Thursday Y&R Update 8/3/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 8/3/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

Victor was in his office, where he received a welcome home hug from Abby. She asked about the mysterious out of town business he had to attend to. Victor stated that it was taken care of, then he asked Abby to catch him up on everything. Abby revealed that she'd signed a new tenant to their start up incubator project. Victor sensed that there was more. Abby divulged that Hilary aired a clip of his fight with Nick. Abby was confused when Victor announced that Hilary had his blessing. Victor explained that Nick accused him of putting his interests ahead of Nikki's, so when he heard that there was a video of Nick admitting he sabotaged the concert, he told Hilary to air it. Abby said she knew something was going on that night, but no one would tell her what it was. Victor said he didn't want to tell Abby because he didn't want to ruin her evening after she'd worked so hard on the event. Abby admitted she thought Victor was shutting her out because he didn't think she was as much of a Newman as his children with Nikki. Victor hugged Abby and assured her that she was more of a Newman than her two siblings. He promised to reward her for her loyalty. Abby told Victor that Victoria was very stressed out over Brash and Sassy's troubles. She explained that Victoria had been crying and that Cane had sabotaged Billy and gotten someone pregnant. Abby recommended that Victor talk to her.

At Dive Bar, Nikki was happy to hear that Nick was going into business with Noah. Nick admitted he felt free ever since Victor disowned him. Nikki knew the feeling; her life had been serene ever since Victor left town and she moved off of the ranch. Nick asked if she'd talked to Victor lately, and she smiled and said no. They talked about the boutique hotel where Nikki was staying, and Nick was pleased to hear she loved it so much. Nikki stated that she'd always love Victor, but she wasn't going to let him stop her from living her life as she saw fit. Nick was glad, and he asked what her first step was. Nikki planned to spend the day with Jack at his family cabin. Nick sensed that Nick didn't approve. Nick supported Nikki spending time with Jack as long as it made her happy.

Devon, Mariah, Tessa and Noah had arrived in San Francisco and were in their suite. Mariah could hear Tessa laughing in another room. It seemed to rattle her, and she closed the door. Devon walked out and asked why she didn't join him in the shower. Mariah apologized and said she got distracted while reading the schedule for today. They held each other and talked about the festival. They agreed that the trip had been amazing and they kissed. Later, Tessa and Noah came in. Noah thanked Devon for introducing him to a booking agent. Devon noted that they were having a productive trip – Devon was looking for new artists and Noah was looking for new acts to tour at his chain. Mariah asked when the new Undergrounds would open. Noah thought it would take awhile to find locations and get them ready. Noah hoped that Kurt, the booking agent, wouldn't mind. Tessa thought it would be fine, because Kurt would see that Noah was a serious guy with serious dreams. Noah and Tessa kissed, and it seemed to bother Mariah. Devon told Tessa that some industry execs were excited about her, so he wanted to get her into the studio ASAP. Mariah told them about a punk band she wanted to see. She sensed that no one else seemed interested, but Tessa said she'd go with Mariah. Devon chimed in that he liked all kinds of music. Noah and Devon left for their meeting with the agent. Tessa noted that Mariah seemed off and asked if she was okay. Awhile later, Tessa got changed and found Mariah struggling with the zipper on her dress. Tessa helped out. Mariah asked if things were going well with Tessa and Noah. Tessa said that things were going great. According to Tessa, Noah was now open to the idea of them being a unit. Mariah wished her life was that easy to fix. Tessa asked if everything was okay with her and Devon. Mariah said Devon was the incredible, and she liked him and wanted to be serious with him. Mariah explained that she was trying to be honest with herself about who she was and what she wanted, but she was confused. Tessa put her hand on Mariah's shoulder and assured Mariah that she wasn't alone. Mariah caressed Tessa's cheek and drew her into a kiss.

