Tuesday Y&R Update 7/25/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 7/25/17


Written by Christine
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Victoria bumped into Cane in the Jabot elevator. He said hello, and he got an icy reception in return. Victoria guessed that Cane was fresh out of a job interview with Jack. Cane noted that he was free to meet with whomever he wanted. Later, Victoria went to the Brash and Sassy conference room, and she took pain medication for her headache and slumped in her chair. She noticed Billy walking in, and she quickly pushed the pills aside and grabbed a file to read. Victoria told Billy about seeing Cane at Jabot. Billy and Victoria agreed that they couldn't let Cane get the job. Billy predicted that Cane would share Brash and Sassy's marketing strategies, product ideas and finances with Jack. Victoria complained that Jack was trying to ruin her life. She stated that not only did Abby catch Jack kissing Nikki, Nikki left the benefit and spent the night at the Abbott Cabin. Victoria also divulged that Victor had left Nikki and Genoa City for the time being. Shocked, Billy said that Jack was playing with dynamite. Victoria admitted that her parents' marital problems weren't new, but she felt that Jack had swooped in and took advantage. Victoria conceded that she didn't have a say in Nikki's love life, but she refused to let Jack get away with hiring Cane.

Devon visited Lily at her home. He revealed that he wouldn't be offering Cane a job at Hamilton-Winters. Devon explained that he and Neil had given Cane careful consideration, but due to his actions at Brash and Sassy, they thought it was too risky to bring him into their new company. Devon apologized, but Lily understood. She was just sorry Cane screwed up his career. Devon admitted he was having a hard time forgiving Cane for hurting her and the kids. Lily said she was trying to keep the family together. She disclosed that things were tight without Cane's income, and she hoped he found something soon, so things could get back to normal. Lily confided that the kids took it hard when they learned about the pregnancy, but she'd reminded them that Cane would always be their father. Devon asked if Cane would always be her husband. Just then, Cane came home. Devon decided to leave, but Cane said that Devon didn't have to rush off just because he didn't give Cane a job.

Later, Cane confidently told Lily that he was a perfect fit for Jabot. To his disappointment, she wasn't excited about the job offer. Lily asked if it wasn't a conflict of interest. Cane replied that Jack viewed his time at Brash and Sassy as a plus. Lily contended that taking this job would be declaring war on Victoria and Billy. Cane disagreed. He insisted that he was trying to find a way to support his family, and Jabot was his best and only option. Lily noted that Billy and Victoria were still her bosses. Cane admitted that was true for now, but he thought she was destined for bigger and better things. Cane reminded Lily that he hadn't felt appreciated at Brash and Sassy. He hoped Jabot would be a fresh start, and he asked her to support it.

Awhile later, Cane saw Lily looking at a family photo. She told him that she didn't want him to cling to unrealistic expectations. Cane replied that he had to hold onto the hope that his family would heal. Cane understood that it was too early for Lily to forgive him and that it was possible that she never would, but he said he was still going to keep trying. Lily assured Cane that she'd support him taking a job at Jabot because she knew he'd love to work there again. “That's 'cause you still know who I am,” Cane stated.

Hilary was in the courtyard outside of her studio when she heard Nick yelling. She went inside and he confronted her, accusing her of filming him and Victor without their permission. Nick insulted Hilary, and she shot back that she wasn't the one who tried to sabotaged her mother's performance and got into a fight with her father. She contended that all she did was tell the truth. Nick argued that she shouldn't have exploited his family's mistakes, but Hilary maintained that she'd covered a newsworthy event, just as she'd been hired to do. Nick asked if she had any idea how upset Nikki was. Hilary said she had no intention of hurting Nikki, but she refused to apologize for covering the entire event. Hilary theorized that Nick was worried about his reputation, since he came off looking like a hotheaded jackass. Nick snapped that he didn't give a damn if the public knew that he was on the outs with his father, but he was concerned about the video's effect on the rest of his family. Nick stated that Victoria and Nikki were dealing with the fallout. He warned Hilary that Victor would make her pay for this. Hilary triumphantly informed Nick that Victor had complimented her for airing the piece. She showed him the thumbs up emoji that Victor had texted her.

