Thursday Y&R Update 8/17/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 8/17/17


Written by Christine
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At the Athletic Club, Juliet walked over to Hilary and complimented her outfit. Hilary mentioned that she bought it during her recent trip to NY. Hilary returned the compliment, and Juliet shared that she'd purchased some maternity clothes. They spotted Cane at the bar. Juliet felt bad for him because he was having a hard time after Lily kicked him out. She went over to say hi. Juliet told Cane that she was waiting for some prenatal test results. She added that the doctor said the pregnancy was going as expected. “That's great,” Cane dryly replied. Juliet asked how Cane was, and he revealed that he had a job interview. Juliet thought that any company would be lucky to have him. She was impressed that he was able to close the deal with Sato San after he walked. Cane gave Juliet credit for bringing Sato San back. Juliet thought she and Cane had been a formidable team. Cane agreed. He accused Victoria of minimizing his contributions because she wanted to uplift Billy. Juliet thought it was logical for Cane to set Billy up to get him out of the way. She felt that Cane was just looking out for himself. “Like you did when you filed that lawsuit against me, right?” Cane asked. Juliet thought they should move past that. Cane hoped that once he got his career back on track, his personal life would follow and Lily would forgive him. Juliet said that until then, she was willing to listen if he wanted to talk.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily told Neil that the Dare campaign was on indefinite hold for budgetary reasons. Neil assured Lily that she could always come to him for money. Lily appreciated that, but she didn't think it would be necessary. She planned to ask Barry to send her out for auditions. She vowed to do whatever it took to support her family. Lily revealed that Cane sold his car to pay for the twins' tuition. She suspected that he thought this gesture would change things between them, but she said that one act didn't erase all of his lies. Lily said that her heart broke every time she saw Juliet and her baby bump. She told Neil that Charlie couldn't stand to be near Cane, and Mattie wasn't too far behind after Cane went off on her. Neil asked what happened. Lily explained that Cane caught Mattie making out with Reed. According to Lily, Cane didn't want Mattie dating Victoria's son. Lily said she was on the fence about Mattie's relationship with Reed. Lily said she was trying to preserve the Cane's relationship with the twins, but Cane wasn't making it easy. Neil thought Cane had trouble overcoming his emotions. Lily added that it made him irrational. She hoped Cane would hold himself accountable for his actions. Neil noted that it wasn't good for a family to have two unhappy parents. He told her that she'd have to be able to forgive Cane. Lily was uncertain, and Neil comforted her. Lily was dismayed when she ran into Hilary near the bar. Lily mentioned the commercial. Hilary said that filming it was easy. Lily hoped Hilary made it big and moved to NY. They traded barbs until Hilary said she truly felt bad for Lily. Hilary noted that a few months ago, Lily's billboard was everywhere and she was going to be the next big thing, but now her world had come crashing down. Lily laughed and said she didn't need Hilary's pity. Hilary left.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria was annoyed with Billy for telling Victor that her company was in a financial bind. Billy admitted he shouldn't have said anything to Victor. Billy assumed Victoria had borrowed the money from Benjamin. Victoria explained that she wanted to vet the contract before she signed. Victoria had looked the contract over three times, and she thought it seemed fine. Billy wondered why she was being so cautious about a short term contract. Victoria wanted to be careful because she'd been burned the last time she didn't take a hands on approach.

Benjamin wondered if it was wise to hold their secret meeting in Jack's office. Jack thought it was fine, since no one else was at work this early. Benjamin announced that Victoria was ready to sign the bridge loan contract. Jack was pleased, noting that it would give Benjamin the opportunity to get closer to Victoria and her company. Benjamin mentioned that he met someone else who shared Jack's desire to see Brash and Sassy fail – Cane. According to Benjamin, Cane had offered to give him dirt on the company in exchange for a job. Jack said that he'd considered hiring Cane, but decided against it. Jack was adamant that Benjamin was not to tell Cane about their secret deal. Benjamin thought Victoria hadn't signed the contract yet because Victor and Billy tried to talk her out of it. Jack instructed Benjamin to close the deal before Victoria changed her mind.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Victoria looked over the contract again. Billy suggested that they figure out a way to get the company through the next quarter without a loan. Just then, Jack walked in and delivered their new lease for the lab. Billy and Victoria were appalled – Jack was raising the rent by 25%. Jack was unapologetic and told them they could leave if they didn't like the price. Jack walked out. Victoria decided to stay, despite the price hike, because she didn't want the business world to think that the company couldn't pay its rent. Victoria felt that she had no choice but to borrow money from Benjamin.

Benjamin interviewed Cane in his suite. Cane suspected that Benjamin was interested in acquiring Brash and Sassy. Benjamin noted that he never said that, and he told Cane to keep his presumptions to himself. Cane assured Benjamin that he knew everything about Brash and Sassy. Benjamin wanted specifics, but Cane refused to disclose anything until they made a deal. He wrote his number down and told Benjamin to call him. Benjamin admitted he was interested.

Cane ran into Lily at the Club and told her that he might have found a new job. She congratulated him, but he didn't get the enthusiastic response he'd hoped for. Lily said she was happy for Cane, but she was disappointed about her career. Cane assured her that it was a speed bump. Lily said that her run in with Hilary didn't help, then she filled him in. Cane noted that Lily never told him Hilary went out for the same part as her. Lily stated that they had more important things to discuss. Lily conceded that Hilary didn't steal the part from her. Cane said that didn't make it fair, and Lily replied that a lot of things had been unfair recently. She felt like she couldn't catch a break. Lily noticed that Hilary seemed to get opportunities despite doing awful things. Lily said she worked hard at Brash and Sassy and tried to be a good wife and mother. Cane assured her that she was the best person he knew. Lily said it didn't matter, because Victoria put her job on hold, and Cane cheated on her and lied. Lily got up and left.

