Thursday Y&R Update 7/27/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 7/27/17


Written by Christine
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Chelsea bumped into Billy and Johnny at the Dive Bar. She mentioned that Connor was downstairs in the kids' room with Katie. Johnny was bursting with pride because he just learned to swim in the deep end. Chelsea looked wistful. Billy let Johnny go back into the pool. Chelsea couldn't believe Johnny was already old enough for swimming. Billy asked if she had regrets, and Chelsea said that letting Billy and Victoria raise Johnny was the best decision she ever made. Billy said he and Victoria were grateful. He was sure it wasn't an easy decision. Chelsea replied that he and Victoria were ready to have a family, but she wasn't. Billy was sure that Chelsea didn't foresee his divorce from Victoria. Chelsea thought the important thing was that Billy and Johnny spent quality time together. Billy felt bad that Connor wouldn't get to have that. He quickly apologized for what he'd said, but Chelsea assured him that it was okay. She stated that Connor had an amazing life and Nick was good with him. Billy asked about Christian, and Chelsea said the boys were close. Billy stated that the kids knew they were family. Chelsea looked rattled, and Billy explained that he meant they were cousins. Billy said that family was everything.

Jesse, the cameraman from L.A., came to Hilary's studio looking for Howard. Hilary informed him that Howard was gone for the day. Jesse explained that he had a job interview, but he was late because his flight was delayed. Hilary introduced herself, as the executive producer, and offered to look at his resume. She noticed that he had a lot of L.A. credits and asked why he was thinking of leaving. Jesse knew Howard from other jobs, and Howard had told him that Hilary was the next big thing. Hilary was impressed with his resume, and she'd just offered him the job when Jordan returned. Jordan told Hilary to keep her distance because Jesse was the one who filmed the hockey footage for Brash and Sassy. Hilary accusingly noted that Jesse left that off his resume. Jesse pointed out that it was a one day shoot. Hilary stated that his footage caused trouble for a lot of people. Jesse didn't see why that was his fault. Jordan quietly advised Hilary not to hire Jesse. Hilary told Jesse that she couldn't hire him. He protested, but he left after Hilary wouldn't budge.

Hilary made a phone call and arranged to send her audition to the casting director. After the call, Jordan returned and Hilary thanked him for dinner. Jordan said he wanted to cheer her up after what happened with Jesse. Hilary couldn't believe Howard considered hiring him. She decided to drop Howard and find someone who was more plugged in with what was going on. They shifted gears, and Hilary mentioned that she was thinking about getting into acting. That prompted Jordan to say he hoped Lily got the spot in the commercial. Hilary stated that the competition was stiff, so she wouldn't count on Lily booking the audition. Jordan thought Hilary was jealous. Hilary admitted she was at first, until she realized she didn't need anyone to help her get where she was going. Jordan thought that could get lonely. Hilary told Jordan to stick around because there was room for two on her throne. Hilary unbuttoned Jordan's shirt, and he asked what she was doing. Hilary said she was trying to keep things fun and light. He asked if that was all they were. He said he wasn't going anywhere. “For now,” Hilary said. She stated that she was the only one in control of her life and dreams. She'd learned the hard way that she couldn't control men in her life. Jordan said he didn't want his heart broken either. Jordan supported her ambition, but he asked if she'd support his dreams. She said yes, and they kissed.

At the Ashby's, Charlie apologized to Lily for being mean to her earlier. Lily wasn't mad at Charlie, because she knew he was upset with Cane. Charlie asked if Lily was upset. She replied that she was upset and hurt, but she wasn't going to give up on her marriage. Charlie didn't understand how Lily could forgive Cane for cheating on her and getting Juliet pregnant. Lily stated that she loved Cane for better or worse. Charlie didn't think divorce was a big deal – lots of his friends' parents were divorced. Lily thought it was a big deal, and she thought his friends would agree. She said that Cane knew he'd done the wrong thing, but he loved them all and was trying to make things right. Lily felt that it was important to keep the family together. Charlie told her not to stay with Cane for his and Mattie's sake.

Victoria and Cane had it out at Brash and Sassy. Victoria maintained that she didn't destroy Cane's life – he'd done that by himself. Cane asked her if she told Jack not to hire him. Victoria didn't say anything, and Cane said he was waiting for her to deny it. “Why are your lies more acceptable than mine?,” Cane challenged. Victoria admitted she spoke with Jack. She didn't know why Cane would think she was okay with him sharing her company secrets with Jack. Cane said he didn't need her approval anymore, and she couldn't stop him from working at other companies. Victoria argued that she could use her influence to stop him from working at Jabot. He asked what about other job prospects. Victoria didn't care where Cane found a job as long as it wasn't with her competitor. Cane accused her of trying to get back at him by blackballing him. He asked if she understood that he had a family to support. Victoria argued that he should've thought about that before he slept with Juliet. She called him a liar and a cheater who betrayed the company and his family. He called her a stone-cold bitch, and she told him to leave before she called security.

