Friday Y&R Update 8/11/17

The Y&R Update Friday 8/11/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

In his living room, Nick gazes at a photo of him with his mom and dad in happier times. Chelsea finds him so. He dreads telling Faith about the rift. She adores her grandfather, and things are likely to get even nastier than they already are.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor tells Abby new corporate photos are to be taken, and she’s to tell Scott to dress appropriately. Abby grumbles but will do as she’s told. Nikki interrupts and asks for a moment with Victor. After Abby leaves, Nikki slides a piece of paper in front of Victor: her new address. She’s moved out of the ranch. Oh? he says, he hadn’t noticed.

At home, Sharon scours the Internet for news of Crystal. Nothing. Scott considers no news good news, but Sharon feels helpless and anxious. She shouldn’t lose hope. Crystal is lucky to have such a devoted advocate in Sharon.

Tessa meets privately with Zack on the Crimson Lights patio. Even though they agreed to keep their distance, Tessa needs his help. Her sister is in big trouble.

In Dina’s suite, Graham tries and fails to persuade her to change her mind about working at Jabot. May he at least drive her to the office? No, thank you. She’s ordered a car.

At Jabot, Jack prepares for Dina’s first day. Ashley says he’s on his own. She’ll be engaged in research off-site all day. Ravi enters with his paddleboard and blows her cover. He listens in and decides Jack is right. Ashley should stay. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow anyway. Ashley won’t cooperate so easily, she moves toward the door and runs right into Dina. Ashley wishes her a good day and leaves her in Jack’s capable hands. Jack offers Dina the grand tour, which she eagerly accepts. On their way past Gloria, Dina tells her how she takes her coffee---with a splash of almond milk, dear. Gloria’s jaw drops.

From Newman, Abby calls Scott and tells him the dress code of the day. She’s not amused by his sarcastic response and tells him to show a little respect for the man who saved his life. On the other hand, Scott’s days at Newman are likely numbered anyway. Whatever he has planned couldn’t possibly compare to Zack’s app.

At Crimson Lights: Zack didn’t know Tessa had a sister. Yes, she’s a runaway and is being forced to have sex against her will. What does Tessa expect from Zack? Doesn’t he have contacts or something? No, sorry. He left that life behind. He encourages her to keep the faith and wishes her good luck. After Tessa leaves, he dials an associate and says plans have changed. Act now.

Mariah and Noah catch up at the Underground. Sharon put herself at risk for Crystal, but she’s OK now. Noah’s news is that Nikki left Victor. She moved out of the ranch house, so he suspects Tessa won’t be comfortable staying there. He asked Sharon if she could stay at her place temporarily and she said yes. He hopes it’s OK with Mariah.

At Sharon’s: Scott appears before Sharon in his suit and tie. She grimaces. He can’t go to work like that. She knows a thing or two about business protocol and orders him to strip down. As she wishes . . .

At Newman: Nikki has taken a room at a new hotel called the Sanctuary. Victor made it clear he wanted her gone for good, so he should be pleased. The separation will be good for Nikki too. They’ll always share a family bond, no matter what. Stop! Victor bellows. They’re a pack of ingrates, all of them.

At the tack house: Chelsea admits her situation doesn’t compare to Nick’s. Jeffrey entered her life when she was a grown woman, and even then he recognized her as his daughter only after he was forced. He fled town and never had a relationship with Connor. Victor, on the other hand, dotes on Faith and always will. Face it: Life without Victor is impossible. Deep down, Nick realizes it. He decides to put a few photos of Victor in Faith’s room, which, by the way, is really coming together. While Faith has been at camp, Chelsea has redecorated so that it’s more appropriate for a young woman, or a tween, as Nick puts it.

Dina returns to Jack’s office, full of complaints about her own. She never would have treated employees this way at Mergeron. Gloria, who stands by, chuckles. Ravi comes to the rescue, ready to set Dina up with Wi-Fi. This seems to pacify her for the moment and off they go. Gloria whispers to Jack that he could have avoided such strife if he’d promoted Gloria instead. She slinks back to her desk, where things start to look up. Graham calls. He has a favor to ask. Will Gloria keep an eye on Dina at the office? Oh . . . not really what Gloria was hoping for, but for him, sure.