A dismayed Nick digested Hilary's revelation. Nick stated that his father had set out to embarrass him in front of a large audience. He sighed that Victor was trying to discredit his challengers by using a stupid tabloid TV show. Offended, Hilary protested that that was the old GC Buzz. She insisted that the Hilary Hour was a nationally syndicated pop culture content platform and lifestyle brand. She offered Nick a chance to tell the audience his side of the story, and he flatly refused. He told Hilary not to become a shill for Victor, and he threatened to sue her for defamation. She countered that it wasn't defamation if it was true. Devon arrived just as Nick ripped into Hilary, calling her of being an uncaring vulture who'd do anything for ratings. He warned her that someone would take her down some day. Devon ordered Nick to calm down because Hilary had every right to air the piece. Nick left in a huff. Hilary touched Devon's arm and thanked him. Hilary asked why Devon was smiling. He said he was thinking about how far she'd come since that time she got Victor riled up by making him look bad on GC Buzz. They were both smiling now, as they thought about it. Hilary recalled having fun in between the arguments. Mariah walked in during their stroll down memory lane. Devon took her aside and told her about a surprise – he'd scored tickets to a music festival at a vineyard in San Francisco, which featured some of Mariah's favorite bands. Hilary tried busying herself with work, but she couldn't help watching Devon and Mariah. Mariah asked Hilary if she could have the time off to attend the event. Hilary said yes. Mariah thanked Devon for his surprise with a kiss. Hilary tried to throw a damper on it by talking about the unpleasant side of an outdoor festival – long lines, drunks, crowds, but Devon said they wouldn't have to deal with that because he had VIP access. He explained that he'd be scouting for new talent. Mariah offered to buy Hilary a band tee shirt.

Hilary entered Crimson Lights and preemptively told Sharon that Victor approved the segment. Sharon didn't buy it. Hilary said that he did, and that she already got a lecture from Nick, so she just needed Sharon to give her a latte. Sharon refused to serve Hilary, because she didn't like the way she treated Mariah. Sharon accused Hilary of belittling and upstaging Mariah. Hilary argued that she put Mariah on a show that was seen around the world and that the rest was in Mariah's head. Sharon argued that Hilary had been messing with Mariah's head for months, and now she'd gone at Sharon's ex. Sharon contended that Victor was just using Hilary. Sharon wondered what Hilary got out of running that story. Hilary listed the perks - advertisers, national attention and a ratings spike. Sharon countered that Hilary had made enemies of Sharon and every Newman besides Victor. Hilary wasn't scared. Sharon told Hilary to watch herself, then she threw her out of the coffeehouse.

Jack ran into Phyllis in the hallway of Jabot and mentioned that he'd been wanting to see her. Phyllis asked what he wanted, and Jack just grinned. An impatient Phyllis began to walk away, so Jack revealed that he just had a meeting with Cane. Jack explained that Cane had offered to divulge Brash and Sassy's secrets in exchange for a job. Phyllis wasn't surprised since Cane had it out for Victoria. Jack gleefully predicted that, while Victoria may have had good reason for firing Cane, she would come to regret it. Jack told Phyllis that he dreamed of having Jabot rise to the top while Brash and Sassy declined. Jack had already decided to hire Cane, and given Cane's desperation, Jack was confident that Jabot could get him for a lower salary than Victoria had paid him. Jack assumed that Billy had no idea that Phyllis was moonlighting as a headhunter for Jabot. Phyllis clarified that she only told Jack that Cane was available. Jack said he almost felt sorry for Victoria. Phyllis noted that Victoria had other problems right now. Jack didn't know what she meant, so Phyllis showed him the clip from The Hilary Hour.

Victoria entered Jack's office. He told her to make an appointment, but she said it couldn't wait, and she asked Phyllis to step out. After Phyllis left, Victoria told Jack that he didn't want to hire Cane. She stated that Cane came with a lot of baggage. Jack revealed that he knew all about the one night stand and the lawsuit. He was confident that Cane wouldn't repeat his mistake. Victoria revealed that she knew about Jack and her mother. Jack assured Victoria that Nikki's honor was intact. Victoria asked Jack if he thought Nikki would be willing to rekindle a romance with the man who was out to destroy her daughter's company. Victoria predicted that Nikki wouldn't even want to be friends with Jack if he did something so vicious. Jack called Cane and broke the news that he couldn't hire him. Cane was stunned. Jack ended the call. Satisfied, Victoria left the office. She got onto the elevator and suddenly clutched her head, then she collapsed.

Cane told Lily that he didn't get the job.

