Thursday Y&R Update 8/24/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 8/24/17


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At Hamilton-Winters Group, Neil and Devon were very impressed with one of Mattie's ideas. They praised her and dismissed her for the day. Devon assured Mattie that they'd be flexible if she needed some time off. Mattie was adamant that she loved going to work; it was so organized and normal. She left. Neil and Devon felt for Mattie. Neil noted that although there was drama at the Ashby's, at least Lily could pay her bills. Devon said Lily would never go without, but Neil knew that Lily wanted a job, not a handout from her billionaire brother. Neil hoped Devon was okay with him giving a loan to Brash and Sassy. Devon was fine with it because Lily got her job back. However, Devon felt that they should consult with each other before making any more deals. Neil agreed. Devon mentioned his plans with Mariah. Neil recalled that Mariah said she loved Devon and he left her hanging. Devon didn't see it that way, and he didn't think Mariah did either. He promised to let Neil know when his feelings changed.

At the Athletic Club, Cane dismissed Hilary's warning that there was something going on between Lily and Jordan. Cane accused Hilary of trying to spread her misery around. He asked if Jordan lost interest in her. The look on Hilary's face let Cane know he was right. Hilary predicted that Jordan was at Cane's house right now. Cane grinned as Hilary railed about Lily. Hilary contended that Lily was a professional victim. She noted that Cane trashed his career, his marriage and now he was letting Lily walk away with the next wannabe hero. Cane called Hilary sad, and she stormed off. Mattie ran into Cane as she was leaving work, and he offered to buy her a smoothie and catch up. She declined because she had to get home to dinner. Cane noted that he expected that from Charlie, but not from Mattie. Although Mattie joined Cane in the dining room, she was distant. Cane persisted until Mattie demanded to know why he was pretending everything was okay between them. She noted that he'd forbid her from seeing Reed, because he hated Victoria. Cane clarified that he didn't hate Victoria, but they had issues, and he was trying to shield Mattie from the fallout. Mattie reminded Cane that he created the issues. Cane insisted that he was trying to fix what he broke because he loved Mattie, Charlie, and Lily and he'd always be there for them. Mattie said she had to go to dinner. Cane offered to take Mattie to dinner sometime. She said maybe, then she left.

Cane went to Hamilton-Winters and thanked Neil for giving Mattie the internship. Cane understood why Neil didn't hire him, and he was glad that Neil didn't take the same stance with Mattie. Neil noted that Mattie didn't do anything wrong. Neil disclosed that Hamilton-Winters gave a loan to Brash and Sassy. Cane was surprised, because Brash and Sassy didn't have anything to do with Neil and Devon's vision. Neil said he was fond of Victoria, and he respected her commitment to her company. Neil added that the loan meant Lily could get her job back and support Cane's kids. Cane vowed to get back on his feet and regain his family's trust. Neil noted that things couldn't always be fixed. Neil said that Lily and Jordan were thrilled to get back to work.

Hilary was dressed for the gym when she ran into Devon. He mentioned that he was on his way to meet Mariah, and Hilary said she'd let him go so he wouldn't be late. Devon assured her that he had some time. Hilary stated that they probably shouldn't talk too long, so people didn't get the wrong idea. Devon said that any confused people could watch the episode of her show where she announced their divorce. Hilary divulged that the episode got great ratings. She wondered about the ratings she'd get if she announced that they were back together. Devon said that she'd better not let Jordan hear her say that. They went to the dining room. Hilary could tell just by looking at Devon that things were going well at Hamilton-Winters. She recalled that he once considered his inheritance a burden, but she observed that he seemed lighter now that he was putting the money to real use. Devon admitted that she was right. He finally felt like his professional life was coming together; being in the studio with Tessa felt right. Hilary wanted Tessa on the Hilary Hour, and Devon said he had a lot of other artists she could promote too. She told him to get in touch with her about it. Devon asked how things were going with Hilary. She talked about her commercial in NY, and she admitted she loved filming it. Devon was happy for her. He realized he had to get going. Hilary took his hand.

Jordan walked Lily to her door and told her he was going to leave before the kids got home. They both received a text about their work schedule – it would require traveling. Lily was concerned about the logistics of balancing her work life with the twins' activities. Jordan acknowledged that things would be more difficult now that she didn't have a partner in the house. He noted that none of this was her fault, but she was paying the price. Lily said it was fine – moms balanced work and kids all the time. Charlie walked in and Lily explained that Jordan brought her home. Charlie and Jordan connected over photography and football. Charlie mentioned that he'd quit his job because it interfered with football practice. Lily wasn't thrilled about Charlie getting tackled, but she promised to go to his games. Charlie told Jordan that Cane was always the one who supported him playing football. Lily countered that she took Charlie to get his equipment.

Charlie asked about dinner, and Jordan decided to leave, but Charlie invited him to stay. Lily admitted she hadn't planned dinner yet. Jordan stepped up and made dinner for everyone. Later, Mattie came home and complimented Jordan's photos of her mom. Jordan gave the credit to Lily. It was time for dinner, and Jordan asked where to sit. Charlie directed him to Cane's chair. A lively conversation followed. Charlie opined that Lily acted like she'd never been in high school. Jordan teased and asked her to bring out her high school year book. Mattie seemed deep in thought, until Lily snapped her out of it by asking about her internship. Mattie told everyone how well things were going at work. Charlie was fascinated by Jordan's job and asked more questions about the famous people he'd worked with. Jordan admitted it was fun, but not as glamorous as Charlie thought. Cane came home and opened the door, but he stopped short when he heard Jordan's voice. No one noticed that he was there. Lily told the twins that she got her job back. Cane overheard everyone laughing and talking, and he quietly closed the door without going inside. He stood, frozen on the doorstep.

