Wednesday Y&R Update 8/2/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 8/2/17


Written by Christine
Pictures By Christine

At the Ashby's, Victoria and Billy revealed that Cane paid Jesse to delete the portion of the video that proved Billy was only joking about gambling on hockey games. Lily asked why. Billy said that Cane was trying to ruin Billy, the hockey project and kill the commercial. Victoria noted that it was Lily's commercial. Lily begged Cane to say that he didn't do it. Billy announced that they had proof – Jesse's memory card. Lily watched the video. Victoria assured Lily that they didn't want to hurt her, but they thought it would be worse to keep her in the dark. Cane accused them of wanting to ruin him in front of his wife. Billy countered that Lily was their friend, and she deserved to know the truth. Billy explained that Jesse came to town looking for a second payout and Cane gave him $25,000 today. Lily stared at Cane in disbelief. Cane insisted that he had no choice but to pay Jesse to keep him quiet. Victoria noted that Jesse told the truth anyway, and she called Cane's choice another example of his lack of judgment. Cane told Victoria and Billy to leave. Billy refused to go unless Lily wanted them to. Lily asked for privacy. Victoria said she was sorry, and Billy told Lily to let them know if she needed anything.

Now that they were alone, Lily let the tears flow as she admitted she didn't even know who Cane was anymore. She didn't understand why he fed her another massive lie. She noted that he paid off his accomplice with the twins' tuition money. Cane stated that they still had enough money to cover tuition. Lily told him that wasn't what it was about. She was appalled that he'd looked her in the face and lied about having an urgent investment to make, just like he lied about having sex in Tokyo. Cane said he hated himself for lying, but he was scared that he'd lose her. Lily ordered him to stop using that excuse, but Cane swore it wasn't an excuse. He said that he thought if he could hold onto her her, he could fix everything. Lily countered that nothing was fixed and that he kept making everything worse. Cane swore he'd never lie to Lily again. He put his hand on her shoulder, but she pushed it off. Lily said she'd tried to be strong because family was everything to her. Cane said he felt the same way, but Lily disagreed. She accused him of putting himself and his needs and his fears first. Cane admitted she was right. He swore he'd learned his lesson and he asked for another chance. Lily didn't see how Cane could ever begin to atone for what he'd done to the family. She told him to pack his bags and get out.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis tried to sell Lauren on the idea to let Chelsea create a line for Fenmore. Phyllis was enthusiastic about the potential partnership, but Lauren reluctantly declined. Lauren stated that, in the past, before online sales hurt retail sales, she would've jumped at the chance to work with a designer like Chelsea, but she had to be cautious these days. Lauren hoped Phyllis wasn't crushed. Phyllis said she wouldn't want Lauren to do anything that hurt Fenmore's. Lauren gave Phyllis credit for putting Fenmore's on the road to recovery. They were both glad that they didn't partner with Benjamin Hochman. Phyllis said she'd take Jack over a walking ego trip like Benjamin any day. Lauren informed Phyllis that Benjamin had recently acquired a major stake in another department chain, then he'd demolished the storefronts and put condos in their place. Lauren thought about all the CEOs struggling to save their companies, and Phyllis mentioned that Victoria was in that boat. Lauren recalled Michael saying something about settling a lawsuit. Phyllis stated that Billy and Victoria worked fifteen hour days to keep the company afloat. “And I tell you - her majesty does not mind one bit,” Phyllis grumbled.

Billy and Victoria arrived at the Club and ordered champagne, but neither of them felt like celebrating their victory, because they were concerned about Lily. Victoria hoped she wouldn't hate them for telling the truth. Billy didn't think so because he knew Lily hated being placated. Victoria stared off into space, and Billy asked if she was okay. Victoria admitted that this was the best day she'd had since Juliet stabbed them in the back with the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Phyllis said goodbye to Lauren, and she happened to see Billy, Victoria and their champagne. Phyllis joined them and asked what they were celebrating. Victoria said the end of a hellish day. Billy offered to pour Phyllis a glass, but she said she was headed home, and she offered Billy a ride. He agreed and he asked if Victoria wanted a ride too. Phyllis asked if Victoria wasn't feeling well. Victoria said she was fine, but she said Billy kept fussing over her. Billy denied it. Victoria watched as Phyllis and Billy left, hand in hand.

