Wednesday Y&R Update 7/26/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 7/26/17


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At Jabot, Ravi observed that Ashley was glowing. She credited the spa day, but he told her that she had that look that meant she was about to solve something. Ashley let Ravi know that Dina said she missed her company. Ashley thought Dina was having trouble adjusting to suddenly having so much free time. Ravi thought that could explain why Dina was so distracted.

Jack was in his office. He called Dina, who was at the Athletic Club bar with Graham. Jack still felt bad about the recent tension between him and Dina, and he wanted to make it up to her. Jack asked if she'd like to go to dinner. Dina didn't reply, and Jack thought that she didn't want to go. He recalled that she'd recently slapped him for being rude. Dina told him that they both regretted that. Dina thought it would be great to meet with Jack and put the unpleasantness behind them. They agreed to meet in twenty minutes, and they hung up. Graham decided to leave since Jack was on his way, but Dina asked him to stay and be a buffer.

Back at Jabot, Ashley and Ravi walked into Jack's office, and Jack mentioned his dinner plans. Ashley asked to tag along. Jack agreed, noting that he'd love to have her come as a buffer.

At Brash and Sassy, Phyllis suggested that she and Billy stop talking about Jack and start talking about them. They flirted and cuddled on the couch, but Phyllis pulled away because she knew Billy had a conference call coming up. Billy promised to see Phyllis in an hour, but she thought it was possible that Victoria would need Billy to work late. They kissed, and Phyllis left. Phyllis was alarmed and rushed to help Victoria when she found her passed out in the elevator. Victoria came to. Phyllis started to go get help, but Victoria insisted that she was fine. She thought she fainted because she'd been so busy that she skipped breakfast and lunch. A concerned Phyllis suggested that Victoria see a doctor, but Victoria snapped that she didn't need a doctor to tell her to eat. Victoria said that Phyllis could stop hovering, because Victoria wasn't her responsibility. She asked Phyllis to keep this to herself.

Back in Jack's office, Phyllis wanted to know why Jack changed his mind about hiring Cane. Phyllis assumed his talk with Victoria must have been intense because she fainted after leaving. Phyllis mentioned that Victoria asked her not to say anything. Jack wondered why Phyllis was telling him then. Exasperated, Phyllis asked why everyone cared about what Victoria wanted. Jack thought Phyllis wanted him to do her dirty work and destroy Brash and Sassy, ending Victoria and Billy's work relationship. Phyllis admitted that she didn't want Billy and Victoria to be joined at the hip all day. She thought that their children were enough of a connection. Jack suggested that Victoria fainted because she was pregnant, then he turned to walk out. Phyllis called after him that he was wrong.

Jack, Dina, Ashley, and Graham sat down for dinner at the Club. Ashley was curious how Dina was going to spend her time now that she'd sold Mergeron. Dina planned to manage her investments and philanthropy. Dina glanced at her menu, then she announced that she couldn't decide, and she noted that Graham knew what she liked. Graham ordered for Dina. Jack invited Dina to the cabin. Dina remembered going there years ago. She asked if Ashley remembered playing trivia games at the cabin. Ashley didn't. Dina recounted minute details about one of Jack's childhood birthdays they'd spent at the cabin. Jack remembered how sharp Dina's memory was. Ashley suggested that they play sometime, but Dina said that Ashley would trounce her now, because she hadn't kept up on her trivia. Ashley challenged Dina to name all the Kardashians, and Dina did.

Ashley said she'd been thinking about what Dina said at the spa, and she asked if Dina regretted selling Mergeron. Dina admitted she missed all the excitement and high stakes decisions, but she sighed that she couldn't change the past, so she didn't dwell on it. Later, Dina thanked Jack for their wonderful evening, and she said she'd love to go back to the cabin. Jack suggested they go this weekend, and Dina agreed, but Graham reminded her that she'd already RSVP'd to a corporate art exhibit. Dina told Jack that they'd go soon. Ashley stepped aside and left Ravi a message. She said something in Dina's tone made Ashley think that there was a chance Dina was suffering from depression.

Victoria arrived at work. Billy told her he'd taken the conference call without her. He offered to fill her in, but Victoria said it wasn't necessary because she trusted him. Billy asked what happened upstairs. Victoria explained that she talked Jack out of hiring Cane by telling him that Nikki wouldn't appreciate it. Billy had a feeling that Jack would come up with a sneakier way to go after Brash and Sassy. Victoria said it would be up to her and Billy to make sure that didn't happen. She knew she could count on Billy because they were a team. They took turns listing pairs – Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly etc. Later, Victoria asked Billy if he could watch the kids tonight while she went to the doctor. She told him about fainting and her theory that it was because she didn't eat. Billy surmised that the conversation with Jack stressed her out. Victoria admitted she was stressed out over a lot of things, but she was sure she was fine. Concerned, Billy asked her to let him know if it was serious, and they hugged.

Billy went to Phyllis and told her that he had to watch the kids. He explained why, and Phyllis mentioned that she found Victoria in the elevator. Billy asked why she didn't tell him, and she replied that Victoria asked him not to. Phyllis thought it would be fun to hang out with the kids. Billy said he, Phyllis and the kids would spend time together again. However, Billy didn't think Phyllis should come tonight. Billy wanted to be considerate to Victoria, and have Phyllis over at a time that worked for all three of them. Phyllis recalled that Victoria seemed fine with her visiting the other night. She asked if Victoria had an issue with her coming over. Billy said no, but he now realized that it was presumptuous of him to take Phyllis to Victoria's house. He noted that it was Victoria's house and the kids were her kids too. Phyllis said she understood, and Billy kissed her and left, but she looked hurt.

