Wednesday Y&R Update 8/16/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 8/16/17


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Jack and Dina talked in his office after work. Jack was impressed by how Dina handled her first day, and she was happy to be working again and grateful that he gave her a project. Jack clarified that it was Ashley's idea. Dina wondered if Ashley regretted that, since she'd suddenly left. Jack explained that Ashley was at the Abbott Cabin. He recalled that while Dina had spoken fondly of the cabin the other day, she used to refer it it as “rustic hell.” Dina admitted Jack was right; she never cared about the cabin but she went because John loved it. Jack said it was important to him and his siblings too, because it was the one place where they could get away from the sadness at home. Jack told Dina about all the excuses John would make up to explain away Dina's absence, once she stopped coming to the cabin. He also told her how depressed John was after she left for good. Jack didn't think Ashley and Traci were old enough to notice anything was wrong, though. Dina admitted she was wrong to force John to make up excuses for her.

Jack noted that this was the first time they talked about John since her return. He thought they had time for it because Graham wasn't hovering around. Dina assumed that her kids were confused about Graham's presence in her life. Jack said they understood now that they knew Graham would be inheriting Dina's fortune. Jack assured Dina that he respected her decision with regards to Graham. Dina was glad Jack respected her business sense. Jack said he'd be foolish not to use Dina's skill. They hugged. Gloria walked in and gushed about everyone being a big happy family. Dina thrust a shopping list at Gloria. Gloria grimaced as she read the list of things Dina wanted her to purchase for the office, such as almond milk and scented candles. Dina strode out, unfazed by Gloria's annoyance. Jack looked over Dina's work. He was impressed at first, but he found some errors in the calculations. Gloria went back to her desk and called Graham and gave him an update about Dina's mistakes. Graham said he owed Gloria, and she agreed. Gloria went back into Jack's office. Jack said he'd fixed Dina's math error. Gloria noted that it could've happened to anyone. Jack told Gloria not to tell anyone about this, because he didn't want Dina to be embarrassed.

Dina went home, and Graham told her he was glad to hear she had such a great day. He asked what she did. Dina let him look at the file on her laptop, while she took a bath. Graham made sure Dina was out of the room, then he made some changes to her work.

At the cabin, Ashley flashed back to a childhood memory. The family was visiting the cabin, and a young Ashley asked John what was wrong. He explained that Dina had moved to Europe. Ashley promised to take care of John. Ravi returned from mushroom picking and found Ashley silently weeping. She cheered up and told him she'd been thinking about her dad. Ashley asked about Ravi's plan for the mushrooms, and he said it was a surprise. Ashley admitted she was already surprised by his sailing and paddle boarding skills. Ashley shared happy memories of the outdoor activities she and her siblings did with John at the cabin. Ravi asked about Dina. Ashley explained that Dina tried, but she didn't enjoy the trips, and she usually stayed inside. Ashley added that Dina left the family when Ashley was eleven. Ashley stated that Jack tried to protect her and Traci, but they still noticed that John was depressed. According to Ashley, John didn't go outside the whole summer after Dina left, and Ashley had wondered if things would ever be the same. Ashley revealed that she'd been thinking of that summer when Ravi came in. Ravi was concerned that Ashley found it too painful to be at the cabin, but she assured him that it felt good to talk about the past. Ravi noted that Ashley and Dina had gotten closer. Ashley shifted gears and said enough with the therapy; this trip was supposed to be about Ravi spending time in the great outdoors. Ashley suspected that Ravi had several merit badges in scouting. Ravi admitted she was right. Ashley took Ravi's hand, and they went into the kitchen. Later, Ashley raved over Ravi's mushroom risotto. She told him how much fun she was having. Ravi said he enjoyed seeing Ashley be so relaxed and in the moment. Ashley said Ravi taught her that. Ashley announced that she'd learned that she needed to slow down and enjoy what was in front of her. They kissed, and began to undress.

At Crimson Lights, Scott told Sharon that the john Christine busted had booked a massage from an ad in the paper. Scott devised a plan to find Crystal, by becoming her newest client. Scott booked a session, but Sharon wasn't sure it was a good idea. She suggested that she go with Scott and wait in the car around the corner, but he thought that would draw unwanted attention. He reminded her that he was used to going into dangerous situations and dealing with bad people.

At the cottage, Tessa told Mariah that Crystal was her sister. She tearfully explained that it had been a long time since she saw Crystal, although they'd spoken by phone a few times just after Tessa's arrival to Genoa City. The last time Tessa talked to Crystal, Crystal had been living with their family, and Tessa had been trying to earn enough money to help her escape the abusive environment. Tessa had no idea that Crystal had fallen into prostitution. Tessa revealed that Crystal had called her and asked for help just before the recording session. Tessa was terrified of what the people holding Crystal would do to her for trying to escape. Mariah comforted her. Tessa was riddled with guilt because she'd been so wrapped up in her life and her dreams that she didn't pay attention when Crystal stopped answering her calls. Mariah was adamant that Tessa shouldn't blame herself for following her dreams. Mariah also pointed out that Tessa had pursued this career partially to help Crystal. Tessa didn't want anyone else to know about her connection to Crystal. She was convinced that Noah would look at her differently if he knew the truth. Mariah thought Tessa was wrong about Noah, but she agreed to keep the secret, for now. Tessa admitted she felt better after telling someone.

