Friday Y&R Update 8/18/17

The Y&R Update Friday 8/18/17


Written by Christine
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Billy received a text that sent him rushing out of the office and to the elevator. The doors opened and Phyllis yanked him inside for a quickie. Afterward, they adjusted their clothes as they walked back to Brash and Sassy. They discussed the fact that Phyllis had been away on business for Fenmore. Billy told her about Jack raising the rent and about Victoria's attempt to get a loan from Benjamin. Phyllis thought that was fast, and she wondered if Victoria and Benjamin had done more than have dinner together. Billy thought Victoria had no choice but to go to Benjamin, since he and Victor were the only options.

At Dive Bar, Mattie told Reed that she was embarrassed by the way Cane reacted when he found them together. She admitted it got ugly and that she said some harsh things. Mattie felt that Cane had been irrational ever since Lily kicked him out. Reed asked how Lily felt about them hanging out. Mattie disclosed that Lily wanted them to take things slow. According to Reed, Victoria felt the same way. Reed and Mattie wished their parents would work out their own issues and let them do their own thing. Mattie spotted her dad, and she asked Reed to leave before he saw them together. Reed left. An apologetic Cane walked up and explained that he was adjusting to the fact that Mattie was growing up. Mattie asked how he felt about Reed. Cane mentioned that Victoria fired him, and Mattie reminded Cane that he'd been fired for something he did. Cane conceded her point. Cane revealed that Victoria had been stressed ever since Reed came back to town, because he was bad news. Mattie asked if what Reed did was worse than what Cane did. Cane insisted that he was trying to protect Mattie. Mattie snapped that he shouldn't have wrecked their family. Cane apologized and left. Reed returned, and Mattie told him what Cane said about him. Reed admitted he got in trouble a lot when he first arrived, due to Victoria's strict rules. Reed said it was better now. Mattie thought that Cane didn't care because he'd already made up his mind about Reed. Reed asked if Mattie had changed her mind about him. Mattie realized she had to go back to work, and she rushed off, leaving Reed without answers.

At Hamilton-Winters, Victoria was boiling with rage. She was about to smash something, but Neil asked her not to take her anger out on his brand new office. He urged her to calm down and talk to him. Victoria castigated herself for trusting Benjamin, despite the warnings. Neil thought she was being too hard on herself. Victoria thought she should've seen through him. Victoria told Neil about her company's money troubles, and her need for a short term bridge loan. She felt like she had no choice but to eat crow and go back to Victor. Neil offered Victoria a loan, but he gently urged her to restart the Dare campaign, so that Lily could go back to work. Victoria agreed. Victoria was grateful, and Neil said he loved helping out a friend. Victoria noted that they'd once been more than friends. She didn't think she appreciated him as much as she should have. Neil told her not to be so hard on herself. Mattie suddenly arrived, and Victoria chatted with her and said she was sorry about what happened between their families. Victoria thanked Neil again and left.

Later, Mattie returned to Dive Bar, where Reed was messing around on his guitar. She told him about her running into Victoria at work. Mattie sensed that there was something deeper going on there. Reed suggested that he and Mattie secretly keep seeing each other. Mattie was hesitant to keep anything from her parents at first, but then she decided she was okay with keeping secrets since her parents had kept things from her.

At the Ashby house, Jordan asked Lily to go to New York with him to look for work. Jordan had connections, and he was sure he could find her a job. Lily liked the idea, but she declined, because of the kids. Lily was sad Jordan was moving away. She asked what would happen to his relationship with Hilary. Jordan had no idea what was going on with Hilary. Lily mentioned that Hilary just got back from shooting the commercial that she stole from Lily. Lily hoped Jordan would convince Hilary to move to NY. Jordan wasn't sure about that, because their relationship had hit some speed bumps. He revealed that Hilary was jealous of Lily. Lily opined that Hilary was irrationally jealous of everything Lily had, including her friendship with Jordan, even though it predated Jordan's relationship with Hilary. Jordan noted that it wasn't a one way feud. Lily felt justified after everything Hilary did to her family. Lily said she didn't want Hilary to wreck Jordan's life the way she did Devon and Neil's. Lily said she'd never like or trust Hilary. Lily contended that Jordan was a special person who could do better than Hilary. She felt that he deserved someone who wouldn't take him for granted. Jordan asked what if he'd already found that woman, but she wasn't an option. They stared at each other, then they kissed.

