surmised that Chelsea didn't have much say in the new agreement, but Chelsea said that wasn't true. Chelsea didn't understand why Victor seemed intent on making things so difficult for Nick. Victor refused to let Nick turn Faith against him. Chelsea insisted that Nick wouldn't do that. Victor didn't think Nick would be able to hide his animosity toward Victor from Faith. Chelsea asked if Victor had learned nothing from his war with Adam. Victor stated that he wasn't worried about Nick anymore. He was concerned for Faith. Victor predicted that Faith would come to the ranch when she found it difficult to live with Chelsea and Nick.

Chelsea went home and was deep in thought. She had a flashback to Nick saying that he'd understand if she wasn't comfortable with him moving into the home she once shared with Adam. Nick and Faith arrived, and Chelsea gave her an enthusiastic greeting. Chelsea said she was looking forward to having another girl in the house and hoped Faith would eventually feel at home. Faith forced a smile and asked if she could see her room. Nick started hyping up the surprise,until Chelsea told them that there had been a delay. Faith said that was okay, and she went upstairs. Chelsea told him what happened with Victor. Chelsea felt bad because this was the second time she tried to redo Faith's room, and she'd failed both times. Nick comforted her and assured her that she made Faith feel loved and welcome. Meanwhile, Faith called Victor. She thanked him for letting her know about the move in advance. Victor asked what Faith told them. Faith said she didn't mention her talk with Victor, but she didn't lie. Victor promised to back up Faith's story, no matter what she said. Faith said they kept calling the penthouse her home, but it wasn't, and the surprise they planned didn't happen. Victor asked if she was trying to make the best of it, as they'd discussed. Faith said yes, but she missed the ranch. Victor reminded her that she could visit him when she was at Sharon's. Victor told Faith to let Nick know if she didn't like it at the penthouse.

Faith came downstairs and asked to see Christian. Chelsea went to see if he was awake. Nick suggested that they have a family day, but Faith protested that Chelsea and Connor weren't her family. Nick reminded Faith that Connor was her cousin. Faith was upset that Nick had moved to Chelsea's without getting Faith's opinion first. Nick was going to say something, but Faith started walking toward the front door. Nick warned her not to walk away from him. They sat down, and Nick urged Faith to confide in him. Chelsea was coming downstairs and she overheard Faith saying she preferred the ranch, because Sharon, Victor and Nikki were nearby. “That's what being a family is like. Not this,” she insisted. Nick stated that families grew and spread out. Faith accused Nick of ruining her life. She rushed upstairs.

At Jabot, Ashley read Dina's report and was very impressed. Jack added that Dina was smart and fast. Jack had been concerned about all the errors in Dina's initial report, but the final result was impeccable. Jack thought it was ironic that Dina was an asset at Jabot since she couldn't have cared less about it when they were kids. Ashley stated that neither Jabot, nor the family were Dina's priorities back then. Ashley didn't understand why a wonderful man like John wasn't good enough for Dina. Jack used to wonder the same thing, but he concluded that it didn't matter. Ashley thought that was easy for him to say; he wasn't the one who had to live with a lie because of it. Ashley thought Jack had a better understanding of what happened between their parents than she did, because she was so young at the time. Jack revealed that he was there the day John found out Dina was having an affair. In a flashback, a teenage Jack peered around the corner as his parents argued. John was enraged because Dina was sleeping with Brent Davis – the man who gave John and Jack golf lessons. Dina yelled that John had his business to love, while she was stuck at home with three kids all day. She said she needed more than this. In the present, Ashley comforted Jack. He noted that it was one of many fights Dina and John had until she left. Jack suggested that they talk about something lighter, and he asked about Ashley and Ravi's trip to the lake. Ashley said there wasn't much to tell. Ravi walked in, and Jack asked him about the trip. Ravi was at a loss for words, but he quickly recovered and said he had a blast. Jack assumed a computer lover like Ravi was out of place in nature, but Ashley clarified that Ravi had sailing experience. Jack asked if they had any other adventures. Ashley and Ravi kept awkwardly pausing as Jack “innocently” questioned them. Jack said he saw Ravi in a whole new light, and he asked if Ashley's perspective on Ravi had changed as well. Ashley abruptly announced that she and Ravi were focusing on work right now, not recreation, and she suggested that they go to her office. An uncomfortable Ravi quickly left. Ashley playfully glared at Jack, who grinned. Ashley followed Ravi out.

Abby dined with Dina at the Athletic Club. They talked about the successful launch of DesignDate; it outperformed all the other dating apps launched at the same time. Dina liked Zack – he was smart, charming and handsome. Abby stated that he was a good guy. She told her grandmother how Zack helped her move into Nick's former home. Abby found it a bit strange to be living in Nick's house, but she thought it was a good sign that Victor offered it to her. Dina stated that Victor didn't like being alone. Abby noted that he'd alienated all of his other children. She wondered if he was stroking her ego to keep her around. Dina felt that Victor was a master manipulator. Abby thought that Victor only hired Scott to irritate her, which caused her to work harder, which wasn't a bad thing. Dina told Abby not to forget how valuable she was. Abby sighed about the complexities of being a Newman and Abbott. Abby asked if Dina considered herself an Abbott. While Dina didn't for many years, she was trying to be an Abbott again. Abby gently asked why Dina left John and her kids. Dina admitted that she betrayed John and broke his heart. She explained that she didn't love the other man, but the golf pro was catnip to a lonely woman. Dina said she was unfulfilled, so she left John and moved to Paris. Abby asked if she ever saw the golf pro again. Dina said that she saw Brent in the 80s. Abby asked if Jack and Ashley knew about it. Dina confirmed that they knew all about that part of her life – a part that she deeply regretted to this day.

