Tuesday Y&R Update 8/8/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 8/8/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Noah is back from the San Francisco music festival, all revved up and ready to expand the Underground. Nick already got the ball rolling by bidding on a couple of properties. He hopes Noah doesn’t mind his unilateral decision.

On the athletic club pool deck, Mariah withdraws her hand from Tessa when Devon approaches. He gets a weird vibe and asks if everything is OK. Without hesitation Mariah says yes. Tessa disagrees. She’s a bundle of nerves.

Ashley gets the grand tour of the Hamilton-Winters Group headquarters from Neil. She congratulates him (and Devon) and is sure they’ll be a big success. Neil demurs. They have their work cut out. Just the opening Ashley was hoping for. . . . Does Neil have a competent team in place? Aha. Now Neil understands her motive.

At the pool, Jack and Phyllis conspire. Ben Hochman, ever the gentleman, sent Victoria flowers after their evening together---courtesy of Jack, and he’s pretty darned proud of himself. Phyllis playfully scolds him but is all in. Really? Jack asks. Despite the effect it will have on her boyfriend, Billy?

At Brash & Sassy, Billy sees the bouquet and belittles Ben’s gesture. Victoria eventually has enough and lashes out. She doesn’t insinuate herself in Billy’s personal life. Point taken. Victoria can handle herself in any situation.

At HWG: Neil isn’t interested in hiring Dina, plain and simple. To ask for help from the previous owner right out of the gate would reflect poorly on Neil and Devon. Ashley understands. Despite her shaky relationship with her mother, she’s observed changes in Dina that signal depression and wants to help. Ashley thinks Dina regrets selling Mergeron and needs to feel needed. Neil is compassionate but the answer is still no. He wishes Ashley well and they part amicably.

At the athletic club pool: Phyllis insists her motives are pure: She wants to save Brash & Sassy. If Victoria gets a little romantic action out of the deal, so much the better. Victoria deserves to be happy. Jack doesn’t buy her altruism, but it doesn’t matter. All he wants is her vow of secrecy. It’s to their mutual benefit.

In the athletic club dining room, Ashley finds Graham enjoying a Bloody Mary with his omelet. She takes a seat. He asks how her meeting at Hamilton-Winters went. Was Dina there, by any chance? This alarms Ashley. Doesn’t Graham know where Dina is? How odd. She’s noticed changes in Dina’s state of mind; she seems unhappy. Graham discounts it. She persists. Ashley thinks Dina regrets selling her company, something Graham encouraged her to do. Don’t bother denying it. Dina admitted it.

At the pool: This is a big night for Tessa. She’s recording a song. Devon promises professionalism and plenty of support, including from Mariah, Tessa’s biggest cheerleader. Mariah is a bit stunned. She’s invited? Of course. Everyone is happy.

At the Underground: Unfortunately, all three of Nick’s bids were rejected. Who knew real estate was so valuable in Erie, PA? Noah is still glad. There will be other prospects---lots of them. Nick feels lucky to have such a solid relationship with his son. He hopes that doesn’t sound sappy. Not at all, although Noah teases his dad a little and they joke back and forth. Nick shakes his head and chuckles. Obviously he got his sense of humor from his mom. Noah hasn’t heard the latest: Victor removed Nick from his athletic club account. Sure, Nick can pay his own way, but it’s the principle.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria declares herself immune to Ben’s charms and orders Billy to take the rest of the day off. OK, she’s the boss. As soon as Billy is out the door, Victoria texts Ben and invites him to her office.

Billy finds Jack and Phyllis poolside. Jack doesn’t intend to spend a minute in Billy’s company and moves to leave. When he’s out of earshot, Phyllis asks about the state of affairs at Brash & Sassy. It’s one fire after another. Phyllis gets more specific. What about Victoria’s meeting with Ben?

Devon shows up at Hamilton-Winters and updates Neil. He made lots of promising contacts at the music festival. Neil nods. From a business perspective it was a success. And romantically? It wasn’t what Devon expected. Mariah dropped the L-word on him. Wow. That was fast. Devon’s thoughts exactly. Honestly, Devon has mixed feelings. He wasn’t able to say he loved her in return.