In Jack's office, Gloria offered Jack and Benjamin coffee. They both declined, then Benjamin said it was a pleasure seeing Gloria again. As Gloria left, she remarked that she was fully clothed this time. Jack raised an eyebrow, and Benjamin explained that he ran into Gloria in the sauna, where she told him about her displeasure with Fenmore's. Benjamin added that Gloria's story caused him to back out of investing in Fenmore's. He now realized that Gloria tricked him at Jack's behest. Jack noted that Gloria was very valuable to him. Benjamin revealed that he'd had his eye on Jabot ever since Ashley's presentation in NY. Ashley walked in just as Benjamin suggested that they go into business together. She flatly stated that they weren't interested. Benjamin apologized for the way he behaved in NY. He said he regretted the way their dinner ended and that the didn't show her tech guy proper respect. Ashley told Benjamin that his name was Ravi. Jack was still interested in hearing the proposition. Benjamin noted that Jabot was doing well, but he thought its growth would eventually slow down. He proposed that he invest in the company and provide cash for them to develop new products. Jack said that Jabot was 100% family owned and he wasn't interested in selling off any of their father's legacy. Benjamin left. Ashley wondered why Jack was wearing a casual shirt and jeans. Just then, Gloria came in and delivered a fishing pole. Jack read the card – it was from Nikki. Jack stated that he was taking Nikki to the cabin, and she'd challenged him to catch supper. Gloria soured at the revelation, and she strode out of the office. Ashley noted that Gloria was jealous, but Jack said Gloria knew that whatever they had was over. He explained that she'd moved on to Graham. At first, Ashley assumed Gloria was after their mother's money, then she asked Jack if he'd asked her to spy on Graham and Dina. Jack admitted he'd asked, but that Gloria had refused.

Ashley stated that Dina told her she missed Mergeron. Ashley thought Dina was lonely and bored and possibly suffering from depression. She noted that Dina had nothing to do all day. Jack disagreed. He thought their mother was a bright and vital woman who could do lots of things. Ashley countered that Dina wasn't doing anything, but sitting in a hotel room all day. She asked Jack to think of all the trouble he'd get into without Jabot. She noted that he already got into a lot of trouble. Jack knew she was alluding to his relationship with Nikki, and he said they were spending a relaxing day at the lake. Ashley suspected he was trying to push Victor's buttons. Jack said he was insulted that she'd suggest that. Ashley warned Jack that Victor would punish him and Nikki for getting close.

Phyllis intercepted Ravi as he got off the Jabot elevator. She asked if he had any brilliant friends in marketing and finance who were looking for work. Ravi didn't realize Fenmore's had an opening. Phyllis clarified that she was asking for Brash and Sassy. She confessed that she thought it was the only thing that could save her relationship. She vented about Victoria monopolizing all of Billy's time, and she explained that Billy constantly talked about the job and how Victoria was suffering. “It's Victoria Victoria Victoria until my ears start to bleed,” she groused. She said that if Ravi had any qualified friends who could lighten the workload, she'd owe him forever. Ravi asked if she'd talked to Billy about this. Phyllis said it wouldn't work because Billy was obsessed. Ravi wished he could help, but he didn't know anyone qualified for the job.

Benjamin crossed paths with Phyllis, and they chatted. He explained his reason for being at Jabot and admitted he was looking to invest in a cosmetics company. Phyllis asked if they could meet for dinner later, and he agreed. Ravi returned and saw Benjamin leaving. He told Phyllis how rude Benjamin had been to Ashley in NY. Phyllis recalled that Ravi told him off. Ravi didn't regret what he said, and Phyllis didn't blame him because he'd been protecting Ashley. Phyllis thought she and Ravi were alike – they'd both do anything to protect the people they cared about.

Chelsea tracked Victoria down at the Athletic Club because she was worried about Nick. Victoria hadn't seen him since they watched the Hilary Hour, and she was sure he was still mad at Victor. Chelsea clarified that Nick claimed being disowned by Victor was the best thing that ever happened to him. Chelsea thought Nick was rebelling, but she believed he'd eventually want to reconcile with Victor, and she was worried that by then it would be too late. Victoria stated that it was hard to remember Victor's good qualities when he was at his worst. She admitted that she missed Victor, and she thought that Nick eventually would too.

Victoria was at Brash and Sassy when Victor called. She was thrown when she discovered that he knew all about her troubles with the company. She asked who told him and he revealed that it was Abby. Victoria assured Victor that she could handle it, and she told him she was glad he was back, then they ended the call. Victoria called Abby and tersely insisted that Abby come by. When Abby arrived, Victoria asked why she repeated their conversation to Victor. Abby didn't realize that Victoria didn't want Victor to know. Abby explained that she didn't know how to help Victoria, and she thought Victor might. Victoria asked if she'd acted out of control or embarrassed Abby in public. Abby said no, but Victoria had cried, which was very unusual for her. Victoria's openness the other day made Abby feel like they were finally connecting as sisters. Victoria appreciated Abby letting her vent, but she wished Abby hadn't told Victor. Abby assured Victoria that she and Victor loved her and wanted what was best for her. Abby said she was glad that Victoria had leaned on her, then she pulled Victoria into a hug.

