Monday Y&R Update 8/14/17

The Y&R Update Monday 8/14/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Abby finds Scott at Newman Enterprises. He stands with his back to her while she puts herself on a pedestal and denigrates him. She stops short when he turns around to reveal a clean-shaven face.

Victor and Nick have it out, verbally, in the tack house. All of Nick’s belongings have been removed per Victor’s orders and Christian is safe at the main house. Nick is no longer welcome to squat on Victor’s property.

Billy spies Ben at the athletic club and confronts him on the stairway. What are these games Ben is playing with Victoria? She wasn’t born yesterday; she knows his motives are solely to get his hooks into Brash & Sassy. Hmmm . . . that’s not the impression Ben got last night when he took her dancing.

Reed barges into his mother’s office, plops down in a chair, and complains that she’s never home anymore. She knows, and she’s sorry. Getting Brash & Sassy back on track has been more than a full-time job. She remains distracted by files and phone messages until Reed reveals he knows Juliette is pregnant with Cane’s child. He found out when Juliette and Charlie and Mattie had a confrontation at the coffeehouse. Reed wishes Victoria would have given him a heads-up. Victoria wonders whether Reed is upset about not being told or about looking foolish in front of Mattie.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary sees Mattie with her nose in a book and approaches. Big mistake. Mattie is civil to Hilary but not taken in by her false concern about Mattie’s parents. She walks away.

Cane tries to make nice with Charlie as Charlie works the pool deck. Charlie’s doesn’t need help gathering his football gear; it’s already done. Oh. Did he shop for it alone? Lily stands behind Cane. No, she helped, at Charlie’s request. Charlie gets back to work. Cane sighs. He’s not making any progress with their son. Lily tells him to be patient. She asks about life at the Chancellor place and Cane’s job prospects. He’s excited about meeting a headhunter today. Without showing much emotion, Lily says that’s good. Getting back to work will make him feel better. What would make him feel even better is getting his family back. Lily isn’t ready to discuss that.

At the club bar, Billy persists, but Ben says he genuinely likes Victoria. She’s fun and unlike most women he meets. The distance isn’t a problem---he regularly travels from his base in Chicago---and Billy doesn’t need to worry about Ben’s effect on the children. Billy won’t let it rest. Ben isn’t remotely interested in dismantling Brash & Sassy? Does Billy give all of Victoria’s suitors the third degree? What Victoria does on her own time is none of Billy’s business now that he has a new live-in girlfriend. In fact, it’s hypocritical. Billy’s jaw drops. How did he know about Phyllis? Victoria told Ben.

At Brash & Sassy: What happened with Cane isn’t Reed’s concern. Maybe, but Reed was put in an awkward position, and he feels for Mattie. Victoria is a bit alarmed. Just how serious is Reed about this girl? Here we go again . . . Reed thinks. No, Victoria won’t meddle---she learned her lesson---but under the circumstances, Reed might want to back off a little. She hustles back to work and Reed leaves the office. A few steps out the door, he gets a text from Mattie inviting him to hang out at her house. She has the place to herself.

Jordan pays Chelsea a visit at home and tells her about his new gig shooting corporate photos for Newman Enterprises. Any advice on how to handle the Great Victor Newman? Just be yourself. Victor likes confident people. Now Jordan asks a personal question: What’s it like dating Victor’s son? Any problems? Not a one. She and Nick maintain their independence, which is so important in a relationship.

At the tack house: Faith will never see her newly redone bedroom. What a shame. Victor says she can live with him the main house, as before. Over Nick’s dead body. Nick doesn’t want either of his younger children under Victor’s influence. Victor is enraged. Now Nicholas will find out what real life is like outside the protective Newman bubble. He’s shown his father nothing but disrespect and so is no longer his son. Nick thanks “Victor” and storms off. Victor grumbles to himself.

Hilary pursues Mattie to the Crimson Lights patio. She understands why Mattie dislikes her. She divorced Mattie’s uncle (and grandfather), but that doesn’t mean she no longer cares. Mattie reaches her limit. She packs her things and tells Hilary to mind her own business if she cares so much---and to keep their family drama off her trashy TV show. She glances at her phone, sees Reed’s response to her message, and makes haste.

The headhunter meets Cane in the club dining room. She’s compelled to tell him that she also works for Victoria. No problem. Cane is eager to get down to business. The good news: Cane has an impressive resume. The bad news: Without a reason for Cane’s departure from Brash & Sassy, clients are left to assume he was fired. They respect Victoria’s judgment, so Cane looks like a bad risk.

At Newman: Contrary to Abby’s assumption, Scott didn’t shave off his beard for work. He did it for Sharon. He has a life outside work (hint, hint). They trade barbs until Jordan enters the office and introduces himself. Both Abby and Scott are fans of his work, particularly the shots he took of Lily. And he’s more than just a good photographer, Abby notes, he’s been a great friend to Lily in her time of need.

