Tuesday Y&R Update 8/22/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 8/22/17


Written by Christine
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Nikki dropped by the tack house to see Nick and was caught off guard to find Abby moving in. Abby explained that Nick moved out and Victor gave the place to her. Nikki was angry when she realized that Victor kicked Nick out. Nikki asked where Nick was now, and Abby revealed that he'd moved in with Chelsea. Nikki didn't understand why Abby would move in after what Victor did to her brother. Abby explained that Victor's offer made her feel like she was finally part of the family. However, Abby felt bad that it came at Nick's expense, and she hated to see Nikki upset. Nikki made it clear that she wasn't angry with Abby, just Victor. Nikki warned Abby that her good relationship with Victor might not last. Zack arrived, and Abby made introductions.

After Nikki left, Zack helped Abby unpack and marveled about her massive collection of books on business. While Abby went to get something from her car, Zack took a phone call from someone who wanted to interview him about Design Date on their popular blog. Zack declined. Abby returned and asked for an explanation. Zack explained that he didn't want to over-hype the new app before he was sure all the bugs were fixed. Abby noted that Zack was playing it safe. Zack agreed that he was cautious at work, but he felt that he was taking a risk by dating his business partner. Abby understood and supported his decision about the interview. Later, they had pizza and Abby praised his moving skills. Zack noted that he had a lot of practice, because he moved around a lot. Abby divulged that she'd moved often during her childhood. She added that she didn't get close to Victor until she returned to Genoa City. Abby admitted that her relationship with Victor was rocky sometimes, but she felt proud to be his daughter. Zack had seen Abby in action at work, and he found it hard to believe she ever felt like she didn't belong. He thought she was smart, capable and beautiful. Abby called Zack amazing. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Nick noted that he'd invited himself to move into Chelsea's home. He wondered if she was having second thoughts. Chelsea admitted she'd been hesitant at first, but she felt lucky to wake up next to Nick this morning. Nick replied that he was the luckiest guy on the planet. They kissed. Chelsea had to go to work. She offered to hire a sitter, so Nick could focus on unpacking, but he assured her that he and the boys would have fun with the boxes. He walked her to the door, and they shared a long goodbye kiss. After Chelsea left, Nikki arrived, outraged about Victor. Nick admitted that he couldn't fault Victor's logic; he'd lived rent-free on Victor's property for most of his adult life. Nick thought it was nice to finally cut the cord, and he loved living with Chelsea. Nikki raised concerns about Faith. Nick knew it would be an adjustment, but he and Chelsea were committed to making it work. Nikki wondered if Nick rushed into this arrangement because he needed a place to live. Nick was adamant that he'd never do that to Chelsea. Satisfied, Nikki wished him the best. Nick wondered if he needed to say the same for her and Jack. Nikki said she and Jack had only had a lovely day at the cabin. Nick warned his mom not to get caught in the crossfire if the Newman/Abbott feud was reignited.

Chelsea returned after Nikki left. She was panicked because her supplier sent the wrong fabric, which meant she'd be forced to push back production on her line. As Chelsea paced around, she noticed that Connor's framed drawing was no longer prominently displayed. It was now behind some of Nick's photos. She asked why he moved the drawing. Nick explained that he didn't move it; he'd just put up some of his own pictures, and he didn't mean to hide the drawing. Chelsea confessed to overreacting, but Nick admitted he'd been thoughtless. He acknowledged that they'd have to get used to sharing space, but he had an idea. They put up a picture of the two of them playing with Connor.

At the Ashby home, Jordan hoped the kiss wasn't out of line. Lily said it wasn't, but it came as a surprise. Jordan admitted he wanted to do that ever since he heard she kicked Cane out. Lily cautioned Jordan that she still loved Cane. Jordan turned to leave, and Lily stopped him. She asked him not to be upset, and she admitted she was confused. Jordan asked if she might take Cane back. Lily wasn't sure what she was going to do. She felt that she had to sort out her own life before she got involved with anyone.

