Friday Y&R Update 7/28/17

The Y&R Update Friday 7/28/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

At home, Cane stews about paying off Jesse, the LA cameraman who helped Cane implicate Billy. The twins enter the room, arguing and offering a welcome distraction. It’s a big day for Mattie, her first as an intern at Hamilton-Winters Group. Cane admires her drive, but she shouldn’t spend her whole summer at work and at the library. Charlie assures him she’s not. She was on a movie date last night. Cane lights up. With anyone he knows?

At the pool, Billy tells Reed that Victoria had a mild concussion. She’s on the mend, but it’s up to them to see that she takes it easy and avoids stress. Impossible, Reed says. Across the room, at the bar, Lily orders a Bloody Mary to calm her nerves. She hopes she gets the commercial gig. Between work and her family problems, she’s worn out. Jordan gives her a comforting pat.

Neil and Devon move into their new headquarters. They have big plans for Hamilton-Winters.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon is surprised at Nick’s new attitude. From now on, he’s taking risks in all facets of his life. Noah has an idea to franchise the Underground, and Nick is all in. Sharon wonders whether Nick’s most recent fight with his dad is the reason for the change. It played a role, but Noah has a good idea and lots of positive energy. Together they’ll make a go of it. Sharon broaches the subject of Noah’s latest love interest. Sharon had reservations initially but is now willing to give Tessa the benefit of the doubt. And Nick? He won’t interfere, but he hopes Noah doesn’t fall victim to the Newman curse.

Mariah works and daydreams at the GC Buzz studio. She recalls an intimate moment with Tessa when who should appear but Tessa herself. They joke about Mariah’s demon boss, Hilary, who thankfully isn’t in. Then they talk about the music festival they’re to attend with Noah and Devon. Mariah is ready to head out, but Tessa hesitates. She has a confession to make. Mariah braces herself.

At the pool: It’s obvious to Reed that Billy still cares for Victoria. Of course he does. They’re still family, no matter what. Reed thinks that’s cool. Billy changes the subject. Is Reed getting closer to Mattie? Well, Reed wouldn’t put a label on their relationship, and Mom made things more complicated by firing Mattie’s dad.

At the Ashbys’: Mattie and Charlie are cool to their dad. In fact, Charlie is downright rude. After he leaves the house, Mattie rationally explains her position. She can’t pretend everything is A-OK when Cane has a baby on the way with another woman. Still, she tries to be upbeat. How’s the job search going? He almost had one, but Victoria sabotaged him.

At the office: Devon and Neil receive a lavish fruit basket from Dina Mergeron. On the card, she wishes them well and reminds them that she’s an elevator ride away, should they need her. That’s sweet. Neil mentions another tenant in their building---Devon’s ex-wife. Hilary is of no concern to Devon. He’s civil to her only because she’s Mariah’s boss. Neil wonders about that. No feelings? No, and Devon told Mariah the same thing. Uh-oh, Neil says. If Mariah noticed something, Devon might have big problems.

At GC Buzz: Mariah laughs when Tessa tells her that she’s never ridden on a plane. Tessa is taken aback. She expected a little sympathy. Mariah explains. There’s nothing to it, and this is no ordinary plane ride. They’ll be traveling in the lap of luxury on a private jet, with a safe, qualified pilot. And Mariah will be there. And Noah, of course, will probably be holding Tessa’s hand the whole time. Tessa feels better. She marvels at the turn her life has taken. She now has friends, a career, and a hot boyfriend. She and Mariah fear they might be turning mainstream, but no. They’re both a little wild, and that’s what they like about each other.

Nick finds Noah hard at work at the Underground. Sharon has been told about their plans. Noah wonders how she took the news. He hopes better than she did his dating Tessa. Noah guarantees his parents have nothing to worry about in that regard. He’s not rushing into anything this time.

At the Ashbys': Cane explains that Victoria approached Jack and persuaded him not to hire Cane. He’s disappointed but not really surprised. On his way out of the room, he says Victoria is just as ruthless as her dad. Someone is at the door and Mattie answers it. A strange man asks for her dad.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon pleads with Paul to find Crystal. The police are doing everything they can. In the meantime, if Crystal calls the crisis hotline again, Sharon is to try to get her location.