Lily has the misfortune of taking a deck chair near Juliette, her club soda with lime, and her baby bump. Juliette apologizes. She didn’t see Lily there and offers to move. Lily would appreciate it. Juliette can’t resist perpetuating the conversation. She never meant to break up Lily and Cane’s marriage, and for what it’s worth, Cane has offered only financial support for the child, although . . . What? Lily demands. Well, he was affected when Juliette showed him her ultrasound picture. Lily holds her tongue. Juliette continues: Genoa City is a small town and they’re bound to run into each other. She departs. Charlie approaches his mother immediately afterward. Why was she talking to Juliette? Lily is stunned. How does Charlie know her? They had a bit of a situation at the coffeehouse, and he and Mattie made it clear they wants nothing to do with her or her baby.

Victor arrives at the office and approves Scott’s appearance. He also assumes Scott did it for the job. Abby jokes that Scott now intends to grow a mustache like Victor’s. Victor notices that Scott is sparing no expense for his magazine project. One has to spend money to make money, Scott reasons. Abby takes this as a further challenge and is up for it. Jordan gets on with the picture taking. There’s much frivolity among the three subjects and the pictures look more like glamour shots than corporate headshots.

Billy returns to Brash & Sassy. His business meeting went fine, but it was the meeting afterward that has him thinking. Why on earth would Victoria tell Ben about Billy’s love life? Victoria goes on the defensive and then belittles the incident. She wasn’t even aware she disclosed that information. In any case, it’s no secret. Why does it bug Billy so much?

At the club: The headhunter will keep searching, but Cane might have to settle for a lower position than he was hoping for and a lower salary. Perhaps he should consider relocating. Not an option. His home and family are in Genoa City. Cane can’t hide his contempt for Victoria, who continues to hamstring his efforts.

Victoria accuses Billy of jealousy along the lines of “I don’t want her, you can’t have her.” Phyllis would likely have a problem with that. Billy won’t give up his argument. Ben Hochman is a well-known corporate raider and it’s out of her character to trust such a person.

At the Ashby’s, Mattie tells Reed that her parents split. He’s sorry. As she knows, he’s been there. He really hoped her family would beat the odds. Mattie confides her mixed feelings about her dad and tears up. Reed gathers her in his arms.

At the penthouse, Nick gives Chelsea the lowdown. He’s especially upset about Faith’s reaction to the strife and displacement. Chelsea remains upbeat. They’ll find a new place, and they can recreate what they did at the tack house or, better yet, get Faith’s input and make it a group project. Nick removed Christian from the ranch and sent him to the park with a sitter. Chelsea wishes he would have brought the boy to her place. Christian and Connor are such good buddies. In fact, they have a remarkable bond. They miss each other when they’re apart. It turns out Nick and Chelsea feel that way too. Nick makes a bold suggestion.

Lily’s relaxing day at the pool turns out to be anything but. She runs into Hilary and sarcastically thanks her for stealing the commercial job Lily wanted so badly. And the sneaky way she went about it, allowing Lily to use the GC Buzz studio and then pilfering the script and shooting her own take for submission, was very classy. Hilary has the nerve to accuse Lily of adding to *her* stress. Hilary was hoping to unwind a little before jetting off to New York for taping. Lily is in a worse mood than usual, and no wonder. She just had a run-in with Juliette, the woman Hilary sicced on Lily’s family. Hilary claims innocence. Cane was the one who screwed up. In fact, Lily should thank Hilary for exposing Cane’s true colors. Lily shakes her head. How does Jordan put up with Hilary?

At the Ashbys’: Mattie doesn’t blame Reed’s mom for her situation. He’s glad to hear it and offers to play her the collection of tunes he always listens to when times get tough. They share a pair of earbuds.

Outside Victor’s office, Scott thanks Jordan and again compliments his work. Jordan comments on the interplay between Scott and Abby. Lots of chemistry there. Scott objects. He and Abby loathe each other. Jordan insists there were sparks and shows him a few shots. The camera doesn’t lie. Inside the office, Abby notices Victor’s dour mood and tries to draw him out. She’s surprised about Nick’s eviction but guesses she should have seen it coming. So sad. Yes, but Victor had no choice. Nick is out of his life for good. Abby pledges her undying devotion, which pleases him and has led him to a decision. He’d like to see more of her, both in and out of the office. He tosses her the key to the tack house. She smiles, but not a big, happy smile.

Just as she did to Mattie at the coffeehouse, Hilary hounds Lily at the pool. If Lily wants Cane back, simply forgive him. Lily doesn’t welcome her advice and doesn’t want her talking to the twins anymore. Lily has a theory: Hilary wants Cane and Lily reunited because she dislikes all the time Jordan is spending with Lily.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria tells Billy they have nothing to discuss beyond business and their children, so butt out of her personal life.

At the Ashbys’: The music worked. Mattie feels much better. She wishes Reed had included a few of his own songs, though. He’s a real talent, and he makes her happy. She does likewise for him. They end up kissing. Cane walks in and sees but says nothing.

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