Benjamin was thrilled when Victoria showed up and told him she was ready to sign the contract. While he was getting champagne, Victoria noticed the piece of paper with Cane's name and number, and she confronted him. Benjamin pretended he'd just taken a number from a guy who ran into him at the bar and asked for a job. Victoria said that she fired Cane for cause, and now he was trying to pay her back by revealing her company's secrets. She suspected that Benjamin took the bait. Benjamin sputtered that he thought she knew him better than that – he was her ally. Victoria accused him of trying to use Cane to take her company. She ripped up the contract and threw it at him. Victoria had another episode and temporarily zoned out. Benjamin wanted to take Victoria to lunch and talk this out. Victoria recovered and she left. Benjamin followed her. Hilary happened by, and she secretly filmed them. Benjamin asked Victoria to give him a chance, but she snapped that she'd have enough of his lies. She accused him of trying to manipulate her to get a piece of her company. Victoria wished she'd listened to the people who warned her about him, instead of being stupid. Benjamin argued that it would be stupid to turn him down, because Brash and Sassy wouldn't survive without his help. Victoria insisted that her company would be fine. She turned to leave, but Benjamin grabbed her. He begged her to stop, and he said he cared for her. Disgusted, Victoria spat that she regretted spending the night with him. Benjamin countered that she couldn't get enough of “the Hoch” that night. Victoria shot back that she didn't remember most of it. She stormed off. Neil saw her and said hi, but she kept walking.

At the Athletic Club, Graham informed Dina that he'd corrected some errors in her work assignment. Dina thanked him and said she'd make sure Jack got Graham's corrected version. Graham clarified that it was Dina's version. Dina was alarmed when she saw an email from Jack asking her to see him when she arrived at work. She assumed he'd already read the report with the mistakes. Graham assured her that there was nothing to worry about, because the errors no longer existed. Graham reminded Dina that she could call him for help anytime. Dina bristled; she knew that already. She quickly calmed and explained she was frustrated. Graham noted that he was there to take care of any issues she had.

Dina accidentally got off the elevator on Brash and Sassy's floor. Billy recognized her and introduced himself as John's son. Dina warmly stated that he'd grown into a handsome man. She mentioned that she ran into his mother recently. They chatted about Jill and her ability to get under people's skin. Dina was happy to hear that Jill was out of town and wouldn't be back any time soon. Billy learned that Dina worked for Jabot. Dina was going to leave, but Billy offered to show her around, and she accepted. Billy thought John would be shocked that Dina was back in town and working at Jabot. Dina admitted she often wondered what John would think. Billy thought John would approve. Billy said that John was a very forgiving man, who always welcomed Billy, despite his mistakes. Dina thanked him for the kind words. Dina noted the unusual arrangement between Jabot and Brash and Sassy, and Billy mentioned that Jack raised the rent. Billy knew it was Jack's way of saying he wanted Brash and Sassy out. Dina thought that was understandable, given Billy and Jack's falling out. Billy was grateful for her tact, and Dina admitted that she couldn't throw stones. Billy confessed that he liked being in the same building as Jabot, because it gave him the chance to see Jack and Ashley. Dina asked about his relationship with Ashley. Billy said they got along, but he wished they were closer. Dina could relate. Billy wanted to make amends with his brother. He hoped that if Jack could forgive Dina after so many years, he'd eventually forgive Billy too. Dina told him not to give up, and she promised to do anything she could to help them reconcile.

Ashley woke up and joined Ravi in the living room at the Abbott Cabin. Ravi didn't regret having sex with Ashley, but he wondered if she felt the same way. Ravi was relieved when she assured him that she had no regrets. She pulled him close, and he wrapped his arms around her. Ashley was glad she'd come to the cabin, away from prying eyes. Ravi understood that she had an image to maintain. Ashley said that this would've happened a lot sooner if she hadn't been so stupid and so concerned about her image. Ravi admitted he'd wanted it to happen for a long time. Ashley revealed that she did too, but she hadn't been able to admit that until now. Ravi assured Ashley that he'd understand if this was just a one time thing. Ashley didn't know what the future would hold, but she told Ravi that it had been incredible. They kissed. Ravi was concerned that this would affect their working relationship. He didn't want them to be like Phyllis and Jack. Ashley was adamant that they never would be. She valued their friendship too much to let that happen. She noted that he introduced her to EDM and the opera, and he helped her forge a relationship with her mother. Ashley still thought it was strange to have Dina at Jabot. Ravi realized it was time to head back. Ashley didn't want to go, and Ravi felt the same way. They kissed, and Ravi said he'd never forget their time at the cabin, then he went to pack the car.

Ashley and Ravi arrived at Jabot, and she promised to visit him later. She went into Jack's office, and he offered her a drink. Ashley wondered how much could've happened in the one day she was gone. Jack told her about raising the rent on Brash and Sassy. He hoped the company would leave, because he was sick of seeing Billy, but Ashley suspected that Billy and Victoria would decide to stay. Jack let Ashley look at Dina's report. Ashley saw the mistakes, but she thought anyone could've made the same error. Jack disagreed. He didn't think a CEO like Dina would make such a blunder. Jack was thinking about this all night, and he wondered if Graham pushed Dina to sell Mergeron, because she wasn't capable of running it anymore.

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