At the Underground, Sharon told Nick about taking a picture of the car driven by the man who bailed out two prostitutes. She hoped Paul could use it to find Crystal. Later, Sharon and Nick looked at photos of Faith at camp. Nick shuddered when Sharon noted that Faith was getting older and would be interested in boys soon. Sharon agreed to let Nick take Faith first, but Sharon wanted to be able to visit her. Nick told Sharon that he moved in with Chelsea after Victor kicked him out of the tack house. Sharon was happy that Nick and Chelsea had taken a big step. She also thought Victor had been short sighted and ridiculous. They thought about how Faith would likely react to he move, and Nick assured Sharon that he and Chelsea were going to work hard to help her settle in.

Sharon felt that Faith should continue to spend time with Victor at the main house. Nick wasn't receptive. Sharon didn't think Nick would really let Faith become collateral damage in his war with Victor. Nick was flattered that Sharon thought he was above this, but he said Victor was not. He was sure Victor would find some way to twist this to his advantage. Sharon didn't argue, because she'd seen Victor in action. Sharon knew Victor loved Faith, so she didn't think he would do anything to upset her. Nick countered that Victor loved a lot of people, including Nikki, Adam and even Sharon when she served his purpose. According to Nick, Victor's love was controlling, came with strings, and he only loved things that he felt he owned.

Tessa followed Crystal's instructions and went to the Night and Day hotel. Once inside the room, she sent Crystal a text. The man from the police station walked in and shut the door behind him. He had Crystal's phone, and he'd lured Tessa into a trap. The man advanced on Tessa, but she stood her ground and asked about Crystal's condition. He stated that Crystal wasn't being hurt. Tessa begged to differ, because Crystal was selling her body. The man maintained that it was Crystal's decision. Tessa argued that Crystal had no choice because she was broke and on the streets. She accused him of taking advantage of a kid, and she said it had to stop. The man refused to shut down the prostitution ring, so Tessa threatened to call the police. The man took her phone away and pulled out the SIM card, then he gave the phone back. The man said Crystal made her choice. Tessa didn't believe that. She didn't even know Crystal was okay. The man called a number and let Tessa video chat with Crystal. It was clear that Crystal was scared, but she said she was fine. Crystal told Tessa not to try to find her, because it wouldn't be good for either of them. Tessa refused to stop looking for Crystal. The man ended the call, and he told Tessa that she could protect Crystal by forgetting she existed. Desperate, Tessa offered to pay to get Crystal back, but the guy left.

When Mariah arrived at the Underground alone, Noah asked where Tessa was; she was supposed to perform tonight. Mariah suggested that Tessa was stuck in traffic. Noah could see that Mariah was worried, even though she claimed that she wasn't. Noah went to go handle a delivery. Tessa arrived, and she pretended everything was fine. Mariah mentioned that she and Noah tried texting and that she thought something might have happened with Crystal. Tessa claimed her phone died. Devon texted Mariah and let her know he was running late. Tessa said she needed to talk to Devon. Mariah asked why, and Noah suddenly appeared. Tessa told him she had a sore throat so she couldn't go on tonight, then she mentioned wanting to talk to Devon about getting back in the studio. Noah went to tend to the bar. Mariah questioned Tessa – if she had a sore throat, why was she eager to get back in the studio? Tessa noted that she wouldn't be going to the studio tonight. She wanted to talk to Devon about an advance on a record. Mariah didn't think it was like Tessa to be so obsessed with money and work. Tessa said she wanted to support herself, otherwise what was she doing this for? Tessa apologized for barking at Mariah. Mariah thought she owed Tessa an apology, because she could see that Tessa's fear for Crystal was always just under the surface. Tessa was touched, and she hugged Mariah.

Back at the Club, Hilary called Devon an excellent boyfriend for letting Mariah know he was running late and a good ex husband for sticking around to catch up. Devon asked if she needed to text Jordan, and Hilary said it wasn't an issue. She just wanted to make sure things were good between her and Devon. She didn't want to cause trouble between him and Mariah. Devon said he and Mariah didn't get jealous. Hilary countered that Mariah told her about the good time they had at the festival. She asked if it was true. Devon said yes, he and Mariah enjoyed themselves. Hilary said she thought about what things used to be like when it was her and Devon against the world. They agreed that they had something special.

Victor went to Faith's camp and talked with her in his limo. Faith announced that she intended to go horseback riding with Victor and play chess with him. She wondered why he came all this way when she'd be home tomorrow. Victor explained that Faith wouldn't be living at the ranch full time anymore. He assured her that Sharon was on the ranch and that wouldn't change, but Nick had moved to a place in town. Shocked, Faith asked why. Victor suggested that Nick was lonely at the tack house with Christian and wanted to live with other people. Faith asked if Nick moved in with Chelsea. Victor called Faith a smart girl and confirmed that he had. Victor stated that Chelsea made Nick happy, which was what Faith wanted, right? Faith did want Nick to be happy, but she didn't feel like the penthouse was her home. She noted that the ranch had her mom, and her pony and Victor. Victor told Faith that she could always come to the ranch if Nick allowed it. He admitted he felt lonely at the house. Faith asked what about Nikki. Victor revealed that Nikki found a new home. Faith insisted that Nikki couldn't leave Victor because he'd be alone. Victor said he wouldn't be if Faith came over. Victor promised that Faith could always confide in him and come visit him. Faith said she trusted Victor more than almost anyone. They hugged.

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