Wednesday Y&R Update 8/23/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 8/23/17


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Victor was alone at the ranch. He remembered disowning Nick and telling Nikki that he was finished pretending they were still together. Nikki came by to pick up some things, but Victor wasn't happy about her dropping in. He told her to call next time and he'd have her stuff sent to her. Nikki noticed that Victor was watching the video of Victoria's segment on the Hilary Hour. Nikki asked Victor what he was going to do about Hilary. “What the hell did you expect me to do? This has already aired,” Victor spat. He maintained that Victoria could've avoided this if she'd accepted his offer for a loan. Victor was insulted that she turned him down, and he decided to focus on the relatives who wanted to be with him. Nikki mentioned the new furniture in Faith's room upstairs. Victor revealed that he had it moved up from the tack house. Nikki was appalled at the way that he'd kicked Nick and the kids off the ranch. Victor clarified that the grandchildren were welcome anytime. Victor reminded Nikki that Nick didn't want anything to do with him. Victor felt that he'd granted Nick's wish, just as he'd granted Nikki's wish to live apart.

Nikki didn't want the grandchildren to get hurt. She thought it was better for Faith to live on the ranch, where she was close to both parents. Victor was worried that Nick would keep Faith from him. Nikki contended that, unlike Victor, Nick would never put his kids in the middle. Victor defended himself and reminded Nikki about Nick trying to sabotage her concert. Nikki theorized that Victor was lonely at the ranch and that was why he was so eager to spend time with Faith. She warned him not to be surprised if Faith had moved on without him.

At the penthouse, Nick noticed that Chelsea seemed upset. He offered to pay all the household bills, but she insisted on a 50:50 split. Nick wanted to pay for everything to make up for springing this arrangement on her. Chelsea was adamant that she wouldn't have let him move in if she didn't want him there. However, she liked being independent and paying her own way. Chelsea thought Nick wanted to prove he was a provider because he was hurt that Victor accused him of being a moocher. She assured him that he didn't have to prove anything to her. Chelsea said Nick could help by giving her a massage. As Nick massaged Chelsea's shoulders, he mentioned that Faith would be moving in tomorrow. Chelsea thought it was best if Faith went to Sharon's first, since Nick hadn't even told her about the move yet. Nick maintained that Faith should come to them first because she loved being with Connor and Christian. He also believed that he and Chelsea should talk to Faith together before anyone else had a chance to give Faith their opinion on the move. Chelsea reminded Nick that she wasn't Faith's favorite person, because Faith wanted him to be with Sharon. Nick thought Faith had outgrown that. Chelsea was nervous because she wanted to have a good relationship with Faith. Nick was optimistic that Faith would love living there. He decided to hire some movers to pick up Faith's furniture from Victor's place. Chelsea reminded him that the room in the penthouse was smaller, but Nick was confident that it would all work out.

Nikki dropped by and told Nick that Victor was concerned that he'd be cut out of Faith's life. Chelsea was sure that Nick would allow Victor to see Faith. Nick clarified that he wasn't sure it was a good idea for Faith to spend a lot of time with Victor. Chelsea excused herself. Nikki thought it would be a mistake to keep Faith from Victor when there were so many other changes taking place in her life. Nick assumed that Victor had manipulated Nikki into thinking Nick was the bad guy. Nikki said Victor didn't do that. Nikki contended that Faith craved stability. She frowned in disapproval when Nick admitted he hadn't told Faith about the move. Nikki wasn't sure Nick realized how much this would affect a ten year old. She predicted that Faith would resent him if he kept her away from Victor. Nick thought Victor was working Nikki, and it made him more resolved to limit the interaction between Faith and Victor. Chelsea peered downstairs and listened to the argument. Nikki accused Nick of letting his anger cloud his judgment. Nick argued that Victor wasn't above filling Faith's head with garbage. He vowed to tell Faith the truth about Victor when he picked her up tomorrow.

Back at the ranch, Victor called Faith's camp and made arrangements to drive up tonight. He explained that there had been some changes in the family that he wanted to let her know about before she came home.

At Dive Bar, Jordan and Lily toasted to second chances. Neil arrived and joined them. Hilary sent Jordan a text asking him to come to her room. He left. Lily told Neil that the Dare campaign was back on. Neil said he was glad to hear that. He revealed that Hamilton-Winters gave Brash and Sassy a bridge loan. Lily hoped that he didn't do that just so she could keep her job. Neil said he did it because it was a good business move. Neil also admitted he was happy to help Lily undo some of Cane's wrongs. Neil explained that he'd talked to Cane and advised him to get his life in gear if he wanted a shot at getting Lily back. Lily clarified that it wasn't that simple. She said there wasn't some check list for Cane to complete to get her back. She didn't like the way Cane followed his worst impulses. Neil supported Lily doing what was right for her. Lily wasn't sure that what was right for her was right for her family. She didn't want to break her family up, especially when Cane forgave her in the past. Neil cautioned Lily that staying out of obligation could lead to resentment, which would affect everyone. Neil felt that Lily should hold off on making any long term decisions right now. He told her that she had no reason to feel guilty.

Hilary met Jordan at the door and greeted him with a passionate kiss and champagne. She explained that they were celebrating her first commercial shoot. Jordan toasted to her talent and ambition. Hilary said she couldn't have done it without Jordan, since she found out about the commercial because of he filmed Lily's audition on Hilary's set. Hilary stripped off her dress and sat in Jordan's lap. They kissed, and Hilary suggested that they do another nude photo session. Jordan pulled out of the kiss and he admitted he wasn't being fair. He felt that it was time for them to acknowledge that the relationship hadn't been working for awhile.

