Friday Y&R Update 7/21/17

The Y&R Update Friday 7/21/17


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Neil visited Lily at her home. She told him that the kids were struggling with the news, but she thought the family was strong enough to pull through. Neil asked if that included Cane. Lily explained that Cane begged her to take as much time as she needed to deal with this. Neil thought that was good, if self-serving, advice. Lily didn't want to rush into anything and further disrupt the twins' lives. Neil told her that it wasn't always best to stay together for the kids. Lily stated that she and Cane had made it through tough things before. Neil noted that there was another woman and child involved this time. Lily understood that things would never be the same, and she was hurt, but she still loved him. She wondered if that made her a fool, and Neil assured her it made her human. Neil said that Cane was a solid man who was committed to her and the kids. Neil asked what Lily was going to do when the pregnancy became public knowledge. Lily wasn't sure, but she said she told Cane he had to be there for the baby. Neil was proud of the strength Lily was showing. Lily noted that Cane stood by her through her mistakes. Neil felt that Cane had once had to decide what he could live with, and now Lily ask herself the same question.

Devon and Cane met at the Athletic Club. Devon admitted he was surprised Cane asked to see him. Cane said he knew how Devon felt about him. Devon clarified that he was only concerned about his sister and his niece and nephew. Cane revealed that the twins knew everything and they were upset and confused, which Cane understood. He stated that his marriage was the strongest it had ever been before everything happened with Juliet. Devon was skeptical. Cane said Lily was struggling and it was going to take time for everyone to heal. Devon heard that Cane got fired. Cane thought he might have been able to keep his job if Jill were around to talk Victoria out of firing him. Cane grumbled about Juliet getting a big settlement due to a lie. Devon noted that Cane lied too. Cane insisted that he didn't sexually harass Juliet. Devon argued that Cane lied to Lily, let her defend him and made a fool out of her. Devon felt that everything Cane said now was just an excuse. Cane turned the tables by alluding to Devon and Hilary's affair. Devon asked if he really wanted to go there. A contrite Cane admitted that he screwed up and he vowed to fight for his family. Cane asked Devon for a job, and he assured Devon that he could make a valuable contribution. Devon said he'd have to discuss it with Neil.

Later, Devon told Neil about Cane's pitch. Devon noted that Cane was in a tough spot. Neil was surprised by Devon's sympathy for Cane. Devon clarified that he was furious that Cane hurt Lily and the kids, but he understood that Cane was trying to find work so he could provide for them. Devon didn't think Cane sexually harassed Juliet, and he didn't think he could judge Cane for lying about the one night stand. Devon didn't think they could just turn their back on Cane, since he was connected to their family. Neil thought they should consider all the possibilities – if Lily and Cane split up, their company would be stuck with Cane and all the bad blood. Neil added that when Cane got back into a corner, he lied. Neil didn't think it would be a good idea to bring family problems into the business. Devon agreed with Neil's point.

Billy and Phyllis were at the Athletic Club. She suggested that they go dancing at the Underground, but he reluctantly declined. Billy explained that he had to go back to the office and find a way to spin Cane's departure and get the numbers back up. Billy said he had to go schmooze the distributors and make sure that Cane didn't get a chance to do something to hurt the company. Phyllis assumed this was Victoria's idea, but Billy clarified that he thought of it. Phyllis didn't seem happy that Billy and Victoria would be alone together. Billy noted that he helped rebuild Brash and Sassy, so it meant a lot to him. He said he was inspired by the virtual dressing room app Phyllis and Lauren created, and now he and Victoria had to come up with something just as profitable. Phyllis assured him that he would. Billy stated that Brash and Sassy had to be his life right now. Phyllis understood. Billy got a text from Victoria, and Phyllis told him to go and leave. Billy kissed Phyllis goodbye and thanked her for being so amazing. Billy left. Phyllis glared at Cane from across the room and quietly blamed him.