At The Hilary Hour, Mariah and the crew stood around waiting for Hilary, who was late for the production meeting. Hilary walked in and announced that they were scrapping the entire episode because she had exclusive news. Mariah wondered what sort of poison Hilary planned to air. Hilary assured Mariah that it wasn't about Sharon, or her “oh so special” relationship with Devon. Mariah said she wasn't concerned because there was nothing lurid happening in her relationship with Devon. Hilary sensed that Mariah was being deceitful. Mariah insisted that there was nothing going on. Hilary didn't care; she was just ready to run the story. As the show aired, Hilary interrupted Mariah's intro in order to do her own.

At Jabot, Dina told Jack and Ashley that she'd been waylaid by their charming brother. An annoyed Jack assumed Billy had whined to Dina about his evil big brother. Dina said Billy did mention that Jack raised Brash and Sassy's rent. Jack thought it was a fair price, and he felt that Brash and Sassy could set up shop in Jill's garage if they didn't like it. Dina thought that was a crass way for Jack to talk about his brother. Jack countered that Billy had changed the rules on how one should treat their brother. Ashley quickly changed the subject to Dina's project. Dina lied and said she'd checked her work and was embarrassed to realize she made an error in her calculation. She handed them the corrected report, and she asked if she was fired. Jack assured her that he'd never fire her. Dina wanted to hear about Ravi and Ashley's trip later. Dina left. Ashley was relieved that Dina caught her mistake and that they didn't have to worry about her being incapable of working. Jack was still angry about Billy's encounter with Dina, but Ashley didn't think it was a big deal. Jack reminded Ashley that Dina didn't like Billy's mother, Jill. Ashley stated that Billy had two parents, one of whom was their father. She told Jack to remember that the next time he stuck Brash and Sassy with an exorbitant rent hike. Jack defended it as a sound business move, but Ashley told him to save it. She thought he was wasting his time and that Victoria would never let the company go.

Phyllis and Benjamin met at Dive Bar, but they sat at different tables, so as not to draw attention. Benjamin informed Phyllis that the deal between him and Victoria was off. Phyllis was concerned that her role in Benjamin and Victoria's meeting would be revealed. He assured her that no one knew she and Jack were involved. Benjamin explained that the deal died when Victoria found out he was going to hire Cane. Benjamin said he'd miss Victoria because she was a spitfire behind closed doors.

Phyllis went to Jack's office and gave him the news. A disappointed Jack told Phyllis that they had to come up with a new plan. Phyllis noted that Jack didn't look surprised when he found out Benjamin had thought about hiring Cane. She decided to break her alliance with Jack, because she knew Jack and Cane wanted to hurt Billy, and she didn't want any part in it. Phyllis said that she wasn't out to destroy Victoria's company, she just didn't want it swallowing Billy whole. Jack told her that she'd have to get her hands dirty if she wanted her plan to succeed.

In the Jabot lobby, Dina told Ashley that she was proud of her and Jack, and she knew John would be too. Dina noted the importance of family and asked if there was any chance Billy and Jack could repair their rift. Ashley thought chances were slim now that Billy was living with Phyllis. Dina didn't like Phyllis, and she knew John would be upset that his sons were fighting over someone like her. Dina was optimistic that Jack and Billy would reconcile, just like Ashley and Dina had. Ashley went into Jack's office and told him to turn on Hilary's show.

Benjamin joined Cane at the Athletic Club bar and ordered two white Russians. Cane opted to stick with lemonade, but Benjamin advised him to have a stiff drink while they talked. At that point, The Hilary Hour came on.

Victoria went to work and told Billy about Benjamin's secret side deal with Cane. Billy said he was sorry things didn't work out with Benjamin, and he told Victoria that Benjamin was out of her league. Victoria let Billy know about the deal she made with Neil. Victoria offered to buy Billy lunch to celebrate the good news. Cane texted Victoria and told her to watch Hilary's show.

Several of the residents of Genoa City watched the episode. Victoria looked mortified as she watched her argument with Benjamin air on live television. Billy shot Victoria a surprised look as he heard her admit to sleeping with Benjamin. Over at the Club, Benjamin seethed. He noted that he wouldn't need Cane, since he wouldn't be working with Brash and Sassy. Benjamin threw some money on the bar and stormed off. On the set, Hilary reveled in her scoop, but Mariah was speechless. “Is Brash and Sassy broke and passe?” Hilary questioned. Back at Jabot, Jack smirked as he watched the show.

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