At the Athletic Club, Neil and Devon made plans to try and buy out another company. Neil informed Devon that Hamilton-Winters had given a loan to Victoria. Devon was taken aback because Neil didn't discuss it with him first. Neil stated that it was time sensitive. He also explained that Victoria had laid Lily off, and the loan enabled her to give Lily her job back. Neil added that he and Victoria had a long history, and the loan was his way of giving back to her. Devon was all for helping his sister, but he thought that would be a full time job as long as Cane was in her orbit.

At the Hilary Hour, Mariah and Hilary discussed the popularity of Victoria's segment. It had exceeded expectations, and Hilary was ecstatic. Victoria stormed in and ordered Hilary to take the video down. Hilary said she couldn't even if she wanted to, which she didn't. Mariah backed Hilary up – the video had been saved and shared and there was no way wipe it from the internet. Victoria was furious that Hilary had recorded a private conversation. Hilary countered that Victoria shouldn't have had the fight in a public hallway. Victoria accused Hilary of stalking her and her family. Mariah tried to placate Victoria by suggesting she come on the show and give her side of the story. Victoria refused to let the show make her look even worse. Mariah swore that wasn't her intention. Victoria didn't understand why Hilary was out to get her when they once had a mutually beneficial relationship. Victoria thought it all started when Hilary found Juliet a lawyer. Hilary contended that the lawsuit was Cane's fault for acting inappropriately. Hilary reminded Victoria that she never aired anything about the lawsuit. Victoria argued that Hilary didn't air the story because it had been sealed, not because because of her principles. Hilary noted that Victor had no issue with her airing the fight with Nick. Victoria snapped that Victor didn't speak for her. Victoria told Hilary that if she wanted to keep her job, she wouldn't make an enemy out of Victoria.

Later, Mariah checked in with Hilary because she seemed rattled. Hilary admitted she was surprised by how angry Victoria was. Hilary didn't think the video made Victoria look bad. She thought Victoria had seemed strong and confident and that she gave Benjamin what he deserved. Mariah noted that Benjamin and Victoria had hurled insults at each other about their performance in bed and talked about Brash and Sassy's struggles. Mariah thought it was obvious that Victoria wouldn't have wanted that video to be put online. Hilary didn't regret posting the video. Mariah warned her to be ready for the blow-back. Hilary said she could handle it. Devon arrived, and Hilary walked away without acknowledging him. Mariah hoped Devon was there to whisk her away to somewhere magical. Devon hoped the Underground would be okay. They agreed to meet there later and kissed.

Victoria went to the doctor about her memory loss. She explained that she had some hearing issues just before her blackouts. Dr. Carlisle asked if she'd reduced her stress levels, as he'd advised. Victoria admitted that her life had only become more stressful since her last visit. Dr. Carlisle ordered an EEG. Later, he told her that the test came back normal, but her symptoms weren't uncommon after a concussion. He explained that the symptoms might go away in a week, or they could last months. He told her to track her symptoms and to reduce her stress, noting that her body was telling her to take it easy. Victoria didn't think she could take time off work.

Neil approached Cane, who was at the Club bar. Cane didn't want to talk, but Neil told him to consider it a mini intervention. Neil had heard that Cane was living at the Chancellor mansion. Cane explained that he was trying to save money on rent and he'd sold his car to pay the kids' tuition to private school. He wanted to make things up to his family so Lily would take him back. Neil advised Cane to stop passing the blame and take responsibility for his actions. Neil told Cane to prove to Lily that he was the decent and honest man that Neil knew he was. Cane insisted that he was trying, but Neil didn't think he was trying hard enough. Neil added that there was an old saying – you make your own luck. Neil left.

Victoria texted Cane to meet her at Brash and Sassy. Cane smiled, then he went to the meeting. . Cane hoped Victoria wasn't mad that he let her know about Hilary's piece on her. Victoria thanked him for saving her from making a huge mistake. She explained that she was about to take a loan from Benjamin when she saw Cane's name and number on a notepad in Benjamin's room. Cane stated that he was trying to find a job, so he could support his family. Victoria suspected that Cane had been planning to engage in corporate espionage with Benjamin, like he had with Jack. She thanked him for saving her company and informed him that he was still fired. Cane walked out.