Scott arrived at a seedy hotel room, where he met a man and a woman. The man demanded cash, and he left after Scott paid. The woman pressed a condom into Scott's hand, then she robotically began to loosen his tie. Scott suggested that they slow down. In broken English, the woman stated that he was the boss. Scott secretly turned on a recorder, and he asked if they could get to know each other. He picked up her accent and realized she was from Russia. Natalia smiled and relaxed as Scott began to speak Russian, but she got scared when he said he'd been hoping to get Crystal. Natalia said that Crystal was a bad girl. Scott asked if “he” had hurt Crystal. Natalia clarified that Crystal was with a nice woman who didn't hurt people. Just then, a man yelled through the door that time was up.

Sharon came home and told Mariah and Tessa about Scott's plan. Later, Sharon began to get nervous, because she hadn't heard from Scott, but she noted that he was a world traveler who knew what he was doing. Tessa almost let her deep investment in Crystal's story show, but Mariah touched her and silently signaled her not to get too emotional. Sharon felt like she was the only person Crystal could turn to. Sharon inadvertently struck a nerve when she theorized that Crystal called the hotline because she didn't have friend or family who cared about her. Mariah suggested that Crystal wanted to talk to a professional instead of dragging her family into this. Tessa said that Sharon was right, and she said that it was horrible that Crystal's family couldn't help. Scott called and Sharon put him on speaker. He filled them all in. Sharon was surprised by the mention of the nice woman. Scott mentioned that Chris thought Crystal was with a local pimp who only managed a few women, but Scott speculated that this was a lot bigger than they originally thought.

Over dinner at the Athletic Club, Victoria told Benjamin that she considered his proposition. He wasn't sure what she meant. Billy, who was at work, called Victoria and asked her about the potential source of financing she mentioned. She said she was handling it. Billy was concerned when he heard Benjamin's voice, but Victoria hung up on him. Benjamin seemed smitten with Victoria. He took her hand, but she asked if they could stick to business. Victoria revealed that she was willing to let him help Brash and Sassy, on her terms. Benjamin had come prepared with a contract. Victoria noted that he was willing to invest a very large sum in her company. Benjamin stated that he'd make the investment in exchange for a modest 20% share of Brash and Sassy. Victoria was not interested in giving away part of her company. She proposed that he loan her a smaller amount, to be paid back in three months.

Victor arrived at Brash and Sassy just in time to see Billy throw a file in frustration, after Victoria hung up on him. Victor made a snide comment about Billy screwing things up, and Billy clarified that he and Victoria were trying to fix Cane's mistakes. Victor asked for details, and Billy told him to talk to Victoria. Victor revealed that Victoria had broken down in front of Abby. Victor said he asked Victoria what was going on, and she said everything is fine. Billy confided that Victoria was trying to secure a bridge loan because the bank didn't think the company was a good risk. Victor realized that Victoria had come to his office earlier to ask for help. He stated that he'd be glad to give her the loan. Victor thanked Billy for his honesty. Billy noted that he (Billy) cared about the company, but he cared more about Victoria.

Back at the Club, Benjamin agreed to loan Victoria the money. Victoria had an episode and zoned out. She didn't hear Benjamin say that he'd take a large share of her company in the event that she defaulted on the loan. Victoria came to a second later. Victor and Billy arrived just as Victoria was about to sign the contract. Victor asked Benjamin to give them a minute, and he left. Victor revealed that he knew she'd come to his office looking for a loan and left before he arrived. Victoria was on edge about Victor and Billy's joint arrival. Billy explained that they were both concerned about her. Victor told Victoria that he'd be happy to give her the loan. He didn't understand why she'd deal with a shark like Benjamin. Victoria said she left Victor's office because he kicked Nicholas out of his home out of spite. Victor defended his decision, noting that Nicholas was an adult who said he didn't want anything to do with Victor, but Victoria wasn't swayed.

Victor argued that Benjamin swallowed up companies like Victoria's. Victoria thought Victor would admire Benjamin's business practices. Billy felt that Victoria should be convinced by the fact that he and Victor were on the same side. Victor offered her a very low interest rate on a loan. Victoria was miffed that Billy went behind her back and talked to her father. Billy reminded Victoria that she went to Victor first. Billy said that dealing with Victor was a last resort, but Billy was concerned about Victoria and the company. Victoria noted that Victor had sold the company out from under her before. Victor accused her of being stubborn and ridiculous. Victoria contended that Victor was a bigger threat to Brash and Sassy than anyone else. She stormed off. Victor asked Billy if Victoria had gone mad. Billy conceded that she'd made some good points that Billy didn't think of, which was why she was such a good CEO. Billy noted that Victor had screwed his children over numerous times. Victor countered that it was the other way around – his children had screwed him over. Victor maintained that Victoria shouldn't work with Benjamin. Billy trusted Victoria's instincts, and he thought she was right – Benjamin couldn't be worse than Victor.

In his suite, Benjamin gave Victoria the contract and a pen. Victoria noted that this was a big decision. She decided to sleep on it – in her own bed. She left.

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