Wednesday Y&R Update 8/9/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 8/9/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Lily wanders around the house, gazes at a photo of her and Cane in happier times, and sheds a few tears. She wipes them away and answers the door. Abby is here to help with a sympathetic ear and bottle of Petite Syrah.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon serves Cane his coffee. She’s sorry to hear he’s fallen on hard times. He thanks her. Zack approaches. He’s looking for Cane.

In the athletic club dining room, Juliette is in good spirits. She tells Hilary that she and Cane had a minor breakthrough as co-parents. Hilary is cynical. He’ll never leave Lily, if that’s what she’s hoping. Juliette grins. He had no choice. Lily kicked him out.

Tessa, with Noah, takes a look around the recording studio full of state-of-the-art equipment. It’s unreal. Devon appears with Mariah on his arm. Nope. It’s real, all right. Tessa gets cold feet. Maybe this is a mistake. Mariah talks her down. Think of it as just another set in the park. Tessa remains conflicted and checks her phone compulsively.

Ashley catches up with Ravi in the Jabot lobby and tells him about Jack’s plan to give Dina a job. Ravi had the same idea, but Ashley was against it. She still has misgivings.

Jack visits Dina in her suite. Ashley is concerned about her and what she’s doing with all her free time. Dina is amused. *Ashley* is concerned? Well she needn’t be and neither should Jack. She’s fine. Jack encourages her to aim higher.

At Crimson Lights: Cane sells his car to Zack. The money is wired to Cane’s account as they speak. Cane feels him out about a job, but Zack’s not ready to take on employees just yet. He’ll be in touch.

At the club: Finally! Hilary says. She wonders what brought Lily to her breaking point. Juliette’s guess is the cumulative lies ending with the one about paying off Jesse, the unscrupulous cameraman who also ruined Juliette’s life. Hilary senses sympathy for Cane and finds it disgusting. Juliette is either a sucker or crazy. Hilary sees Jordan at the bar and ditches Juliette. He’s bummed out about Lily’s situation. He knows how Hilary feels about her, but she has to understand that he intends to stand by his friend. Hilary expected nothing less.

At home, Lily unloads to Abby. Lies, all lies from Cane. Some days it’s nearly impossible to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other, but she has to for the kids. Lily feels cheated. She didn’t get to carry Cane’s child, despite her best efforts. Because of Lily’s cancer they were forced to use a surrogate for the twins. Then along comes Juliette who spends one drunken night with Cane and gets pregnant. Lily cries again.

At the studio: Tessa stumbles through her first take. Her friends on the other side of the glass give lots of encouragement but among themselves agree they’ve never seen her so rattled. The engineer thinks things would move along better if Tessa would stop checking her phone every two seconds. Devon takes the mic and urges Tessa to focus. She puts her phone in her guitar case and starts to sing again. Meanwhile, in an unknown location, Crystal dials her phone. Tessa falters once more. They call a break and Noah goes to her. He knows what this is about: Her past haunts her.

Ashley and Ravi continue their conversation in Jack’s office. To Ashley it seems wrong to invite Dina into John Abbott’s domain. She abandoned him so callously. The irony is if John were alive, he’d welcome Dina with open arms. He gave her chance after chance to fix their marriage but she had no interest. Ravi sees Ashley’s distress and offers to run interference between her and Dina should she accept a position at Jabot. Ashley smiles. He’s so good to her, and Dina adores him and thinks Ashley doesn’t appreciate him enough. Ravi is pleased. He’s enjoyed spending time with Ashley and would like more of the same, especially outside of work. Ashley asks an odd question: How does he feel about water?

In her suite: Dina admits feeling cast aside, but she needs to accept life as a retiree. Why? Jack has an alternative: Come to work at Jabot. It won’t be make-work. She’ll be in charge of special projects. At first Dina is too proud to accept what she deems charity and pity.

At the Ashbys’: Lily thanks Abby for her support. She needs more than one shoulder to cry on, and Jordan’s done his turn. She manages a laugh. It was hard to kick Cane out, but she had to, mostly for the kids. The kids are important, but Abby reminds Lily to take of herself too, and to call anytime.

