Friday Y&R Update 8/4/17

The Y&R Update Friday 8/4/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At Phyllis’s apartment, she explains to Lauren why she arranged a meeting between Ben Hochman and Victoria.

Victoria is ready to call it a day at Brash & Sassy and thanks Billy for his hard work. She hesitates to tell him her plans for the evening, but he won’t let it go so she’s forced to. Billy knows of Hochman and isn’t impressed.

The music festival continues in San Francisco. Noah thanks Devon again for inviting him and Tessa to tag along. Noah discovers he left his phone at the hotel. Devon suggests they go get it and pick up the girls while they’re at it. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Mariah plants a kiss on Tessa that neither will forget.

Sharon joins Nick poolside. She’s dressed to the nines because she’s meeting Scott there. In that case, Nick suggests she find another spot.

Abby and Scott encounter each other outside Victor’s office. They’re scheduled to meet him simultaneously---again. They spar verbally while they wait. It’s become habit for them. Inside the office, Victor finishes up a mysterious phone conversation.

At the Abbott cabin, Nikki teases Jack. He might have caught the smallest trout in the whole lake. Jack blames his inferior fishing rod. Too bad he destroyed the fancy one Nikki gave him, but never fear.

Abby and Scott continue their sniping in front of Victor. She pronounces Scott’s desk a disaster area. It’s a wonder he gets anything done. They are invited to sit and give updates on their divisions, Abby first. Her incubator project is the greatest thing since sliced bread. She now has three entrepreneurs signed, thanks in large part to Zack. Victor peers over his glasses. Is that the fellow she brought to the benefit concert? He is, and he’s also a business partner. Scott wonders aloud whether dating one’s business partners is standard operating procedure.

At the pool: Sharon is amused by Nick’s jealousy. At least that’s what she thinks it is. Scott is Victor’s golden boy now. Nick would rather talk about something else, but Sharon continues. When Faith returns from camp, Sharon intends to tell her that she’s dating Scott, and she doesn’t want Nick badmouthing him. Nick would never do such a thing. Although he has every reason to speak ill of Faith’s grandfather, he never has, and he won’t of Scott.

At the hotel in San Francisco: Mariah backs away from Tessa and apologizes over and over. She’s never done that before. Tessa takes Mariah’s hands and says it’s OK.

Ben surprises Victoria by picking her up at her office. He introduces himself to Billy as Victoria’s “date.” Victoria corrects Ben. It’s not a date. Seriously, Ben says, he was networking in the area and lucked into a meeting with Victoria. While Ben takes a call, Billy pulls Victoria aside and warns her to be careful. Victoria waves him off. She knows what she’s doing. She’ll fill Ben’s head with good news about Brash & Sassy, he’ll spread the word, and they’ll be back in the black in no time.

At Phyllis’s: According to Phyllis, her plan is brilliant. Ben will distract Victoria from Billy, and Brash & Sassy could wind up with a solid investor. Lauren sees a down side. Ben Hochman is a notorious flirt. It could turn personal. Even better Phyllis says.

At the hotel: Tessa agrees, the kiss was just an impulse brought on by the festival and all the new experiences. They’re both dating terrific guys; they just got carried away. Mariah agrees but disappointment shows on her face. Devon and Noah show up a second later and smother the girls with affection. Mariah and Tessa steal a glance at each other.

At Phyllis’s: Lauren and Phyllis relax on the sofa. Lauren could go for a glass of red. No red, Phyllis says. No white either. She’s been so consumed with her personal problems that she forgot to restock. Sorry. Well, Lauren jests, she can’t work this way! Billy comes home early, to Phyllis’s surprise and delight, and he carries a paper grocery bag. Lauren bids them good evening and leaves. From the bag Billy takes a bottle of tequila. Margaritas tonight---and all the pampering Phyllis deserves.

At Newman Enterprises: Scott outlines his idea for an expose about sex trafficking in the Midwest. It’s a huge but mostly unknown problem. Victor approves. Abby doesn’t disapprove but suggests he delegate the actual researching and writing to another reporter, preferably a woman. Scott insists that he must do it himself. Victor says little else except that he expects big gains in both Abby’s and Scott’s divisions next quarter. Now kindly leave as Victor has important business.

Dinner is served at the cabin. Nikki hopes the fish is better than the omelet Jack made, and it is. She doesn’t recall his doing much cooking during their marriage. Maybe next time they can cook together, assuming there will be a next time. . . . Most certainly, Jack says. Now Nikki would like to address the elephant in the room. The one with the mustache? Jack asks.