At the pool: Tessa spills a drink, proof positive that she has the jitters. Mariah helps mop up and gives Tessa a pep talk. Tessa is under tremendous pressure. Everyone she’s met in Genoa City has been so kind---Nikki, Noah, Mariah---and she doesn’t want to disappoint Devon. She won’t, Mariah says with complete confidence.

In the club dining room: Graham insists that selling was Dina’s choice. Ashley should know by now that no one forces Dina to do anything. Just as their conversation becomes contentious, Dina appears, decked out in pink from head to toe---including her sunglasses and lipstick, laden with shopping bags, and asks what’s the problem. Graham explains Ashley’s concern over his ignorance of Dina’s whereabouts. Dina is indignant. She doesn’t tell Graham her every move. Ashley asks for a moment with her mother. Dina went to the mall? How out of character. Dina becomes further inflamed by Ashley’s questioning and walks away.

At the pool: Billy tells Phyllis that despite Victoria’s refusal to accept Ben’s investment, he sent her flowers. Billy thinks that’s pretty peculiar. Phyllis notices how disturbed he is and asks if he’s jealous.

Ben is surprised to be invited to the inner sanctum of Brash & Sassy. Victoria is upfront. This is not a continuation of last night. That was a one-shot deal. It was thoughtful of him to send flowers, though. Ben hesitates. Flowers? Then he plays along. He has a confession to make. Hes flattered. Women dont usually bare their souls to him the way she did. He understands her trouble getting over her ex. Its tough being single again. Although he knows she has no feelings for him, would she agree to one more dinner while hes in town? Sure, why not.

Ashley proceeds to Jack’s office to tell him the latest about their mother. Dina went shopping, if he can believe it. Unlike Ashley, Jack isn’t so quick to condemn Graham, althoughthe more Ashley talks, he comes around. So does Jack have a plan? Yes, keep Mother close and engaged with a job at Jabot. Hell no, Ashley says.

In her suite, Dina scolds Graham for talking out of school. He tells her to relax. He gave away nothing to Ashley. He was caught off guard, though, when Dina disappeared without a word. Would she please keep him in the loop from now on? She bristles. He takes a look at her purchases. Why does she need a juicer? She can order juice from room service. Dina explodes. Maybe she’d rather make her own. Maybe she rather have her own kitchen and a home. She storms off.

At HWG: Neil thinks Mariah is the perfect antidote to Hilary, but Devon remains confused. Neil offers more advice. Talk it out with Mariah and be completely honest.

At the pool: Devon approaches Mariah, putting an end to her daydream about kissing Tessa. Look at the time. They’d better get to the studio. Not so fast. Devon wants to clear the air. In San Francisco she told him she loved him and he didn’t respond. Mariah shakes her head. It’s not necessary. He continues: He’s sorry if his silence hurt her, but he’s not ready to say those words. However, he is committed to Mariah and hopes she can be patient. No hurry. Mariah isn’t going anywhere.

At the Underground: Nick is on the phone with Sharon. No sign of Crystal, he says and hangs up. Noah sympathizes and reflects on the difficult situations some kids find themselves in. He extends that to their conversation about Nick’s relationship with his father. Nick and Noah will not continue the pattern. Tessa arrives. Noah touts her as the next big star, but she is modest. Her phone rings and she takes the call in the club entryway. Crystal sounds panicked and relieved to have finally reached Tessa. Before Tessa can determine the problem and how she can help, there’s commotion on Crystal’s end and they’re cut off. Tessa returns to the bar, clearly shaken. She waves it off and tells Noah she was surprised to hear from an old friend.

At Jabot: Ashley isn’t singling out Jack. Ravi had the same idea and she disagrees with it. Inviting Dina into the Jabot fold would be an insult to their father’s memory. Bah! Jack says. The point is to take back control from Graham.

In the suite: Graham apologizes for hurting Dina with his words, but he was worried about her. She has nothing to fear. He won’t abandon her. They embrace.

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