In Jack's office, Phyllis asked if Jack was trying to come up with another way to destroy Brash and Sassy. Jack thought Victoria had taken care of that. He was confident that no one would give her a loan after they saw the video. Phyllis was concerned that she'd have even less time with Billy if the company continued to flounder. Jack predicted that she'd have even more time with him if Victoria couldn't pay the rent hike. Just then, Billy arrived, and he'd overheard Jack's speculation. Billy took joy in informing Jack that Victoria had paid the rent for the entire quarter, thanks to a loan from Jack's friend, Neil. Phyllis noted that Victoria would be able to afford to hire more employees. Jack angrily reminded Phyllis to remember where her loyalties lay. Billy told Jack that Phyllis was happy that Billy would be around the house more. Billy shifted gears and mentioned that he and Dina talked about John's forgiving nature. Billy didn't think their father would approve of Jack's attempt to sabotage Victoria's company. Billy left.

Jack enraged that Billy had the audacity to bring up John and paint Jack as vindictive. Jack said his father was a fair man, but he was also a shrewd businessman who didn't let his good nature get in the way of a deal. Despite Jack's assertion, Phyllis didn't think John would approve Jack's tactics with Victoria, and she didn't think Neil would either. Jack vowed to find another way to remove the competition. Nikki dropped by, after Phyllis left, and told Jack about Victor kicking Nick off the ranch and Victoria's humiliation. She asked if Jack watched the video. Jack said he was sorry to say that he had. Nikki didn't understand how Jack could be friends with Hilary. Jack explained that Hilary had been loyal to him when she worked for him. He'd seen a side of Hilary that he liked and admired.

Jack turned the question around and asked how Nikki could still care about Victor. Nikki stated that he'd been the love of her life for decades, they shared children, grandchildren and lots of good times. Jack thought the bad outweighed the good, since they were separated. Nikki declared that she couldn't just stop loving Victor, but that didn't mean he wanted to be with him. Jack asked if she was with him in order to irritate Victor. Nikki asked if Jack wasn't with her for the same reason. Jack admitted that he originally encouraged Nikki to lean on him because it got under Victor's skin. As time went on, Jack came to remember how much he valued Nikki's presence in his life. He assured her that he had no hidden agenda where Victor was concerned. Nikki stated that she didn't either. She wanted Jack in her life, and she wanted to be a part of his. They kissed.

Billy summoned Jordan and Lily to the office and told them that the campaign was back on. He warned them that the company was still on shaky ground, so they'd need to put forth their best work – Lily would need to show the magic Billy knew she had inside. Lily thanked him for bringing her back. Billy said Lily meant a lot to him and Victoria.

Billy went to the Club and had champagne with Phyllis. He raised a toast to her for her faith in him and for sticking by him when he wasn't at his best. Phyllis felt bad that Jack raised Brash and Sassy's rent. Billy knew Jack was trying to drive the company out of business, but he was adamant that he and Victoria weren't going anywhere. Billy was confident that he could handle Jack. Phyllis asked what he planned to do. Billy didn't want Phyllis involved, because he didn't want her getting caught in the crossfire. Billy didn't regret sleeping with Phyllis while she was married to his brother, but he admitted Jack had the right to hate him for that. However, Billy refused to let Jack destroy Victoria's company, and he decided to go on the offensive. Phyllis noted that Jack had accused her of having divided loyalties, but she assured Billy that she was on his side. Billy announced that he was finished paying for the affair. “Jack has punished me enough. It's my turn to punish him,”he stated.

Jordan and Lily went to Dive Bar to celebrate. Lily was glad that there was one good thing in her life that she wouldn't lose. Jordan jokingly asked if she meant him or her job. “Both,” Lily replied. Jordan felt the same way. Hilary arrived and saw them together.

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