Thursday Y&R Update 8/10/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 8/10/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Abby and Zack present his dating app to Victor in his office. Very nice, Victor says. He wishes it could help a person cut someone out of his life as easily.

At the Underground, Chelsea treads lightly when discussing Victor with Nick.

Victoria runs into Nikki, fresh from a massage, at the athletic club. Victoria just wrapped up a business meeting, but contrary to what her mother thinks, Victoria isn’t all work and no play. She has a date tonight. Nikki is disturbed when Victoria is unable to provide many details about the man.

On the club pool deck, Jack and Ben discuss Victoria. Ben isn’t interested in exploiting Victoria. He likes her. Jack smiles knowingly. Every man has his price.

Ashley and Ravi sit facing each other in Jack’s office, tapping away on their laptops. He sends her an electronic satellite image of the Abbott cabin. Ashley’s heart melts at the thought of her childhood there. Ravi looks forward to tomorrow. For now, though, there’s work to be done. Not so. Ashley intends to knock off for dinner with Abby. Ravi is disappointed but not for long. He’s invited too. They’re doubling with Abby and Zack. He and Zack have a lot in common. Perhaps Ravi can get a peek at Zack’s dating app and give his opinion.

Noah, Mariah, and Tessa return to Sharon’s. Tessa is in an odd mood for someone who just cut her first single. It wasn't an unqualified success and she doesn’t feel like celebrating. Noah and Mariah are puzzled but follow her lead. Tessa prefers to keep it low-key and hang out with Mariah tonight. She checks her phone for the umpteenth time tonight. Expecting a call? No, just worried about the charge. Mariah offers her charger.

Scott catches up with Sharon at the no-tell motel where Crystal had been before her pimp dragged her off. Scott thinks Sharon put herself in incredible danger and Chris, who enters with police backup, couldn’t agree more. What was Sharon thinking? Well, Sharon isn’t sorry, and she’d do it again in a heartbeat. She urges Chris to take immediate action against the sex ring.

At the club: Victoria explains that this is her second date with this guy. He’s nice and attractive and they had a good time with a few drinks and conversation---apparently a pretty deep conversation, although Victoria doesn’t really remember it. Anyway, she gets a good vibe from him and wants to see where it leads. She needs balance in her life, and this may be just the ticket. Does this gentleman have a name? Ben Hochman sounds familiar to Nikki, but she can’t place him. Victoria can’t tarry. She wants to get a new dress for tonight and says goodbye.

On the club roof: Jack notes that Ben’s specialty is breaking up companies like Brash & Sassy. Ben’s not interested in this particular prospect. Jack teases him. Smitten? He knows Ben well enough to know that he’d chase any skirt that came along, but Jack doesn’t hide his self-serving motives. He wants insider information and not just hearsay. Ben throws up his hands and asks how he’s to obtain it. That’s up to him. Ben demands more than just money, which Jack is willing to deliver. He never forgets a debt owed. After a minute’s thought, Ben extends his hand and they shake on it.

In the gold booth at the Underground, Nick gives Dean his walking papers. It’s not because of the unsuccessful property bids Dean made on Nick’s behalf. Nick wants to separate himself as much as possible from Newman family finances, and this is the first step.

Abby and Zack fill in the details for Victor, who doubts that people need technology to meet one another. Abby explains the differences in generations and their lifestyles. Very good, Victor says. She passed his test. They’ll have to defend their ideas to the press and public in the same fashion. He’s proud of her tenacity and Zack’s too. Abby is giddy. She throws her arms around her dad and thanks him before heading out to meet her mom. Victor would like a quick word with Zack, which turns out to be the usual “do right by my daughter or else” speech.

At her penthouse, Chelsea is happy to help Victoria select a dress for tonight. Victoria is obviously nervous. Chelsea asks a few innocent questions about Victoria’s motive for getting back in the game. When it became apparent that Billy moved on, Victoria thought she should do likewise, even though Ben might not be her “type,” whatever that is. Chelsea thinks a moment. She has the perfect frock for the occasion---sexy, just like Victoria. After Victoria nips upstairs to try it on, Nick appears at Chelsea’s door. He announces his financial independence and wonders how Victoria will react.

At the motel: Chris takes information from Sharon but promises nothing. She needs more evidence to prove Crystal is part of the sex ring.