In his office, Victor rails about Nick, that punk. Nikki cringes. He apologized for almost ruining the concert, which is good enough for her. Not for Victor. Good luck to all of them trying to get along in the world without Victor’s help. Nikki intends to do exactly that and leaves.

At the tack house: At close range, Nick sees a spot of pink paint on Chelsea’s cheek. His attempts to wipe it off are unsuccessful. He suggests she hit the showers. She will if he’ll join her.

Jack returns to his office and again finds Dina there, all settled in and working on her laptop. This won’t do. Ashley intervenes and explains as diplomatically as possible that the CEO needs privacy. Dina goes in search of Ravi for help with a technical problem. Jack confesses to Ashley he’s already at his wits’ end. She reminds him of their goal: to separate Dina from Graham. It would help if she had a real project to work on and not just busy work. Already done. Jack put her on the Parker Beauty project. Great idea, Ashley says. She exits the office and finds Dina and Ravi with their heads together. He’s charmed Dina again, and she’s in a much better mood. She thanks Ashley for the opportunity to get back into business. Jack may have offered the job, but she knows it wouldn’t have happened without Ashley’s approval, and she intends to pull her weight. Now would Ravi be kind enough to escort her back to her office? Gloria overhears and points the way. It’s well stocked with everything she needs, implying Dina should go there and stay put. Under her breath, Gloria complains about Dina. Ashley hears and puts Gloria in her place. That woman is a valued family member and Gloria is not to cross her. Nikki rounds the corner. Gloria puts her hand to her head. Could the day get any worse?

Sharon stands before Scott in the bathroom, shaving cream in one hand and a razor in the other. He can no longer show up for work looking like a lumberjack. She shaves off his beard and likes the results.

In Victor’s office, Abby learns of his separation. She’s crushed. There goes another role model. But in typical fashion, she gets over it and refocuses on her favorite subject: herself. She checks on the progress of the app launch. It’s better than she could have imagined! Victor congratulates her before he takes a call. He tells the person on the other end to act immediately. It sounds ominous to Abby.

At the Underground: Mariah wonders why Noah didn’t invite Tessa to move in with him. He reminds her of his track record. He tends to move too fast and things implode. He’s not willing to risk it this time. Tessa arrives and isn’t quite herself. Noah tells her about the new living arrangement, if she’s down with it. Sure she is. Is Mariah? Of course. Nick enters and he and Noah talk business. Nick fired Dean? Is that wise? In Nick’s opinion it is. He calls his new agent, Tom, for an update. Score. Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be the site of the next Underground.

At Jabot, Ashley plays gatekeeper and motions Nikki into Jack’s office. Nikki and Jack joke about her running the gauntlet, and after coming from a tense meeting with Victor. Victor didn’t take the news of her move well, but for her it was liberating. She just wishes he could cool his rage toward Nick. He’s plotting something, and that always spells trouble. Dina enters and has a fit. This is why Jack needs privacy? To entertain Nikki Newman? She openly disapproves of their carrying on and thinks they’re courting disaster by antagonizing Victor. Nikki retaliates and Jack cringes. In the lobby, Ashley thanks Ravi for helping orient Dina. Ravi applauds Ashley’s efforts to help her mother. Now that things have settled, can they proceed with the original plan? Why not. Before Ravi fetches his paddleboard, he asks what time they might return tonight. It’s an open-ended stay.

At the Underground: Tessa is grateful for the kindness everyone has shown her. Some people aren’t so lucky. Mariah is unnerved by Tessa’s emotion, but there’s no time for tears. Noah returns with the good news. Drinks on the house to celebrate!

At Newman Enterprises, Zack responds to Abby’s text. She can’t contain her excitement about the app’s early success. How did he do it? If this continues, it’ll mean big profits. He’s modest. No matter how much one plans, the results are unpredictable.

In Jack’s office: For Dina’s information, Nikki is separated from Victor and so is officially free. Fool! Dina says. Then she turns to Jack. She’ll never condone this relationship.

Nick returns to the tack house to see to a security issue and discovers movers carting out his belongings. In fact, the house is nearly empty. Victor emerges from the kitchen for a face-off.

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