Monday Y&R Update 8/7/17

The Y&R Update Monday 8/7/17


Written by Christine
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Victoria was shocked when she woke up in Benjamin Hochman's bed. Benjamin woke up and found her quietly crawling around on the floor picking up her clothes. He reached out to touch her, but she shied away. Benjamin admitted he was surprised when she suggested coming back to his suite. He knew she had an image to uphold and children, so he promised not to tell anyone about this. Benjamin hoped to see Victoria again, but she rushed out. Victoria had played it cool while talking to Benjamin, but once in the hallway, the alarm and confusion was written on her face. In the bar area, Victoria checked in with Hannah, who assured her that the kids were fine. Victoria thanked Hannah for staying over, and Hannah mentioned that Victoria texted last night. After hanging up, Victoria checked her phone and discovered that she'd texted Hannah and asked her to spend the night with the kids.

Cane sought Jack out at the Athletic Club and emphasized that he he had intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Brash and Sassy. Jack understood that, but he refused to change his mind about hiring Cane. Cane suggested that he work for Jack under the radar – Cane said he'd never go into the office, so no one else would know about their arrangement. Jack considered the offer, but he turned Cane down. Cane didn't understand why Jack wouldn't agree to the terms. Jack said that it was too close to home.

Hilary ran into Devon at the Athletic Club and asked how the festival was. Devon said they all had a good time. Hilary was confused, and Devon clarified that Noah and Tessa joined him and Mariah in San Francisco. Hilary smiled and said she was sure Mariah understood Devon turning their romantic getaway into an opportunity to promote Tessa. Devon said it wasn't all business. Hilary got a text about her upcoming commercial, and she told Devon about landing the commercial that Lily tried out for. Hilary told Devon not to say that it was Lily's commercial because lots of women tried out and they chose Hilary. Devon didn't respond, and she asked if he was going to congratulate her. Devon hugged Hilary, congratulated her and said he was constantly impressed by her ability to make things happen. Devon left, and Hilary made her way over to Victoria. Hilary asked if Victoria was aware that Jesse was in town. Victoria said she didn't want to talk about it. Hilary explained that she was just trying to give Victoria a friendly heads up, then she walked away. Benjamin walked in and asked Victoria to breakfast. She said she didn't have time, and she left. Hilary intently observed the exchange, and once Victoria left she made a beeline to Benjamin.

Hilary and Benjamin were meeting for the first time, but they knew each other by reputation. Hilary mused that their jobs were similar because they both looked underneath the surface of what was presented to the outside world. She said his business was in revealing the value of a company, while hers was in revealing the truth. Benjamin liked that comparison. He thought that there were too many phonies out there. Hilary perked up and asked if he was talking about Genoa City. Benjamin thought the town was brimming with talent. He mentioned that he'd met with Fenmore's and Victoria. Jack walked over, kissed Hilary's cheek and joined them. Hilary excused herself to take a call. Jack wondered why Benjamin was still in town. He explained that he'd been told that Brash and Sassy was struggling, so he was looking into it. Jack said it was true, but Benjamin replied that Victoria didn't seem like the CEO of a company in distress. He mentioned that he had dinner with Victoria. Jack and Benjamin talked about Benjamin's habit of buying and dismantling companies. Benjamin sensed that Jack wanted him to dismantle Brash and Sassy, and Benjamin revealed that he'd spoken with Phyllis and she seemed to want that too. Benjamin confided that he and Victoria didn't engage in much shoptalk last night. Hilary eavesdropped while pretending to be occupied by her phone. After Benjamin left, Hilary joined Jack and told him about her commercial. Jack was sure she'd be brilliant. Hilary was touched because Jack was the first person she'd told who was immediately happy for her. She said she appreciated how supportive he always was, even when she angered his closest friends. They shifted gears and Hilary told Jack that Victoria spent the night with Benjamin.