Abby meets Ashley at Jabot, still flying high from Victor’s approval. Well, good. She deserves it. A lot of the credit goes to Ashley for pushing Abby to follow through with her incubator project, and Abby would like to reward her with a night out tomorrow. Ashley can’t. She’s going to the cabin. She averts her eyes---with Ravi. Abby is thrilled. It’s about time! Ravi and Zack return from the app demonstration, and Ravi is impressed. With everyone ready to head out, Ashley suggests they hit the Underground. Abby is surprised and delighted.

Victoria is stunned by Nick’s news. In her opinion, Victor’s yanking Nick’s club membership was no big deal. Maybe on the surface, but Nick wants greater control over his finances anyway. He talks and talks, but Victoria can barely understand him over the ringing in her ears. She says nothing about it and hurries out the door in her new little black dress, promising to send Chelsea a check.

At home, Sharon dwells on Crystal’s predicament. Scott supposes she’s thinking about her own experience with sexual assault and tries to put a positive spin on it. Sharon got through it and Crystal will too. Sharon shakes her head. One never really gets over it. Sharon is determined to rescue Crystal. Mariah and Tessa return in the midst of this heavy conversation and ask what’s up. Tessa is curious about the girl Sharon speaks of.

Nikki and Jack dine on the club rooftop. She laughs at herself for worrying about going public. No one has noticed. Jack agrees, but Dina could still show up and wag a finger at them. Speaking of Dina, she’s set to begin work at Jabot. It’s a scheme he and Ashley cooked up. Dina has been down in the dumps since selling her company and this is meant to help her cope. Sure, he has fears about inviting her in, but risks can sometimes bring great rewards. Nikki reflects. She hopes that’s true for Victoria. She’s stepping out with a new guy from Chicago. Has Jack heard of Ben Hochman?

Ben is dazzled by Victoria’s appearance but surprised by her choice of location for their second date. The Underground is a fun place, she says, and she’s in the mood for fun. He notices the glass in her hand. She started without him. No, this is sparkling water. She has work tomorrow, and besides, she doesn’t need to drink to have a good time. Because, according to him, Victoria let her hair down on their first date, it’s his turn to get personal. He’s going through an ugly custody battle, but she doesn’t want to hear about that. He’s right; she doesn’t. She hustles him out on the dance floor and cuts loose. Abby and company enter. She can’t believe her eyes.

At Sharon’s, Mariah scolds Scott for taking notes for a story about Crystal’s exploitation. How insensitive. Sharon disagrees. It’s important to get the word out about the sex ring. Tessa flinches at the phrase and excuses herself to check her phone. At the mention of the name Crystal, Tessa drops her phone. Mariah asks if she’s OK. Yep, just clumsy.

At the Underground: Victoria catches sight of Abby and waves her over. The group follows. Victoria makes introductions, although it’s not necessary for Ashley and Ravi. Then, like a flea on a hot skillet, Victoria bounds off to the ladies’ room. Ashley follows and gives her a friendly warning about Ben. He can be kind of a jerk. Perhaps Ashley is just too uptight to appreciate him, Victoria retorts before flouncing off.

Over wine at the penthouse, Chelsea and Nick discuss Victoria’s demeanor, Nick’s bold move, and more. He couldn’t care less what Victor thinks. He needs his independence and to have a better handle on his cash flow, especially now that he and Noah have begun a new venture. Meanwhile, at Newman Enterprises, Victor is apprised by Dean. Victor scoffs. Nicholas has always overestimated himself---and underestimated his father.

At the Underground, Noah pours a champagne toast to Abby and Zack’s success. Zach gets a call from his “tech” and takes it outside. He tells that person [a woman, based on the long blond hair and the hand shown] that they’re going live and she’s to proceed as planned.

Tessa paces Sharon’s living room and then asks for details about Crystal. According to Sharon, she was fearful but also brave. She protected Sharon from the pimp who showed up at the motel. She’s definitely a prostitute. Why all the questions? Tessa might be able to help identify her. She plays guitar in the park and sees lots of people. How sweet, but Sharon doubts Crystal will be strolling through the park.

On the club roof: Jack lies. He knows of Ben, but Ashley is far better acquainted and has a low opinion of him. Nikki sighs. Oh, well. If he can put a smile on Victoria’s face, what’s the harm.

Victoria’s manic episode continues at the Underground. She loves this song . . . time to get back on the floor. Victoria leads the way and drapes herself over Ben for a slow dance. Abby watches from the bar and comments on Victoria’s erratic behavior. She’s not too concerned, though; Victoria can take care of herself. Let’s hope so, Ashley says.

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