Tuesday Y&R Update 8/1/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 8/1/17


Written by Christine
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At Crimson Lights, Billy pressured Jesse to fess up. Jesse continued to deny altering the footage to make Billy look bad. Billy informed Jesse that the Chief of Police and DA were good friends of his. Billy made Jesse accompany him to Brash and Sassy to talk to Victoria. While Victoria looked on, Billy told Jesse that he could either tell them about his dealings with Cane or talk to the police. Jesse insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong, but Billy thought the police would see it differently when the saw the large sum of money in Jesse's bank account. Billy added that Victoria would be willing to pay Jesse for information. Billy wanted to know how much Cane paid Jesse. Victoria said that Jesse and Cane's financial arrangement was their business, then she offered to pay double what Cane had. Billy hoped that Jesse wasn't going to put himself on the line out of misguided loyalty to Cane. Jesse scoffed because he had no intention of going down to protect Cane. Victoria noted that her company lost a small fortune because they couldn't use the commercial. Billy told Jesse that Victoria was a Newman. Jesse had never heard of the family. Billy explained that it meant she had the connections to make sure he never worked again.

Jesse clarified that Cane never meant for the video to air on television. He explained that Cane paid him edit the footage and end it at the part where Billy talked to the players about gambling and to delete the portion of the video where they said it was just a joke. Victoria asked why. Jesse stated that Cane wanted to make Billy look bad in front of the hockey league. Billy asked if Jesse had proof, and Jesse revealed that he had a flash drive with the missing video. Victoria noted that she'd agreed to double Cane's investment, and she asked how much. Jesse told her it would be $50,000,000. Victoria started writing a check, and Jesse handed over the flash drive. Once Billy had the proof, he told Jesse to get out. Jesse protested because he didn't have the check yet. Victoria countered that he already had the $25,000,000 from Cane. Jesse stormed off. “We're good,” Billy said, as he smiled at Victoria. Victoria wasn't sure how long it would take for the company to recover from Cane's stunt. Billy recalled how hard Cane had campaigned to get him fired after the fallout. Victoria noted that Cane ruined Lily's big break, got Juliet fired and caused the sexual harassment lawsuit. Victoria thought it was karma that Cane's secret had been exposed, despite him paying to keep it quiet. Billy was impressed with how Victoria got Jesse to admit how much Cane paid. Victoria wanted to sue Cane for the money he'd cost the company. Billy noted that Lily was supporting the family, so it would be she and and the kids who'd suffer. Victoria asked if Billy was suggesting that she let Cane get away with this. Billy said no.

Abby and Zack toweled off after a swim at Dive Bar. It was just after their kiss, which Zack admitted he'd been eager to do for awhile. Abby playfully told him not to get used to it. Ashley happened to walk by, and she joined the pair. They chatted about the benefit, which Zack noted was technically their third date, then Abby had to step away to take a phone call. Ashley asked Zack to tell her about himself. Zack told her about his dating app, and she was impressed. Ashley asked what he'd do to weed out scam artists. Zack said that his human moderators and algorithms would ensure that people had a safe, honest and enjoyable experience. Zack gushed about Abby. He was impressed by her idea for the incubator project, and the more he talked to her, the more he wanted to get to know her and spend time with her.

Abby returned, and Zack said he had to get going. Then he said he was glad he got to meet Ashley. Zack leaned in to kiss Abby, but she gently signaled him not to, and he left. Ashley liked Zack, and she thought it was clear that he was interested in Abby. Abby liked him too, but she was afraid of opening up to someone again. She said she put herself out there with Stitch and his son and she lost her marriage and baby. Ashley had no idea that Abby was struggling with this. Abby said she'd thrown herself into work, then a sweet guy like Zack came along. Ashley said that only Abby knew when she was ready to open her heart again, but she didn't see any reason why Abby couldn't go on a casual fourth date with Zack and have some fun. Abby texted Zack and asked if he was ready for their fourth date. She read his response and smiled.