Phyllis and Billy went home. Phyllis poured wine for them, while Billy vented about Cane. Billy felt that Cane got what he wanted – the commercial didn't air and Billy's reputation with the hockey league was shot. Phyllis noted that Cane had wanted Billy to be fired. Billy was grateful that Victoria let him keep his job. Phyllis asked if they could relax and enjoy the wine, but Billy couldn't help thinking about the chain reaction Cane caused by deleting the footage. He stated that, if not for Cane's stunt, Juliet would have a job, there would be no lawsuit, the commercial would have aired and they wouldn't have had a bad quarter. He asked if that didn't blow Phyllis's mind. Phyllis said she'd processed it and moved on, and she wished Billy would too. She declared the apartment a Brash and Sassy free zone. Billy apologized for talking about work so much. Phyllis clarified that it was nearly all he talked about. She said she cared about her job, but she didn't bring it home. She felt that there were so many other things they could do together, and she didn't see how he could have a life-work balance if he didn't have a life. Billy said he wished he could go on romantic weekends or marathon TV shows, but he couldn't do that until Brash and Sassy was back on track.

Mattie and Reed shared a piece of cake at Crimson Lights after his performance. Mattie couldn't help wondering why Reed was hanging out with her instead of his groupies. She thought that she wasn't his type and that he preferred girls like Zoey. Reed stated that he lost interest in Zoey once he got to know her. He said that his type was a smart, driven girl who understood why he was serious about music, because she had her own goals. Mattie smiled shyly as Reed said she didn't realize how beautiful she was. Charlie walked over and announced that he was going to stay out of their relationship as long as Reed treated Mattie right. However, Charlie threatened to mess up Reed's pretty face if he hurt Mattie. Reed teased that Charlie thought he was pretty. Mattie was glad that Charlie called a truce.

Charlie went to the counter and ran into Juliet. They recognized each other from Dive Bar and had a friendly chat. Reed spotted them and asked Mattie why Charlie was talking to Juliet. Mattie remembered the name and figured out who it was. She joined Charlie, and Reed followed. Juliet greeted Reed. Reed told Charlie that Juliet sued Victoria. Mattie added that Cane got Juliet pregnant. Juliet grabbed sugar for her drink, and she looked up and noticed the trio glaring at her. She acknowledged that this was a difficult time for them. Juliet said she'd heard so much about the twins and she'd been wanting to meet them. Charlie asked if she knew who he was the other day, and Juliet insisted that she didn't find out until later. Reed sniped at Juliet for suing his mom, while Charlie was angry that Juliet was pretending nothing happened. He asked if she had any idea what she'd done to their family. Mattie asked if she even cared what she'd done. Juliet swore that she felt terrible about what happened and she was sorry they all got hurt. She said that she was trying to move on with her life, but she truly was sorry. Juliet rushed out.

Mattie and Charlie got home and found Lily silently weeping on the couch. She sat up and pulled herself together and asked how they were. They joined Lily on the couch and urged her to tell them what was wrong. Lily admitted that she hated to tell them. Charlie assured her that they could handle it, and Mattie asked her to let them take care of her for a change. Just then, Cane walked out of the bedroom carrying his suitcase. Cane said he and Lily decided it was best for him to leave for now. Lily stated that she asked Cane to leave so that she could have some time to work through things. The twins supported Lily's decision. Mattie asked where Cane was going. He said that Jill was letting him stay at the Chancellor Mansion, but he promised to come visit the twins every day because he didn't want them to forget how much he loved them. Lily and Cane both had tears in their eyes as he said he'd always love her and hoped she could forgive him. Cane left. Lily broke down crying and the twins comforted her. Outside, Cane began to sob.

Sharon, Paul and Scott were at the coffeehouse. Sharon felt sick about what happened, but Paul thought it was a lucky break that she happened to meet the girl who'd been calling the Crisis Center. Scott added that Sharon handled it perfectly. Sharon felt responsible for Crystal because she'd promised to protect her. She implored Paul to find Crystal. Paul made a phone call and asked his officers to be on the look out for Crystal and to check the security footage near the Underground for signs of where she might have gone. Paul thought there was a chance that Crystal might call Sharon since Sharon gave Crystal her cell phone number. Sharon felt bad about leaving Crystal alone in the office. Scott noted that Crystal was a adult, although barely, so Sharon couldn't expect to control her. Sharon noted that Crystal trusted the wrong person – a woman, and had been lured into prostitution. Paul said once they found Crystal, they'd get her out of the life, but she'd need to help them identify and bring down the people running the ring. Sharon had read the statistics, and it made her feel like there was nothing anyone could do to make a dent in the problem. Sharon wanted to make a real difference, though.