Jordan dropped by the studio to visit Hilary. She noticed a bump on his head, and he explained that he got hurt playing basketball. Jordan mentioned that he saw Hilary's show – all the national feeds were airing it. They kissed, and Jordan told her she should be proud of herself. Hilary mentioned that this story fell into her lap just as the Juliet and Cane story died down. Jordan made an offhand comment that the story was still taking a toll on Lily. Hilary lamented that her latest scoop would only keep people talking for about 24 hours. She didn't think viral videos would generate the lasting impact that she wanted. Jordan advised her to keep changing things up, varying her format and target audience. He encouraged her to believe in herself. Hilary kissed Jordan.

At the Ashby house, Cane was thrown for a loop because Jack had decided not to hire him. Cane thought that Victoria must have been the reason that Jack's abrupt change of heart. Lily didn't see why Victoria would convince Jack not to hire him. Cane believed that Victoria wanted revenge. Lily assured the dejected Cane that he'd find another job. Cane moaned that he wanted to provide for his family, get his relationship with the kids back on track and regain her trust. He felt like a complete disappointment. Lily thought the kids needed to get back on routine. She suggested that Cane track Charlie down at the Club and take him to run football drills like they used to every summer. Cane decided to take her advice, since Charlie's shift was almost over. He said he loved Lily and reached out to touch her, but she recoiled. Cane left.

Barry met with Lily at her home. He'd been passing through town, and he was glad she reached out to him. Lily admitted she overreacted when she fired him. Lily was eager for Barry to help her find new jobs. She explained that she was staying at Brash and Sassy, but she wanted to branch out as well – maybe try acting. Barry had an audition in mind for her; she'd need to make a video and upload it online. Barry left. Lily called Jordan, brought him up to speed and asked him to be her knight in shining armor. Jordan agreed to help and told her to come to Hilary's studio. Lily didn't think Hilary would approve, but Jordan was sure she'd be happy to help.

After the call, Hilary ranted about Jordan offering her studio to Lily. Jordan calmly theorized that Hilary was only pretending to be upset. He said that Hilary had a great heart, and he acknowledged that she and Lily had a history. Hilary clarified that they hated each other. Jordan countered that you don't kick people while they're down. Hilary wasn't sure if Jordan was being bold or if their relationship was moving to a new level. Lily walked in and saw them kiss. Lily thanked Hilary. Hilary hoped this made up for her helping Juliet find a lawyer. She asked about the kids, and Lily said they were working hard to deal with everything. Hilary admitted she admired Lily for sticking by Cane, and she said she hoped things worked out for them.

Lily did a few takes filming a commercial, and Jordan gave her tips. Hilary had her back turned, but she listened to Lily practicing, and she seemed irritated. Jordan told her that she nailed it, and a satisfied Lily thanked Hilary again and left. Jordan wanted to take Hilary out to dinner to thank her, but she asked him to pick up some takeout so she could finish work. Jordan left, and Hilary picked up the script Lily left behind, then she filmed her own audition.

Charlie was on duty at Dive Bar. He saw Juliet trying to move a chair, and he took over and did it for her. Saving lives and moving chairs was his job, he explained. Juliet thought Charlie looked familiar. Charlie made small talk with Juliet, then he went to get her a towel. Juliet tried to tip Charlie, but he said he wasn't allowed to take it. He was just glad that she was nice, since some other guests weren't. Cane arrived just in time to see Juliet take Charlie's hand as she thanked him for refilling her drink. Realization dawned when Juliet overheard Charlie calling Cane dad. Charlie coolly asked why Cane was there. Cane suggested they go play football. Charlie said he had plans, and he had to get back to work before he got in trouble. Cane said he'd see Charlie later. Charlie walked away without responding. Cane glared at Juliet, who swore she had no idea Charlie was his son. Cane didn't believe her. Juliet complimented Cane and Lily on raising such a good kid. She hoped their child would grow up just as well-adjusted. Her comment annoyed Cane, and she said she couldn't pretend the baby wasn't his. Cane grumbled that this was a disaster. Juliet thought that they should be friends for the baby's sake. Cane understood that Juliet was trying to reach out, but he said she caught him on the wrong day. It irritated him that she was sipping tea, without a care in the world because she had Victoria's settlement, while he was trying to figure out how he was going to provide for his kids. Juliet was sure that someone would be eager to hire Cane, given his impressive resume. Cane told her about his theory that Victoria cost him a job at Jabot. Juliet noted that there were thousands of other companies, but Cane said it wouldn't matter if Victoria blackballed him. Juliet urged Cane to fight instead of letting Victoria control the rest of his life.

Lily went home and emailed her audition off. She was surprised when Charlie came home, because she thought he'd be with Cane. Charlie admitted he gave Cane the brush off. Lily told Charlie that Cane was trying. Charlie grumbled that Cane was pretending everything was fine. “Maybe you can act like it's all good, but I can't,” Charlie said, before heading to another part of the house.

Cane intercepted Victoria as she was about to leave work. She told him that this was inappropriate, but he didn't care. He accused her of trying to destroy his life.

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