Charlie was working at Dive Bar when Mattie arrived and confronted him. She told Charlie to stop being a jerk to Reed just because he was mad about what was going on at home. Mattie admitted she wanted to go see Reed play tonight, but she didn't want their parents to know. Charlie asked if she was going to lie. Mattie said she wasn't sneaking around like Charlie did. She just felt that Cane and Lily had enough on their plates. Charlie didn't think Reed was good enough for Mattie. Charlie stated that he knew what guys were like, so he didn't trust Reed. Mattie countered that he didn't know Reed. She pleaded with her brother, reminding him that she never asked him for anything. Charlie grudgingly agreed to help.

Lily called the bank to inquire about the $25,000 that was missing from her savings account. She learned that there had been a transfer. Cane came home, and Lily confronted him about taking the money they'd set aside to pay the twins' tuition to Walnut Grove. Cane lied and said he'd used the money to make a short term investment. Cane admitted he put the family through hell, but he said he was trying to be the man Lily fell in love with and the father the kids could look up to. Cane said he also wanted to prove to himself that he was capable of providing for the family. Lily understood that, but she wished he'd consulted with her first. She stressed that the money was due tonight. Cane suggested that they pay the tuition using the money from the brokerage account, but Lily didn't want to touch that money. Cane insisted that he could transfer the money into the tuition account as soon as he made some trades. He assured Lily that they had the money for this.

A disappointed Lily said she was glad Cane came up with a way to make some money, because she didn't get the commercial. Cane hugged her and assured her that her career would take off. Mattie came home and asked if she could go hang out at the mall with friends. Cane and Lily said yes, and Mattie left. Later, Cane said he'd been thinking about earlier when Mattie walked in and saw that they were not fighting. He thought it was important for a girl to see people working through their problems. He believed they were showing Mattie that people in relationships should work through their hard times. Lily admitted that she wanted to cry when she didn't get the commercial because she'd been feeling alone. She said it was nice not to feel that way anymore. Cane hugged Lily and told her that she wasn't alone – they had each other. Victoria and Billy arrived. Cane tried to get them to leave, but Victoria said that Lily needed to hear this. A nervous Lily begged Victoria to just say it. Billy announced that he had a interesting talk with Jesse. “Cane screwed us over. All of us; including you, Lily,” Billy said. Lily turned and looked at Cane.

At The Underground, Sharon talked with Scott about Crystal, the young woman who'd called the crisis center. Sharon was concerned because she wasn't able to find out where Crystal was. Sharon explained that Paul was there while she took the call, and he'd said she handled it well. Sharon was uncertain, but Scott assured her that Paul was right. Scott thought it was important that Sharon maintain objectivity. Sharon knew she should let the police handle the case, but she couldn't stop thinking about Crystal.

Nick stumbled upon a fearful and disheveled teen hiding behind the dumpsters in the alley near his bar. He extended his hand and persuaded her to come back to The Underground. Nick thought she might feel safer talking to a woman, so he asked Chelsea to help. Nick stayed behind while Chelsea went into his office. Chelsea introduced herself and asked for the teen's name. At first she called herself Connie, but, Chelsea coaxed her into admitting her real name was Crystal. Crystal was skittish, starting toward the door when Chelsea offered to call her family, but Chelsea quickly assured her that they wouldn't make her do anything she didn't want to.

Reed came into the bar to sign up for open mic night. He chatted with Nick and admitted he thought someone special might be coming to watch him play. Nick asked how Victoria was doing after her fall. Reed explained that the doctor gave her a clean bill of health. With a grin, Reed added that Victoria probably wouldn't sue Abby. Nick advised Reed not to joke about lawsuits around Victoria. Later, a waiter brought over a plate of food, as Chelsea told Nick about her interaction with Crystal. Nick couldn't help thinking about his own daughters being in Crystal's shoes – alone and scared. “Hungry,” Chelsea added, while noting that they could do something about that. Chelsea assured Nick that Crystal would open up once she realized she could trust them. She grabbed the plate and went back to the office. Reed walked back over and asked if he could reserve a table in case his friend showed up. Nick said yes and asked if it was anyone he knew. Scott and Sharon came up. They chatted with Reed and wished him luck tonight, then he walked away.