Scott wanted to help by chronicling the search for Crystal and the sex trafficking ring. He thought that he could serialize it – break it up into weekly installments and publish it in the media outlet he ran for Newman. Scott said he'd change the names and places and wouldn't print anything that would hurt Paul's investigation. Paul noted that the internet had made it easy for these rings to thrive under the radar. Lauren walked in and was delighted to see Scott and Paul. Lauren noted that Scott was never home anymore. Gesturing toward Sharon, Scott said he'd had other places to be, but he and Lauren agreed to spend more time together. Lauren wondered why things were so serious when she walked in. Scott explained that Sharon was helping the department as an extension of her work at the hotline. Lauren stated that there was nothing like giving back to people in need to help you grow as a person. Scott thought Sharon was amazing. Lauren looked irritated when she saw her son being affectionate with Sharon. Paul noticed, and he took Lauren aside to chat.

Paul thought it was cute that Lauren disapproved of Scott's relationship. It reminded him of the way his mom acted when he and Lauren were together. Lauren insisted that she was not acting like Paul's mom had. She stated that Scott was an adult and she wasn't interfering. Lauren admitted that she wished Scott would find someone ambitious and adventurous like he was, instead of someone with a troubled past and a lot of baggage. Paul felt that Sharon had transformed her life; she was taking college courses, doing well at the Crisis Hotline and she was running the coffeehouse. Paul said that as Sharon's former father in law, he was proud of her. Paul thought Lauren might like Sharon if she cut her some slack.

Scott was very excited about doing a story on Crystal and the sex trafficking ring. He envisioned turning it into something huge and captivating a whole new readership, but Sharon was concerned about his motives. She asked if his goal was to get awards and page views. Scott reminded Sharon that she wanted to raise awareness. Sharon said she also wanted to give the victims a voice and make it clear that they were more than an amusing news story. She said they were human beings, worth caring about. Scott said he did care. Sharon told him to remember that this was about the victims, not his digital media company. “And if you don't know that, then you and I are gonna have a big problem,” she added. Scott apologized if he sounded insensitive. He noted that, unfortunately, reporters earned a living by viewing tragedies as career opportunities. Scott said that if his writing helped the women get justice, that would be the highest accolade he could get. Sharon thanked Scott for saying that and for his passion.

Paul and Lauren came over, and Paul said goodbye. Sharon gave Lauren a bag of free dessert. Lauren invited Scott and Sharon to join her and Michael for dinner one day. They accepted, and she left. Sharon noted that it wasn't the most warm invitation, but it was a first step. Scott applauded Lauren for making an effort, even though he and Sharon didn't need her approval. Sharon wondered how Paul managed to talk Lauren into giving them a chance. Scott suggested that Paul told Lauren to accept Sharon because she made Scott happy. Sharon and Scott kissed.

At Dive Bar, Zack entertained Abby with a story about a date from Hell that he'd gone on. He admitted that he was grateful for the awful experience because it made him appreciate being with Abby. Abby was glad too, because it lead him to create the app that brought them together. Zack wanted to ask a personal question. He saw the video on the Hilary Hour and he wanted to know if Abby was embroiled in the Newman family drama. Abby assured him that she wasn't part of whatever was going on between Victor, Nikki and their kids. Zack asked if she and Victor were okay. Abby said yes. She added that Victor was a challenging man, and they'd had their problems, but he loved his family deeply. Abby was curious about Zack's background. Zack said he grew up near Chicago in typical middle-class family. He called his relatives boring and predictable, but Abby thought that sounded peaceful. Zack stepped away to take a call, then he told Abby that there was a bug in the app and he had to go take care of it. He felt like a rotten date, but Abby understood. They agreed to have a do-over date soon, and they shared a quick goodbye kiss.

After Zack left, Abby noticed a glum Victoria sitting alone, and she went over to her. Victoria was shaky and tense. Abby asked Victoria what was going on. Victoria was hesitant at first, but after some encouragement from Abby, Victoria's fears and anger came spilling out. Victoria told Abby all about Cane's sabotage, the sexual harassment lawsuit, Juliet's pregnancy, settling the lawsuit and the damage that it had done to the company. Victoria hated Cane for what he'd done to her company. She wasn't sure she'd be able to keep Brash and Sassy afloat. She'd already tapped into the company's reserves to pay the settlement, and she wasn't sure she could afford to replace the workers she'd let go, but she felt obligated to fix things because she was the one who fixed everything. She wept and confessed that she felt alone. Abby hugged her sister and offered to help. Victoria said Abby helped by listening. Abby was caught off guard when Victoria hugged her and abruptly left.

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