Cane came home, and Lily told him she was sorry things didn't work out with Charlie. Cane loved Lily's huge heart, but he admitted he was the one who should be apologizing to her. Lily knew that Cane didn't want any of this to happen. Cane revealed that things went badly with Victoria, and he grumbled that she could be as vindictive as her father. Lily understood why Victoria wouldn't want Cane working for Jabot, but Lily thought Cane could find something in another industry. Cane countered that no one had called him back, but Lily was sure they would. Lily mentioned that she reached out to her agent for more work. Cane assumed that Lily was trying to find extra income because she didn't think he'd ever work again. Lily did think Cane would find a job, but she didn't see anything wrong with pursuing her career. She told Cane that Jordan helped her shoot an audition tape. Lily knew it was rare for someone to book their first audition, but Cane thought that the company would be hard-pressed to find someone as beautiful and talented as her. Lily noted that the extra money would be nice. It bothered Cane that Lily would be supporting both of them. Lily replied that they supported each other because they were partners. Jesse called Cane. Cane told him not to bother him again, then he hung up. He told Lily it was a telemarketer. Lily decided to go to bed because she had a photo-shoot tomorrow. Cane told Lily that he was happy she'd gone out on an audition, and he wished her success, but he just wanted to get back to work. Lily understood.

Victoria met with her doctor, and she told him about the fall a couple of days ago and the fainting episode earlier today. Victoria downplayed everything. She was sure the fainting was caused by her lack of sleep and skipped meals, but Dr. Carlisle was concerned, and he ordered a CT scan. Later, he delivered the news that the scan was normal, but he suspected she suffered a minor concussion when she fell. Victoria countered that she barely bumped her head. Dr. Carlisle told her that it didn't take much. He explained that the first 24 hours after a concussion were critical and if she'd come in that day, they would've followed a specific protocol. He added that she was lucky to be okay. Victoria asked if that was what caused her headaches. Dr. Carlisle thought that, and the other factors, such as lack of sleep and skipped meals were the cause. He told her to get plenty of rest, eat regularly, stay hydrated and take some time off work. Victoria explained that she'd love a vacation, but this was a challenging time for her company. Dr. Carlisle told her to work normal hours instead. Victoria tried to argue, but the doctor was firm. He also told her to minimize her stress and to come back if her symptoms changed. He was sure that she'd be fine as long as she followed instructions.

Victoria ran into Juliet in the hallway. Juliet asked if everything was okay. Victoria said everything was fine and she tried to leave, but Juliet stepped in front of her and announced that she just had an ultrasound. Victoria asked if Cane was there, and Juliet said no. Juliet was beaming because she just saw the baby for the first time. Victoria asked if things looked good. The baby was turned, so Juliet didn't know the sex. Juliet tried to show Victoria an ultrasound photo, but Victoria waved her off. Victoria wished Juliet luck and tried to leave, but Juliet had more to say. Juliet said that she'd hoped to rise through the ranks and become invaluable at Brash and Sassy. She added that she enjoyed getting to know Victoria, and she never imagined she'd end up fired and pregnant. Victoria didn't know what Juliet expected her to say after everything that happened. Juliet said she couldn't help thinking about the reason she was fired – if only the cameraman hadn't stopped filming before it became clear that Billy was joking about betting on the hockey game. Victoria pointedly wondered why Juliet would miss a job where she was sexually harassed. Victoria asked how things were with Cane. Juliet said that he'd promised to financially support the child. Victoria told Juliet that Cane wasn't someone you could count on.

Victoria met Billy at Dive Bar and told him about her appointment. Victoria said she couldn't follow the doctor's orders because she had to get the sales figures up. Billy promised to handle that, so she could rest. He told her that her health was more important than the company. Victoria filled Billy in on her argument with Cane. Billy vowed to punch Cane for calling Victoria a bitch, but she asked him not to escalate the conflict. She also mentioned that she bumped into Juliet. Victoria wished that Cane and Juliet were out of her life for good. Later, Billy brought Victoria a drink. She thought it was too bad that they didn't get to take that vacation to San Diego with the kids. Billy blamed himself for tanking the hockey deal, but Victoria said it wasn't his fault – Juliet should've made sure the league approved the video. Billy was annoyed that the cameraman stopped filming just before he and the players made it clear that they were joking. Victoria thought it was ironic that the video was the only one of Brash and Sassy's problems that didn't have anything to do with Cane.