At the pool: Lily apologizes for unloading on Jordan. It’s just that the money from the commercial will come in handy for tuition, which is due soon. Charlie, working the deck as a lifeguard, approaches and is introduced to Jordan. They take an instant liking to each other. Before getting back to work, Charlie asks his mom to help him gather his football gear for the season. It’s normally Dad’s job, but will she do it? Sure. After Charlie leaves, Jordan praises Lily’s composure. She feels fortunate to have two good kids, but she still worries about them.

At the Ashbys’: Jesse pretends to be chummy with Cane until Mattie leaves. Then he puts the squeeze on Cane. He told Cane he’d collect his $25,000 in person. Cane has changed his mind, though, and doesn’t intend to pay the bribe. It’s one man’s word against another’s. Not so, Jesse says. He has film to prove it. Cane gulps and says he needs a little time to get the cash. Jesse leaves his account number for the money transfer and threatens to tell Cane’s wife and kids their dirty little secret if Cane fails to deliver.

At the Underground: Without making accusations, Nick warns Noah about gold diggers. Noah doesn’t take it well and interprets it as a sign of mistrust. Mariah and Tessa come on the scene.

Charlie confronts Reed on the pool deck and tells Reed (again) to stay away from Mattie. That was Mattie’s first kiss that Reed laid on her and the Ashbys have beaucoup family problems, so if Reed really cares about her, he’ll leave her alone.

At H-W headquarters: A big music festival isn’t the place to spend alone time with a lady, but as long as Devon is there, Neil hopes Devon will scout talent for their company. Mattie appears for her first day on the job, ready, willing, and able. She expects lots of grunt work and no special treatment. Devon leaves her in Neil’s charge. Her first job is to create a spreadsheet.

At the pool, Billy praises Lily and Jordan’s recent work. Jordan mentions seeing Jesse, the louse who ruined the advertisement Brash & Sassy shot in LA. He was sniffing around Hilary’s studio looking for a job. To Lily’s surprise, Hilary took a pass. They all commiserate about that trip from hell.

At home, Cane looks at his finances online. The twins’ education fund contains $29,000 and change. He agonizes over his decision.

At the Underground: After a brief chat with the kids, Nick takes a meeting with his financial guru. He needs quick cash for a business investment. Devon joins the Tessa, Noah, and Mariah. All are stoked and ready to go to California.

At H-W: Mattie finishes her first assignment in record time. And she doesn’t need to read up on the company’s current holdings, as Neil suggests. She already did. Neil casts about for a task for Ms. Ashby. Could she get him a coffee? She’s even overambitious about that. Neil says never mind, but it’s a moot point because Mattie receives an urgent text from Reed: Her brother has issues. She asks to take a quick break.

At the pool: Reed wants whatever Mattie wants, so if she wants to be with him, that’s the way it’ll be. Charlie doesn’t get a vote. Charlie storms away before Mattie appears. She apologizes for her brother and will talk to him again. Reed shakes his head. Their combined family problems are a drag, and they’re worse than Reed knew. Mattie tells him about Victoria’s interference with Cane’s job interview. It’s not that Reed thinks Mattie is lying; he just can’t believe his mom would go to such extremes. He tries to focus on the positive. Can Mattie come to the Underground tonight? She’d like to but can’t. Sorry. She heads back to work.

At the Ashbys’: Cane is about to press the key that will deplete his family’s savings, but Lily comes home. He conceals the screen and they talk about the state of things. Mattie is coming around a little, but not Charlie. Cane won’t give up on them or on Lily. Lily is glad to hear it, but she still frets about money. Cane tries to soothe her fears. They have a cushion and he’ll land a job soon. Oh, how he regrets the mess he’s made, but he’ll fix it. He embraces Lily and at the same time reaches out to close his laptop lid.

On the Crimson Lights patio: Jesse watches his phone, anticipating his payday, when he’s accosted by Billy. Billy is curious. In Los Angeles, why was Jesse’s camera trained on Billy and not on Lily, who is much better looking and was the focus of the campaign? Seeing that the funds aren’t forthcoming, Jesse offers to tell Billy whatever he wants to know. How much is it worth?

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