Tuesday Y&R Update 8/15/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 8/15/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At the Ashbys’: Cane walks in on Mattie and Reed’s make-out session and disapproves. Reed jumps up and gathers his things. He’d best be going. Cane couldn’t agree more. He turns to Mattie. She’s not to entertain that boy in Cane’s house. Mattie lashes out at her dad. After everything he did, he deserved to be fired by Reed’s mom. No matter what he says, she’ll continue to see Reed. Cane calls that a mistake. Mistake? she shrieks. It doesn’t compare with getting drunk and having unprotected sex with a stranger.

Victoria bustles around the office. She tried for a bridge loan but was denied. Brash & Sassy has no choice but to cut expenses, temporarily. Billy wonders what her next move will be, but there’s no time for her to explain. Just as Lily enters for her meeting with Billy, Victoria takes off.

Noah was a real peach to persuade Sharon to take in Tessa. She rewards him with a kiss. Sharon emerges from the kitchen and welcomes Tessa. My goodness but she does travel light. Such is the life of an itinerant musician. Sharon encourages her to stay as long as she likes. She’s sure Mariah won’t mind a bit. Mariah descends the stairs and confirms it.

Alone in Victor’s office, Abby wrestles with her conscience. Scott finds her deep in thought and teases her. She doesn’t respond in kind, so he knows it’s something serious. Dad kicked Nick off the family property. Scott shows compassion.

At the penthouse, Chelsea is stunned. Nick insists they’re ready to move in together---if she wants to, that is. Chelsea was just caught off guard. It will be a big change for all of them, especially the kids. Nick is sure it can work if they pull together. Obviously he’s given this a lot of thought and so should she. He knows the penthouse is full of memories of Adam and unrealized dreams, so if it’s too much for her, she should say so.

At Brash & Sassy, Lily tells Billy about her new living arrangement. Cane wronged so many people, including Billy. Jill has taken him in for the time being. Billy is sorry for her troubles but unfortunately must add to them. The DARE campaign is on hold because of cash flow problems. Because of Cane, Lily concludes. She panics. She needs to work now that she’s supporting the family. Billy suggests she contact her agent. She’ll be inundated with offers, for sure. She disagrees but thanks him and leaves.

At Sharon’s: Sharon apologizes for her initial reaction to Tessa. She likes her and likes that she makes Noah happy. Now, unfortunately, Sharon can’t stay and chat. She’s working tonight. At the crisis hotline? No, Crimson Lights. Tessa brings up Crystal, the girl Sharon’s been trying to help. Any news? No. Sharon’s only hope is that Crystal calls back. Noah and Sharon agree to carpool into town and leave. Tessa checks her phone. No calls, no messages.

Victoria looks for Victor at Newman Enterprises but he’s out. While she’s there, though, Abby would like a word. Did Victoria know that Dad kicked Nick out of the tack house? She did not, and she’s outraged.

At Chelsea’s: No pressure, but Nick suggests they get a new place. After a moment’s thought, she says yes, she’s ready to move on. But she wants Nick and Christian to move in with her and Connor. Nick doesn’t waste a minute. He’s off to fetch some boxes and Christian. After he leaves, she exhales.

Cane waits for Lily at home. They need to talk about their daughter. She was alone with Reed doing what teenagers do in such a situation. Lily shakes her head. Mattie is moving fast. Cane is astounded that Lily knew about their acquaintance and allowed it to continue. Lily tells him to back off. She and the kids need time to get their footing after Cane’s months of lies and deception. It sounds to Cane as though Lily already knows what she wants. Divorce? As of now, no, but she has more immediate concerns---namely, money. Her work at Brash & Sassy has been curtailed. Why is Victoria out to destroy him? Cane wails. Lily can’t abide his victim mentality and orders him to leave. She needs to speak to Mattie.

Nick meets up with Victoria and Abby at Newman Enterprises. He’s not bent out of shape about his eviction, but Victoria is. Abby mumbles to herself. She feels awful. Dad handed over the keys to the tack house and invited her to move it. Nick and Victoria smirk and shake their heads.