In the San Francisco hotel: Devon and Noah made some potentially valuable contacts at the concert and lined up some work for Tessa. In another feel-good moment, Devon looks around the room. He’s glad they’re all there. Now back to the festival! Mariah has changed her mind about the punk band she and Tessa were going to see together. Why don’t they split up as couples? Everyone agrees and will meet at the VIP tent later.

At the Abbott cabin: Some people, including Jack's sister, suspect Jack is toying with Nikki to get to Victor. Nikki is a bit offended. She has a say in the matter too. She’s living as she sees fit and loving every minute of it. Excellent, but Jack knows he’s playing with fire. If it gets too hot for Nikki, he’ll back off. She assures him he has nothing to fear.

On the pool deck: Sharon tells Nick about Scott’s intended article about Crystal and other victims. Scott appears and mentions his meeting with Victor. Nick might be able to conceal his disdain in front of Faith, but now he sneers at Scott and calls him Victor’s newest yes-man. Scott takes exception and lectures Nick about showing appreciation for his father. Scott never had the opportunity to know his dad. Nick snorts at the comparison. If Scott knew Victor like Nick knows Victor . . .

At home, Billy showers Phyllis with the attention she’s been craving and pours her a drink. Cheers! He can’t resist a little shoptalk, though. Guess who Victoria stepped out with tonight? Ben Hochman, that shark. Phyllis doesn’t enter in.

Victoria and Ben sit across from each other on the club deck. She talks up Brash & Sassy, the hockey league sponsorship, and the booming sales. Best of all, she’s the sole authority. Ben begins by defending his reputation but says he’s truly interested in building mutually beneficial partnerships. Can they be real with each other? He blurts out a short biography, including where he was raised, his hobbies, and his business exploits. He concludes by calling himself a real catch. Her turn. She shifts in her seat and reluctantly gives him a few details. Like Ben, she is divorced, but she’s married to her work. When she had the time, she enjoyed riding and showing horses. Basically she’s a simple, straightforward gal. WYSIWYG. If it seems she has her guard up, it’s because she does. She likes having control of her company and isn’t looking to share it. While Ben blathers on, Victoria experiences that familiar ringing in her ears and muffled sound. When she snaps out of it, she comes on like gangbusters. Is Ben hungry for something other than food? Check please.

Across the pool deck, Nick stomps off. Scott apologizes to Sharon for pushing his buttons. On his way out, Nick sees Victoria and calls to her. He just misses her, but he has bigger problems. His account at the athletic club has been deactivated. He’s puzzled at first but then nods. Victor.

Devon and Mariah return to the hotel to catch their breath. Devon can’t believe she enjoyed the acoustic set they just heard. She’s full of surprises. Apparently the music appealed to her romantic side and she really pours it on.

At the club: In front of Scott, Nick asks Sharon for a loan to pay his check. While the two of them search for a cash machine, Scott takes a call from the boss. Scott will have his report on Victor’s desk first thing tomorrow. Incidentally, Scott knows what Victor’s urgent matter was and it worked as planned. Nick had to ask for a handout. He and Victor seem to take pleasure in that.

Jack and Nikki snuggle in front of an open window at the cabin. Tell her honestly: Is the world ready for the two of them as an item? Jack is willing to find out.

Noah and Tessa can’t get past the bouncer in front of the VIP tent. Noah lost their passes in the mosh pit. Tessa gets pushy and resorts to name dropping. Does he know who he’s dealing with? Noah Newman, Victor Newman’s grandson. The bouncer considers the repercussions of denying a Newman and makes an exception. Inside the ropes, Tessa does a little victory dance. Noah isn’t quite so happy. He’s uncomfortable playing that card. Tessa jokes about it and eventually Noah laughs it off.

At the hotel, Mariah continues her monologue. The attention, the trip, the luxury---does she deserve it? It’s unlike her to be sentimental, but she has something to tell Devon. Here goes: I love you. They kiss and more.

At home, while Billy fetches refills he gets a text. Whoa. A major acquisition is about to go down. He’d better call Victoria. Phyllis glares, and he apologizes. It can wait.

In Ben’s suite, Victoria guzzles her glass of wine and hopes there’s more where that came from. Ben is stunned but not disappointed. He’s glad she’s not turned off by him, and it’s better than he could have hoped. Victoria asks when he intends to kiss her and then takes the initiative. Things progress from there.

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