Monday Y&R Update 7/24/17

The Y&R Update Monday 7/24/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures By Christine

Gloria greets Jack at Jabot, eager to please and full of questions about the night of the concert. Did Dina enjoy herself? To a point. She wasn’t too happy that Jack skipped out on her with Nikki.

Victoria visits her mom at the ranch and asks about her time with Jack. It was glorious, just what Nikki needed. Seeing Victoria’s disapproval, Nikki quickly says they slept in separate bedrooms. Frankly, nothing would surprise Victoria these days. Nikki has been keeping so many secrets.

Cane meets Neil in the athletic club dining room. He doesn’t get the job, but he gets a sympathetic ear and a little advice.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon serves Nick his coffee and gets the lowdown. Nick and his dad are on the outs again and Nick is glad Faith isn’t around to witness it. She’s a perceptive kid. On the patio, Scott runs into Abby and gets her all worked up by asking where Victor went. He left town again. Abby isn’t interested in divulging family information, even if she had any. She gets her mom’s text and looks forward to spending the day being pampered. In fact, just spending the day as far away from Scott as possible appeals.

Ashley calls Dina and invites her to a spa day. Dina asks Graham, who sits across the table from her in the club dining room, whether the schedule is clear. Essentially, she asks permission. He gives her the go-ahead and she bubbles over. After she hangs up, she laments not having spent more time with the family since she decided to extend her stay.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon is disappointed but not surprised that Victor lashed out at one of his sons in the usual way---by disowning him. Scott comes on the scene in time to make things worse. He asks Nick about Victor’s whereabouts, but of course Nick has no idea and doesn’t care. He storms out. Scott invites Sharon to lunch, but it’ll have to be a late one. She has a shift at the crisis hotline.

Mariah finds Hilary at GC Buzz working on her spiel about the benefit and the Newman family drama. Mariah warns her once more not to air the footage she obtained surreptitiously. It’s professional suicide. Hilary says she has Victor’s blessing. Mariah finds that difficult to believe and suggests it could be a set up. There is a silver lining, though. Once Hilary is forced off the air, Mariah can take over.

Again at the club: Cane is desperate to make things right with his wife and kids, especially the kids. He needs a job to prove himself. Neil sincerely wishes him good luck.

At the Jabot elevator, Ashley thanks Ravi for the heads-up about Dina’s odd behavior. The spa day should provide the perfect opportunity for Ashley to observe her mother closely, in a relaxed atmosphere. Ravi doesn’t need to apologize for overstepping. He’s been a good friend.

Gloria flounces into Jack’s office and says she’s taking an early lunch---with Graham. Jack isn’t the least bit jealous; in fact, he’d like her to do a bit of digging. Absolutely not.

Sharon takes an especially disturbing call at the crisis center. “Crystal” is being forced to have sex with strange men. She sounds fearful and rushed and hangs up before Sharon can get any more information.

At the ranch: Nikki didn’t tell Victoria about her MS flare-up because Nikki is tired of talking about it. She is not her disease. Victoria supposes, correctly, that Jack knew about it. Nikki’s getting closer to Jack means she’s no closer to making up with Victor. Nikki is surprised Victoria wants that. Does Victoria recall the evil things Victor did? And by the way, he walked out on Nikki, not the other way around.

Abby greets her mom at the club door and thanks her for coming up with the idea. She’s also proud of Ashley for reaching out to Dina. Dina joins them and can’t wait to get started. They’re going to get the works and bond while doing it. Inside the dining room, Gloria takes a seat at Graham’s table. Is their rendezvous a secret? If she means does Dina know about their lunch, no. He doesn’t tell her everything.

At the crisis center: Sharon gets Scott and Paul involved. Scott wonders whether “Crystal” might be part of the sex ring Christine mentioned. This is the first Sharon’s heard about it and her anxiety skyrockets.

Cane meets Jack at Jabot. He tells Jack what he already knows, that Cane was fired for sexual harassment, of which he’s innocent, and so forth. Jack is in no position to judge. As the interview progresses, it becomes obvious that Cane, if hired, would be expected to reveal inside information about Brash & Sassy.