Phyllis went to see Billy and reported that Victoria had stormed into Jack's office and demanded privacy. Billy told Phyllis why Victoria was there. Phyllis was surprised they already knew Jack's plans for Cane. Billy explained that Victoria ran into Cane in the elevator. Billy said he tried to stop Victoria from confronting Jack. He admitted that he'd fought the impulse to go upstairs and confront his brother himself. Phyllis noted that Jack didn't respond well to demands, especially from the competitor. Billy thought that Phyllis might be able to talk Jack out of hiring Cane. Phyllis said that she lost her influence on Jack the day he filed for divorce. She noted that she worked for Jabot's merger partner, and she didn't think it would look good if she tried to protect Brash and Sassy. She predicted that if she took Billy's advice it would make Jack more furious at Billy. Phyllis didn't want that. Billy thought that what Jack was doing now was worse than trying to tank Billy's hockey deal. Billy understood why Jack would go after him, but he considered this latest stunt to be a personal attack on Victoria. Billy refused to stand for that. Billy was adamant that Victoria didn't deserve to have his sadistic brother kicking her when she was down. Phyllis opined that Victoria could take care of herself. Later, Phyllis rubbed Billy's shoulders, but he said he was too nauseated by Jack to relax. Phyllis said she had no doubt that Billy and Victoria would save the company no matter what Jack and Cane threw their way.

Tessa met Noah at the Underground. He told her she looked amazing. Tessa hoped Devon agreed, and Noah reminded her that Devon hired her for her talent. Tessa noted that looks played a huge role these days. Noah assured her that she was the whole package. Tessa thanked Noah for opening the bar early so she could sing for Devon there, where she felt comfortable, instead of in some fancy office. Tessa gave Noah a gift – an Underground shirt with “Nationwide” and coming soon printed on the back. Noah loved it, although he thought the “soon” might be a bit misleading. Tessa had faith that it would happen soon. They kissed. She asked if he discussed the franchising idea with Nick. Noah hadn't brought it up with his dad since the 4th, and he wasn't sure it was a good idea to broach the subject any time soon. Tessa asked why, and Noah showed her Nick's segment on The Hilary Hour. Tessa wasn't sure Noah should hold off on the conversation. She thought that Nick might welcome the distraction. Nick came in, and Tessa went to Nick's office to practice.

Nick knew that Noah wanted to talk to him, but Noah said it could wait. Nick asked if Noah saw The Hilary Hour. Noah confirmed that he had. Nick wanted to clarify that he tried to stop the concert out of concern for Nikki's health, not out of maliciousness. He explained that she had an M.S. flare up just before the concert. In hindsight, Nick realized that he should've come up with a different way to keep Nikki from performing. Noah said he would've done the same thing in Nick's shoes. Nick was pleased when Noah said he'd follow Nick's lead over Victor's any day. Noah admitted that he knew there was something else going on between Nick and Victor. Noah didn't pry, because he was sure Nick would open up when he was ready. Nick said he'd hate it if his relationship with Noah ended up like Nick and Victor's. Nick said he respected Noah and always tried to support and encourage him. Noah hoped Nick would continue to do that when they talked about Noah's idea to open more Undergrounds. Noah suggested they have a serious conversation when Nick was ready. Nick thought they should do so right now.

Noah laid out his plan – bring Undergrounds to small and medium towns, just like Genoa City, that didn't have access to live music. Noah thought they could hire bands and have them tour at all the locations. While Nick liked the idea, he warned Noah that expansions could be risky. Nick recalled that he and Sharon once tried to open more Crimson Lights, but they'd been forced to close their second location, in Milwaukee, after just a few months. Mariah and Devon arrived. An apologetic Mariah swore she had nothing to do with the video Hilary aired. Nick didn't blame Mariah. Tessa came out, pleasantly surprised to see that Mariah was there. Nick stepped aside to talk to Devon, and Noah went to take care of bar business. Tessa assured Mariah that there was nothing she could've done to stop Hilary. Mariah sighed about being caught in the middle, while looking at Devon. Tessa asked if she thought Devon was still into Hilary. Mariah said no; things had been much better since she bared her soul to Devon. Mariah told Tessa about Devon's surprise. Tessa was happy for Mariah, but jealous because she loved one of the artists and had never seen her play live.

Across the bar, Nick cleared the air with Devon. He felt bad that Devon had to see him going off on Hilary. Devon was fine with Nick. He said he knew from experience that Hilary could turn a calm person into a maniac. Mariah told Devon that Tessa was afraid that he'd find someone at the festival to replace her. Devon assured Tessa that he planned to have her performing next year. Mariah asked if they could take Tessa to the festival to give her a taste of what it would be like. Tessa and Mariah grinned at Devon, while giving him a pleading look.

Noah got the feeling that Nick wasn't interested in his idea. Nick said he only wanted to do it if it was a guaranteed success. Noah wasn't sure it worked that way. Nick warned Noah that it would take a lot of planning and a strict budget. He asked if Noah could do that. Overjoyed, Noah said yes, and they hugged.

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