The Underground was open, and Nick and Noah were at work. Noah told Nick that he'd made a list of potential places to open new bars. He thought they could scout out the locations and start making offers. Nick didn't think it was a good idea to open up multiple locations at the same time. He wanted to focus on building one location at a time. They debated the pros and cons, with Nick thinking Noah's idea was too risky, and Noah believing that Nick was being too cautious. Nick was concerned that they'd never recover if the bars crashed and burned. Noah contended that the profitable bars could bolster the weak ones and give Nick and Noah the time to make them successful.

Nick served a customer who recognized him from the Hilary Hour. Afterward, Nick told Noah that the fight with Victor made it clear that he had to distance himself from Victor. Nick didn't want to be known as the angry son from the video. He'd rather be known as the guy who ran a franchise with Noah. Nick agreed to adopt Noah's strategy of the fast roll out. Chelsea arrived, and Nick teased her by asking for ID. Nick told Chelsea about franchising The Underground. Chelsea was surprised because it wasn't like Nick to do something so risky. She asked what changed. “Getting kicked out of my father's life,” Nick replied. Nick no longer felt like Victor was waiting in the wings to lecture him or belittle his accomplishments. Nick said he was also inspired by Chelsea's passion to expand Chelsea 2.0. Nick was proud of Noah and proud of himself too. He was ready to be something more than Victor's son or a member of the ambitious Newman family.

Nick admitted he made a lot of mistakes recently. He hated that his fight with Victor was made public and that he'd gone behind Nikki's back. He decided to stop trying to help everyone in his family and start focusing on his own happiness. Chelsea didn't buy it. She thought Nick would always be there for his mom and sisters. Nick agreed that he'd always be there for his family. Later, Chelsea told Nick about running into Billy and Johnny. She stated that Johnny was a happy little boy with loving parents. Nick noted that Chelsea never talked about how seeing Johnny made her feel. Chelsea said that Victoria was Johnny's mother and had been since the day he was born. Nick shifted gears and said that when he was talking about family earlier, that included her and Connor. Chelsea replied that her family included him and Christian. They kissed.

Devon, Tessa and Mariah were seated at a booth in the bar. Tessa asked if they were really okay with her joining them at the music festival. She didn't want to intrude on a romantic vacation. Mariah said that if Tessa was really worried about being a third wheel, she could bring Noah. Tessa went over to Noah. He excitedly told her his news, and she gushed about the invitation and Devon's generosity.

Devon told Mariah that he'd wanted the trip to be something for just the two of them. Mariah felt bad about impulsively inviting Tessa and Noah along. She promised to uninvite them, but Devon told her it was fine. He said that Mariah was right – it'd be crazy not to promote Tessa at the festival. Devon also figured they could do their own thing while Tessa and Noah were together. Noah came over and thanked Devon.

Mariah and Tessa strolled through the club, and Mariah said that when they were in San Francisco, they could all split up instead of going to all the same acts. Mariah added that they could let the guys cover the festival while she and Tessa explored the city. Both of them wanted to see Haight-Ashbury. Later, Devon cuddled with Mariah in the booth and they kissed. Meanwhile, at the bar, Noah told Tessa how happy he was about going to the festival with her. He noted that this was a big step for them. Tessa assured him that it didn't have to be, but Noah said he liked the path they were on. Mariah glanced over and saw Tessa and Noah kiss.

At Crimson Lights, Reed apologized for taking Mattie to an action movie instead of a rom-com. Mattie revealed that she loved action movies. Charlie peered into the doorway and saw Reed and Mattie in a close moment. Reed and Mattie laughed and talked, which annoyed Jesse, who was seated a few feet away. They noticed him glare at them, but they didn't let it ruin their fun. Later, Reed walked Mattie to her doorstep, and they agreed to go again sometime. Reed leaned in and they shared their first kiss. After Reed left, Charlie popped out of the shadows and sarcastically congratulated Mattie on her first kiss. Mattie called him a perv for spying. Charlie snapped that he wasn't spying – he lived there and was just coming home. He also ordered Mattie to stop seeing Reed. Mattie asked what was wrong with Reed. “His mom fired our dad. Going out him will only make things worse. Dump him. Now,” Charlie spat.

Cane called Jesse back, after Lily went to bed, and asked what he wanted. Jesse said his jobs had dried up, so he needed cash. Cane refused to give him any more money. Jesse threatened to publicly reveal that Cane bribed him to edit the footage to make the company look bad. Cane asked how much Jesse wanted. Jesse asked for 25 grand. Cane contended that the secret was worthless now that he'd been fired from Brash and Sassy. Jesse wondered what Lily would think if she found out Cane was the reason her commercial got scrapped. Cane asked Jesse to give him a few days to wire the money. Jesse informed Cane that he was in Genoa City and said he'd pick up the cash in person. Cane looked overwhelmed.

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