At Sharon’s: Mariah comes downstairs, where Tessa is settling in and even doing a bit of housework. Mariah is really glad Tessa is there. Could have fooled Tessa. Why has Mariah been upstairs since Tessa’s arrival? Work. She’s not avoiding Tessa?

At Crimson Lights, Noah talks up Tessa to his mother. Sharon admits she misjudged her and even likes her. Noah is pleased. As he leaves, he passes Scott and compliments his new look, sans beard. Thanks, Victor likes it too. Sharon is glad to see Scott but can’t commit to plans later. In fact, her house is pretty full these days, so he might not feel comfortable hanging out there. Chris interrupts. She has news about Crystal.

Reed marches into Brash & Sassy. He needs to talk to Billy. Cane caught him with Mattie. Billy sees trouble ahead, but Reed can’t turn his back on Mattie. He really likes her. Not like he liked Zoey. Billy appreciates his situation, but he has to respect Mattie’s parents’ wishes.

At the Ashbys’: Lily reiterates the house rules. No guests when no one else is home. Mattie resents it. Reed is the one person who makes her feel good these days. And she overheard that things are getting worse, financially. Everyone is miserable and it’s all Dad’s fault. Lily remains calm. Mattie’s relationship with her dad has changed and she has to adjust. It’s possible to come to an understanding with him just as Lily did with her dad. An incoming text from Reed takes precedence over the lecture and Mattie requests permission to meet him. Lily suggests she slow down a bit, but that doesn’t go over well.

At Newman: Truth be told, Nick should have left the place long ago. As far as he’s concerned Abby is free and clear to accept Victor’s invitation. Victoria doesn’t agree. She gets so worked up that she has another episode. She excuses herself and tries to compose herself in the lobby. Back in the office, Abby isn’t sure the ranch life is for her, but Nick again encourages her to give it a shot with no worries. He’s moving in with Chelsea.

At the athletic club bar, Chelsea and Jordan exchange good news. His photo shoot at Newman went great, and she’s going to take on two new roomies. Say what? After that big speech about maintaining her independence, is that what she really wants?

At Sharon’s: Mariah doesn’t feel awkward after . . . ? No, no. Mariah is glad they’re friends. Good, because Tessa never had a close friend until Mariah. She tears up and this alarms Mariah. It’s so unlike her to be so emotional, and it’s become a pattern. What’s going on?

On the Crimson Lights patio: It doesn’t look as though Crystal is part of the big sex operation. Sharon doesn’t understand. Big or small, it’s deplorable that even one girl is so enslaved. Paul is still on the case, but Chris’s hands are tied. Let’s just hope Crystal contacts Sharon again.

At the Ashbys’: No one can forbid Mattie’s seeing Reed, so she says. Lily tries to get her to understand her vulnerable state. This is not the time to jump headlong into romance. Mattie is no longer the level-headed bookworm she was. More like a typical teen, she complains about her dad’s punishing her. At Brash & Sassy, a similar scenario plays out. Reed doesn’t accept Billy’s version of things.

Cane takes a barstool next to Ben Hochman at the club---a fortuitous meeting. Cane is on a forced hiatus from the cosmetics industry. Ben’s ears perk up when he learns that Cane’s boss was a female. By process of elimination, he concludes that Cane has a beef with Victoria Newman, Ben’s new lady friend. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Victoria. Is Ben free? How about dinner tonight? he says. She accepts but warns that she wants to discuss business. Cane takes up where they left off. He might be of assistance to Ben.

At Newman: Abby is sick of being stuck in the middle of every family squabble. Nick tells her to enjoy her privileged position with Dad for now but to keep her expectations low. And for the last time, she has Nick’s blessing to live in the tack house.

On the club rooftop, Chelsea defends her decision, but Jordan plays devil’s advocate. She doesn’t think cohabitating will cramp her style? She says no without hesitation but seems unconvinced.

At Sharon’s: Tessa is in agony. She swears Mariah to secrecy and then confesses that Crystal isn’t just any girl; she’s Tessa’s little sister.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon rails against a system that won’t help girls like Crystal. Scott has an idea.

When Victoria appears in the club doorway, Ben rushes to her and showers her with attention. From a distance, Cane watches her eat it up and cracks a smile.

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