At The Underground, Nick introduced Chelsea to Dean, who handled Nick's finances. Nick explained that Dean was going to bid on a couple of buildings for him. Dean thought Nick had an excellent chance of winning both bids. Nick stated that he was willing to pay more than the market rates for those cities, and he was a successful business owner with great credit. Dean left. Nick was excited to tell Noah that he had buildings for new Undergrounds. Nick kissed Chelsea and told her that she could design the t shirts and even the bar itself. Nick and Chelsea had sex in his office. Dean interrupted by calling with bad news – Nick had been outbid on both buildings. Nick vowed to bid a lot more next time, then he turned his attention back to Chelsea.

It turned out that Dean placed the call to Nick from Victor's office. Victor congratulated Dean on sounding so convincing. Victor then promised to reward Dean for continuing to inform him about Nick's financial activities.

Dina and Graham were also at the Club. They met up after Dina's meeting with Neil. Dina stated that Neil had tactfully made it clear that he and Devon didn't need her input. Graham said he was sorry, but Dina noted that Mergeron belonged to Devon and Neil now. Dina shifted gears and admitted she was worried about the dangerous game Jack was playing with Nikki. Graham understood that she was concerned that Victor would get back at Jack. Graham stepped away to answer a call. He was pleasantly surprised that it was Gloria. Gloria explained that Jack was taking a trip to the Abbott Cabin with his new lover, which meant that Gloria could leave work early. Graham had a few errands to run, but he promised to plan a special dinner for them.

Dina dropped by Jabot for a visit because Graham was preoccupied. Ashley sat down with her mom, and Dina confessed that she felt tossed aside. Ashley gently asked Dina questions. Ashley asked why she sold Mergeron. Dina said that she and Graham thought they'd get the best price if they sold now. Ashley wondered if she sold because Graham told her to. Dina said that Graham did thorough research. Dina admitted she found it more difficult to step away from her life's work than she'd anticipated. Ashley noted that Dina had gone through a lot of changes recently, and she asked if Dina could be depressed. Ashley had to take postpone the talk to care of some business. Afterward, Dina disclosed that seeing Ashley in business-mode made her realize she missed the excitement of owning her own company. Dina admitted she might be a bit depressed. Ashley understood Dina's feelings, which made Dina happy. Ravi came by with some things for work, so Dina decided to leave. Dina hoped they could talk about this again soon. Ashley agreed, and Dina left. Ashley told Ravi about the conversation and said that she wanted to do something to help Dina feel useful. Ravi suggested hiring her at Jabot. Ashley said no, because would stir up too much baggage, but she had another idea.

Nikki listened to Jack reminisce about childhood memories spent there at the cabin. Nikki asked about Dina's part in the old times. Jack said that while Dina now spoke fondly of the cabin as if she'd been there all the time, Jack didn't remember it that way. He explained that Dina didn't like the outdoors, and she always seemed to head to NY when John brought Jack and the girls to the cabin. Jack said those were old memories and he was ready to make new ones. Nikki fiddled with Jack's fishing rod and accidentally jammed the reel. She sheepishly admitted she'd never gone fishing before. Jack tried to fix the rod, but he made the problem worse. He confessed that he wasn't much of a fisherman. Nikki was eager to try fishing, though, and Jack liked her enthusiasm. They kissed. Someone lurked outside the cabin and secretly photographed them.

Phyllis and Benjamin met at Dive Bar. Phyllis said she had a potential investment for him. She explained that the company she had in mind was in need of cash. Benjamin was intrigued. Phyllis revealed that it was Brash and Sassy. Benjamin was skeptical about Phyllis' claim that Victoria was in financial trouble. Phyllis confided that Victoria had suffered some unexpected challenges beyond her control, and she was determined not to rely on Victor. Benjamin asked what was in it for Phyllis. Phyllis said she wanted to help Benjamin, but he didn't buy it. Benjamin knew Victoria liked to do things herself and he didn't think she'd want his help. Phyllis said that Victoria preferred to do business with people she knew. Benjamin had run into Victoria over the years, but they were only acquaintances. Benjamin asked if Phyllis had any tips. Phyllis stated that Victoria was more relaxed when she was out of the office, and she was single, so she and Benjamin might hit it off. Benjamin called Victoria. He told her he was in town to meet with the city's most promising CEOs and she was at the top of his list. She asked why, and he asked if they could network. Victoria thought she might be free next week, but Benjamin convinced her to meet him for dinner.

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