Charlie spotted Reed at Crimson Lights. He rushed over and yelled at Reed about Victoria firing Cane. Charlie spat that it had messed up his family. Reed said he was sorry, but that wasn't his fault. Charlie ordered Reed to stay away from Mattie. Reed thought that should be Mattie's decision. Mattie walked in just as Charlie grabbed Reed, and she broke up the fight. Reed filled her in. Mattie told Charlie that Reed offered to talk to Victoria about Cane, but Mattie asked him not to. Charlie thought it was obvious that Victoria made a huge mistake. Reed countered that Cane lied and cost Victoria a lot of money in the lawsuit. Charlie argued that Juliet lied. Reed pointed out that Cane slept with her. Charlie went after Reed again, but Mattie jumped in the way. Charlie left. Mattie thought Charlie might be right – maybe Reed should stay away from her. Reed said he felt bad for Charlie and Mattie, but he couldn't let Charlie badmouth Victoria. Mattie said that Charlie didn't want to believe this was Cane's fault. Mattie said she looked at Cane differently now and didn't see him as her hero anymore. Reed said that parents were just people who made mistakes. He told her to learn to rely on herself. Mattie said that she knew Lily still loved Cane. Mattie thought fate brought her and Reed together. She noted that their families were connected, and he was able to make her feel better during the worst period of her life. Charlie lurked outside and saw Reed take Mattie's hand.

Abby was in Jack's office. She was furious about catching him kissing Nikki. Abby assumed that Victor found out something was going on between Nikki and Jack and that was why he was so upset at the party. Jack said that he wasn't the cause of Nikki and Victor's problems. Abby threatened to tell Victor what she saw. Jack told her that Victor walked out on her. Abby didn't believe it because Victor had just arranged a benefit for Nikki. Jack informed Abby that Victor held the event in an attempt to make something up to Nikki. Abby insisted that Victor loved Nikki, and she accused Jack of trying to confuse Nikki. Abby warned Jack that Victor would come after him once he found out – she asked if Jack wanted that. Jack stated that he wanted Abby to start sounding like an Abbott. Abby told Jack that if he restarted the war, she'd be caught in the crossfire. She ominously told him that she'd do what she had to. Jack thought she sounded like Victor. “Don't make me choose,” Abby snarled. She stormed out. Phyllis returned to work. Jack noted that she was here late, and she mentioned that Billy was working too. Jack knew that Billy and Victoria had a big hole to dig out of. Phyllis brought up Cane getting fired. Jack thought that was good for Lily. He said it was far too awkward for spouses to work together when one of them had cheated. He assumed Phyllis agreed.

Phyllis mentioned that Cane blamed Victoria for everything that was going wrong in his life. She added that Billy wasn't sorry to see Cane go. Jack noted that Cane, not Billy, made the Asian deal. Jack considered hiring Cane. Phyllis recalled that Cane used to work at Jabot. Jack added that Cane knew where the bodies were buried at Brash and Sassy. He was surprised Phyllis was encouraging him to recruit Cane. Phyllis clarified that she wasn't doing that. Jack thought it might be good for her, though. He said that if Cane helped him take down Brash and Sassy, then Billy wouldn't be working with Victoria anymore. Phyllis said goodnight and she walked out. Jack called Cane and left a message asking to meet.

Victoria was on a phone call at Brash and Sassy. She was frustrated because the person on the line hadn't been able to find a top level executive for her to hire. Victoria ordered the person to do their job. It was clear that Victoria still had a headache from the fall at the party. Billy arrived and explained that he planned to call the west coast retailers and let them know good things were just around the corner. Victoria thought that would be a lie, but Billy was optimistic that they could quickly turn things around. Victoria thanked Billy for doing that while she worked on finding Cane's replacement. She was sure that the right person would help them get quickly get things back on track. Billy thought the atmosphere had improved with Cane's departure. Victoria said she didn't miss the arguments. Billy was eager for the company to rebound so that he could make Jack eat his words. He revealed that Jack had come by to gloat about Brash and Sassy's downturn and he'd offered to buy them out. Victoria was about to insult Jack, but she stopped when she saw Abby walk in. Abby came by to apologize and check on Victoria. Victoria laughed it off and said she was fine. Billy was surprised because Victoria had told him she caused her own fall. Lily came by with a question, so Billy took her into the lab to talk.