Billy called Victoria's and Hannah told him she was already out. Billy told Phyllis that he'd tried calling Victoria about an upcoming meeting, but she must've gone to work early. Billy eventually reached Victoria. They talked business, then he asked how things went with Benjamin. Victoria abruptly ended the call. Billy told Phyllis that Victoria was too busy to tell him what that snake, Benjamin had up his sleeve. Billy didn't think Victoria would fall for Benjamin's tricks. Phyllis noted that Benjamin was handsome, but Billy didn't think he was Victoria's type. Billy fumbled with tying his tie, so Phyllis took over, then she pulled him into a kiss.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy was curious to hear how Victoria handled Benjamin. Victoria explained that she made it clear that she wasn't going to sell of part of the company and that it was on its way to its best quarter yet. Billy knew that Benjamin didn't take her story at face value, and he asked how Victoria shut him down. Victoria admitted that Benjamin tried to get her to let her guard down by saying he wanted to get to know the real her. Billy thought it sounded like a date. Victoria insisted that it wasn't, then she suggested that they get to work. Billy started to talk business, but Victoria was distracted because her memory was coming back. She recalled kissing Benjamin.

Phyllis ran into Benjamin at Dive Bar. She asked if he was ready to seize upon Brash and Sassy. Benjamin talked about Victoria. He'd expected Victoria to be Phyllis's exact opposite – remote and unapproachable. Benjamin said that Victoria wasn't like that last night. Benjamin also didn't think he'd be able to buy Brash and Sassy. Phyllis reminded him that the sales numbers were poor, but Benjamin said they didn't tell the whole story. Benjamin was still interested because he found the company very attractive. Phyllis noted that the CEO was, too. Benjamin agreed, but his instincts told him not to waste time pursuing something that had little chance of paying off.

Jack joined Phyllis after Benjamin left. Jack revealed that he knew Phyllis had met with Benjamin yesterday. Phyllis grumbled about Benjamin's big mouth. Jack approved of what Phyllis was doing even if they didn't have the same motives for wanting Brash and Sassy to fail. Phyllis reminded Jack that she never said she wanted the company to fail. Jack informed Phyllis that Victoria spent the night with Benjamin. Phyllis was pleased that her plan to encourage Benjamin to ask Victoria out had worked so well and so well so quickly. Phyllis thought Benjamin was interested in both Victoria and her company, and she wondered how to convince him to close the deal. Jack smiled, and Phyllis asked what he did. Jack thought it should be a surprise. Phyllis thought it was odd that Victoria would sleep with Benjamin when she knew he was after her company. Jack said that he'd had something sent to Victoria's office to move things along.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Billy told Victoria that she got a delivery – flowers, which were sent by Jack, but Billy and Victoria assumed they were from Benjamin. Billy asked what really happened last night. Victoria read the card, which said “thanks for a night to remember.” She flashed back to her fling with Benjamin and waking up in his bed.

At the Ashby's, Lily told Neil that she never would've known Cane paid off the cameraman if it weren't for Billy and Victoria. Neil thought she made the right decision asking him to move out. Lily said that it killed her to do it, and she knew that Cane was going through hell right now. Neil contended that Cane never should've used the twins' tuition to cover up his lies. Lily said that was the final straw because she had to protect Mattie and Charlie. Neil offered to pay for the tuition to Walnut Grove. Lily appreciated that, but she declined. Lily told Neil about the audition. Although she didn't get the role, she was sure there would be other parts. Neil offered her some encouraging words and they hugged. After Neil left, Jordan dropped by and told Lily that Hilary got the commercial. Lily assumed Jordan filmed Hilary's audition, but he assured Lily that he'd never do that to her. He explained that Hilary filmed herself. Lily said she couldn't get worked up about Hilary's latest jab at her right now. She told Jordan about asking Cane to move out.