Cane finds Charlie at work on the pool deck. His hopes of having dinner with his son are dashed when Charlie tells him to take a hike. Mom is better off without him and should ask for a divorce.

In Dina’s suite: Eventually Jack wins over Dina and she’s eager to get started. Graham returns just as they strike a deal and Jack leaves Dina to relay the good news. Graham doesn’t see it that way. He demands she tell Jack she’s changed her mind. She refuses.

Crystal calls Sharon from a sleazy motel. She sounds fearful but wants no police intervention. She’s dressed for work, obviously, in a purple silk robe and bright red lipstick. Crystal hangs up when a man emerges from the shower, He tosses some bills on the bed and leaves. Sharon traces the call and makes tracks.

Abby runs into Zack on the Crimson Lights patio. She approves of his car purchase. He knew she would. They think alike. Perhaps, she says, but if they continue to date, they’ll likely disagree sometimes. The important thing is to always be honest with each other. Her conversation with Lily is still fresh in her mind. Zack promises to always lay it on the line.

At home, Lily dwells on the tuition renewal letter from Walnut Grove. She dials the school’s number, not expecting anyone to pick up but someone does. She explains who she is and requests an extension. No need for one. Lily’s husband paid the balance in person. Lily thanks the woman on the other end and hangs up, stunned.

Juliette runs into Charlie in the club entryway. She wants to be friendly, but he has no room in his life for a home-wrecker---or her child.

At a table in the club dining room, Hilary grows weary of Jordan’s talk about how tough Lily has it and how Hilary stole her chance at something positive when she desperately needs it. Hilary defends her auditioning for the commercial and makes no apologies for besting the competition. She smiles and offers him a proposition she’s sure he won’t refuse. But he does. He can’t go to New York for her taping. He’s sure she’ll be fine without him. He leaves and Hilary pouts.

At Jabot, Ashley clarifies: The water she refers to is in the form of a lake near her family’s cabin. She can’t allow Jack to have all the fun up there. Would Ravi like to go? He has little experience around water, but he’s game. Jack returns triumphant. Dina will be working on special projects? Like what? Ashley asks. Ravi jumps in and offers to be the point person for Dina and Jack readily accepts.

In Dina’s suite: Surely Dina realizes this is a ploy to separate her from Graham---no offense meant. Graham is loyal to Dina. He can’t say the same about Jack. Dina lifts her chin and declares her mind made up. Working may be stressful, but so is boredom.

Mariah watches Noah and Tessa through the studio window. On the other side, Tessa listens to Noah’s pep talk but keeps looking toward her guitar case. This is Tessa’s golden opportunity. Noah urges her to grab it. Suddenly she throws her arms around him and gives the engineer and Devon and Mariah the thumbs-up.

Sharon knocks on the motel room door. Crystal is shocked and hustles Sharon inside. She can’t stay. They’ll find her. Sharon tries to persuade Crystal to go with her somewhere safe. She grabs Crystal's hand and moves toward the door, but it’s too late. Crystal’s very large, bald, intimidating pimp arrives to take her away. Crystal explains Sharon’s presence by calling her a client’s wife in search of some three-way action. The pimp couldn’t care less. He seizes Crystal by the arm, drags her to his car, and peels out of the lot.

Lily calls Cane, who lingers at the pool deck bar. She asks about the tuition payment and he confirms he paid it with proceeds from his car sale. He loved that car, she says. He did, but replacing the tuition money was the one thing he could do toward making amends. She says nothing more than goodnight.

At Jabot: Ashley gives Jack a reality check. Dina is selfish by nature. Jack doesn’t disagree, but he’s optimistic.

Graham sits with Dina on the sofa in her suite, her hand in his, and declares his devotion to her. In the end, all is forgiven. Dina leaps up. Now she intends to take a bubble bath and then make herself a smoothie! Graham takes his cue to leave.

Tessa nails it this time and her supporters go wild in the booth. Devon says now that she’s broken the ice, it will be much easier next time. Mariah suggests they all celebrate, but Tessa’s thoughts are still on her phone. She checks it and sees three missed calls from an unknown number.

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