“How's it going Champ? Any upcoming bouts?,” Scott teased. Sharon shot Scott a disapproving look. Nick knew Scott was referring to the video from the Hilary Hour. Nick said that it was all part of Victor's campaign to make him look bad. Nick was sure Scott knew all about that, since he was Victor's protege. Scott countered that he just worked hard to make the concert a success for Nick's mother, the medical school and the Newman family. Scott contended that it was Nick's fault if he looked bad. Sharon asked them both to relax. Scott stepped away, and Sharon asked Nick why he was taking his anger out on Scott. Nick thought Scott was an opportunist who got close to Victor on purpose, and he asked Sharon to be careful. Sharon appreciated that Nick had her best interests at heart, but she didn't think Nick's issue was really with Scott. She thought that Nick was upset because Scott was working closely with Victor while Nick had been cut out of Victor's life. She asked him to lay off of Scott. Chelsea and Scott both returned. Nick started telling Sharon about Crystal. When Sharon heard the name, her eyes widened and she rushed to the office. Scott explained that Crystal was the name of the girl Sharon had talked to at the Crisis Center.

Sharon entered the office and introduced herself to the scared teen, explaining that they talked on the crisis hotline. Crystal recognized Sharon's voice. Crystal said that they wouldn't stop looking for her. Sharon assured Crystal that she was safe and could trust the people here, then she gently urged her to provide details. Crystal explained that she ran away from home, and while living on the street, she met a woman who offered her a place to live. Crystal accepted the offer, but then numerous men started coming. Crystal tearfully stated that she'd fought, but the woman told her she didn't have a choice, so eventually, she ran. Crystal told Sharon that she didn't have anywhere to go. Sharon promised to protect and take care of Crystal.

Sharon went back into the main area and told Scott that it was her, then she called Paul and asked him to come right away. Sharon, Scott, Chelsea and Nick all headed to the office to talk to Crystal and assure her that she had options, but they found the room empty. Sharon was worried about what would happen if Crystal was caught. Nick asked what Crystal was mixed up in.

Reed's face lit up when Mattie walked in. She revealed that she told her parents that she was going to the mall and that Charlie was going to cover for her. Reed was concerned, but Mattie said that while Charlie could act like a jerk, he was her brother and they looked out for each other. Two teen girls walked up. They didn't seem to notice Mattie existed or that she was talking with Reed. They stepped in front of her and began to talk to Reed. Reed showed Mattie to her table, then he got on stage. Mattie looked glum as she heard one of the girls yell that they loved Reed, but she brightened when Reed smiled at her. Reed finished his song, and he was swarmed by the two other girls.

Jordan was incensed at Hilary, and he blasted her while they were at her studio. He reminded her that Lily was going through a lot, while acting as the sole breadwinner. Hilary argued that Cane hadn't been out of work for long and the Ashbys had a comfortable lifestyle. Jordan felt that it had was underhanded of Hilary to go behind Lily's back and take her commercial. Hilary argued that Lily didn't have the talent to book the commercial – Hilary did. She snapped that the client and agency chose her over every woman who auditioned, including Lily. Jordan countered that Lily had an agent and Hilary didn't. Hilary didn't see why that mattered. She pointed out that the industry allowed people to submit their own auditions these days.

Hilary said that she didn't complain when Jordan helped Lily shoot and direct her audition or when Barry chose not to represent Hilary. Hilary felt that she'd earned this opportunity through talent and determination, and she thought that Jordan would be happy about that. Hilary noted that instead of congratulating her, he was accusing her of stealing Lily's commercial, as if it was ever Lily's to begin with. She demanded an explanation. Jordan said he didn't know. Hilary accused him of caring more about Lily than he admitted he did. Jordan confessed that she might be right. Hilary thought Jordan secretly hoped Lily's marriage would fail. Jordan said she was wrong, and he noted that he didn't do anything to undermine Cane and Lily. Hilary stated that he didn't have to since Cane did that all on his own. Hilary testily told Jordan that she got the commercial on her own merit and didn't sabotage Lily to get it. Jordan pointed out that she'd made Mariah fall on television. Hilary admitted that this was true – she did have that in her, and she reminded Jordan that he knew that going in. Hilary said she was no damsel in distress, so if he wanted a girl to faint in his arms, she wasn't the girl for him. Things took a turn, and Hilary pulled Jordan into a deep kiss.

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