Billy and Phyllis were also at the Club for breakfast. Phyllis savored the fact that they could relax in the mornings instead of having to rush off to work. She considered sending Neil and Devon a thank you note for giving the bridge loan to Brash and Sassy. Phyllis recalled that Billy planned to get back at Jack. She asked what he had in mind. Billy glanced over at Dina. He told Phyllis that he had not plans to hit back at Jack and that he was just venting when he said otherwise. Billy was glad that Brash and Sassy didn't end up in bed with Benjamin. He didn't understand why Victoria even considered taking a loan from a man who kneecapped businesses like a mob boss. Phyllis suggested that Benjamin and Victoria genuinely liked each other. Billy asked why she was defending Benjamin. Phyllis insisted that she wasn't. However, Phyllis thought Victoria only had herself to blame for making a scene in a public place after having morning-after regrets. Billy disapproved of Hilary to filming and airing the fight. Phyllis said Hilary was being Hilary. Billy stated that he wasn't going to blame the mother of his children. Phyllis changed the subject. “Speaking of mothers, there's one hypocritical bitch sitting right over there,” Phyllis said of Dina. Billy mentioned that he heard Dina was working at Jabot. Phyllis complained about Dina acting like she ran the place. Billy perked up when Phyllis mentioned that Ravi had helped Dina connect her computer to the Jabot system. Phyllis suggested that Dina would stage a coup and replace Jack. Billy thought that would serve Jack right. Phyllis clarified that she wasn't being serious. She didn't think Jack would ever let Jabot go. Billy noted that any company could have setbacks. Phyllis wondered why Victoria hadn't hired replacements for Juliet and Cane. Billy thought Victoria was wise to be cautious about who she hired after what happened with Juliet and Cane. He was sure she'd hire replacements very soon, but Phyllis suspected that Victoria didn't want to hire anyone. Billy knew his long hours drove Phyllis crazy, but he assured her that it was all about to change. It was time to leave for work, but Billy had to take care of something, so he kissed Phyllis goodbye. Once she was gone, he headed over to Abby and Dina's table. Abby had to go, and she thanked Dina for the talk. Billy offered Dina a ride to Jabot. She accepted, but first she had to grab something from her suite. Billy offered her his arm and they went up to her suite. While Dina was preoccupied, Billy went over to her computer. Dina had her password on a post-it note, and Billy snapped a picture of it with his phone.

At Jabot, Ashley complimented Dina for her excellent report. Dina talked about how much she loved going to work again, and she said Ashley was right – she was a bit depressed after selling Mergeron. Dina told Ashley about her conversation with Abby. Ashley was concerned and asked what Dina said to Abby. Dina assured Ashley that she'd never tell Abby anything that Ashley didn't want her to hear. Ashley quietly said “Abby is John Abbott's granddaughter, just as I am his daughter.” Dina said that would never change. Dina noted that she'd never intended for Ashley to find out about the secret about Brent. Ashley pointed out that it wasn't just Dina's secret. Ashley didn't want Abby to carry the burden of the truth the way Ashley did. Dina had tears in her eyes. While Dina was sorry Ashley was in pain, Dina didn't regret the mistake, because it was the reason Ashley existed. Dina said she'd never regret having Ashley in her life. The camera shifted to reveal that Ravi was around the corner. It wasn't clear how long he'd been there or whether he'd overheard the truth about Ashley's paternity.

Jack assumed Dina was entering his office, but it was Phyllis. Phyllis asked how long Dina would be working there. Jack said Dina could stay as long as she wanted, and he didn't care if Phyllis didn't like it. They shifted gears, and Phyllis griped because Victoria hadn't filled Cane's position yet. Jack doubted she would when she could monopolize Billy's time instead. Phyllis said she and Billy were fine. Jack told her that they both knew Billy couldn't be trusted.

Billy went to Crimson Lights and tried to use Dina's password to log into Jabot's system. The program said he wasn't authorized to access the account.

Abby dropped by the main house to give Victor her report. He offered her breakfast, but she explained that she ate earlier, with Dina. Abby was glad to get to have a real relationship with her. Victor understood, because grandchildren were a blessing. Abby repeated what Dina told her about Brent Davis. Abby noted that Dina gave up everything for him, but they didn't end up together. Abby asked Victor to tell her what he knew about Dina and Brent. Victor said he wasn't living in town at the time. Abby thought Ashley must have told him something. She wondered if Ashley ever met Brent. Victor said he didn't know, and he advised Abby not to Ashley about it. He told her that it would likely make Ashley feel uncomfortable and open up old wounds.

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