At the ranch: Victor’s sudden departure is news to Victoria, and she’s somewhat concerned. Not so Nikki. With Victor out of her hair, she’s ready to refocus and live for herself for a change. Victoria smiles faintly. Nikki should have been Victoria’s role model. Brash & Sassy is crumbling and has been for a while. Why didn’t she tell her mother about it? She didn’t want to burden her. It looks as though Victoria is more like her mom than she thought. The upside is Billy has shown strong commitment---to the company, that is. Personally, he’s moved on with Phyllis, and Victoria is OK with it. The rest of her life is in chaos, though, and then there’s that fall she took at the party. . . . Nikki wants to hear more, naturally, but someone is at the door. Victoria insists she’s fine, but while Nikki leaves to answer the door Victoria shakes off a dizzy spell. Nick enters. He’d like to make amends with his mother and tell her and Victoria the state of his relationship with Victor. It doesn’t exist, according to Victor, but Nick hopes that doesn’t affect his relationship with his mom and sister. Nikki is quick to reassure him, but not Victoria. They agree to disagree for the time being. Nikki invites Nick to stay to watch “The Hilary Hour.” It’s to feature the benefit and might be their last opportunity to view themselves as a happy, whole family.

In the club dining room: Graham says he doesn’t live the life of a monk, which is music to Gloria’s ears. The lunch was a short one, but she looks forward to a longer one next time. . . . He says little but doesn’t object. Gloria takes this as a good sign and gives him a quick kiss.

Post-massage, the three ladies lounge in their white robes, cucumber slices on their eyes, on the club veranda. Ashley and Abby have been working their tails off lately, so this feels terrific. Now that the concert is over, Dina thinks it’s time Abby strike up a romance with a nice young man---like her mother with Ravi. Abby corrects her and Ashley corroborates: It’s just business between Ashley and Ravi. Dina’s remark about how much younger men give in comparison to what they demand scandalizes Ashley and Abby, so she’ll save the full story for another time. Ashley and Abby look forward to it. Dina sighs. She has nothing but time since she sold her company. She misses it.

At the club bar, Sharon is distracted. Scott invites her to talk about it. She opens up about her past, which is similar to “Crystal’s” is some ways. Sharon was pressured to have sex by her first boyfriend. She became pregnant and gave up the child for adoption. It wasn't until years later that she discovered she gave birth to twins. Scott nods. Sharon was robbed of her power. Yes, and then another boyfriend date raped her. She found it impossible to reach out for help. She wasn’t brave like “Crystal.” On the contrary, Scott thinks Sharon is one of the bravest people he knows.

“The Hilary Hour” rolls tape of the benefit while the Newman’s watch from the ranch. Hilary and Mariah gush about Nikki’s dedication and her stunning appearance. However, the evening wasn’t all champagne and goodwill. The grainy footage of Nick and Victor arguing and then Nick taking one on the chin horrifies Nikki, Nick, and Victoria.

Ashley and Abby say goodbye to Dina at the club door. They understand Dina’s feeling at loose ends without work.

Jack is almost ready to offer Cane a job, but he needs to run it by a few other principals at Jabot. Cane is grateful and doesn’t hesitate to trash his old employer. The atmosphere is unbearable and the sales figures are in the toilet. Jack looks forward to hearing more and shakes on it. Cane leaves feeling proud of himself.

Still on air, Mariah tries to smooth things over, but Hilary continues to feed the intrigue. Seriously, though, Hilary hopes the Newmans can work things out. She wouldn’t want to get on Victor’s bad side. Off the air, Mariah is sure this is the end of Hilary’s career. Just then Hilary gets a text from Victor. She pretends it’s bad news but then smiles. She holds up her phone to show nothing more than a thumbs-up icon. Back at the ranch, Nikki and Victoria are too stunned to say much, but Nick has a bone to pick with Hilary.

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