Juliet ran into Cane in the Club's dining room and assured him that she didn't know he'd be there. Cane thought it was natural for them to run into each other. He told her to have a seat. Cane confessed to paying Jesse to remove the footage where Billy and the hockey players said they were just joking about gambling. Juliet blamed Cane for getting her fired. Cane admitted she was right, but he wasn't sympathetic, because unlike him, Juliet received a settlement and a severance package. Juliet noted that Cane hurt innocent people and cost Lily her big break. Cane swore he never meant to hurt Lily. Cane said he never meant for the video to air. He pointed out that none of this would've happened if Juliet had told him that Victoria wanted to run the footage on Hilary's show. He said that he couldn't get a job, his kids hated him and Lily kicked him out. Juliet told Cane that he was a decent man in spite of his mistakes. She pulled an ultrasound picture out of her purse and told him that the child was lucky to have him as a father. She said she was sorry his family was treating him harshly after all he'd done for them. Cane picked up the picture. Meanwhile, Devon and Neil were also at the Club. Neil told Devon about Cane's latest lie.

Mariah strutted into Crimson Lights like a model, which made Sharon smile. They hugged, and Mariah gave Sharon some souvenirs. Mariah gushed about the exclusive experience she'd had on the trip – limos, VIP passes, private jets. Mariah said she'd always wondered about the people behind the tinted windshields, and now she was one of them thanks to the fantastic guy she was dating. Mariah admitted that sometimes their relationship didn't feel real. Sharon advised her to enjoy dating Devon and being pampered. Mariah revealed that she told Devon she loved him. She explained that it wasn't premeditated. Sharon was happy for Mariah. She was also curious about Noah and Tessa. Mariah thought Tessa and Noah were both a bit gun shy, but she also felt that it was obvious that Noah was into Tessa. Sharon asked if Tessa felt the same way. Mariah said that Tessa wasn't fake; she only did what felt right.

At Dive Bar, Tessa talked about traveling first class with Devon all weekend. She thought that must be what it was like to be a headliner. Noah predicted that Tessa would be living like that all the time once her career took off. Tessa never envisioned being a headliner. She'd only wanted to be able to take care of herself and the people she loved. Noah asked if she meant her sister, and she said yes. Tessa asked if Noah thought her career would take off. Noah said of course he did. Tessa wasn't sure where this was going, but she hoped Noah would go along for the ride with her. Tessa explained that she'd been distant at first because she wasn't sure things could go both ways, and then Noah had put on the breaks. Noah said he told her he wanted to take things slow because wanted to be honest with her. Tessa admitted she'd never been with someone authentic before. They kissed. After Noah left, Mariah walked up. She flashed back to kissing Tessa. Tessa said she was trying to prepare for the recording studio tonight, but she couldn't stop thinking about all the famous people they met on the trip. Tessa confided that her relationship with Noah had gone to a whole new level. Mariah said that her relationship with Devon did too. She shared that she'd told Devon she loved him. Tessa asked if he said it back. Mariah said no, and that she was glad he didn't because she didn't want him to feel obligated to. Tessa was sure Devon loved Mariah too, since he'd planned the vacation just for the two of them. Tessa was glad that Mariah invited her along because it was an amazing experience.

Hilary was pleased to bump into Mariah. Mariah started to tell Hilary about her trip, but Hilary said she didn't care. Hilary explained that she had to go to NY to shoot her commercial. Tessa asked if Hilary was going to be advertising brooms to fly on. Mariah assured Hilary that she'd handle the show. Hilary warned Mariah not to think that she'd be able to steal the spotlight while Hilary was gone. Hilary walked off. Tessa rose, planning to push Hilary into the pool, but Mariah laughed as she grabbed Tessa's arm and pulled her back. A waitress came around with the bill. Tessa told her that Noah wanted it charged to the Newman account, but the waitress informed her that the charge couldn't be placed on that account. Mariah and Tessa pooled their money to pay the bill. Tessa grabbed Mariah's hand and thanked her. Devon walked up and saw them holding hands.

Noah went to Crimson Lights and Sharon talked to him about Tessa and the trip. Noah wanted Sharon to be okay with the fact that he and Tessa were getting closer. As a mother, Sharon was still worried, but she agreed to accept Tessa if she treated Noah right and made him happy. Noah explained that it was strange for Tessa to be stuck in the main house with Victor now that Nikki had moved out. He asked if Sharon would let her move into the cottage while she saved up for a place. Sharon agreed as long as it was okay with Mariah.

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