Monday Y&R Update 7/31/17

The Y&R Update Monday 7/31/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At home, Cane embraces Lily. He’s beyond grateful. What can she say? She’s devoted to her family, and maybe the twins will learn something about forgiveness. As long as the worst is behind them, Lily can move on. He assures her it is. But is it . . . ?

At Crimson Lights, Jesse won’t say what happened to the film that would prove Billy was only joking about betting on hockey games. Billy is sure Jesse is holding out and threatens him.

Abby sunbathes on the athletic club pool deck. Her protégé Zach finds her so and offers to help rub in the suntan lotion on her back. She accepts and smiles as he does. Being the boss certainly has its perks.

Chelsea finds Nick at the Underground. He’s excited about working with Noah to create a chain of nightclubs. And what does Victor think about it? Who cares, Nick says. This is about Nick and his son.

At the crisis hotline center, Paul tells Sharon he’s doing all he can to track down Crystal. He’s even enlisted Chris’s help. Without more information, it’s impossible to tell whether Crystal is entangled in the sex ring. He tells Sharon to maintain her professionalism and not become consumed by this one case. Too late. For Sharon, it’s personal.

Again at the Ashbys’: Cane becomes noticeably agitated but tells Lily he’s fine. He’s just worried about his job prospects. He desperately wants to contribute to the household expenses. She tells him to relax. Someone will recognize his talent and scoop him up. He continues to blame Victoria for ruining his chance at Jabot, but Lily says he mustn’t. Victoria was protecting her company. Mattie comes home and hopes she’s not interrupting. No, no. Her parents had a good talk, and Lily hears Mattie and Cane are making progress too, so things are looking up. Mattie bubbles over about her first day on the job at Hamilton-Winters. She really wowed them. That reminds Lily of an e-mail she wants to send. She makes a move toward Cane’s laptop and he all but tackles her to stop her.

At Crimson Lights: Hilary finds Billy threatening Jesse and piles on. While she and Billy have a heated discussion, Jesse films it on his phone and sends it to Cane as in an incentive. If Cane won’t pay, someone else will.

At the pool: Abby is impressed with Zach’s improvements to his app, but why track her down at the club to show her? He wants to do her favor.

At the Underground: Chelsea is proud of Nick and Noah and is behind them 100 percent. There will be challenges, for sure. She knows all about those. For instance, she’s been racking her brain for ways to freshen up Chelsea 2.0. Nick doesn’t have any ideas, but Jordan appears and he does. Nick leaves them to talk business.

At the Ashbys’: Cane apologizes for his overreaction, but he’s running a virus scan and doesn’t want to interrupt it. No big deal. Mattie offers her computer to Lily. They retreat to Mattie’s room to send e-mail and talk office fashion for Mattie. Before Lily leaves the room, she offers Cane a few more encouraging words. But trouble is never far behind for Cane. Jesse’s message comes through.

At the Underground: Jordan proposes Chelsea strike a deal with Hilary: Provide Hilary’s wardrobe in exchange for on-air promotion and maybe other goodies, like appearances on the TV show. It’s brilliant! Like Cher and Bob Mackie back in the day. So should Jordan put in a good word? Definitely. Jordan takes off and Nick returns. He’s not so bowled over. Hilary made the Newmans look pretty bad recently. With Victor’s permission, Chelsea points out, and Hilary was just doing her job. Seeing that Chelsea intends to follow through, he gives his blessing.

At the crisis center: Crystal calls back, and with Paul’s coaching Sharon tries desperately to determine her location. Crystal eluded her captors but she’s afraid they’ll find her.

At home: Cane opens his laptop and agonizes over his choice. Deplete the kids’ education fund or let Jesse tell all. Ultimately, he hits the key to transfer $25,000.

At Crimson Lights: Hilary is gone, but Billy persists. He’s ready to talk money, but just then the transfer comes through. Jesse laughs and says he was just messing with Billy. He has no more film. He gets in a few more digs before he leaves the table.

Billy makes tracks for the GC Buzz studio to see what Hilary has in the way of evidence. She can’t help him. Everyone was required by the hockey league to delete all files relating to the incident, remember? Why dredge it up again now? Billy has a hunch, and he knows it’s sometimes possible to retrieve deleted files. Hilary admits she has a guy on staff who does that sort of thing. She’ll cooperate in exchange for a favor to be named. Billy says he’s good for it.

At home, Lily gets bad news from Barry, her agent. She didn’t get the commercial job. She’s disappointed but tries to remain upbeat, and she has Mattie's full support. If that Brash & Sassy commercial had been made public, Lily would be sitting pretty right now. She’ll get ’em next time. They realize Cane is gone and wonder where to. He left a cryptic note saying he went out and will be back.

Zach has a candidate for Abby’s incubator. And how. Abby is impressed with Willie’s resume and wants to set up an interview. No time like the present, Zach says. He glances toward the bar, where Willie, in his business casual attire, awaits the signal. Here? Now? Abby adjusts her bikini top. Zach says it’s all good. It shows what a laid-back boss she is. In the tech world, one must act quickly or miss out. She half joking questions Zach’s motives, but he insists he’s just trying to be nice.

Crystal is on a pay phone in an alley. She’s not sure exactly where. Sharon continues to try to draw her out, but Crystal panics when she suspects someone is near and hangs up.

At the pool: Zach’s instincts were right on. Willie is hired. As always, Abby talks about what the experience did for her. It feels great to help people achieve their dreams. Zach is Abby’s second-biggest fan. He praises her work ethic and dedication. Yeah, well, Abby has a lot of time and energy to spend since she’s not married anymore. Zach notices she rarely talks about her marriage. That’s because it still hurts. What about Zach’s love life? He also is committed to his work. Perhaps he hasn’t met the right girl. They kiss.

At the Ashbys’: Mattie is already scheduling classes for fall, including AP chemistry. Lily is proud of her little overachiever and says Mattie isn’t to worry about private school tuition. It’s worth every penny. Mattie is relieved. She really loves Walnut Grove.

Cane confronts Jesse on the coffeehouse patio. They aren’t finished yet.

At GC Buzz: Billy’s quest doesn’t pan out. There’s nothing incriminating to be found. Hilary is sorry. Billy isn’t satisfied. A cameraman doesn’t just stop filming---unless he’s told to. Cane comes to mind and Billy takes off. Hilary shrugs. She’s far more interested in her next visitor: Jordan. They paw at each other awhile before Jordan gets down to business. He pitches the idea about Chelsea’s fashion line and gets a lukewarm response. Hilary is curious about his connection to Chelsea. He says again that they go way back, to a time he isn’t particularly proud of. Hilary wants to know more, but she gets a phone call that shifts her focus. She took Jordan’s advice and tried out for a side gig and she got it. It’s an advertisement for a decadent dessert. Jordan squints. The one Lily auditioned for? The very same. Hilary justifies her actions. She observed Jordan’s filming Lily, and Lily left her script behind, so Hilary thought “why not.” So is she going to accept it? Absolutely.

While at the crisis hotline Sharon and Paul lament their dead end with Crystal, Nick finds Crystal hiding near the dumpster in the alley behind his club.

At the Ashbys’: Lily opens Cane’s laptop to pay the twins’ tuition and gets a big surprise. There’s barely enough to cover a few textbooks and a lacrosse jersey.

Billy observes Cane roughing up Jesse on the Crimson Lights patio. After Cane leaves, Billy takes his turn. Jesse is a liar and Billy has proof.

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