Abby was surprised that Victoria didn't tell Billy the truth. Victoria noted that Abby didn't mean to make her fall. Abby said that Victoria's graciousness was making her feel even worse. Abby explained why she lashed out, but Victoria couldn't hear it because her ears were ringing. The ringing stopped, and Abby told Victoria about Nikki and Jack's kiss. Victoria was shocked. Abby sensed that Jack would welcome another family feud. Abby wanted to prevent that, so she asked Victoria to convince Nikki to stay away from Jack. Abby refused to believe that Nikki wasn't still in love with Victor. Victoria advised Abby to stay out of it. Victoria said she wasn't going tell Nikki how to live her life. “This is a family matter that really doesn't concern you,” Victoria added. Abby said that when this bomb went off, she, as the only Newman with Abbott blood, would be the most affected. Victoria was unsympathetic. Abby snapped that she thought Victoria would give a damn about her mom trashing her marriage. Abby went barreling out of the office.

Lily explained that she'd cut ties with Barry, the agent, after he annoyed Victoria. Now that Cane wasn't working, Lily wanted to reach out to Barry for more work. Billy thought that would be fine as long as she didn't take any work for the competition. Lily was thrilled and grateful. Billy said that he and Victoria didn't want to hold Lily back. Lily left. Later, Victoria complained to Billy that her week couldn't get any worse. She told him about Abby catching Nikki making out with Jack. Billy was stunned, but Victoria thought it was just like Jack to seize the opportunity to create trouble for her family. Billy countered that it took two people to kiss. Victoria accused Billy of defending Jack. Billy insisted that he wouldn't do that. Victoria said that Jack was displaying classic bad boy Abbott behavior. She told Billy that he was just like Jack sometimes. Billy was insulted. Victoria's ears started ringing again, and she couldn't hear Billy telling her that Jack and Nikki were consenting adults.

Cane came home and told Lily about his meeting with Devon. Cane figured he probably wouldn't get the job, given how Neil and Devon felt about him. Lily said that no one was interested in kicking him while he was down. Cane said when he arrived at a quiet house, he felt like he'd lost it all. Lily assured Cane that she was still there. Although she was hurt, she still loved him. They hugged. Cane knew he had to win Lily's trust again, but he thought that if the kids could see them pulling together it would give them a sense of hope. Cane was relieved when Lily said she wanted to keep their family together. They shared a deep kiss, while on the couch. Cane began to undress Lily, but she slipped out from under him and said she didn't want to. Cane protested that it had been so long, and reminded her that she'd said she loved him. Lily snapped that couldn't make love to him when she knew there was another woman carrying his child. She rushed out of the room.

At the Hilary Hour set, Hilary and Howard edited the video of Victor hitting Nick. Hilary was glad that Victor was allowing them to air the video. Hilary went over to Mariah and said she hoped Mariah wasn't still upset about the things Hilary said. Hilary claimed she was trying to help Mariah see things clearly since Mariah didn't have much relationship experience, especially with a guy like Devon. Mariah thought Hilary was lying about Devon telling her he still wanted her. Hilary implied that Devon had shown her how he felt. Mariah revealed that Devon admitted that there were some unresolved issues between him and Hilary. Mariah didn't feel threatened – she understood that Devon could care about Hilary while he was involved with Mariah. Hilary implied that Mariah wasn't enough for Devon. Tessa walked in. Hilary taunted Mariah about the times when Devon would come home from work and have sex with Hilary on the kitchen floor. “Hilary, you're assuming that he's enough for me,” Mariah quipped. Hilary was about to say something, but Mariah noted that Hilary had a show to edit. Hilary walked away. She and Howard were excited about airing the video. Howard thought Hilary should narrate it. Hilary said that Mariah already wrote something up, and Hilary grudgingly said she had to take a look at it first. Howard was surprised Mariah wrote things.

Tessa told Mariah not to let Hilary get to her. Mariah said it wasn't that easy. They shifted gears and Tessa revealed that Noah opened up and shared some personal things with her. She admitted that it felt good to be that trusted and needed. Tessa said that Mariah was the only person she could talk to about this. Tessa quietly admitted that Hilary creeped her out and asked if they could leave. Hilary introduced herself to Tessa and complimented her on her performance at the benefit. Mariah mentioned that Devon had recently signed Tessa to a contract. Tessa said that sometimes things just feel right, like a spark between two people. Hilary thought Tessa was talking about Tessa's connection to Devon, but Tessa clarified that she was referring to the chemistry between Mariah and Devon. Hilary's smile faded as Tessa needled her by suggesting that she was going to write a song about Devon and Mariah's deep connection. Hilary walked away, and Mariah was delighted and thanked Tessa. “I don't care who she thinks she is, she cannot mess with my girl, Mariah,” Tessa said.

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