Hilary insisted that they were working on fixing things, but Jordan felt that it was time to move on. She asked if he was saying this because Lily was available. Jordan noted that Lily was married, but Hilary countered that he didn't answer the question. Jordan thought it was best to walk away before someone got hurt. Hilary snapped that she was hurt that Jordan was just willing to walk away. She was about to pour her heart out, but she changed her mind and adopted a tough demeanor. As she put on her clothes and downed her champagne, she spat that she was fine and her one mistake was caring about him. Hilary warned Jordan that Lily would never choose him over Cane. Hilary said she couldn't promise that she'd be waiting when Lily broke Jordan's heart. Jordan kissed Hilary's forehead and predicted that she wouldn't be alone for long.

At the Athletic Club, a worried Juliet gave Cane the results from her prenatal screening. Cane was concerned when he learned that the baby had a genetic marker for Cystic Fibrosis. Juliet had a cousin with the disease, so she knew it ran in her family. In order for their baby to have the disease, it would need to inherit the marker from both parents. Cane admitted he didn't know his family history because he wasn't close to his relatives. He asked if the baby would have the disease if he had the marker. Juliet explained that if Cane had the marker, the child would have a 25% chance of inheriting the disease. She asked him to come to the hospital to get a blood test. He quickly agreed. He told Juliet not to hesitate to come to him about the baby, because it was his child too. There was a small smile on Juliet's face as they walked out.

They returned later, to wait for the results. Cane reassured the fearful Juliet. According to Cane, the doctor said the baby was likely fine. Cane had done some research in the waiting room and learned that doctors had made progress in treating the disease. Juliet vowed to love the baby no matter what and give it the best care. Cane said she wouldn't be alone. Lily arrived just as Juliet hugged Cane. Cane noticed Lily and ended the hug. Juliet greeted Lily and left. Cane brought Lily up to speed and added that Juliet was concerned. Lily noted that Cane didn't have to explain himself, because they were separated. Cane replied that she was still his wife and Juliet meant nothing to him. He vowed to put his family back together. Lily hoped the baby would be okay. Cane stressed that he'd only been assuring Juliet that he'd be there for the child. Lily wasn't surprised because Cane was a good father. Cane didn't think the twins would agree. Lily told him that Mattie and Charlie were confused and trying to reconcile what he did with the man they adored. She encouraged him to be patient. Lily asked Cane about his new job. He told her it fell through, but he said he'd find something else. Lily told him she got her job back, and he was happy for her. Lily decided to leave. Cane told her it was nice to catch up. Lily wished him luck and left. Cane called after her, but she kept going. Hilary happened to see it. She told Cane that Lily was moving on with Jordan. Hilary said she saw it with her own eyes, and she theorized that they were probably already hooking up.

Lily went back to Dive Bar. She hugged Jordan. He said he'd just told someone something they didn't wan to hear, but he felt better for doing it. Lily revealed that she just ran into Cane and for the first time, she didn't feel like crying or screaming afterward. Jordan said he cared about Lily and hoped the kiss didn't add another complication. He didn't want to pressure her. Lily said she didn't feel pressured, then she called Jordan her rock. Jordan was happy to be whatever she needed him to be.

At the cottage, Mariah asked if Tessa was okay. Tessa exploded that she wasn't okay. Her sister's life had reached such a low point that she was selling herself to strangers and was now being held against her will. Mariah tried to reassure Tessa by reminding her that Scott and the police were involved. Tessa reminded Mariah that Scott found out Crystal got in trouble for trying to escape. Mariah noted that there was a nice woman looking after Crystal and the others. Tessa didn't feel any better because she didn't know if that was true. All she knew was that Crystal hadn't reached out to her or Sharon. Mariah thought it might be time to tell Sharon and Noah that Crystal and Tessa were sisters. Tessa was adamant that she didn't want anyone else to know. Tessa was scared that the truth would raise questions about her and her past. Mariah was sure that no one would judge Tessa. Tessa said she told Mariah that in confidence, because she trusted her. Mariah promised to keep the secret, but she didn't want Tessa to feel like she had to deal with this alone. Tessa insisted that she wasn't alone. She wished she could find a way to help Crystal. Mariah promised to help Tessa out.

Tessa felt guilty – her life was a dream, while her sister was living in hell. This was what she'd been afraid of when she left Chicago. Mariah didn't think Tessa should feel bad for leaving to make a better life for herself and her sister. She added that Crystal's predicament was the fault of the people who preyed on her, not Tessa. Mariah touched Tessa's hand and assured her that she was a great sister and a great person. They stared at each other until Mariah grew awkward. Mariah stopped touching Tessa and went to get ready for her date with Devon. While Mariah was upstairs, Tessa got a text from Crystal asking her to come to the hotel. When Mariah returned, Tessa was gone.

At the police station, Sharon left a message for Paul warning him that prostitution ring might not be the small local thing Christine thought it was. Sharon noticed two young women getting arrested. An officer offered them a phone call, but they stated that they couldn't talk to anyone and added that someone would come take care of this. Later, Sharon approached the officer and asked him questions. She learned that the women were working at the same hotel as Crystal. Sharon asked if he'd heard any information on Crystal. He either couldn't or wouldn't say, and he walked away. A man came to post bail for the women. Sharon secretly took his picture and texted it to Scott. Scott recognized him as the man in the hotel room. Sharon went out to her car watched the station for the man to come out. Sharon phoned Scott and predicted that the man would lead them to Crystal. Scott was worried about Sharon, who assured him that she wasn't going to do anything. The man and women got in a car and drove off. Sharon ducked down in her seat and took pictures of the car. She was frustrated when she realized she didn't a shot of the license plate.

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